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Proto:Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626.

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Lots more in-game differences, plus bugs/glitches and game files.

A preview build with a date of March 28 2002, just over a month older than the final build. It became available online in November 2019.

General Differences

The game is known as Experiment 626: Stitch on the Loose. There are additional aesthetic differences in the title screen. The film screenshots in the title screen move about in a different way and the text says "Press start" instead of "Press start button".

Prototype Final
Disneys Stitch 626 proto title 1.png Stitch-Experiment-626-Title-Screen.png
Disneys Stitch 626 proto title 2.png Disneys Stitch 626 final title.png

Instead of being divided into worlds, the level groups have titles:

Prototype Final
626 on the loose World 1
Swing into action World 2
Take flight World 3
It's fun to be a trog World 4

During gameplay, the text "High Voltage Software Stitch On The Loose - Beta:Mar 28 2002" is superimposed on the screen.

Gameplay Differences

  • The lighting is different throughout the game which is particularly noticeable in certain points where it is unusually dark, such as the beginning of "Soldier Trail".

Disneys Stitch 626 proto Lighting.png

  • The statistics shown at the end of the levels are different, specifically it lists the following:
    • DNA in Level: The remaining DNA to be collected in the level.
    • World DNA %: The total percentage of DNA that has been collected throughout the game.
    • DNA Needed: How much DNA is needed to collect to reach the next stage.

Notably there is no mention of reels collected or the total DNA collected. Also in the prototype, the teleporter light turns red when it is entered.

Prototype Final
Disney's Stitch 626 proto end screen.png Disney's Stitch 626 final end screen.png
  • Intercoms don't have the flashing blue rings on the screen.

Disneys Stitch 626 proto Intercom.png

  • A short rock music sample plays whenever a checkpoint is activated. These samples are in the final game's files but unused.
  • Fully grown 700s can be picked up and thrown.

Disney's Stitch 626 proto 700.png


The intro video uses different voice clips and is shorter than the final version.

Loading Screens

To do:
Check if all these cinematics are used.

The loading screens consist of a still image of the game's logo. On some occasions, a cinematic of Stitch will also play.


The cutscenes are animation sketches and all have content differences.

Video Cutscene Notable differences
Beginning of the game
  • Jumba says that Stitch "should develop into perfect fighting machine" twice in a row.
  • Experiment 621 is shown placing DNA into a teleporter.
  • 621 assumes he is the one being referred to when Jumba says it is "time for action", then looks on jealously as Stitch approaches a teleporter.
  • Jumba spots soldiers entering his lab on a screen as Stitch enters the teleporter.
Before the second world
  • Jumba tells Stitch about his rivalry with Dr. Habbitrale, holding a Greema that has teleported into the lab.
  • 621 collects the grapple gun at the end of the video instead of the beginning.
  • The grapple gun is inside a secret crate belonging to Jumba instead of a generic one.
Before the Dr. Habbitrale boss battle
  • The video starts with 621 using the grapple gun.
  • Jumba tells Stitch to go into a teleporter to defeat Habbitrale.
After the Habbitrale boss battle
  • Habbitrale's ship is shown approaching a larger one (possibly Gantu's).
  • Stitch reacts angrily to Jumba's mention of the 700s, after which Jumba warns not to make him angry.
Before the Experiment 621 boss battle
  • Jumba comments that 621 should clean the DNA processor.
  • Jumba says he doesn't have time for 621 and must recreate the 700s.
  • Jumba orders Stitch to make make sure there are no problems with the ship.
After the 621 boss battle
  • Jumba threatens Stitch over the damage he has caused in the lab.
  • The Grand Councilwoman arrives with Gantu.
  • Gantu is pleased with his arrest of Jumba as the Councilwoman is preparing an inspection.
  • Stitch is shown sneaking out as Gantu leaves with Jumba.
Before the Gantu boss battle
  • Stitch places DNA in a device.
  • Stitch tampers with electronics as Gantu approaches.
  • Gantu separates a sub ship from his main ship.
After the Gantu boss battle
  • Gantu is shown after his defeat.
  • Jumba and Stitch hide as the Grand Councilwoman appears.
  • The Councilwoman berates Gantu for his failure, as Jumba and Stitch escape in the sub ship. This explains why the Councilwoman's actress Zoe Caldwell is credited in the final game even though she does not appear.

Demo Video

In the same way as the final build, if the game is left at the title screen for several seconds, a demo video will play. In this version, there is only one video unlike the three in the final game and the footage is different. It is a short gameplay video of the "Greema Jungle" level, from a noticeably earlier build than this one due to the different font in the HUD, non-functioning intercom and other signs of being less polished.


Rotten Eggs!

Some of the glass tubes in the beginning of the level are broken at the top, causing eggs to jump out of them.
Disneys Stitch 626 proto Rotten Eggs.png

Greema Falls

The acid is more clear than in the final game.

Prototype Final
Disneys Stitch 626 proto Greema Falls.png Disneys Stitch 626 final Greema Falls.png

Habbitrales To You

The stage uses one of the pink jump pads instead of the custom one from the final game. It is also further back than the final one.

Prototype Final
Disneys Stitch 626 proto Habbitrale.png Disneys Stitch 626 final Habbitrale.png

Meet the 700s

Two of the buildings have fire escape stairs. They can be walked on and contain DNA and spawning enemies.
Disneys Stitch 626 proto 700s 1.png Disneys Stitch 626 proto 700s 2.png

Welcome Aboard!

There is a short in-game cutscene showing one of the police ships falling and crashing through the glass floor in the first stage of the level. This event happens in the final game but not as a cutscene, and instead occurs during gameplay where it is hard to notice unless the player doesn't move after reaching the checkpoint.
Proto Disney Stitch 626 cutscene.gif

At the beginning of the level, soldiers spawn on the ground instead of just the ledges. Some boxes were moved further to the edge in the final game. These changes most likely took place due to the destruction of floor later on, which in the prototype makes the soldiers and boxes float above the giant fan.

Prototype Final
Disneys Stitch 626 proto Welcome Aboard 1.png Disneys Stitch 626 final Welcome Aboard.png

In the tall room in the last part of the level, one of the ledges has a black square on its wall. It doesn't have any function, although several frogbots behave oddly in this part of the level, including one which approaches the square then disappears.
Disneys Stitch 626 proto Welcome Aboard 2.png

Error #626

Two of the pipes at the beginning of the level are attached to the wall, while in the final game they are separated.

Prototype Final
Disney's Stitch 626 Error 626 proto.png Disney's Stitch 626 Error 626 final.png

An intercom is present where Jumba tells the player to destroy a power generator just before the area with the giant glass tube. This is further evidence along with an unused object in the final game and a pre-release trailer that at some point in development there would have been a giant machine that the player would have had to destroy within the glass tube. The dialogue is in the files of the final game but unused.
Disney's Stitch 626 Error 626 proto 2.png

One of the types of destructible objects that appear have different handle shapes.

Prototype Final
Disney Stitch 626 handle proto.png Disney Stitch 626 handle final.png


Most levels have completely different music. Like in the final game, all non-boss levels have two music variations. The title screen uses the same music as the final game and there is no music for the level select.

The levels "Got Gas?", "Habbitrales to You", "Meet the 700s", "Energy Lines" and "Welcome Aboard!" have the same music as the final game.

Level Music
Greema Jungle
Rotten Eggs!
Caverns & Chasms
Greema Falls
Soldier Trail
Jungle Flight
The Aviary
Sibling Rivalry
Ring Around the Lasers
Error #626
Stitch in Space
Old Friends

Bugs & Glitches

  • Sound effects often play at the wrong frequency, usually much slower than they should.
  • Characters, particularly Greemas and 700s hatchlings, often move about unusually quick which can involve scaling walls and getting trapped in corners.

Game Files

In the same folder as the memory card icon is another icon titled FISH.ICO. The model is an animated fish.
Stitch Exp 626 Proto Fish Icon.gif