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Proto:Alien Resurrection

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Alien Resurrection.

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Alien Resurrection started development in 1996 as an overhead shooter inspired by the then recent Loaded and announced for a late 1997 release for PlayStation, Saturn and Windows. After a year of work, Argonaut decided to abandon the Loaded approach and the game became a third-person action-adventure game in the vein of Tomb Raider. Following the decision, a portion of the team left the project, frustrated that a year's worth of work was scrapped. Having struggled with the game engine, the third and final change to a first-person shooter came in late 1998. Senior Designer Christopher Smith later said of the decision ""It was a moment where everything went, 'right'. If it remained in the other perspective it would've got cancelled. I'd have put money on that.". The game then ended up coming out exclusively for the PlayStation, three years after the movie that inspired it.

In late April, 2021, a total of 28 builds of the game were released, the earliest build dating back to October, 1998 and October, 2000 at the latest. The first build (from August 8, 2000) came as part of Hidden Palace's Project Deluge on April 17th. A few days later, on April 21st, a developer on the game uploaded 27 additional builds to archive.org.

(Source: Hidden Palace & archive.org)


October 19, 1998
Oldest version available, in third person.

List of Available Builds

Build Date File Name Notes
October 19, 1998 ALIEN4PSX Third-person.
November 2, 1998 ALIEN4PSX-2 Third-person.
December 2, 1998 ALIEN4PSX(1) Third-person.
May 12, 1999 ALIEN4E312G Third-person, build from E3 1999. Four playable levels.
July 14, 1999 ALPHA Third-person.
August 19, 1999 ALPHA(1) Third-person.
November 26, 1999 A4V110899 First available first-person build.
December 21, 1999 A4V122199
January 5, 2000 A4V122199
February 2, 2000 A4V26012000
February 4, 2000 A4V02042000
February 26, 2000 A4V02252000
March 7, 2000 A4V03072000
March 9, 2000 A4V03092000
March 24, 2000 A4V03242000
April 11, 2000 A4V04112000
May 6, 2000 A4V05062000
May 26, 2000 A4V05252000
May 30, 2000 A4V05302000
July 7, 2000 ALIEN_V316
August 8, 2000 Alien Resurrection Released by Hidden Palace
September 1, 2000 ALIEN_RESURRECTION(1)
October 4, 2000 ALIEN_RESURRECTION_PAL PAL version.