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Proto:Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Wolfenstein 3D (SNES).

To do:
Graphics rips and any additional differences. There's also a newer prototype out there.

Already going through Nintendo's censorship process, the prototype of the SNES Wolfenstein 3D still has quite a few differences.

General Differences

  • No iD/Imagineer/B.J. Blazkowicz globe animation when booting the game up. It goes straight to the title screen.
  • Title screen cheats work without holding R button at startup. Right + Select go to Music Test, Down + Select go to Sound Test, Up + Select go to Level Select.
  • No password is given when viewing a map. A password is still given when you finish a level, though.
  • A CPU meter of sorts is present on the top-right corner of the screen during the game.
  • The maps tend to be a lot closer to the PC version.
  • No ammopacks or SNES-exclusive weapons are present past Mission 3.
  • Mission 2 and Mission 3 are swapped.
  • A few sound effects are missing.
  • Pressing Start on the main menu sends you into the game.
  • The passwords are one letter shorter.
  • Secret walls are seen on the map, these are identified by them looking different on the map than what's really seen in-game.
  • Some secret walls can be seen through, and trying to push them on such side, the game gives an error and freezes. This is visibly seen in 2-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 6-2 and 6-5. Due to this, some levels can't be 100% completed.
  • The secret exit of 3-1 takes you to 4-1.
  • The exit of 4-1 takes you to 3-2.
  • Mission 5 has no boss and exit.
  • Floor 5-6 can crash due to all the enemies.
Proto Final
No bullets here... Now, there are!

There is no skill level option. Also, the "bullet" for selecting options is a more generic flashing cursor.

Aesthetic Differences

  • Anything even remotely related to Nazism is censored in both the prototype and final. There is an exception at this point, though – the Iron Cross is still visible.
  • Ammopacks are bandoleers in the prototype.
  • The HUD has "Health" and "Ammo" (like the PC version), instead of "H.P" and "shot".
Proto Final
Hissssssster. Get it? It's still obvious this takes place in Germany.

Hitler has already been renamed, but since "Hister" would sound a little too similar to Hitler (or was perhaps just a placeholder name), it was changed to "Staatmeister" in the final.

Proto Final
Quick, clean up the blood before the Germans find out about this! All done.

Blood is still present in the prototype, although the blood bowl has been taken out. Also, the HUD has a blue border instead of a black one.