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Proto:Donkey Kong 64/Level Differences/Angry Aztec

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Main Level (Map 26)

A very early, unfinished copy of this map exists at ID 0B; see the main article for more information.


  • The only Tag Barrels present in this level are the one in the oasis and the one by Snide's (which is right next to it, rather than on the nearby plateau).

Bananaporter Changes

  • The final's Bananaporter 2 (in front of the Dome Temple/entrance to the statue area) is Bananaporter 1 here. What became Bananaporter 1 in the final game (entrance tunnel/next to Candy's) does not exist in this version.
  • One Bananaporter 2 is next to Cranky's; the other is in the alcove to the left of the Bonus Barrel tunnel in the statue area (where a Bananaporter 5 is in the final version).
  • Bananaporter 3 is completely different: One is on the Diddy Barrel plateau in the statue area, while the other is next to Snide's.
  • Instead of being at the entrance to the statue area, one Bananaporter 4 is on the Llama Temple's roof.
  • The Bananaporter 5 outside the tunnel is in an alcove behind the Maze Temple, next to Diddy's Exit Door. It was replaced with 5 Crystal Coconuts and a blue coin in the final game to match the other alcoves.

Kong Exit Doors

  • Donkey: In the coconut switch cave near the level entrance, at one end of the bridge.
  • Diddy: At the back of the Maze Temple. It became a Troff 'n' Scoff portal in the final game.
  • Lanky: Next to Cranky's. This too became a Troff 'n' Scoff portal.
  • Tiny: To the left of the alcove Bananaporter 2, Also replaced with a portal.
  • Chunky: To the right of the alcove Bananaporter 4; ditto.

Banana Medal Locations

Life Balloon Locations

  • In place of the DK portal at the level's entrance.
  • Floating in the air next to the Dome Temple.

Oasis Area

  • Instead of 4 purple coins, there is an otherwise-unused flower object (ID 0008) sitting underneath the Tag Barrel.
  • There is no red balloon, nor are there any coins surrounding the Bananaporter in front of the Dome Temple.
  • The coins in front of the Dome Temple switches are red instead of green.
  • There is a red coin on the Guitar Pad that isn't in the final.

Statue Area

  • The Llama Temple has the same door design as the other temples. The final game uses a unique model for it.
  • The Diddy Barrel plateau is missing the Crystal Coconuts, probably because Bananaporter 3 is sitting there instead.
  • There is a purple banana bunch high in the air above the slide race tower, in the same spot as Diddy's Golden Banana. It was meant to be picked up as Tiny is falling into the hole.
    • There is no banana bunch under the Tiny Barrel, so that is likely where it was moved to in the final game.
  • There is no melon crate next to the slide tower.
  • The ammo crates on the Llama Temple roof are instead purple coins.
  • There are 3 yellow coins lining the perimeter of the Bananaporter 4 alcove (instead of 5 blue coins surrounding Bananaporter 4 itself). Funky's is not present here.
  • A purple banana bunch sits in front of Tiny's Exit Door. In the final game, this was moved to on top of the Bananaporter, and 5 purple coins were added.
  • The DK Pad is located on the three-way plateau next to Snide's, rather than in front of the Llama Temple. In the final game, there is a Tag Barrel here instead.
  • There are no headphones behind the Maze Temple.


Entrance Tunnel

  • There is 1 blue coin next to the nearer DK Barrel. In the final, it's 3 Crystal Coconuts.
  • Since DK's Kasplat is in the Maze Temple, there are 5 Crystal Coconuts and a red balloon on the bridge instead.
  • There are no Crystal Coconuts under the farther DK Barrel.
  • Since DK's Exit Door is here, it can be assumed that at least one end of the bridge extended all the way to the wall.

Connecting Tunnel

  • The purple coins surrounding the Chunky Barrel are blue here.
  • There is only one yellow balloon in Cranky's area; the second is instead floating behind the Llama Temple.
  • There are no blue coins surrounding the banana bunch next to Cranky's.
  • The three Klaptraps are purple instead of green.
    • There is also a Klobber a short distance away from them. In the final game, Klobbers don't show up in the main level maps aside from Gloomy Galleon.


Prerelease Prototype Final
DK64 prerel archleaves.png DK64 map26 archleaves.png DK64 map26 arch final.png

The leaves over the entrance arch seen in E3 footage are still present in this build.

Prerelease Prototype Final
DK64 prerel 26tile.png DK64 map26 floortile kiosk.png DK64 map26 floortile final.png

Likewise, the ground tile texture is the one seen in prerelease footage-- larger, more mottled, and in four pieces instead of one.

(Prerelease screenshots: RareNet, Giant Bomb)

Slide Race (Map 0E)

In this race, you originally had to collect 60 coins instead of 50. While doable (provided the coin layout didn't change between versions), this is far too difficult for the second level, so it had to be toned down.

Dome Temple (Map 10)

  • There is one blue coin in each of the two corners, as opposed to 3 blue coins and 3 green ones.
  • There's a Banana Medal in one corner of the rotating room. It was clearly intended to be picked up when the room flipped over.
  • The peanut switch for the long tongue platform is located below the monkey head, and not to the left of it as in the final version.
  • No 5 red coins in front of the Chimpy Charge switch.
    • The switch itself is blank.
  • The KONG letter pedestals have bad/incomplete texture mapping.
    • The tongue platforms are not textured either.

Llama Temple (Map 14)

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: For some reason Squawks gives his DK Pad spiel here as soon as you enter, which is odd because it's intended for Jungle Japes. Is this normal or is it a side effect of one of the GS codes?
  • There are no enemies here.
  • There is also no Tag Barrel or Banana Fairy.
  • The red test cube can be found in/by Lanky's tile room.
    • One of the two sets of Heli Ropes leads to a Banana Medal that was replaced with a blue banana bunch.
  • The stone coconut switch from Diddy's cage is also next to Lanky's. Unlike the ones from Diddy's, this one functions like a regular gun switch, just like in the final game.

Prototype Final

All but two of the sound effects used for Lanky's matching game are different. One of them is the same noise Banjo's cuckoo clock makes in Banjo-Kazooie.

Prototype Final
DK64 map14bricks kiosk.png DK64 map14bricks final.png

Two wall textures were horizontally shrunk and changed to RGBA16 from CI4.

Prototype Final
DK64 map14pillar kiosk.png DK64 map14pillar final.png

Same for the pillar texture, only it was shrunk vertically instead.

Idols of Hanuman intensifies.
DK64 map14 lavawalls final.png

There are two extra variants of the lava wall texture that were removed from the final game. They may have been used in the lava pedestal room, or—considering the geometric textures used in the final game aren't in this version—they may have been intended for the main area of the temple.

Maze Temple

Diddy's and Lanky's sections (15 and 17) are unchanged. Chunky's (18) is also the same, save for the lack of DK Dirt Pile/Rainbow Coin.

DK's Section (Map 13)

  • To the right of the entrance is a Banana Balloon that isn't in the final game.
  • At the end of the fork opposite the Golden Banana is a Banana Medal.
  • DK's blueprint was originally in here. It was later moved to the coconut switch cave on the main map.

Tiny's Section (Map 16)

  • In the shrink alcove to the right (opposite the one holding a Banana Fairy) is a Banana Medal that was later taken out.

Barrel Blast Course (Map 29)

Aside from the palm tree also being here, there are no differences in layout.