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Proto:Destruction Derby Arenas

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Destruction Derby Arenas.

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DDA-Demo Loading.png

The demo version explains in which languages the game would be when the final release is done. In the full version, the text, of course, is missing.

Final Position Medals

In the final release, the final position is shown with medals (gold for 1st, silver for 2nd and bronze for 3rd) and the number of the top 3. In the demo, they're not medals, but instead it says "1st" "2nd" and "3rd" in their colours and a black border around them (but 1st looks like yellow and 3rd like red).


  • You can't create/save/load profiles.
  • You can't enter Championship mode.
  • You can't enter Online mode.
  • You can't enter Profiles menu.
  • You can't play in 2P mode.
  • You can't select a track (only 1 racing track and 1 arena are in the files).
  • Playlist menu does not appear on the demo.

In the demo and European version, you see a blue screen with the Studio 33 logo on it. In the full US version, it's a black screen with the Gathering logo, the publisher of DDA in North America.


Press Start Button

When the DDA logo lands on the screen, a loud "BANG" can be heard on the demo, but in the final it's muted. You still can hear it if you wait long enough in "MODE SELECT".

Enter Your Name

In both versions after you finish a race, the game tells you to type your name (or whatever) using the arrows, X, ect.. In the demo, the numbers are missing and there is less variety in letters.