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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/Star Light Zone

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Notable examples of difference revolve around extra tiles on foreground elements, such as extra truss beams. The fairly chaotic level design also warrants close examination.

Star Light Zone, while graphically similar to its final version, has very unfinished level layouts. Even Act 1 has a lot of work left to be done on it, as evidenced by parts where you can fall through the floor.


  • The stage as a whole has a much more "under construction" look than the final, mainly due to the use of trusses. This look bears a striking similarity to the 8-bit version's Sky Base Zone - further adding to the notion that the 8-bit version's tilesets were based on what was planned to appear in the 16-bit version (see Green Hill and Labyrinth for more examples).
  • While all three acts start roughly similar to their final versions, the level design is otherwise drastically different. Among the biggest differences from the final version include numerous small platforms clustered together, fewer loop-de-loops and winding paths, and more opportunities to fall into bottomless pits; one can fall from the stage in Act 1 mere seconds after starting the level, which is impossible in the final game.
  • Loops have a few blinking lights; these remain in the final's tileset, but go unused.
  • There are no enemies in the prototype's levels, though the cannons that shoot fire balls have been implemented. Crabmeat and Buzz Bomber can be placed with debug mode, though they are unused by the final.
  • There are several misplaced chunks throughout all three acts, as well as objects that don't seem to correspond to their surrounding layouts. It's probable that these are leftovers from an even earlier version of Star Light Zone (indicating that the Zone is in a similar state as that of Oil Ocean Zone in the August 21st build of Sonic 2).

Act 1

Prototype Sonic1ProtoSLZ1.png
Final Sonic1FinalSLZ1.png

When the stage is first loaded, a graphical error can be seen when walking down the initial path.

Prototype Final
Sonic1ProtoSLZ1StartSecret.png Sonic1FinalSLZ1StartSecret.png

In the final game, there is a secret behind a breakable wall with 3 Ring Monitors and an Invincibility Monitor. In the prototype, there is no secret. The prototype also has falling platforms which were removed before the final release.

Prototype Final
Sonic1ProtoSLZ11upSecret.png Sonic1FinalSLZ11upSecret.png

In the prototype, there is a bottomless pit below the first expanding platform. In the final game, a 1up Monitor was added on a new ledge below the expanding platform.

Prototype Final
Sonic1ProtoSLZ1Sign.png Sonic1FinalSLZ1Sign.png

In the prototype, the sign is misplaced and ends up half in the ground. This was fixed in the final release.

Act 2

Prototype Sonic1FinalSLZ2.png
Final Sonic1ProtoSLZ2.png

The starting area stayed mostly the same (aside from the usual updated chunks), however after the second loop, just about the entire layout was redone.

A pair of strange, corrupted objects appear near the end of the stage, in between the swinging spike balls. Any art this object may have once had is long gone, replaced by empty space and a few random garbage tiles. Only the top left corner of the object has collision; when stood upon, it travels downwards a slight distance, similar to fully-implemented elevator platforms in the same stage. Whether this object is simply an earlier version of those platforms or something entirely different is unknown.

Act 3

Prototype Sonic1ProtoSLZ3.png
Final Sonic1FinalSLZ3.png

Similar to Act 2, the giant slopes present at the beginning and the middle were kept for the final, while everything else is different.

Unused and Changed Chunks

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There are unused and changed chunks in the prototype.