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Saints Row (2006)

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Title Screen

Saints Row

Also known as: Saint's Row
Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: June 21, 2007
Released in US: August 29, 2006
Released in EU: September 1, 2006
Released in AU: August 31, 2006

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Saints Row takes the usual open-world crime-ridden Grand Theft Auto formula, except it places a bigger emphasis on street gangs, doing odd jobs to progress through the story and character/vehicle customization. Despite having a few oddities, it manages to be fun in its own way.

For a first entry in the series, it slowly became rather obscure due to not getting any other ports considering further developmental troubles and the loss of source code.

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Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.


SR1 act ico saints.png
Unused Mission-Related Text and Audio
"Look, if you wanna get your name out there, then you better start doin' some favors."
SR1 SpeakerIcon.png
Unused Audio
The many unheard sounds of the Row.
SR1 px savedummy.png
Unused Graphics
Bling it up and show your style!
SR1 car papers wo.png
Unused Text
They sure were creative with their unused descriptions.
SR1 a11 sign1 tm.png
Hidden Details
A rooftop door sits alone.
SR1 highwaysignb02 tm.png
Development Oversights
Boundaries were covered, but mistakes were made.
[[File:| center | | 64px]] Oddities
The truck that you may never get to drive again.

Developer Commands

[[File:| center | | 64px]] Developer Commands
Things are about to get ugly...

Version Differences

SR1 MayhemMissionIcon.png
Regional Differences
No Mayhem, no explosions.
SR1 kabob icon.png
Demo Version
The joys of being trapped behind a red wall.

Unused Vehicles


A vehicle that never spawns ingame, but can be obtained via cheats.

SR2006-Forklift1.png SR2006-Forklift2.png


A vehicle based on The Job, except with a stripper pole resembling the reward variant. Oddly, it comes in three different preset colors.

Black Variant

SR1 BlackBadDog.png
SR1 BlackBadDog2.png

Gray Variant

SR1 GrayBadDog.png
SR1 GrayBadDog2.png

White Variant

SR1 WhiteBadDog.png
SR1 WhiteBadDog2.png


A vehicle resembling the Peterliner, except now with a different body, and is equipped with nitrous by default.

Internal Filenames

Real-Life Brands

Some filenames refer to real-life brands and copyrighted material, which were all obviously used as placeholders before they settled with ficitious logos;

  • The Snail Mail graphic is referred to as "uspslogo" internally, standing for the United States Postal Service.
  • The sign for Estro-Gen beer found at Brown Baggers' shops is referred to as "bweiserneon" which is short for Budweiser. Oddly, the "B" from the logo is leftover in the model itself.
  • The newspaper graphic is referred to as "thechronic", named after the Dr. Dre album of the same name rather than the final's "The Chronical". The earlier graphic is present in the pre-X05 build.
  • The textures for the static planes seen at Wardill Airport are referred to as "hawker800ex", likely referring to the real-life Hawker planes of the same name.

Earlier Names

A handful of graphical and textual filenames have earlier names for specific elements;

  • The Vice Kings in the notoriety_spawn.xbtl, message.xbtl file are referred to as the "Vice Lords" instead, the real-life gang that it's based on.
  • The logo for The Big Picture cinema is referred to as "the_thename", likely as a placeholder.
  • The logo for Rim Jobs is referred to as "rimjob_dec_co"; though its assumed to be a typo, it's actually a slightly earlier name, as evidenced by an existing billboard graphic.
  • There are earlier sound files for the Eye for an Eye commercial and phone calls, which are called "LOA_LOU".
  • Files for the Mayhem Activity are referred to as "Vandal" or "Vandalism", which may have been the earlier name for the Activity. Oddly, the Achievement for completing all levels of each location is named after it's earlier name.
  • Files for the Snatch Activity refer to it as "Pimping".
  • Strings for Loan Office refer to it as "Loan Shark".
  • In clothing_shops.xbtl, the jewellery shop is referred to as "Bling Baby" whereas in the final it's called On Thin Ice. A shop with a similar name, Bling Bling would appear in Saints Row 2.

Revised Cutscenes?

A handful of cutscenes have "V_" attached to the end of them, ranging from V2-V5 which potentially shows that it has gone through revisional changes throughout development. There is further evidence of it from the Demo Version.

Revision 2

Revision 2

  • Rallying Cry (CUT_TSS_SCENE01_V2)
  • Billy's Retirement Party (CUT_DRUGTRAFF_FACTORY_V2)
  • Business Partners (CUT_DRUGTRAFF_MUSEUM_V2)
  • Life Lessons (CUT_HITMAN_AIRPORT_V2)
  • Out of Town Guests (CUT_PIMPING_REDLIGHT_V2)
  • Occupational Hazard (CUT_RACING_DOWNTOWN_V2)
  • Loose Ends (CUT_WR09_SCENE04_V2)
  • ??? (CUT_WR09_SCENE02_V2)
  • Salting The Earth (CUT_TSS_FINAL02_V2)
  • Just a Girl (CUT_WR01_SCENE01_V2)
  • Meet The Lopezes (CUT_LC02_SCENE02_V2)

Revision 3

  • The Streets of Stilwater (CUT_TSS_INTRO_V3)
  • Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints (CUT_TSS_SCENE01_V3)
  • Wong Time, Wong Place (CUT_CHOPSHOP_CHINATOWN_V3)
  • Load Up! (CUT_LC04_TRUCKLOAD_V3)
  • Hello, bitches! (CUT_LC04_TRUCKUNLOAD_V3)
  • Counting the Colombians (CUT_LC08_SCENE02_V3)
  • Taking it to the Edge (CUT_LC09_SCENE03_V3)
  • Time to Go (CUT_LC10_SCENE02_V3)
  • Cold Winters (CUT_VK07_SCENE03_V3)
  • Buckle Up (CUT_WR08_SCENE02_V3)
  • Meet Uncle Will (CUT_WR04_SCENE01_V3)
  • The Sleeper (CUT_WR03_SCENE02_V3)
  • Breaking Up is Hard To Do... (CUT_WR07_SCENE01_V3)
  • Undercover (CUT_WR03_SCENE01_V3)
  • Crash Course (CUT_DEMOLITION_DERBY_V3)
  • Suburban Bliss (CUT_DRUGDEAL_SUBURBS_V3)
  • Calm Before the Storm (CUT_LC03_SCENE01_V3)
  • Meet McManus (CUT_LC05_SCENE01_V3)
  • Killing The Mood (CUT_LC05_SCENE02_V3)
  • Return of the King (CUT_VK09_SCENE01_V3)

Revision 4

  • Battlefield Promotion (CUT_TSS_FINAL01_V4)

Revision 5

  • Tanya's Fall from Grace (CUT_VK09_SCENE04_V5)

Earlier Cutscene Locations

  • Oddly, the "Straight and Narrow" Racing Activity cutscene lists it as taking place in the Airport District but it takes place in the Docks and Warehouses District in the final.

Missing Vehicle Data

Files car_2dr_compact02, car_2dr_luxury03, car_2dr_sports01, car_2dr_sports02, car_4dr_luxury02, car_4dr_standard04, sp_charterbus01 and truck_2dr_pickup01 are apparently missing from the misc and misc2 folders implying that those vehicles were cut throughout development. None of these vehicles appear in Saints Row 2, either.

Switched SFX

The siren sound effects for the Ambulance actually uses FIRETRK_SIREN_LOOP, as opposed to AMBLNC_SIREN_LOOP in the final. The only existing "fire truck" in the game, the Nightngale reuses the SFX from the Five-O. It was likely changed to give the Ambulance a distinct siren sound.


  • In the bitmapsheets file, there are two duplicate map graphics for Foreign Power, listed as "map_store_cardealer_high" and "map_store_cardealer_low". There is no second car dealership to be found that sells cars for a lower price.
  • Many of the phasefive files date back to August-December 2004.
  • The audio files for the train PA annoucements played at stations are titled "AMB_EXT_PA_TYARD_ARRIVE" and "AMB_EXT_PA_TYARD_DEPART", implying they were supposed to be played at the scrapped trainyard location.

Unused Data

Additional Gangs?

To do:
Try and enable this in game?

In the "teams.xbtl" file, there are references for two more gangs, referred to as the "Dragonz" and "Kingz", while the Vice Kings are referred to as the "Vice Lords" in the file itself. As this is the only mention of a fourth and fifth gang, it's safe to say they were possibly scrapped early in development.

Hidden Statistics

There are hidden Statistics that cannot normally be seen in the game, those include;

Display Name Internal Name
Number of hostages taken Hostages taken
Los Carnales hoods owned LC hoods

Los Carnales hoods owned	LC hoods
Vice Kings hoods owned	VK Hoods
Westside Rollerz hoods owned	WR hoods
Number of demo derby activities completed	Demo Derbies Completed
Number of escort activities completed	Escorts Completed
Number of insurance fraud activities completed	Insurance Frauds Completed
Number of hijacking activities completed	Hijackings Completed
Number of hitman activities completed	Hits Completed
Number of pimping activities completed	Snatches Completed
Number of racing activities completed	Races Completed
Number of trafficking activities completed	Drug Traffickings Completed
Number of vandalism activities completed	Vandalisms Completed
Chop Shop Completed	Chop Shops Completed
Stolen Boxes Fenced	Thefts Completed
Number of unique vehicles owned	Num unique vehicles owned
Civilians killed by melee	Civilians killed by melee
Manually Awarded	None
Customization Items Owned


Theft Icon Oddity

SR1 map start theft.png

Though not unused, the target for the Theft Diversion uses this otherwise-repurposed Activity icon (map_start_theft) rather than the usual blips on the radar.

Scrapped Rim Jobs Sign Texture Leftover

SR1 b46 sign wo.png

Though not unused, the filename (b46_sign_wo) refers to it as a texture for a sign rather than as a poster. In the E3 2005 build, there was originally a sign for Rim Jobs but was removed in the final.

Goliath Spawn Oddity

The Goliath used in the Westside Rollerz arc final mission "Semi-Charmed Life", actually spawns in Copperton after completing it. Though it's driveable, it cannot be obtained or customized as it will be too big for a garage. If the vehicle is destroyed, it will never be respawned ever again unless the player reloads their save with it, untouched.

Scrapped Second Car Dealer?

There are traces towards a secondary car dealer found within the files and game. Many of the hints below point to Novin Used Cars, located in the Barrio district being an actual car dealer.

  • In the hudsheet_03 file, there is a duplicate map texture of the Foreign Power icon, which is called "map_store_cardealer_low" which obviously goes unused despite having an identical car texture.
  • There are three radio advertisements for "Novin Used Cars" which are used in-game but are actually classified as price drops within the files. They are referred to as "$1,000.00 off at Novin Used Cars" and "$3,000.00 off at Novin Used Cars", as COMMERCIAL_09 and COMMERCIAL_10.
  • Within the strings, there are nine unused scrapped categories for car dealers showing that there were going to possibly be more than just Novin Used Cars. Only Exotic, Luxury, Sports and Classic categories are used for Foreign Power, the only existing car dealer in the game.
  • There are unused store owner voice clips for Novin Car Dealers besides Foreign Power, but only one set exists despite two branches being presetn.

The element may have been scrapped because it would be easier to steal used cars on the street than just buying them.

Save Prompt Error

Before Saints and Martyrs, the player is prompted to save their game before entering the yacht. If they do so, and reload their save, they'll be outside the Saints Row Loft Crib in a unique location rather than at the King Penthouse. Saving their game manually outside of the yacht will still make them end up at the King Penthouse.

Duplicated Cutscene Strings

The final Vice Kings arc mission "All the King's Men" has text strings for five different cutscene titles (vk09_scene01-05), but only three of them occur during the mission. vk09_scene04 and vk09_scene05 "happen" during the "Tanya's Fall From Grace" cutscene, in order for multiple locations to be loaded.

Misplaced Sounds?

In the Barrio District, there are two sound emitters used outside of a Vinyos y Licores building located in Cecil Park across from around the District's Stronghold. It is called "AMB_INT_MZK_HAIR_BR", implying it was supposed to be used inside the Do It Up Hair Salon in Southern Cross and "AMB_INT_MZK_PAWNSHOP_BR", implying it was intended for a cut pawn shop interior related to the Theft Activity. The fact it's labelled as an interior sound is also rather jarring.

Missing Chunk Files

Within the files that store graphics for the world, sr_chunk25-29 are missing. sr_chunk24 contains graphics for Wardill Airport while sr_chunk30 has graphics for Sommerset. Judging from the similar layouts, its safe to say that the missing chunk files could be applied to the scrapped bigger airport location that was shown in prerelease material.

The missing chunk files are leftover in chunks.xbtl;


Revisional Differences

To do:
Find more changes.

Title Update

Released on October 30, 2006.[1]


  • Enabled 4xAA (anti-aliasing) for 480i standard-def and 480p resolutions (was 2xAA).
  • Enabled 4x anti-aliasing during initial player creation screen.
  • Added player options to enable v-sync during cutscenes and/or gameplay, with warning that it will affect framerate.
  • Fixed widescreen formatting issues in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where button icons would sometimes not appear during tagging activity.
  • Fixed problem where camera could rapidly rotate around player when exiting vehicle.
  • Added dialog reminding player to save before final mission in the game.
  • Fixed rare crash bugs due to variants and fast shader constants.
  • DLC - Car dealership now skips paint selection for car if the car has no color data.
  • Fixed issue when signing out of a gamer profile on The Wheel Woman unlock screen.
  • Added missing audio tracks to music stores, including "Pickin' Boogers."
  • Added long sideburns and four other missing hairstyles to Shear Intensity salons.


  • Improvements to the way the game handles packet loss and bandwidth management between players. This addresses issues commonly cited as "lag", and general synchronization problems *between the players' clients (vehicles/players warping around, etc).
  • Various bandwidth optimizations.
  • Fixed connection issues with gang servers (done server-side, update not required).
  • The system for rating a player's quality-of-service has been improved, and made less conservative. This means you'll see many more matches with 10-12 player limits.
  • Fixed "clothes stealing" exploit. Stolen clothes will be deleted, legit clothes will be unharmed.
  • Various changes to Matchmaking phase, to get players in the game faster.
  • Team-based, non-Gang games are now required to have even teams. Gang matches still allowed to be off-by-one to allow easier matchmaking, since single people cannot be matched-in.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the Blinged Out Ride vehicle to get stuck inside the garage when the driver disconnects.
  • Fixed crash that could happen during server migration.
  • Fixed rank reporting errors in Leaderboards for Team Gang Brawl and Team Big Ass Chains.
  • Fixed problem where end of games stats display could be improperly sorted.
  • Fixed issue in server migration where statistics would not be properly updated for the newly selected server.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect server was elected for game size.
  • Fixed issue where car could get stuck in a chop shop or get pushed out of the level and destroyed.
  • Added caching to pimp hat and multiplayer chains to reduce delay when they are loaded.
  • Fixed problem where PC could become bald after importing from single-player savegame.
  • Fixed problem where multiplayer garages had problems with client vehicles colliding at the entrance with an invisible mesh mover.
  • Item sync improvements.
  • Fixed problem that could prevent twelve people from getting into a match due to not having enough security associations.
  • Points stored in Big Ass Chains are now being reset between games.
  • Fixed issue where gang stats retrieval could fail and not be retried.
  • Addressed "standby" hack where a player would temporarily disconnect their network connection to move around without others seeing them.
  • The proper number of custom vehicle choices now appears for the Hustlin multiplayer level.
  • Gang sizes limited to 100 members.
  • Fixed cases where gangs match but not all players get into the game.
  • Only servers with sufficient bandwidth are selected to host a match.
  • Fixed bug where multiplayer garages had problems with client vehicles colliding against unseen geometry.
  • Big Ass Chains points scored stats are now reset between games.
  • Fixed bug where player would have pipebombs in inventory but would not be able to throw them.
  • Fixed problem in Protect Tha Pimp where a player would respawn at the beginning of a round in observer mode.
  • DLC - Always display name of level server has selected, even if client does not have that level downloaded.