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Proto:Mario Kart DS/USA Kiosk Demo/Early Audio

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart DS/USA Kiosk Demo.

Early Music

The kiosk demo has all music made with different instrument styles, mostly from Double Dash!! So there are many differences between it and the final.

Title Screen

Kiosk Demo Final

The title screen theme had a more Double Dash!! instrument style.

Course Music

Figure-8-Circuit / Mario Circuit

Kiosk Demo Final

Music is quite different than in the final. Some of the track can be heard in the background of pre-release videos of New Super Mario Bros., which were recorded at various video game expos in 2005. Interestingly, the final version happens to be the last track in the final's soundtrack.

Luigi's Mansion

Kiosk Demo Final

The plucked strings sounded more clinky in the final. Also, a bouncy sound effect at 0:54 is removed in the final version.

Waluigi Pinball / Wario Stadium

Kiosk Demo Final

It had a jazzy Double Dash!! themed sound. Trumpet and bass were changed to fit the track better.

Airship Fortress

Kiosk Demo Final

The out-of-place trumpet was changed to a more fitting violin.

GCN Luigi Circuit / GCN Yoshi Circuit

Kiosk Demo Final

Sounds similar to its Double Dash!! counterpart.

GBA Peach Circuit / GBA Luigi Circuit

Kiosk Demo Final

One trumpet was removed.

SNES Donut Plains 2

Kiosk Demo Final

The instrument for the main melody and harmony was changed.

SNES Choco Island 2

Kiosk Demo Final

The whistle, as heard in the original SNES course, was removed.

GCN Mushroom Bridge

Kiosk Demo Final

Sounded more like Double Dash!! again.


This placeholder music can be heard when a track has no music set to play. It does not exist in the final version, as the final placeholder music became the title theme, which is of course used for the title screen in the final game.

This music is used by GBA Bowser Castle 2, Tick-Tock Clock, Desert Hills, Rainbow Road, DK Pass, Bowser Castle, GBA Sky Garden, and every battle course, none of which have music programmed in the kiosk demo.

Its name implies that it was a second circuit theme, possibly to be used for Mario Circuit, since that is the second circuit, with Figure-8 Circuit being the first. It is also worth noting that Figure-8 Circuit's music was changed later in development. Was this its original form? The answer has been unfortunately lost to the past.

Results Music

Grand Prix Goal Results

Kiosk Demo Final

Very different, but the melody is slightly similar.

Grand Prix End Results

Kiosk Demo Final End Of Cup Sequence Final Grand Prix Results Final Battle, Vs and Multiplayer Results

The kiosk demo uses a small fanfare and the results theme from Battle Mode, VS and Multiplayer from the final. The fanfare was later used for the End Of Cup sequence in the final.


Course Intro

Kiosk Demo Final

Instruments are slightly different.

Course Intro 2

Kiosk Demo Final

Actually unused in this build, this is used in the final for the course overview for some circuits, such as Figure-8 Circuit, but instead those courses use the standard course overview. However, like the rest of the music in the kiosk demo, it's made using different instrument styles than the final.

Race Start

Kiosk Demo Final

Race Finish

1st Place Finish

Kiosk Demo Final

2nd and 3rd Place Finish

Kiosk Demo Final

4th to 8th Place Finish

Kiosk Demo Final

Early Sound Effects

To do:
  • There's more, expecially Donkey Kong voices.
  • Upload the missing sounds.

Early Menu Sounds


Kiosk Demo Final


Kiosk Demo Final

Driver Change?

There is an unused sound that was possibly used in an early Mario Kart: Double Dash!! to switch drivers. Its internal name is SET_DRIVER_CHANGE.

Double Dash!! Leftovers

Double Dash!! Horns

There are horns, which are leftover from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! There's horns for every character, even ones that don't make an appearance in Mario Kart DS. They were possibly used in an early build of Mario Kart DS. The internal name is SET_HORN_XXXXX where XXXXX is the Character name.

Heart Item

/root/Sounds/sound_data.sdat => SeqArc/GLOBAL_SE_COMMON

In the directory above, you can find two sounds used by the Heart item from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, SEL_HEART and SET_HEART_ITEM_GET. They never play in-game in the prototype, so they're obviously unused. Likely added with a lot of the other Double Dash sounds, and assets for reference, but without any real use in mind.