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Saints Row 2

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Title Screen

Saints Row 2

Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux
Released internationally: January 5, 2009 (Windows), April 14, 2016 (Linux)
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in US: October 14, 2008
Released in EU: October 16, 2008
Released in AU: October 17, 2008

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AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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Saints Row 2 is the multiplatform sequel to the Xbox 360-exclusive original. It's known for going far more over the top than the original ever did, a move that would only be further exaggerated by the third and fourth games.

Note: As this game was built off the previous instalment, there is still some unused content lingering from there. This page will cover content only exclusive to the sequel, unless stated otherwise.

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Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
SR2 3rdStreetSaintsIcon.png
Unused Mission-Related Text and Audio
There's quite a few!
Unused Audio
Some unused dialogue.
Unused Clothing
Forbidden threads from last year's fall collection.
SR2 photoofkingjuls pl.tga 0.png
Saints Row Leftovers
Stuff that got lost within Stilwater's mass gentrification.
Regional Differences
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Unused Graphics

Unused Map Icons

There are several unused icons that were intended for Activities or other elements.

SR2 map start taxi.pngSR2 map start taxi grey.png

map_start_taxi and map_start_taxi_grey seems to be for the Taxi Diversion, where it may have originally been an Activity during development. It's also the only one to be referenced in the bitmap_sheets file.

SR2 map start taxi unused 1.pngSR2 map start taxi unused 2.png

Though those icons don't have names, they are related to the scrapped Guardian Angel and Hijacking Activities. Strangely, no grayed-out variations of the icons exist implying that they didn't get far in development in comparison to the unused Taxi icon.

SR2 map start racing grey.png

There is an unused grayed-out variant of the Racing Diversion, which is never used even if the player gets Gold. According to the bitmap files, it's out of position, being overlaid with the "9".

SR2 Unused Train Map Icon.png

A unused map icon for the train exists, suggesting that the form of transport was going to return. It also has a slightly updated icon in comparison to the previous entry.

SR2 UI map stairs.png

This was meant to be displayed on the map to show where stairs are, but the icon doesn't show up in the final.

Unused Homie Icons


SR2 JessicaHomieIcon.png

An unused icon of Jessica of The Brotherhood, probably intended for an earlier revision of the Bank Error In Your Favor mission. It is, in fact used in the German and Japanese versions of the game as human shields aren't used there.


SR2 BouncerHomieIcon.png

An unused Homie referred to as "Bouncer". Purpose unknown.

Demolition Derby

SR2 ui homie misc derby.png

A Homie meant for the Demolition Derby Activity, called "ui_homie_misc_derby". Maybe Playa could originally recruit tag team members during the Activity?

Unused Ultor Notoriety Icon

To do:
Are there any remnants of the Ultor Notoriety in the final game?

SR2 UltorNotorietyIcon.png

There's an unused Notoriety icon for the Ultor Corporation. The regular Police Notoriety is used instead, no matter if any Ultor-related vehicles or Masako get destroyed.

Activity Icons

SR2 ui hud act ico taxi.pngSR2 ui hud act ico theft.png

Unused icons intended for scrapped Activities. The first was intended for the Taxi Activity, before it got downgraded to a Diversion. The second, according to the filename was intended for Theft, which seemed like it was going to be an Activity rather than a Diversion this time around before ultimately getting scrapped.


SR2 Cognac Icon.pngSR2 Bubbly Icon.pngSR2 GinNJuice Icon.pngSR2 Pipe Icon.pngSR2 Spliff Icon.pngSR2 Bong Icon.png

Icons of the unused Cognac, Bubbly, Gin 'N' Juice Booze and Pipe, Spliff and Bong Drugs from Saints Row exist respectively, which are all given new designs.

Crib Savefile Images

SR2-Unlock crib hacienda.pngSR2-Unlock crib yacht.png

There are two unused savefile images for scrapped Cribs. Both of them interestingly have the HUD design and some of the graphical style from the previous game, which was taken from very early in development.

The first is the Barrio Hacienda Crib, which where Los Carnales Snatch activity originally took place in the previous game, complete with an interior that is only seen in a cutscene. In the final game, it is the El Hoyo Motel and no such interior exists for it.

The second one is what seems to resemble the yacht seen in the mission Salting The Earth...Again. It's docked at an early version of Centennial Beach, which almost looks exactly like the location in the final game, except with a different-looking boat dock and a simpler tile texture for the yacht dock. In the background, an early version of the Amberbrook museum can be spotted, without some of the ruins present.

Unlock Screen Icons

SR2 CollegeGangUnlock.pngSR2 CowboyGangUnlock.pngSR2 CrossdresserGangUnlock.png

There are three different unused unlock screens which have three different Gang Styles - Cowboys, College Team, and Crossdressers. They don't have any unused data for it in the final game.

Radio Stations

SR2 Sizzurp 101.69Icon.pngSR2 WMDKBOOM 108.0Icon.pngSR2 RFS 87.6Icon.png

Found in ui_radio_logos, there exist three unused radio station icons for the pause menu, with two of them featured in the previous game. Sizzurp 101.69 and 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM were likely going to make a return, but RFS 87.6 (which was originally cut from Saints Row) was completely scrapped.

Strangely enough, the logos of all of the scrapped stations are actually used as clothing designs, despite having different graphics. An advertisement for 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM can also be found in Filmore.

Placeholder Tire Textures

SR2 veh tread07 d.tga 0.pngSR2 veh tread08 d.tga 0.png

Found in externalized-components are two placeholder tire tread textures, marked as 7 and 8 respectively.

Removed Activities

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Get a video of them.


UI act piracy.png

Piracy was an Activity that would have involved boarding Cargo Ships to kill guards and steal a laptop, then taking the stolen goods to a drop-off point. On the way there, ambush points would have been present with police in boats and helicopters.

The Miami has a Piracy variant defined in the game's files, which is equipped with sirens. The game's files specify that the Playa would have been riding a Shark for this activity.

As the data files for this Activity are incomplete, some of the details of this activity are uncertain, although the map coordinates for the cargo ship locations are present. Some of the data files cross-reference the deleted hijacking activity with the piracy activity, but it is unknown whether piracy was originally supposed to replace hijacking or simply be an additional activity.

Guardian Angel

Ui other angel.png

The data files for this Activity are included with the game. The data files for this Activity were incomplete, so the details of it are uncertain, but it seems that this Activity involved protecting people in an Escort-type mission. This activity would see the light of day in Saints Row: The Third.


Can be found half-complete in the game's data files, though details are vague. The only info we have on it is dialogue files found in the game, and the lines from the strings file.

Unused Mission Objective

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In the mission Room Service, there exists a cut objective where the player must visit the arms dealer at Sunnyvale Gardens before heading to the hotel, complete with unused dialogue. It can be failed if the dealer gets killed in any way.

Strangely, the dealer can actually be recruited as a Homie, though it uses the placeholder icon of a female caucasian gang member. The voice line also sounds quieter than the other voices in the game, meaning it was probably placeholder dialogue.

(Source: MasakoTeam)

Hidden Details

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There's quite a bit more.

Earlier Phone Menu

Graphic Final Image
SR2 cellphoneme d.tga 0.png

The cutscene model texture found in cs_cellphone_03 for the mobile phone contains a slightly earlier menu graphic, with a different wallpaper, the time written in lowercase and the called number being positioned differently. The outlines even show a brief part of the near-final pause menu.

Bad Trip Newspaper Clipping

The Newspaper Clipping graphic of the Sons of Samedi mission Bad Trip contains a HUD, with an earlier minimap design.

Newspaper Graphic Final Image
SR2 BadTripNewspaperClippingOddity.png
(Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/SaintsRow/comments/g94qam/just_realised_that_in_the_newspaper_clipping/)

Early Rounds Square Exterior

SR2 bboardtour04d wo.tga 0.png

The billboard for the Rounds Square Shopping Center found in the Ultor Dome (bboardtour04) uses a slightly earlier layout, lacking the Viral logo on the second floor.

Surfboard Graphic


One of the surfboards near the northern beach use an early texture of the Stilwater map from development of Saints Row.

Flight Manifest

Saints Row 2 Flight Manifest.png

The flight manifest that is seen at the cutscene at the beginning of Orange Threat Level is mostly seen, but there's some hidden text at the bottom-left corner:


SR Air takes greate pride in its flight crew
Rated some of the highest in history for
greatness and non-greatness.

All flight attendants are to be groped/harrassed 
at least once every flight. Failure to comply 
will result in immediate tossing out of the

Thank you foryour cooperation and we 
hope you have a safe flight.
SR AIR CEO. Ksy Poozak

Unlockable Newspaper Clipping Text

SR2 FreeMusicReward.png

Many of the unlockable graphics in the game comes with a hard-to-read but humorous description of the reward;

With Completion of this mission.

Offer vaild while supplies last or until I say so.
If you have a problem, oh well then tough shit!
One coupon per customer, gangsta, thug or any other
lowlife. Not valid with any other offer, combo, or discount.
You should be lucky you got this!

The first sentence is only available in select rewards.

Unused Text

Scrapped Activities

Exclusively in the strings, there are removed activities.

"ACT_HAPPY_FUN_BALL_START"	start Happy Fun Ball
"ACT_HAPPY_FUN_BALL_TITLE"	Happy Fun Ball Level Selection

HAPPY_FUN_BALL was an Activity previously seen in the early Vertical Slice trailer.

"ACT_HIT_AND_RUN_START"	start Hit And Run
"ACT_HIT_AND_RUN_TITLE"	Hit And Run Level Selection

Another scrapped activity called Hit and Run. Mayhem is called "VANDAL" in the internal files.

Unused Subtitles

"DEX_TROYWIRE01_01"	I know you're a cop...
"DEX_TROYWIRE01_02"	Come on, man, who you think you're talkin' to?  The tactics, the police station thing, your shitty haircut...you got cop written all over you.
"DEX_TROYWIRE01_03"	Nothin.
"DEX_TROYWIRE01_04"	I'm out Troy. I got offered a job at Ultor, I'm droppin' my flags and I'm goin' straight.  I just want to make sure that we're not gonna have a problem.

Subtitles for the wiretaps at the Saints Row Police Station cannot be seen in the game, except they have unused text that's even translated into other languages.

Disabled Radio Stations

There are seven radio stations that are marked as disabled in the radio.xbtl and music.xbtl files. They are 101.69 Sizzurp FM, Radio Free Stilwater 87.6, The Rock FM 94.8, The Kronic 92.2, The Faction FM 99.8, WMD KBOOM 108.0 and 91.8 KPASA. All of the radio stations are left over from the previous game, with the exception of KPASA and Radio Free Stilwater 87.6. Attempting to re-enable the radio stations will crash the game due to not having any associated audio files, and all of them having a placeholder slot of "123" in the radio.xbtl folder.

91.8 KPASA was likely a radio station that would have played Latino music judging from the name, where a station like that would likely later appear as Kabron 104.2 in Saints Row: The Third. It was likely cut early in development because no songs were assigned to them in the files, and having leftover strings for weather report audio and for The Rock FM 94.8 that was present in the previous game. Radio Free Stilwater (or RFS for short) was a radio station that was supposed to appear in Saints Row, but was cut despite being listed in the manual credits.

In pause_menu.lua, only Radio Free Stilwater, Sizzurp 101.69 and WMD KBOOM 108.0 are listed, but they don't have any preview audio, which goes by "RADIO_STATION_GENRE" instead of the title of a song.

Unused Property

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Where is the property spawn point located when enabled?

Located between Company of Gyros and Leather and Lace, is an unused property called "Fangs Memories". It would have costed $5,000, had an income of $200, and would have given the player a 20% off discount. They have the "Localized_Name" category of of "COSTUME_NAME", which is shared with another shop called Let's Pretend. Fangs Memories may have been an earlier version of that, or judging from the gothic name was reworked into Nobody Loves Me.

Developer Oversights

To do:
Misplaced graffiti in Sunnyvale Gardens https://twitter.com/MasakoTeam/status/1537104887904931844?s=20&t=qXfEC_eRjcaQWieIv19lvA

Stilwater Science Center Statue Error

The statue of the Stilwater Science Center is different in the unlock screen in comparison to the final.

Graphic Final Image
SR2 CentennialBeachUnlock.png

Internal Names

Earlier Names

  • Many of the instances of the Trail Blazing Activity, icon, and even the gameplay itself is referred to as "Human Torch". In some earlier gameplay footage, the Activity was different; the fire-infused player had to spread the fire to other pedestrians rather than ride a Toad. The graffiti graphic of the torched person used in the results screen even points to that.
  • The name of Apollo's in the shop_names.xbtl folder is referred to as "Hot Coffee", which may have been an earlier name. The menu of the Apollo's Branch in the Rounds Square Shopping Center does say that though.
  • The map icon for the Septic Avenger Activity is internally called "Clean Sweep", which is likely an earlier name for it.
  • The cutscenes.xbtl file refer to the Heli Assault cutscenes as "Heli_For_Hire".

Regional Differences

To do:
A LOT of German version changes.
  • Also, some Japanese version changes.

Saints Row 2 dialled up the extreme nature from the previous entry, resulting in some edits to be made for some versions.

German Version Changes

To do:
Get a list of the edited cutscenes.

Infamously, the German version had to go through numerous cuts to pass with a USK 18 rating in Germany, leading to a lot more changes than were present in the previous game.

  • There are only 42 Xbox 360 achievements that can be earned, compared to 50.
  • Four activities have been removed: Mayhem, FUZZ, Trail Blazing, and Crowd Control. Hitman is present, unlike the previous game.
    • This makes the Flamethrower, Annihilator RPG, Kobra, Pepper Spray and Chainsaw weapons in Crib completely unobtainable.
    • The 5% and 15% Crib Customization, 5% and 15% Police Notoriety reduction, 5% and 15% Brotherhood Notoriety reduction, 5% and 15% Reduced Explosion Damage, 5% and 15% Clothing Store Discount and Infinite pistol ammo abilities are also completely unobtainable as of a result.
  • Zombie Uprising is completely removed.
  • Zombie Carlos cannot be added as a Homie, as attempting to dial the Eye for Eye Phone Number after the mission Red Asphalt will result in the generic "wrong number" message. The number of unlockable Homies are also stuck as 8 out of 9 as of a result.
  • Just like the previous game, pedestrians no longer bleed on the ground when they're dead and instantly disappear.
  • Several Combat Tricks have been removed such as Head Shot, Multi Kill, Nut Shot, One-hit Kill, Slice 'N Dice, Taunt, and Throwing. Only one Driving Stunt was removed, Roadkill.

Cutscene Changes

To do:
Get a YouTube video showing the censored scenes with comparison to the uncensored one.

Several cutscenes have been censored by a black screen with a message that says "We beg your pardon - very bad things happen behind this screen!" even though the audio can still be heard and the subtitles can still be seen. The following scenes have been covered up:

  • In the "Check, Please" cutscene of the "Appointed Defender" mission, the scene of Playa hitting The Brotherhood member with a broken wine glass was covered up.
  • The scene of Shaundi lighting up the Loa Dust and offering Playa to smoke the substance. The scenes of Shaundi describing the amount of smuggled Loa Dust was also covered up.
  • The scene of Mr. Sunshine's death in "Eternal Sunshine" was also simply cut to Playa firing the last bullet on him.

Strangely, the Linux port of the game isn't available to German players due to "issues with the source code".

Japanese Version Changes

  • Human shields have been removed from the game, as in the German version.
    • This makes the mission Bank Error in Your Favor play differently: Jessica is recruited as a temporary Homie rather than being used as a human shield to open up the safe.
  • The cutscene where Mr. Sunshine gets beheaded was cut to the protagonist chopping his head due to CERO rating legislations.
  • Playa cannot streak. The streaking NPCs were even modified to wear clothes.