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Shadow Man Remastered

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Title Screen

Shadow Man Remastered

Developer: Night Dive Studios
Publisher: Night Dive Studios
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 15, 2021 (Windows), January 13, 2022 (XB1/PS4), January 17, 2022 (Switch)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Shadow Man Remastered is a remaster built off of the reverse-engineered source code of the original Windows release as well as the source code of the less-than-stellar PlayStation version. Not only does it have improved visuals (with a plethora of options) and controls, but it also restores a variety of content that never made it into the original release. Most notably, three levels were rebuilt according to original documentation, with composer Tim Haywood returning to create new music for them.

Original Shadow Man Leftovers

Some unused content from the original Shadow Man found their way into the remaster as well. All of the following are found inside ShadowManEX01.kpf.

Book of Shadows Placeholder

SHADOWS contains placeholder data for the Book of Shadows, which contains concept art and is unlocked after collecting all 120 dark souls.


COMMENT         <



                Outside Cover
POSITION        <0, 0>
IMAGE           <Current, "Data\shadows\backdrop.Bmp">
END             <>


Shadowman backdrop.png

Unused Graphics

Found in frontend\images.

Shadowman Iguana.pngShadowman Acclaimflash.png

Logos for Iguana and Acclaim. Unused in the original.

ShadowManEX Acc.png
ShadowManEX Ig.png

The logos for Acclaim and Acclaim Studios Teesside that were used in the original game, but not here.

ShadowManEX Copy.png

The copyright screen from the Windows original.

Debug and E3 Menus

The scripts for these two menus from the Windows original are still here, but non functional.

Unused Cheat

"Play as Bloodshot" is listed among the other cheats, but as of v1.4 no graphics for him exist. Bloodshot is another character from Valiant's comics, and this cheat was originally found in the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast versions. You can still toggle the cheat on by typing g_bloodshotmode into the console.

Unused Areas

Several normally-inaccessible areas can be loaded into with the testlevelload ## console command.

Assault Course (26)

ShadowManEX AssaultCourse.png

The test level from the Windows original, with a few new objects (the cyan bars).

Temple of Night Diving (27)

ShadowManEX NightDiving.png

A brand-new map for testing mechanics.

  • A button which extends a rope over lava.
  • A platform in the center, surrounded by deep lava, with two breakable objects and a trigger for awakening a pair of Sisters.
  • A single Govi and a pickup for the Baton.

Iguana Asylum Scene (28)

ShadowManEX IguanaAsylum.png

For the previously-unused Iguana logo sequence. Unlike the original, it now has collision! The animation with the iguana and the deadsider loop when in the level.

Acclaim Swamp Scene (29)

ShadowManEX AcclaimSwamp.png

For the previously-unused Acclaim logo sequence.

Profile Level (30)

ShadowManEX ProfileLevel.png

An isolated, circular area of the swamp. Oddly enough has a few voodoo pickups along the water. Was present in the debug menu of the Windows original, but would crash the game when trying to load.

N64 Test (31)

ShadowManEX N64Test.png

A test level similar to the one found in the N64 version.