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Saints Row 2

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Title Screen

Saints Row 2

Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux
Released internationally: January 5, 2009 (Windows), April 14, 2016 (Linux)
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in US: October 14, 2008
Released in EU: October 16, 2008
Released in AU: October 17, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Saints Row 2 is the sequel to the Xbox 360 exclusive original. It's known for going far more over the top than the original ever did, a move that would only be further exaggerated by the following games. It's notable for being one of the absolute worst PC ports ever.


[[File:| center | | 45px]] Unused Dialogue
There's quite a few!

Unused Graphics

Crib Savefile Images

SR2-Unlock crib hacienda.pngSR2-Unlock crib yacht.png

There are two unused savefile images for scrapped Cribs. Both of them interestingly have the HUD design and some of the graphical style from the previous game, which could indicate that it was taken from early in development.

The first is the Barrio Hacienda Crib, which where Los Carnales Snatch activity originally took place in the previous game, complete with an interior that is only seen in a cutscene. In the final game, it is the El Hoyo Motel and no such interior exists for it.

The second one is what seems to resemble the yacht seen in the mission Salting The Earth...Again. It's docked at an early version of Centennial Beach, which almost looks exactly like the location in the final game, except with a different-looking boat dock and a simpler tile texture for the yacht dock. In the background, an early version of the Amberbrook museum can be spotted, without some of the ruins present.

Unused Unlock Screen Icons

SR2 CollegeGangUnlock.pngSR2 CowboyGangUnlock.pngSR2 CrossdresserGangUnlock.png

There are three different unused unlock screens which have three different Gang Styles, which are Cowboys, College Team, and Crossdressers. They don't have any unused data for it in the final game.

Radio Stations

SR2 Sizzurp 101.69Icon.pngSR2 WMDKBOOM 108.0Icon.pngSR2 RFS 87.6Icon.png

There exists three unused radio station icons for the pause menu, with two of them featured in the previous game. Sizzurp 101.69 and 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM were likely going to make a return, but RFS 87.6 (which was originally cut from Saints Row) was completely scrapped.

Strangely enough, the logos all of the scrapped stations are actually used as clothing designs, even though their graphics are different.

Unused Ultor Notoriety Icon

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Are there any remnants of the Ultor Notoriety in the final game?

SR2 UltorNotorietyIcon.png

There's an unused Notoriety icon for the Ultor Corporation. The regular Police Notoriety is used instead, no matter if any Ultor-related vehicles or Masako get destroyed.

Hidden Details

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Flight Manifest

Saints Row 2 Flight Manifest.png

The flight manifest that is seen at the cutscene at the beginning of Orange Threat Level is mostly seen, but there's some hidden text at the bottom-left corner.


SR Air takes greate pride in its flight crew

Rated some of the highest in history for

greatness and non-greatness.

All flight attendants are to be groped/harrassed

at least once every flight. Failure to comply

will result in immediate tossing out of the


Thank you for your cooperation and we

hope you have a safe flight.

SR AIR CEO Ksy Poozak

Unused Mission Objective

In the mission Room Service, there exists a cut objective where the player must visit the arms dealer at Sunnyvale Gardens before heading to the hotel, complete with unused dialogue. It can be failed if the dealer gets killed in any way.

Strangely, the dealer can actually be recruited as a Homie, though it uses the placeholder icon of a female caucasian gang member. The voice line also sounds quieter than the other voices in the game, meaning it was probably placeholder dialogue.

It was unknown why the objective was cut.

(Source: MasakoTeam)

Regional Differences

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A LOT of German version changes.
  • Also, some Japanese version changes.

Strangely, the Linux port of the game isn't available to German players due to "issues with the source code".

German version Changes

The German version of Saints Row 2 had to be censored to fit with a USK 18 Rating, leading to a lot more changes that were present in the previous game. Any obtainable rewards associated with the removed features are completely unobtainable.

  • Several cutscenes have been censored by a black screen with a message that translates to "We're sorry - very bad things happen behind this black screen!", but the audio can still be heard and the subtitles can still be seen.
  • There are only 42 Xbox 360 achievements that can be earned, compared to 50.
  • A total of four activities have been removed, which are Mayhem, FUZZ, Trail Blazing and Crowd Control.
  • Three weapons are unavailable which are the Chainsaw, Flamethrower and the Flashbang.
  • Zombie Uprising cannot be played.
  • Zombie Carlos cannot be added as a Homie, as attempting to dial the number after the mission Red Asphalt will result in the generic "wrong number" message. That also leaves the number of unlockable Homes stuck at 8 out of 9, with the latter number forgotten to be changed.
  • Pedestrians no longer bleed on the ground when they're dead.
  • Human shields have been removed from the game.
  • Several Combat Tricks have been removed such as Head Shot, Multi Kill, Nut Shot, One-hit Kill, Slice 'N Dice, Taunt and Throwing. though, only one Driving Stunt was removed which was Roadkill.

Japanese version Changes

  • Human shields have been removed from the game, just like the German version.
    • This makes the mission Bank Error in Your Favor play differently; Jessica is recruited as a temporary Homie rather than being used as a human shield to open up the safe.
  • The cutscene where Mr. Sunshine gets beheaded was cut to the protagonist chopping his head due to CERO rating legislations.

Cut activities


UI act piracy.png

The data files for this activity are included within the released game. This activity involved boarding Cargo Ships to kill guards and steal a laptop, then taking the stolen goods to a drop-off point. On the way to the drop off point, there are ambush points where police in boats and helicopters appear.

The Miami has a Piracy variant defined in the game files, which is equipped with sirens. The game files specify that the The Protagonist would have been riding a Shark for this activity.

As the data files for this activity are incomplete, some of the details of this activity are uncertain, although the map co-ordinates for the Cargo ship locations are present. Some of the data files cross-reference the deleted hijacking activity with the piracy activity, but it is unknown whether Piracy was originally supposed to replace hijacking, or simply be an additional activity.

Guardian Angel

Ui other angel.png

In Saints Row 2, the data files for this activity are included with the game. The data files for this activity were incomplete, so the details of this activity are uncertain, but it seems that this activity involved protecting people, in an escort type mission, rather than killing them.


While Hijacking was cut from Saints Row 2, it can be found half-complete in the game data files. Details are vague, however. The only information we have on it is dialogue files found in the game, and the lines from the strings file.

Along with Hijacking, Piracy and Guardian Angel were also removed from the final game.

Factories cutscene

  • White Sorority Girl: "Hiya!"
  • Protagonist: "What the fuck is going on?"
  • White Sorority Girl: "Hello...we're having a meeting."
  • Protagonist: "I don't have meetings with people who can't get into an R rated movies."
  • White Sorority Girl: "Ok, no need to be rude, just hear me out."
  • Protagonist: "Get to the point."
  • White Sorority Girl: "OK, like, my birthday is totally coming up, and I want cars."
  • Protagonist: "So ask your daddy for one."
  • White Sorority Girl: "I don't think you're getting me...I don't want a car. I want cars. Plural. And you're going to get them for me."
  • Protagonist: "Right, 'cause you're almost my niece...fuck off."
  • White Sorority Girl: "No one talks to me that way."
  • Protagonist: "Evidently you're wrong."
  • White Sorority Girl: "OK, this isn't going well."
  • Protagonist: "You're a smart kid."
  • White Sorority Girl: "Let's start over. I have my daddy's black card."
  • Protagonist: "How many cars you said you wanted?"

Docks cutscene

  • Phil: "I heard you got yourself blown up."
  • Protagonist: "I did."
  • Phil: "Well you're pretty spry for a corpse."
  • Protagonist: "Be fair, I'm just a burn victim."
  • Phil: "Whatchu need?"
  • Protagonist: "You still need people to jack cars for you?"
  • Phil: "Hell yeah. With the Rollerz out of commission I was able to move in on their overseas deals...I'm always lookin' for cars to move."
  • Protagonist: "So I got the job?"
  • Phil: "For you I'll even skip the background check."