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Dark Cloud 2

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Title Screen

Dark Cloud 2

Also known as: Dark Chronicle (JP/EU)
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 28, 2002
Released in US: February 17, 2003
Released in EU: September 12, 2003
Released in KR: December 11, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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To do:
There are additional regional changes including names of bosses/enemies and item names.

Dark Cloud 2 is a game where you use fragments of the space-time continuum to play golfing minigames.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Darkcloud2 debugmenu.png
Debug Menu
I believe I can fly!
Dark Cloud 2 NTSC E20301 Early.png
Placeholder Cutscene Graphics
Someone had a field day in MSPaint.

Unused Textures

Dark Cloud Book

The book from the opening of the first game.

Dark cloud 2 book.png

Early Georama Interface

An early version of the Georama menu.

Dark cloud 2 early georama menu 1.png Dark cloud 2 early georama menu 2.png

Early Time Interface

An early version of the in-game clock.

Dark cloud 2 early clock.png

Dungeon Menu Graphics

Unused dungeon graphics referring to Underground Channel, Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Starlight Canyon and Ocean's Roar Cave as "Aqueduct", "Wonder Forest", "Stella Canyon" and "Seashore Cave" respectively.

Dark cloud 2 d00 menu.png Dark cloud 2 d01 menu.png Dark cloud 2 d03 menu.png Dark cloud 2 d02 menu.png

Unused Boss Title Card

An unused title card from the first boss battle referring to Flotsam as "Porcuss". This is a romanization of Flotsam's Japanese name, and was used in the Dark Cloud 2 demo disc prior to his localized name being finalized.

Dark cloud 2 unused d00 boss names.png

Unused Loading Screen Graphic

An unused loading screen graphic is found next to the used one. This one being darker and less saturated than the final version.

DarkCloud2-Unused Loading Graphic.png

(Source: Bumper3241)

Unused Audio

King Mardan

Audio File Transcript/Note
"A predictable result!"
"Yes, you have failed!"

King Mardan has several unused vocalizations alongside the vocalizations of other bosses. Some of the above lines appear in the script of boss_btl_lose.txt, a script file that contains the lines boss characters say after killing the player. King Mardan's lines also follow the same conventions as the other bosses' lines (attack VO, hurt VO, death VO, taunt VO).

Unused Items

Darkcloud2 reserved.png

Located alongside other item sprites in Dark Cloud 2's item graphic table is this Japanese character, which translates to English as "reserved".

Macho Sword

The Macho Sword from Dark Cloud can be accessed using the debug menu in the Japanese version of the game. It is fully functional and even builds up to the Halloween Blade.

Dark cloud 2 macho sword.png

Japanese Translation
[Macho Sword]
A sword with the power of muscle.
Does equipping it make you want to discipline your body?

Unused Models

Debug Box
The menu debug model viewer has a model called d_box which is used when an item has no model.
Dark cloud 2 unused model d box.png

Concept Maximilian
An old concept art of Max surfaced a few years ago, and until now, it was assumed that that's all it was. However, extraction of the "dmmy.chr" file in the "chara" folder of the game's internal directory reveals that the old concept Max was actually fully modeled.

To do:
This model can be properly UV mapped, so doing so in a program like Blender and using images of that would be ideal.
(Source: Bumper3241)

DarkCloud2-DummyCHR-Max Front.png DarkCloud2-DummyCHR-Max Left.png DarkCloud2-DummyCHR-Max Back.png DarkCloud2-DummyCHR-Max Right.png

Unused Monster
An unused monster called "e208a_n.chr" can be found in the game's files, and when replaced with another monster, has fully functional animations. This monster has no name internally.
DarkCloud2-UnusedMonster-e208a n.png

(Source: Bumper3241)

Unused Locations

Several unused locations can be accessed by the Debug Menu. Many of these locations are testing maps for dungeons and boss battles. However, there are a few exceptional examples.


An unused future result for Jurak Mall which hasn't resurrected Jurak, but has the Forest Lake, Jurak's Branch, The Bridge, and the Golden Eggs are all restored. There are no chests or NPCs, nor are there any Time Gates to escape.

Dc2 1.png


A test room for the Finny Frenzy minigame which features a circular platform with flat water, and a large green block with apparently Greek text.
Dc2 2.png

Opening the R3 debug menu, setting SubGame to 2, and pressing O will attempt to start the Finny Frenzy mini game but will crash the game after the fish are set in the water. It should be noted that this method works on every map in this game and has the same effect.
DC2 FFDebug.png


An almost identical area to i02h03, but with a broken, rectangular platform, with the water stretching far beyond the regular platform, and the same green block.

Dc2 3.png

A translation of the green block:

Romanization Japanese Translation
Denkoukeijiban desu hikarunokana?
tte omottemasu///. ieie kitto hikaruodesyou 
Denkoukeijibandesukara. hai denkou 
papatto jigakawatteikunokana? 
doretomo mojiga nagareteikunokana 
nagareteittahouga kakkoiitoomounya 
pappatto kawattara pikachiu-mitaini 
gyoure-ruto tutikaijou 
onajitentononakadakara konodenkyu 
mojiwokaitara sonomammatukaenai yona~ 
ma dounikanarudesyo 
att ganbareno (??) mousikomanakucchya 
って思ってます。いえいえ きっと光るでしょう
あと二行 何書こう
あっ ガンパレの 申し込まなくっちゃ
It's an electronic bulletin board. I'm thinking "Does it light up?"
No no, it lights up. 
Since it's an electronic bulletin board. Yes, electronic.
I wonder if the letters change quickly.
Or do the words start flowing across the screen?
I think it'd be cooler if the words moved.
If they changed quickly, 
would it be like Pikachu?
[Gyou Rail?] and the Dirt Venue.
Since we're in the same tent, 
this electronic bulletin board has probably been used a lot.
If we write something, we can't use it as-is.
What're we gonna do?
Eh, it'll work out somehow.
"That's one person in agreement".
"Two more lines. What should I write?"
Ah! I'll do my best.  I have to send it off!
(Source: tougarashi)


z99 is a crazy variant of Cedric's shop, which has gross, purple lighting, moving objects, and some random fires. The chests are empty, and therefore claim that your inventory is full when they're opened. a Vacuum trash can is moving around in a circle, along with one of the chests, and the door leading to Channel Pump Room is invisible, but collision is still there.

Dc2 4.png

Map Warps

Apart from setting the "Map" option to -1 to access all maps, you can also set its value anywhere from 1 to 189 to teleport to specific warps in the game. Going further than this will result in a black void, with the name of the area being a black box.

Setting the 'map' option to 35 will load a black void. However, upon opening the menu, the game will claim the player is inside the 'Coffee Shop', which implies that the Palm Brinks Cafe was meant to be indoors.

Dc2 5.png

(Source: pokemonfan4000)

Setting the 'map' option to 29 will load another black void. However, setting the subgame to 1 and opening the menu, it's revealed the player is inside a "Rental Storage". Taking any pictures will result in the picture being named "Palm Brinks Residence". Something that is normally impossible to obtain.

Lastly, setting the 'map' option to 63 loads a black void in the Underground Water Channel. It should be noted that this map is directly in front of map 64, which loads Ocean's Roar Cave's Star Path. This, along with the unused textures below, could imply that the Underground Water Channel had a Star Path.

Underground Water Channel

The Underground Water Channel has three extra exits for a Sun and Moon split path, as well as a Star Path, which all go unused in the final game, as the Underground Water Channel has only 6 dungeon floors, and no extra paths.

Dark Cloud 2-UWCSunExit.pngDark Cloud 2-UWCMoonExit.png Dark Cloud 2-UWCStarExit.png

(Source: Bumper3241)

Rainbow Butterfly Woods

Rainbow Butterfly Woods has unused textures for a Moon path.

Dark Cloud 2-RBW SunAndMoonPath.png

(Source: Bumper3241)

Unused Text

Japanese Translation
Silence please.
Today, the "Blackstone Railroad" has spread to connect and encompass
the entire country, New era of Railroad begins.
That's why I'd been hoping that I could accomplish
this.  I wanted the world to develop and expand again.
This is really nice, isn't it, Mr. Mayor?
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
If the world is ever in crisis again, I'm sure that
we can combine our power and overcome whatever might
happen again.
Because the citizens of Palm Brinks have overcome
great struggles in the past, borne great troubles,
and thus attained a high level of growth and expansion.
There was a time when this planet was engulfed in darkness.
The people living in those times were victorious
over the darkness and prevented a future of war.
But, that legend wasn't passed forward to future generations.
I don't know if it means that a legend like that
was nothing more than a myth...  After all, 
there's no proof it actually happened. 
Supposing that you— supposing that one could tell that story
to the moon shining in the sky above us, do you suppose that
it would whisper the same story back to you?

Located in the event files for Chapter 8 (as e824.txt) is the Japanese script for Dark Cloud 2's final cutscene. Script files such as these are normally read by the game in order to display subtitles. In all versions of Dark Cloud 2 the final cutscene is a prerendered video with no subtitling, meaning this script file goes unused. As such, Level 5 never bothered creating a localized equivalent of this file.

Regional Differences

"Presents" Message

The US and European fonts for this screen are completely different.

USA Europe
Dark Cloud 2 usa sony.png Dark Chronicle euro sony.png

HDD Install

The Japanese version of the game features additional options for installing the game on the PS2 HDD.

Title HDD Menu HDD Install
Dark cloud 2 japanese title screen.png Dark cloud 2 japanese hdd install screen.png Dark cloud 2 hdd install.png

Attract Cutscene

Several snippets of footage in Dark Cloud 2's attract cutscene were rerecorded for international releases. While most monsters in the attract cutscene have their namefields blanked (likely so Level-5 could avoid rerecording footage for localization), two monsters were overlooked. In international releases, this was corrected by rerecording footage of these monsters with their namefields properly blanked. Note that outfits, HP, and weapon choice differ significantly between the original and rerecorded excerpts.

Japan International
Darkcloud2 japaneseattract.png Darkcloud2 internationalattract.png
Darkcloud2 japaneseattract2.png Darkcloud2 internationalattract2.png

Palm Brinks Drawbridge Sign

The sign on the drawbridge was modified in the US version to correct the misspelling of Palm Brinks as "Parm Brinks".

Japan USA
Dark cloud 2 palm brinks drawbridge jp.png Dark cloud 2 palm brinks drawbridge us.png

Cedric's Shop Sign

Cedric's shop sign was modified to reflect his name change in the English version. Amusingly it is misspelled in the Japanese version. It should be noted that, despite the sign being fixed, Max's "Maintenance Cap" still says "SMS" standing for "Starble Maintenance Shop" in the English release, as opposed to "CMS" which would stand for "Cedric's Maintenance Shop".

Japan USA
Dark cloud 2 cedrics shop sign jp.png Dark cloud 2 cedrics shop sign en.png

Happy Clown

The happy clown character model was modified in the US version.

Japan USA
Dark cloud 2 happy clown jp.png Dark cloud 2 happy clown us.png

Character Names

A number of names have been changed for the English release. Below is a list of names which differ between the English and Japanese versions. It does not include names which did not change or names which had their titles removed. For example, アレック研究員 is Alec in the English release with the title 研究員(researcher) removed.

English Japanese Romaji
Maximilian ユリス Yurisu
Cedric スターブル Sutaabaru
Gordon グリン Gurin
Parn パトリ Patori
Dr. Dell ダック先生 Dakku Sensei
Ferdinand ポーク Pooku
Adel ルネ Rune
Erik トム Tomu
Sheriff Blinkhorn パッカー保安官 Pakkaa Hoankan
Fabio フラビン Furabin
Rigare リガージ研究員 Rigaaji Kenkyuuin
Dr. Nobb Dr.チャップ Dr. Chappu
Galen Agaris ドナ・ホーン Dona Hoon
Garek グイスコン Guisukon
Telmo セルマ Seruma
Estof スコル Sukoru
Argo シローザ Shirooza
Race Master 司会ふくろう Shikai Fukurou
Leona レナ Rena
Narvak ナルバ Naruba

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Max's default outfit is different between the Japanese and international releases.
  • The theme song was re-dubbed with a different singer for the English localization of the opening and credits videos.
  • In the English localization, every instance of the word ぶどう酒 (grape wine) was replaced with grape juice.
    • Most prominently seen in Chapter 2, where a sizable portion of text is dedicated to explaining the Firbits' love of the drink.
  • An option to move to the location of the spheda sphere after all monsters have been defeated was added in the international releases.