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Proto:Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/AutoDemo/Stage Differences

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Most of the stages (with the exception of Hot Shelter) are present in this build, but not all of them are able to be played. The following stages will crash the game if the player attempts to access them:

  • Practice (Acts 1 & 2)
  • Windy Valley
  • Twinkle Park
  • Sky Deck
  • Lost World
  • Mystic Ruins
  • Chao (with the exception of the Station Square Garden)
  • Boss stages (with the exception of Chaos 2)

Test Levels (Hedgehog Hammer)

Three rough test stages can be found in the game (labelled "PRACTICE" in the level select) that were removed from the final and replaced with Amy's Hedgehog Hammer minigame. They have no lighting or textures and appear to have been designed to test the engine and physics, among other elements.

Only the third test stage (PRACTICE 3) can be loaded in-game. It was evidently used to test the automated paths, though invisible hanging ladders can also be found in the level.

The following text can be found at the end of the stage file:

Japanese Translated
ジャンプ中にもう一度 ジャンプボタンを押して。 Press the jump button one more time during a jump.
ホーミングアタックよ。 This is the Homing Attack.
テストメッセージです。 This is a test message.
ソニックと E-102でだけ出る予定です。 The plan is to come out with only Sonic and E-102.
ソニックです 音声データは適当です。 This is Sonic. The voice data is unfinished.
マイルズです ナックルズですです 飽きたので残りは一まとめです。 This is Miles. This is is Knuckles.1 I got tired, so this summary is all that's left.
メッセージ1 メッセージ2 Message 1 Message 2

1 = The original Japanese says "nakkuruzu desu desu" here.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast has a sizeable amount of changes from the final game and is very incomplete - the lighting is very dull compared to the final, many decorative objects including rails and chairs are missing, and the level lacks death planes. There is no music in the first two Acts, nor do any Act transitions exist.

Act 1

  • Sonic starts in midair directly above his normal starting point. When he lands, the camera angle is different:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo EmeraldCoast1.png SonicAdventure EmeraldCoast1.png
  • There are no item boxes behind the starting point.
  • Two Rhinotanks near the bridge instead of one.
  • Only four springs crossing under the bridge at the beginning instead of five. Some are also floating without supports.
  • No rope barriers on the platforms after the springs. No swinging spike ball in the middle of the area after the springs, either. There's also only one spring used to get Sonic back up to the bridge before the loop; in the final, there's two.
  • The first loop only has one dash pad. It also has a very different camera angle than the one in the final:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo EmeraldCoast1B.png SonicAdventure EmeraldCoast1B.png
  • There are extra Rhinotanks before the jump ramp.
  • No item box around the back of the island with the jump ramp.
  • There is a Kiki instead of a checkpoint after the jump ramp.
  • There are extra dash panels present in the small area Sonic runs through after the jump ramp.
  • The checkpoint before the whale chase is placed right after the second loop, rather than just before the chase itself.
  • The whale and its chase section is completely missing.
  • No Kiki in a tree next to the second spike wall.
  • Three "?"-ring boxes are missing behind the large island near the lighthouse.
  • There is an extra spring added while climbing the large island.
  • There are fewer floating islands around the 1-Up box near the end of the Act than in the final.
  • You don't get picked up by wind if you fall down one of the holes around the lighthouse.
  • There are Kikis on the rails near the lighthouse.
  • There is no Kiki above the Act transition point.

Act 2

Act 2 is missing most of the objects throughout the level. Notably, the latter parts of the stage are almost completely empty.

  • There is an extra set of rings after the first checkpoint that doesn't appear in the final.
  • The last two checkpoints are missing.
  • The ring layout on the wall near the start is very different. Only small single lines lower down. There is no Speed Shoes box on this wall, either.
  • No objects in the higher tunnel accessed from the wall.
  • Springs at the upper path do not work correctly consistently and have a different spring path.
  • No 1-Up box or dash panel after the springs in the upper path - only rings.
  • Rings entering the water in the lower path are in midair.
  • The Sweeps are at the bottom of the pool rather than on the surface. There are also 3 of them, with the final reducing this to 2. There are also no air bubbles or platforms in the water:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo EmeraldCoast2.png SonicAdventure EmeraldCoast2B.png
  • No circle of rings after the pool.
  • No ring box in the spike wall area.
  • There is a 10-ring box after the spike walls that has been replaced by a Kiki in the final.
  • Very few rings before the big loop.
  • No dash panel after the big loop.
  • Jump ramp does not work correctly, you hit the invisible wall at the edge of the land.
  • The area with the large steps in the final lacks the objects, so it's a smooth hill. This can still be seen in the final from a distance, though.
  • There is a Kiki on a small tree in the step area that is not there in the final.
  • The camera in the tunnels going up to the checkpoint area snaps to locations instead of gradually travelling to them.
  • No dash panels in the large hill after the checkpoint.
  • The jump panels are the only object present in the area they're found in. The boxes, Kikis, and hint orbs are missing.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo EmeraldCoast2B.png SonicAdventure EmeraldCoast2.png
  • There is no spring after the jump panel area to get into the area with the third panel in the final.
  • The alternative route to the jump panels (spring) does not work. The spring sends you to your death.
  • Jump panel order is different. The final's second panel is not there, meaning there's only 4 panels.
  • The last panel is slightly to the right of the platform you're going to, rather than directly above it. There are also no spike walls present.
  • The automated path for the last loop is absent.
  • The end island is completely empty.

Act 3

  • Big spawns on the island in the secret cave area, rather than his usual starting point on the beach.
  • There is a light effect over the island that is not in the final.
  • There are no fish, the only thing available to catch is Froggy.
  • The exit to the cave has been blocked off.
  • The game will crash if Big goes up the slope where Sonic's first spring is/his 1-Up box is in the final.
  • A 1-Up box from Sonic's version of this level is still present.
  • Objects from the Sonic version of this stage (the objects before the loop) still exist and seem to be from later along than Sonic's acts - the rope rails exist, there is a lot more decor, the missing springs are present, etc.
  • Froggy is very weak and it's impossible to break Big's lure even if his reel gauge reaches its limit.

Windy Valley

The geometry and level design for the fabled prototype version of Windy Valley seen in the game's official Japanese unveiling are partially intact. The proper textures are missing, though. A very small handful of the stage's textures managed to survive in the final game with recycled uses in other levels.

This version of Windy Valley is very large and open in comparison to its more linear counterpart from the final game. While the geometry for Act 1 seems to follow the same rough path as the final version, Act 3 is entirely different.

All three parts have their original texture listings and start positions present in the game's coding, although the level file itself only contains Parts 1 and 3, skipping the old tornado section. While the meshes for Part 2 does exist, it doesn't have the necessary entries in the level file itself. All stages in Sonic Adventure contain "Landtable" data, which basically contains all of the stage models that make up the geometry and tells the game how they're 'stitched together' to form the level. While Acts 1 and 3 have Landtable data, Act 2 does not.

All of the geometry for the tornado segment of the stage was found, and is listed below in the order the player would've encountered each piece as they progressed through the Act.

The tornado can be found in the game's files, but it has no textures either:

Tornado Sequence Objects

The debris that swirls around in the tornado is far more varied than the final, containing rocks, pieces of wood, and trees:

Inside the level file are numerous objects that aren't present in the final game:

Plant Objects

Rock Objects

'SARA Floor Pads'

Propeller Objects

'DOME Parts'

Pillar/Ruin Objects


Interactable Objects


Unreferenced Objects

A mod was made for Sonic Adventure DX that restores this version of Windy Valley, using resources from the AutoDemo:

(Source: ItsEasyActually (mod))


Aside from the above changes, there are numerous differences:

  • The stage's object list is longer than the final's.
  • Almost all of the plant objects have an animation of them rattling in the wind:

  • There is only one type of leaf in this version, green. The final adds two more colors that are randomized per leaf. The leaves are also much smaller than the final's.
  • The tornado and bridge destruction sequence are all handled by stage objects, not SET objects like the final version.
  • The tornado bends, and is brown instead of grey.
  • Act 1 has more objects than the game's actually limited to.
  • The stage has wind paths, and although the one in Act 1 works fine, the ones in Act 3 are very wonky. This is because they contain loops, which the final version doesn't have at all.
  • The bottom of the skybox in Act 1 is a cloud layer instead of water.
  • The top of the skybox for Act 3 is untextured, and the bottom is completely missing, leaving a black void at the bottom of the level.


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Casinopolis is in a very early state compared to the other levels, with the level showing off some very rough early models for it.

Act 1

The most notable feature of the early model for Act 1 is the "bunny girl" that would ultimately become the cowgirl in the Japanese release. The bunny girl is 3D unlike the cowgirl, who only appears on a billboard. The model of a bar that does not exist in the final can also be seen nearby.

Act 2

Act 2 doesn't seem to have had any major changes made for the final version. The long path that goes unused in the final is present on the early model, however.

Act 2

Act 3

Act 3

The early model for Act 3 (Sonic Pinball) is strongly resembles the final, and is the only Act to have objects in its SET file.

  • A complete tower can be seen to the right of the table, while the final removed everything but its bottom.
  • The left side has some additional towers that were removed.
  • The dividers are less round than the final.
  • Two square structures in the middle of the table are missing.

Act 4

The early model for Act 4 (NiGHTS Pinball) is very different from the final game, consisting of a long curved shape that looks nothing like the table used in the final version.

This model seems to be an early version of the scrapped pinball table that can be seen in early images for the game:

Early Screenshot AutoDemo
SonicAdventurePrerelease Pinball.png SonicAdventureAutodemo Casinopolis4C.png


Icecap has many notable changes that were cut from the final release. It has a more wooden appearance than the one in the final, and the small ice decorations around the level are smaller.

Act 1

  • The bridge seen in early images of the game is present here:
Early Screenshot AutoDemo
SonicAdventurePrerelease Icecap.png SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap1B.png
  • The start of the level is missing a Tikal hint ball and an Ice Ball:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap1.png SonicAdventure Icecap1.png
  • The small tunnel at the start only has one dash panel and it's placed at the end rather than two at the beginning of it and a line of rings.
  • The dash panel sends Sonic into a spring that doesn't exist in the final.
  • The area at the bottom of the hill is completely empty other than the icicles preventing Sonic from going further. The jump panel area and the dash panels are missing.
  • A dash panel near the entrance to the cave that sends Sonic into the spring to bounce him up there was replaced by a line of seven rings in the final.
  • There are three enemies present on the hill that are not in the final - an Ice Ball and two Boa-Boas.
  • The item boxes at the top of the hill are missing.
  • Immediately upon entering the snowy cave the player meets a line of four rings that aren't in the final.
  • To the left of the cave entrance is a circle of rings that isn't in the final.
  • There are a lot of wooden textures. In the final, these were replaced with standard walls.
  • There is a curved line of four rings across a small hole to the next platform here. In the final, there is a hint ball, a spring, and a platform covering up the hole.
  • There is a spring to send Sonic into the hanging icicles. This was replaced with a small platform in the final.
  • There are 10 hanging icicles here. In the final, two at the right end were removed and a platform was added below to compensate.
  • Taking the middle path at the icicles sends Sonic into a small platform. In the final, the platform was enlarged with platforms.
  • Jumping on top of the icicle area are five rings that are not in the final.
  • Taking the right path at the icicles sends the player to a platform with five rings, a "?"-ring box, and a spring over a small hole. In the final, there are four rings, fences, and the hole near the spring has been covered entirely. There are also boxes next to the spring not present in the final.
  • To the right of the spring are 3 tiny platforms. In the final, boxes were added and the small platforms were reduced from 3 to 1.
  • There is an area after the platforms with a 10-ring box and a 1-Up box. In the final, the 10-ring box is removed and the 1-Up box is moved to its former location.
  • The entrance (technically an object) to the 2nd Act 2 is not solid.
  • The rocket platform is missing. Instead, there is a bridge in its place. There is also an extra checkpoint at the end of the bridge that in the final was moved to the beginning of Act 2 instead.

Act 2

  • There is no rock behind you at the start.
  • There is a single spring floating out of bounds, where Big's part of the level would be located.
  • There are boxes when you leave the cave. In the final, this was replaced with a checkpoint, fences and rings.
  • There are two Ice Balls at the bottom of the cavern. In the final, they have been replaced by a Boa-Boa.
  • The spring at the bottom of the cavern had 5 rings added to its path in the final.
  • Between the first and second springs, there is a slightly misaligned line of 5 rings. In the final, this was replaced with a line of 4 rings and two spikes.
  • The area below the first hanging icicles section is empty aside from a spring sending the player back to the beginning of the area. In the final, many spikes were added as well as a spring allowing the player to skip the icicles.
  • The first icicle section has 5 icicles. In the final, two more were added and the icicles are closer together. The spikes near these icicles in the final are also missing.
  • The spikes near the line of rings after the icicles are missing.
  • There is a small hole that the player must jump over with a curved line of 5 rings. In the final, a spring was added, the line of rings was reduced to 4 and a small platform was added over the hole to prevent the player from falling.
  • There is a switch that does nothing next to the small icy pool area. (Presumably an ice block switch.) There is also a small line of 3 rings floating nearby. In the final, this was changed into an arrow of rings:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap2.png SonicAdventure Icecap2.png
  • Under the floating rings is a small area with a tiny platform for the player to use to climb back into the icy pool area. In the final, this was replaced with two springs, with one allowing the player to progress.
  • There is a small hole in the wall after the floating rings section that does not appear in the final.
  • A 10-ring box next to the location of the small hole in the final is missing.
  • A dash panel leading into the second icicle section is missing.
  • The area below the second icicle section is empty aside from a spring and some fences. In the final, an Ice Ball was added as well as a circle of rings.
  • There are six icicles in the second icicle section. In the final, the same changes to the first section were applied - the icicle count was brought up to seven, and spikes were added nearby.
  • Two circles of rings are missing from the area after the second icicle section in the final.
  • The spring in the area after the second icicle section is also in a slightly different spot. The rings were not corrected in the final.
  • The area with the floating ice block switch is empty aside from the switch. In the final, the switch was moved slightly to the left and a Tikal hint ball and fences were added.
  • The checkpoint after the ice blocks section is missing.
  • The dash panels at the loop area are missing.
  • There is no Tikal hint ball at the first jump panel.
  • The boxes around the first jump panel are slightly different.
  • There are three jump panels. In the final, a fourth one was added.
  • Three ring boxes in a small area to the left of where the jump panels end are missing.
  • The end of the tunnel to Act 3 is not solid.

Act 3

  • The gate at the start is facing the wrong way.
  • The beginning of Act 3 continues to play music. In the final, the level is silent until Sonic triggers the snowboarding segment.
  • Sonic does not make a screaming sound in the small cutscene where he notices the avalanche.
  • Instead of focusing on the snowboard in the cutscene as Sonic walks off the platform he's standing on in the cutscene, the camera follows Sonic closely.
  • The snowboard instantly appears under Sonic.
  • Large rocks at the sides of the mountain are missing:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap3A.png SonicAdventure Icecap3A.png
  • There are fewer icicles along the course than in the final.
  • Sonic's snowboard incorrectly plays the icicle breaking sound sometimes.
  • There are three dash panels to the right after the avalanche section. In the final, there's two.
  • There are many dead trees on the mountain that were removed in the final:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap3B.png SonicAdventure Icecap3B.png
  • The first falling ice arch was moved further up the mountain. One was also added on the side path to the right in the final.
  • Sonic makes a different sound performing a trick.
  • The first set of trick ramps are spread apart with a gap between them. In the final, they form a "double-ramp".
  • There are no rings in the last caved area.
  • There are no hot air balloons.
  • There is a double trick ramp after the last cave. In the final, this was reduced to one ramp.
  • After the ramp on the small land between the two ramps is a dash panel and a line of rings that was removed from the final.
  • The end of the stage looks completely different - the capsule is in a slightly different spot to the final, there are no houses at the end of the stage and more trees.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Icecap3C.png SonicAdventure Icecap3C.png

Act 4

Sonic has his own object layout for Big's Act that is an earlier version of the stage. There are many leftovers from Act 2 present that do not appear when playing as Big, such as ring trails near the top of the stage. However, many objects are incorrect in Sonic's version of the stage.

When playing as Big:

  • There are Ice Balls here that aren't in the final.
  • Big can't break the ice.
  • There is an underwater area under the smaller icy area at the start of the stage. In the final only the large icy area has an area under it.
  • The water is not animated and a lot of the underwater sections are not considered "underwater" by the game.
  • Much like Sonic, Big's level does not have spikes in it.
  • The area where there is an arrow of rings in Sonic's version of the level in the final does not have any objects. In the final, there is a Speed Shoes box and a spring.
  • The small icy pool halfway through Sonic's route is still icy in Big's section. In the final, it's a pool of water.
  • The small platform to the side of the area where the jump panels end in Sonic's version has a rock on it. In the final, this has been replaced with two "?"-ring boxes.
  • The areas in Sonic's route after the area with the arrow of rings in the final is completely empty. In the final, this area is filled with springs, platforms, rings, and item boxes.

Speed Highway

Speed Highway is the level used for Sonic's demo and the only level for Sonic that can be completed normally.

Tails' version is pretty much identical to Sonic's, but he isn't able to move at all. In what seems to be a test for the opponent's AI, he moves along a set path in mid-air that will eventually kill him near the platforming section by the Helicopter.

Act 1

  • The starting point is very different. The ceiling is lower, and the walls use a different texture:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway1A.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway1A.png
  • No black fog on faraway geometry.
  • The lighting is slightly different. The bright spots are less bright in the AutoDemo.
  • Camera at the start is lower.
  • A Life box on the platform to the right of the start was changed into an Electric Shield box in the final.
  • Three rings at the top of the two large buildings at the beginning are changed to 1-Up boxes in the final.
  • In the middle of the buildings at the beginning are boxes containing a 1-Up box, "?" ring box and another 1-Up box. In the final this was changed to a 5 ring box, a 1-Up box and another 5 ring box.
  • The building before the first checkpoint is very different to the final version. It has Tikal hints, rings, and more decor present.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway1B.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway1B.png
  • There are no rings to collect in the moving platform section.
  • No invincibility or Speed Shoes boxes on the wall Sonic runs along.
  • Speed Shoes on the platforms at the back of the lower area are missing.
  • To the right of the checkered area of the lower path, there is an empty building. In the final it has rings, a Cop Speeder, and a 1-Up in the final.
  • The small slope just before the building with the bell area on the lower path has six rings instead of eight.
  • Sonic moves slower than normal going up the stairs at the bell.
  • The bell is a different color and lower than it is in the final. This is the same case for the bell in Act 3.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway1C.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway1C.png
  • Two 10 ring boxes below the bell area. In the final, one of these is changed to a shield.
  • Rings were added after the dash panels after the bell in the final.
  • Two lines of 2 rings were turned into one line of four rings in the final just before the tunnel.
  • There are two rings at the end of the tunnel in the lower path not present in the final.
  • Double line of rings before the square moving platforms was reduced from six to four in the final.
  • There is no Speed Shoes box on the upper path to the square platforms.
  • Camera on a 1-Up box under the first square platforms part is slightly different in the final.
  • There are arrow signs present next to the three springs that launch the player over to the helicopter.
  • The Tikal hint near the helicopter does not have rings surrounding it.
  • The helicopter has a different camera during its flight scene.
  • Speed Shoes box in the area after the helicopter is missing.
  • There are two lives after the upper path's homing attack chain above the end of the Act. In the final, this was reduced to one.
  • A circle of rings was added to the bottom of the large circular building in the middle path.
  • A line of four rings on the slope leaving the circular building in the middle path was changed to a square.
  • A line of six rings at the dash pads after the moving platform was reduced to four.
  • The large building on the lower path only has two squares of four rings, three Cop Speeders, and a 10 ring box surrounded by a semi-circle of rings. In the final, the building adds two more squares of rings, three 5 ring boxes, two Uniduses, and changes the 10 ring box into a Shield box surrounded by a square of rings.
  • The second moving platform has no rings either.
  • A line of four rings at the end of the middle path (where it meets with the lower path) is missing in the AutoDemo.
  • Two lines of three rings on the road approaching the area with the rocket were changed to three straight lines of four rings.
  • The Spinner and the Bomb box are absent at the rocket area in the AutoDemo.
  • A line of two rings next to the rocket were changed into a line of four rings in the final.
  • One of the buildings in Tails' section of the map has a chunk of geometry missing.

The text for Tikal's messages in this level are as follows:

Japanese Translated
ジャンプ中にもう一度ジャンプボタン!? それで簡単に敵を倒せるはずよ。 (Press the) Jump button once more while jumping! Then you should be able to defeat enemies easily.
落ちないように気をつけてね! Be careful so you don't fall!

Act 2

  • The objects at the bottom of the level are arranged differently. There are no benches or posters, but there are more palm trees in the area at the bottom than the final. This is also where the level ends, with a capsule being present and the path to Act 3 is blocked off. The transition to Act 3 still exists, but the textures will be incorrect if the level is accessed this way.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway2A.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway2A.png
  • There are no objects or lights in the small starting area.
  • The controls moving left and right while running down the building are slightly looser than the final.
  • There are no item boxes.
  • The circles of rings at the end of the Act are missing.
  • There are more plants on the ledges above the bottom of the level than the final.

Act 3

Along with Windy Valley, Act 3 of Speed Highway is one of the levels in the AutoDemo that has the most changes from the final game.

  • Act 1's lighting is used here, as the level's own file is missing.
  • The level is textured very differently to the final. For example, many platforms use brick textures rather than what they use in the final.
  • There are major changes to the buildings in this part of the level, notably around the center of the map:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3H.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3H.png
  • The camera at the start of the level for Sonic is different.
  • The start of the level is noticeably different. There are rings on the small walls that aren't there in the final, the road is slightly wider, there is a continuous line of 10 rings at the dash panel near the start and a checkpoint that is not present in the final:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3A.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3A.png
  • There are more decorations on the sidewalk, including plants and newspaper stands.
  • There is an area with a speed shoes box to the right of the dash panel near the start that was replaced with a building in the final.
  • There is a hole in the road with a clock tower, benches, and rings inside near the start that is not present in the final. This is the same clock tower hole that can be seen in early images of the game:
Early Screenshot AutoDemo
SonicAdventurePrerelease SpeedHighwayB.png SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3B.png
  • The Spinners that are at the location of the clock tower hole in the final are missing.
  • On the building to the left of the hole are awnings and a platform with a ring on it that aren't there in the final.
  • There is a searchlight at the top of the building to the left of the start of the stage that is not in the final.
  • The Speed Shoes box on the building to the left of the start is in a different spot, and neither has the rings surrounding it or the containers near it from the final.
  • There is a jump panel on the Speed Shoes building that isn't there in the final. This jump panel sends the player quite far - 9 panels, which is longer than any of the panels used in the final game.
  • Three rings on a small ledge at the corner near the clock tower hole were changed to 4 rings that were more evenly spaced out across the ledge.
  • The path leading the main street is wider than the final. There are also four Spinners before the glass roof that were reduced to only one in the final and there are many more plants at the area on top of the glass roof than there are in the final:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3C.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3C.png
  • Due to the path being wider, there are 12 glass panels instead of 9 in the roof.
  • The entrance to the small tunnel Sonic can run through lacks a Shield box and the ledge is narrower and not directly connected to the tunnel.
  • A set of 2 rings on the ledge to the right of the panels were changed to a set of 3 in the final.
  • There is a line of rings missing on the wall Sonic runs across.
  • The building that Sonic can run on top of has a steeper roof with two Spinners on it. In the final, the roof is made slightly lower and the enemies are replaced with containers, rings, and a 5 ring box. There are also arrow signs on top of the building that are replaced with four posters in the final and an overhead camera that is not present in the final.
  • A line of three rings is missing from the area the player can access by jumping over to the right of the building's roof.
  • In the small area the player can jump across to, the 1-Up box is in a different spot and the ledge is much larger than the final. There is also a spring here that the player can use the jump onto the building in front of them as a shortcut to the end. In the final, this is replaced with a small passage with a wall between it and the 1-Up box.
  • The clock at the loop in the road has a different base to the final.
  • There are two Cop Speeders near the clock that are not in the final.
  • The sidewalk is lined with rings, dash panels, and springs both on the sidewalk and on small ledges attached to the sides of the buildings. In the final, only one line of springs remains and are accessed through a Spinner floating over the road (that of course does not exist in the AutoDemo) and sends the player into a small tunnel.
  • The level goes downhill. In the final, it goes uphill instead:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3E.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3E.png
  • The two buildings that the cars drive under are much shorter and able to be walked on top of in the AutoDemo.
  • The path where Sonic runs along a wall after the first tunnel is different, featuring things such as glass panels.
  • There is a second tunnel that is not present in the final.
  • The last tunnel is in the form of a ramp and has arrow signs and a Speed Shoes box on top of it.
  • There is a long, raised platform that is not in the final at all near the end of the stage. It has two lines of rings, a 10 ring item box, a Unidus, and the fountain that sends you to the end, with a support column in place of the fountain's final location.
  • The buildings in the center of the road area are very different to the final. They only have two containers on them and the building heights are much different to the final. The small tunnel with steps in from the final is also missing.
  • The Cop Speeders near the end of the stage are in different locations to the final.
  • The spring to enter the small tunnel in the building near the fountain does not launch Sonic high enough.
  • There are four extra rings in the fountain.
  • There are a ton of rings around the city hall building that were considerably reduced in the final.
  • There are three springs to the left of city hall and one spring to the right of it. In the final, there is one spring on the left and two springs on the right.
  • There are dash panels in front of city hall that lead to the spring to the right of the building. The 1-Up box there is also missing.

This version of Speed Highway is very close to the one used in early images for the game, with the main differences being that the early images lack buildings in the background and have a greater draw distance:

Early Screenshot AutoDemo Final
SonicAdventurePrerelease SpeedHighway.png SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3D.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3D.png

The background image in this version is still a bit different from the one in the final game - the buildings are darker, along with some very minor tweaks to certain rooftops.

Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SpeedHighway3BG.png SonicAdventure SpeedHighway3BG.png

Knuckles' version has an outdated object file, meaning none of the objects that appear in the level are correct. He can still find Master Emerald shards, but sometimes the third shard won't appear, making the level impossible to complete, likely due to the shard being inside nonexistent enemies or objects. The trash can object that goes unused in the final can be seen with its original design and textures here.

Red Mountain

Red Mountain has many locations where the camera likes to go to undesirable places and make playing the level extremely hard for the player. This is also the stage used for Gamma's and Knuckles' demos.

Act 1

  • There is no lighting in this Act.
  • Sonic's spawn is in midair above his regular starting point, much like in Emerald Coast.
  • There are three Kikis on the crates at the start. In the final, one of these Kikis has been moved to the ground on the left:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain1B.png SonicAdventure RedMountain1B.png
  • A "?" ring box on a platform that can be seen taking the first rocket was replaced by a floating 10 ring box.
  • Dropping down from the first hanging ladder is an area with a circle of 7 rings, a Sol, and a rocket. In the final, the circle of rings was changed into two squares of 4 rings.
  • A line of 5 rings after the hanging ladder was reduced to a line of 3.
  • Just before the first checkpoint is a crate with two Kikis and a line of 5 rings behind them. In the final, the only thing that remains is the line of rings, which has been reduced to 3 rings.
  • The first checkpoint has been moved slightly forward in in the final.
  • There is no Tikal hint ball at the second rocket.
  • The large tower that the player can reach with the second rocket does not having a spring.
  • There is a Kiki placed next to a Sol after the small tunnel that is missing in the final.
  • The ground after the tunnel has strange properties that make Sonic accelerate faster.
  • Under the collapsing platform near the second checkpoint area is an extra spring.
  • The bridge at the second checkpoint takes on a red appearance:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain1C.png SonicAdventure RedMountain1C.png
  • Across the bridge, two spike balls are missing and there are fences to the right, discouraging the player from going up to the top.
  • The top of the mountain after the second checkpoint is empty. In the final, there are item boxes and a spring.
  • There is no item box on the zipline.
  • The area with the first zipline start has an extra Sol and the platforms at the back of the mountain are arranged slightly differently.
  • There are Spinners in the area after the zipline/third checkpoint that aren't in the final.
  • There is an item box missing after the spring.
  • The object layout on the wall after the collapsing platforms includes a spring, two Spinners and three small platforms. In the final, the Spinners are changed to form a line to the platforms and the spring is missing. The platforms have also been made larger and a line of 3 rings has disappeared:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain1D.png SonicAdventure RedMountain1D.png
  • The area around the next rocket has more crates on the left side with an extra Kiki and a 10 ring box. In the final, this has been reduced to one crate with a single Kiki:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain1E.png SonicAdventure RedMountain1E.png
  • Even closer to the rocket are two crates and a lava geyser. In the final, this is replaced by a skull flamethrower and a life box.
  • The part before the hanging here has a Sol on the left side. In the final, there is nothing but a 10 ring box on the right side.
  • There is no Tikal hint ball after the hanging ladders.
  • There is no "?" item box after the set of three springs after crossing the second bridge
  • A line of rings on the path to the last rocket is missing.
  • A life box, Kiki, rings and the last checkpoint are missing.
  • It's possible to walk on the sides of the top of the mountain. In the final, this is blocked by an invisible wall.
  • The third hanging ladder is missing, with a small part where Sonic must walk across a rock in the wall being used instead.
  • There are only two rings in the hanging ladder section.
  • There are 5 rings and two fire-breathing skulls on the other side of the lava pool. In the final, there is a fence and 3 rings.
  • There are no objects surrounding the last zipline. In the final, there is a set of Spinners and an item box.
  • The transition to Act 2 covers a much larger area. Sonic will go to Act 2 as soon as the second zipline ends, instead of when he jumps into the hole nearby.

Act 2 (Sonic)

  • If the player enters Act 2 from Act 1, the lighting will still be absent. To get the lighting to show up, the player either needs to enter from the level select menu directly or reload the level via dying/restarting.
  • The camera notably messes up in the first hallway and goes to the start of the stage, making it very difficult to play normally.
  • A Sol and a line of rings are missing in the path split at the start of the stage.
  • The giant spiders are untextured.
  • There is a missing Shield box just after the first spring.
  • There is an extra set of crates and a Kiki just after the first homing attack line of Spinners.
  • Rings over the platform after this are absent.
  • There is a 1-Up box on a rock to the left in the part where Sonic runs across a slope.
  • There is an extra spring after the second checkpoint in the collapsing rocks section.
  • There is no Shield box, rings, or Spinners in the collapsing rocks section.
  • There is a spring at the end of the collapsing rocks section. However, usually that spot is covered in lava, so the player never sees it. It's very easy to accidentally homing attack this spring and get hurt by the lava.
  • In the part where Sonic runs along the second slope after this, there is an odd line of 9 rings. In the final, this has been replaced by a line of 4 rings.
  • After the slope there is a part with multiple circles of rings and two Kikis on crates. In the final, this was reduced to two Sols:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain2A.png SonicAdventure RedMountain2A.png
  • A 10 ring box that is behind the crates was moved to the right slightly and turned into a "?" ring box in the final.
  • The section with the prison cells has an extra Sol.
  • At the part with the collapsing platforms, there are two Spinners not present in the final.
  • The line of rings near the collapsing platforms is missing too.
  • The line of rings on the collapsing platforms has been reduced from 5 rings to 3.
  • There is a set of crates humorously breathing fire. In the final, it was replaced with a falling spike ball:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain2B.png SonicAdventure RedMountain2B.png
  • A line of rings at the three dash panels on the small ramp at the top of the stage are further back than the final, making them intersect with the panels.
  • A floating 10 ring box after the dash panels is missing.
  • Two "?" ring boxes are missing at another 10 ring box location nearby.
  • The fire-breathing skulls in the last hall are in different positions. They're all on the ground in an alternating pattern, as opposed to the final where two are slightly elevated and the skulls face each other:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain2C.png SonicAdventure RedMountain2C.png

Act 2 (Gamma)

  • The first wall in Gamma's stage has 3 targets. In the final, there's 4.
  • Kikis on the walls near Gamma's starting point are missing.
  • The first fork has fences and fire traps that aren't present in the final version:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain2D.png SonicAdventure RedMountain2D.png
  • A shield box is missing after the fork area.
  • The second wall has 2 targets. In the final, there's 3.
  • A rock near the first spring is made smaller in the final.
  • Item boxes behind the Spinners at the first spring are missing.
  • Item boxes are missing in front of the platform after the checkpoint.
  • Three Spinners on the second lava platform were changed to a wall in the final.
  • The checkpoint at the area where Gamma enters a hole in the floor has been moved before the hole rather than after it. There is also a Tikal hint ball:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo RedMountain2E.png SonicAdventure RedMountain2E.png
  • There is another Tikal hint ball after the small tunnel before the boss.
  • E-104 does not get knockback or any effects when hit.
  • E-104 does not turn into an animal when defeated.
  • E-series boss music does not play during E-104's fight.

Tikal's hints read:

Japanese Translated
どこかに隠れた通路があるはず。 探してみて。 There should be a hidden passageway somewhere. Try looking for it.
ダイナマイトを壊せば 先に進めるわよ If you destroy the dynamite you can continue on ahead.

Act 3

Act 3 seems to be using the version of the level from the TGS build of the game. The tutorial for Knuckles is present and there are many more Tikal hint balls present than in the final version. The Master Emerald shards are always in the same places - in front of the starting point, underground at the area Sonic lands at after using the jump panels, and near the falling spike ball in the area just after Sonic's first zipline.

  • Knuckles' starting area only has 3 rings. In the final, there are 6 rings and a Tikal hint ball.
  • There is a floating line of four rings in front of Knuckles' starting point. In the final, this is a 10 ring item box.
  • Tikal hint balls are present near the shard at the starting point. One is next to the shard, one is on the bridge, and the other is on the other side of it. The third one was moved to Speed Highway in the final.
  • A line of rings on the path to the rocket at the bottom of the mountain are missing in the final.
  • The switch puzzle for the rocket from Sonic's level is used in Knuckles' level too. In the final, Knuckles' rocket is already activated and the switch has been replaced with a square of 4 rings.
  • Knuckles' restart position is at the same place as the first Emerald shard. The final uses his original starting point.
  • A 10 ring item box and an invincibility box are missing on the side of the mountain below the area with the rocket.
  • At the top of the mountain are three Tikal hint balls. In the final, one was removed and two are in different locations.
  • The zipline platform is empty. In the final, there is a Kiki and a circle of rings.
  • At the line of Spinners near the starting point, there is a Tikal hint ball that is absent in the final.
  • The line of 4 Spinners was replaced by a line of 3 in the final.
  • A 10 ring box opposite the leaning platforms is missing.
  • Underneath the collapsing platform after the first zipline section is an extra fire-breathing skull.
  • Another extra Tikal ball after the collapsing platforms near the jump panel section. This one (where Tikal talks about buried Emerald shards) was moved to the starting point in the final.
  • A Spinner was moved from over a pit to near the collapsing platform area in the final. The number of them was also reduced from 3 to 1.
  • A Kiki was replaced with a Sol nearby.
  • On the top of a mountain behind the starting position is another extra Tikal hint ball.
  • To the right of the starting point is a small, but tall mountain. On top of it are two spike balls and a Tikal hint ball. In the final, there are 3 spike balls in a triangular formation and a 10 ring box nearby.

Tikal's hints read:

Japanese Translated
困った時は私を探してみて。 If you're confused, try to look for me.
L.Rボタンで カメラをまわすことができるわよ You can rotate the camera with the L and R buttons.

Lost World

There are few changes to Lost World's geometry - one being that the demo lacks the background walls from many of the areas throughout the level. However, the level has many differences in its object layout to the final version. However, the only differences in Act 3 are that there is no capsule and the door behind the starting point is missing.

Act 1

  • The starting room has an open ceiling that was covered up in the final.
  • There are flaming arrow shooters near the start of the stage.
  • There is an extra Boa-Boa at the start of the stage.
  • There is a dash panel missing before the long tunnel of flaming blocks.
  • There are no platforms after the long tunnel of flaming blocks.
  • There is no item box over the spike pit.
  • The checkpoint is missing.
  • The camera messes up when the player enters the snake room.
  • The snake room is completely different. The platforms are in different locations and the route to complete the puzzle is different.

Act 2

  • The mirrors are missing in the dark room.
  • There is a Boa-Boa in the dark room that is replaced with a Sol in the final. Interestingly, the Boa-Boa is still here in Knuckles' version of the stage in the final, though glitches are required to access the room.
  • There are no arrows at the end of the dark room.
  • There are no rings in the water slide.
  • The layout of the light puzzle is different. There are Boa-Boas here and all the switches are situated on high platforms in different spots to the final.
  • The wall panels in the light room are already connected to each other, rather than being separated initially.
  • The switches for the wall panels in the light room have bright lights over them. This was removed in the final.

Final Egg

Final Egg has a duller appearance than its final counterpart. Act 1 is the only Act featuring music (likely due to Amy's demo taking place there) and no Act transitions exist.

Act 1 (Sonic)

  • Sonic starts further back, in an area that is usually blocked off in the final.
  • There is no Egg Keeper at the start of the stage.
  • There are three lasers at the right at the start. In the final, spike balls were added and one laser was moved to the left instead.
  • There are two rings after the laser section that are missing in the final.
  • The swinging spike balls near the start swing much faster than the final.
  • The platform with the item boxes and springs around the swinging spike balls are missing.
  • There is a line of rings missing before the first checkpoint area.
  • The first checkpoint is missing, along with the rings nearby.
  • The Egg Keepers just after the first checkpoint area are further back than the final.
  • There is another set of two lasers near the entrance to Amy's section.
  • Amy's section is not blocked off.
  • There are 4 dash panels up the large wall next to Amy's section. In the final, another one is added.
  • A machine claw is missing from nearby the entrance to Amy's section.
  • In the room where Sonic and Amy's paths briefly meet, the only objects there are 2 Spinners and the springs to progress. In the final, more Spinners, rings, and a corner section containing lasers and item boxes are added:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo FinalEgg1B.png SonicAdventure FinalEgg1B.png
  • The springs in this room send Sonic slightly further.
  • Two rings after the second checkpoint are missing.
  • There is a spike trap on the second conveyor belt that was removed in the final.
  • There are 2 rolling spike traps on the fourth conveyor belt. In the final, this has been reduced to 1.
  • The last 3 rolling cylinders in the level are in slightly different spots, preventing the Act from being completed. They may be placed in accordance to an earlier design of the level.
  • The end of the level features a doorway. In the final, this is a slope that Sonic runs down.

Act 1 (Amy)

  • Zero does not immediately notice Amy at the start of the level.
  • There is a Tikal hint ball in front of the starting point.
  • After the first set of springs, there are two rings. In the final, this was changed to 8.
  • There is only one Egg Keeper after the first checkpoint as Amy.
  • There is a single laser near the entrance to and inside Amy's section after Zero breaks the wall. In the final, there's two lasers at these locations.
  • The Tikal hint ball in front of the elevator is missing.
  • The crates to the left of the "choose a door" room are missing.
  • The large ledge near the end of the stage has a crate nearby that Amy can use to get high enough to reach the ledge with a normal jump.

Tikal's hint at the starting point reads:

Japanese Translated
敵にロックオンされても、逃げまわれば大丈夫。がんばって。 Even if the enemy locks on to you, you'll be fine if you just run around. Do your best.

Act 2

  • There are no death planes between the platforming sections.
  • The piece of geometry out of bounds that is present in the final is also present in the AutoDemo. However, unlike the other paths, this piece still has the round appearance from the final version.
  • Act 2 looks completely different, with the walls having a yellowish theme similar to Act 1 rather than the bluish tones of the final. The start of the level is also a straight hallway rather than a slope Sonic runs down:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo FinalEgg2A.png SonicAdventure FinalEgg2A.png
  • The objects seem to be slightly incorrect, with some objects floating in odd places.
  • There are rings of platforms around the walls separating the platforming sections. In the final, the only thing separating the platforming sections are death planes.
  • The platforming sections are empty. None of the floating platforms move, there are no enemies or rings.
  • At the end of the first platform section at the start there is a platform on top of another one. In the final, the top platform is a 5 ring box.
  • Before the first running section, the camera angle is completely different.
  • There are no automated paths, dash panels or rings in the small tunnels after the platforming sections.
  • The running areas have different walls and open areas. In the final, these are covered with glass. The floor in the running sections is also flat. In the final, the tunnels are far more rounded:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo FinalEgg2B.png SonicAdventure FinalEgg2B.png
  • The springs after the first checkpoint usually send Sonic to the bottom of the stage, as the moving platforms are broken.
  • To the right of the two springs at the first checkpoint are a pipe and a platform that are not in the final.
  • The 1-Up box after the second platforming section is missing.
  • There are no springs at the end of the second running section.
  • There is no voice after pressing the switch at the bottom of the platforming sections.
  • The rings over the switch are missing.
  • The area below the raised switch is empty.
  • The Spinners in front of the raised switch platform are missing.
  • The rings on the platform before the first swinging hammer are missing.
  • The elevator and the ring box in front of it are missing.
  • There are no objects in the area after the elevator.
  • There are many more platforms at the last descent and they lead to a location slightly underneath the platform Sonic needs to go to.
  • There are no rings around the platform at the end of the level.
  • The elevator at the end of the Act starts lower down than in the final. This is around the level that the platforms nearby go down to.

Act 3

  • Sonic starts in the middle of the first room, rather than inside the elevator.
  • Gamma uses Sonic's version of the level and has the same starting point as him.
  • The first room is empty aside from a square of 4 rings. Furthermore, the area with the elevator doesn't exist:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo FinalEgg3A.png SonicAdventure FinalEgg3A.png
  • There is no voice in the first room.
  • There are no Beats at all in the stage.
  • Sonic uses two springs to get to the upper path in the second room. In the final, there is a ladder with spikes at the top there instead.
  • In the upper path there is a laser and multiple fans under the floor that are missing in the final.
  • The first checkpoint is missing.
  • The fan rooms consist entirely of close-together fans. In the final, they've been made further apart and other objects (such as platforms and conveyor belts) are added to these rooms.
  • A section underneath the fans with boxes, a spring, and a 1-Up box is missing.
  • There is an untextured duck enemy in the room between the first and second fan rooms. In the final, there are rings forming a cross shape.
  • The second fan room has a door that is not in the final.
  • The room between the second and third fans has a different camera angle.
  • The Spinners in this room are Electro Spinners. In the final, they're not.
  • There is a switch in the upper level of this room. In the final, it was replaced with three item boxes.
  • The amount of Spinners in the room after the third set of fans was reduced from 3 Electro Spinners to 2 normal ones.
  • The second Beat room has no springs.
  • The second Beat room has a platform on the upper lever that does not exist in the final and has item boxes containing Speed Shoes, 10 rings, and a 1-Up on it. In the final, the Speed Shoes and 1-Up were moved to the pipes in the center of the room and the 10 ring box was removed.
  • The small hole the player runs into before the checkpoint area is covered up, though the player can still enter the hole. The checkpoint here is also missing. Alternatively, the path where the player jumps over the small hole also looks different. It has no objects and leads into a long path of its own. In the final, these paths have objects and lead into long falling areas. The end of the running sections still exist in the final and are used after the falling areas:
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo FinalEgg3B.png SonicAdventure FinalEgg3B.png
  • The final Beat room lacks a door at the exit.
  • There are 4 stationary Electro Spinners in the Sonic doll room. In the final, this was changed to 3 stationary normal Spinners and one Egg Keeper.
  • The Sonic head of rings is missing.
  • There is an Egg Keeper outside the Sonic doll room. In the final, this became a checkpoint and some rings.
  • The trail of rings going up the curved path to the right is missing.
  • The Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles dolls are missing.
  • The upper level of the room after the Sonic doll is completely empty aside from a lone Egg Keeper that isn't there in the final.
  • The checkpoint at the end of the room after the Sonic doll is missing, as are the rings around it.
  • The room before the light dash ring trail is empty. In the final, there are Egg Keepers, Spinners and a bonus area here containing lives.
  • The light dash trail reaches up higher at the end than in the final.
  • The giant Eggman face at the end of the level is missing.
  • There is a tunnel to the right of the end of the level that Sonic can run down. In the final, this is blocked off.

Act 4

This unused Act contains the room Sonic meets the Egg Viper in, though the small area he enters from at the start of the cutscene is missing. In the final, this level is in the same map as the Egg Viper boss fight (albeit far below the main arena at Y:-50000) rather than an Act of Final Egg. In this version only, there are two copies of the object file used for this Act named SET1004S.BIN and SET1005S.BIN.

The object file is outdated and the objects that do appear in this level are the same as the final, meaning the bizarre clusters of capsules can be seen here too. The textures won't load in-game, though.

Other Stages

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: What objects are different for these levels, if any?
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Twinkle Park

Twinkle Park is present in the game, while the game crashes upon trying to play it, there are some strange oddities. It should be noted that the textures for this stage are present.

Act 1

  • There's a camera file called CAM0300.BIN, lacking the character suffix, the used one is CAM0300S.BIN. The unused one is dated July 30th, making it one of the oldest files in the build.
  • There's a strange rotating thing in the center at the start which isn't an object, nor does it show up in a level editor.
  • Nothing seems to appear in Act 1. This is because the object file is from the Tokyo International Forums version, as ring positions match up with the video. This means the objects are far away from the geometry (roughly 395.7553101 -85 -144.5041046). The object file has a build date of September 9th, suggesting work continued on the old version.

SonicAdventureAutoDemo TwinkleParkAct1 Start.png

  • The beginning of Act 1 was changed slightly.
  • The path before the double loop is misplaced slightly.

Act 2

Act 2 is missing a lot of objects, mostly decorative.

  • The cameras at the start of the stage are different.
  • There's two flags after the rollercoaster. In the final, there's one.
  • The carousel is completely missing, this means the floor isn't solid.
  • Once the player has gotten past it, the only objects after it are decorative. This makes it impossible to beat the stage.
  • Amy and Big's files are missing.

Act 3

  • The unused cameras below the stage are present. The used ones, however, aren't.
  • The only object in the SET file is a lonely trapdoor.
  • Only Sonic has a SET file in this build. While a SET0302S.BIN does exist in the final Japanese build, it goes unused due to Sonic not going to Act 3.

Sky Deck

Act 1

  • The second rotating pole is turning the opposite way.
  • There's no alternate routes where the first checkpoint is.

SonicAdventureDX AutoDemo SkyDeck1-1.png

  • The dash panel after it will likely push the player through the floor.
  • The second dash panel is placed slightly differently.
  • The rings are placed lower.
  • There's no Speed Shoes monitor.
  • An area near the end is missing.
  • You can go to Act 2 without destroying the cannon.
  • The lighting files are present but don't seem to be any different to the final version.

Act 2

  • The stage is slightly different.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SkyDeck2.png SonicAdventure SkyDeck2.png
  • The beginning is missing a lot of objects.
  • The jump panel trail is missing.

SonicAdventureDX AutoDemo SkyDeck2-1.png

  • The wing doesn't tear off.

Act 3

  • The stage is slightly different.
Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo SkyDeck3.png SonicAdventure SkyDeck3.png
  • Most objects are missing.
  • An extra object (OCARRIER3) is present.
  • There's no invisible wall near the capsule.
  • Knuckles' SET file is identical to Tails' unused version.

Sky Chase

There are some object changes in both Acts of Sky Chase:

  • Act 1 only has one type of enemy (HODAI). In the final, two more types (RENZAKO and ZAKOS) were added.
  • Act 1 and Act 2 have the same object layout.

There is also a third object layout that does not exist in the final. It references a number of bizarre objects, including the Dragon. It can be found in SETSHTS.BIN.

Three paths also exist but all are unreferenced; the first one matches closely with the object layout, the second one is literally a straight line, and the third one is an oval with very sharp turns.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Sand Hill

SETSBOARDS.BIN is the only object file for Sand Hill and is much smaller than any of the three files used in the final.

Twinkle Circuit

The only Act of Twinkle Circuit in the AutoDemo is an early model that doesn't resemble any of the courses used in the final game. It has no music, objects, or textures and features multiple small inclined areas that aren't seen anywhere in the final in any course.

Adventure Fields

To do:
A more thorough investigation, as Shadow05 found out how to prevent the game booting you to the title; see below.

Only the fields used in cutscenes are able to load the proper objects and textures. All other areas are in the game, but the objects and textures are missing. The Adventure Fields will send the player back to the title screen if they attempt to enter one; fortunately, this can be bypassed very easily.

The reason why the game boots you to the title screen is 0x8C768B38 (0x2C768B38 for Demul or 0x1C788B38 for NullDC) is set to 5. To prevent this, set it to 4.

Station Square

By extracting the Station Square geometry, it is possible to see some differences:


  • The train station has no entrance.
  • You can't ascend the stairs at the train station properly.
  • You can walk along the train tracks.
  • The front of the hotel has no collision.
  • The billboard does not advertise Chao in Space. In its place is an advertisement for "The Man 3", though only the top-left of it is shown.
  • There is a poster above an awning in the alley that is not in the final.


  • The Twinkle Park entrance is completely different. Interestingly, it lines up with the main Twinkle Park stage's castle motif better, suggesting that the kart track the level opens with came later and the exterior was updated to have a more futuristic feel to match.
  • The sewer area where Big obtains a lure has a much lower ceiling.
  • The dock which leads the player to the Egg Carrier does not exist. This may suggest that the player originally wouldn't be able to go back to the Egg Carrier after completing the game.
  • The hotel has a "Hotel" sign above the entrance.
  • The slope between the street and the beach is smaller.
  • The "CYBER-NET INC." building is much taller than in the final.


  • The player doesn't have a spawn point.
  • There is a chandelier that doesn't appear in the final.
  • The ladder shown in some early pictures is present.
  • The pool area has different placement of the chairs and tables.
  • The tables and sunbeds by the pool are arranged differently than the final.


  • The only difference in the City Hall area is that one door on a building next to the sewer in the City Hall appears to be reflective (glass) instead of using a texture like the final.
  • The water is present, but is invisible due to the incomplete map.
  • The player will spawn out of bounds in the Twinkle Park entrance area.
  • The files for the lighting are present (and no different to the final game's versions) but 3 are unused. Curiously, the hotel entrance uses its lighting, even though the level itself is unused.


Mystic Ruins

The Mystic Ruins crashes upon trying to access it. By extracting the geometry some minor changes can be seen, but otherwise it seems to be the same as the final version.

  • The monkey cave in the train area is a slightly different shape to the final.
  • The light speed attack ledge on Angel Island is missing.
  • The bridge on Angel Island is also slightly different to the one in the final version.

Egg Carrier

The Egg Carrier has some notable changes to its Adventure Field in the form of object layouts (only the rear transformed deck and the prison can be seen in-game, though) as well as some minor geometry edits. The changes listed here to the front/back of the ship are present in both the untransformed and the transformed version.

Front Deck

  • Item boxes below the Captain's Room containing "?" rings.
  • No spring at the back of the area where Chaos 6 is fought.
  • There are many circles and lines of rings present around the deck.
  • The Monorail is missing.
  • The springs in the landing area point straight up instead of at an angle.
  • There are no hint boxes at the area where Chaos 6 is fought.
  • The center of the Chaos 6 arena sticks out, unlike the final where it's flat. The low-detail version viewed from the back of the ship when transformed actually made it into the final, but it's difficult to see.
  • The boxes around the area where Chaos 6 is fought are in different locations and contain items including two Speed Shoes, a 1-Up, and a ring box.

Rear Deck

  • Loads the proper textures and objects, as Sonic's cutscene is set here.
  • Behind the swimming pool building is two "?" ring boxes and a 1-Up box. In the final, this was changed to two 10 ring boxes.
  • There is a cannon on the middle platform of the large tower that isn't in the final.
  • The large, spinning platform at the top of the tower does not appear, nor does the 10 ring box slightly below it.

Main Hall

  • Loads textures and objects due to Gamma's cutscene taking place here.
  • Monorail is missing.
  • The lighting is slightly less greener than the final.
  • The doors have very bright lighting.
  • There are 5 maids in the bottom area. In the final, there's 3.
  • There's no puzzle outside the Chao Garden door.
  • There are rings and two 10 ring boxes at the back of the room that were removed in the final.
  • There are no hint monitors.
  • The robots moving along the left and right side of the upper level are missing.
  • The pods, elevator, and arches going over the room are not solid.


  • The lighting is different to the final. There is no fog.
  • Loads textures and objects due to Knuckles' cutscene (instead of playing the Knuckles fight scene for the third demo, it plays Amy's cutscene with Gamma instead) taking place here.
  • The middle cell contains a "?" ring box and a 1-Up box. In the final, these were replaced with the black Chao egg.
  • The cells make no sounds when being opened.
  • There is no lure upgrade in the rightmost cell for Big.
  • The fans below the floor spin slightly slower.


  • There are no items on the upper level of the pool area.
  • Sonic's cutscene will load if the player tries to enter any map for the Egg Carrier's exterior as Sonic.
  • The entrance to the living quarters is on the right side of the room, rather than the left.


The maps for most (Egg Viper has a level, but it appears to be empty) of the game's bosses are present, even though the bosses themselves don't seem to be.

Egg Hornet

Egg Hornet's arena seems to use a very early model of the Mystic Ruins. None of the details present in the final game can be seen here, much like the maps used for Casinopolis.

Chaos 2

This is the only boss map in the prototype that doesn't crash the game when loading. While the arena itself doesn't have any interesting differences other than lacking textures, an early version of the boss can be found and interacted with.

Chaos 2 stands in the center of the arena initially in an inactive and invulnerable state, but despite this can still hurt the player via collision damage. If playing as a character other than Knuckles, they'll die immediately after spawning due to starting at the same position as the boss.

There are two ways to activate Chaos 2. The first is the easiest, but the second allows Chaos 2 to use all of its attacks and draws the "CHAOS 2" text and health bar on the screen (at least, it would if the textures existed).

The first method to activate Chaos is to press X and then A or B. This will cause him to approach the player, but he won't perform any attacks. While Chaos is active the camera will be locked. The player can damage him just like in the final game, and he responds in the same way (becoming a giant ball and bouncing around the room). Damaging Chaos repeatedly will eventually defeat him and clear the stage. To make Chaos 2 stop moving again, press X.

The second method is to set the byte at 0x8C6A4EAA on hardware and 0x2C6A4EAA in demul to 01. This will start the boss cutscene where Chaos' name is shown on the screen. In this mode, the camera will not get locked and Chaos can use all of its attacks. Notably, this version of the boss lacks the delay after its punch attack that its final version counterpart has, something that can also be seen in early trailers.

Chaos 2 has all of the attacks the final version of Chaos 2 has, but to view Chaos 2's actions for yourself in the AutoDemo, edit the byte at 0x8C6A4EA1 on hardware and 0x2C6A4EA1 in demul.

The action IDs are:
00 Reset
01 Deactivated
02 Walk
03 Take Damage
04 Ball Form
05 Deactivated
06 Deactivated
07 Jump Back when Near Player
08 Sink
09 Rise
0A Enter Ball Form
0B Exit Ball Form
0C Goes to 0D
0D Punch
0E Ball Form
0F Sink and Create Large Ripples
10 Mini Ball Attack
11 Swing arm (to knock player back)
12 Deactivated
13 Deactivated

(Source: MainJP (controls), SpeepsHighway, Woofmute (updated controls, videos))

Perfect Chaos

The arena for Perfect Chaos is completely different to its counterpart in the final game.

The buildings around the perimeter of the arena are much taller than the final version's. Furthermore, there is only one stretch of buildings, rather than the final version's loop shape. This suggests that the player would keep using the same part of the stage for the entire fight rather than moving through different areas. The textures for this stage are present, but they're using the wrong list, causing them to not fit well with the geometry.

The background has some minor differences such as the sky's position and the ocean's color, but the final version is overall higher quality:

Proto Final
SonicAdventureAutodemo Chaos7Sky.png SonicAdventure Chaos7Sky.png

Chao Gardens

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The maps for the Chao Gardens are very incomplete. The only Garden that doesn't crash the game is the Station Square one.

Station Square

Seems to be the version used for pre-release images:

Early Screenshot AutoDemo
SonicAdventurePrerelease Chao.png SonicAdventureAutodemo Chao.png
  • There are 8 Chao here that spawn in set positions.
  • The controls are disabled.
  • The camera is closer to Sonic and you can't zoom in and out like in the final.
  • Upon entering, you drop a Rabbit, Deer, Kangaraoo, Elephant, Lion, Gorilla, Mole, Koala, and Penguin.
  • No garden warps, elevator, or stadium entrance. It's possible to fall out of the map through the elevator's location.
  • There are no Tikal hint balls in the garden.
  • The columns at the corners of the room are not solid.
  • The trees do not drop nuts.
  • The transporter says "NO DATA". Putting a Chao into it will cause the transporter to essentially "eat" the Chao - it won't ever come back out of the transporter and no VMU menu shows up.

Egg Carrier

The Egg Carrier garden is a piece of geometry ripped straight out of Windy Valley 3. This is the garden used in the very early Chao images.

Mystic Ruins

All that exists of the Mystic Ruins garden is an early model similar to Casinopolis. The garden in the model is very different to the final game, with notable differences such as the entrance being on the other side of the garden. The only object in the level is a single ring located out of bounds, which is interesting considering that the Egg Carrier garden in the final game has a similar out-of-bounds ring.

Chao Race

The Chao Race follows the same course as the final, but there are some minor changes present in the course:

  • The Chao Stadium level is missing.
  • The area at the main starting point of the race has no hills on either side. There is also a very large wall to the left that was removed in the final.
  • The third platform that the Chao run to in the Amethyst Course is floating. In the final, it's attached to the ground.
  • The bridge connecting the second and third platforms is a regular bridge. In the final, it's a bridge of large blocks.
  • The arch over the path under the Amethyst Course's finish line is wider. In the final, the water is able to go through that part.
  • The island at the start of the Ruby Course is missing.
  • There is an arch at the end of course that is not present in the final.