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Proto:Dark Cloud 2

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dark Cloud 2.


Dark cloud 2 japanese demo title screen.png
Japanese Demo
Japanese demo version.
Dark cloud 2 english demo title screen.png
English Demo
English demo version.

Gameplay Differences

Though the two demos differ in terms of language and some content, the gameplay is mostly the same.

The title select has 3 game modes:

  • Town
    • Loads a version of Palm Brinks as Max. This is the E3 Donnie event. The task is to find Claire and take a picture of her for Donnie. Other than a few shops, no buildings can be entered. However, it's still possible to do things like buy/sell items, fish and invent.
  • Dungeon
    • Loads a version of Rainbow Butterfly Wood as Monica.
  • Boss Battle
    • Loads a version of the fight with Halloween as Max.

Pressing start will return to the title screen.

Other Differences

The sign outside Dr. Dell's Clinic was modified in the final release.

Demo Release
Dark cloud 2 dr dell sign japanese demo.png Dark cloud 2 dr dell sign japanese release.png