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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

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Title Screen

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Also known as: Sly Raccoon (EU/AU), Kaitou Sly Cooper (JP)
Developer: Sucker Punch[1]
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment[1]
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: March 6, 2003[2]
Released in US: September 24, 2002[3]
Released in EU: January 17, 2003[2]
Released in KR: February 22, 2003[2]

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is the first game in the Sly Cooper series, in which Sly and the gang face the Fiendish Five to steal back the pages of Sly's family book.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Out-of-Bounds Objects


Sly1 Paris OOB Cane.png

A copy of Sly's arm holding a cane can sometimes get stuck on one of the nearby rooftops when you skip the intro cutscene in "Paris, France".

Sly1 AHazardousPath OOB Stalactite.PNG

"A Hazardous Path" has a bubble of lava impaled by a stalactite floating out of bounds. It can be found off to the right from the start of the level.

Sly1 AHazardousPath OOB Boxes.png

Also in "A Hazardous Path" are these textureless gray boxes hidden at the base of the low-poly security tower in the distance.

Sly1 AStrangeReunion OOB Crates 1.png Sly1 AStrangeReunion OOB Crates 2.png

In "A Strange Reunion", these two crates can be found floating in the lava behind where you spawn in phase three of the Clockwerk boss fight. They are hidden inside another setpiece which is not visible in these screenshots due to backface culling.


Sly1 FlameFu OOB CoinAndCharm.png

A coin and a lucky charm can be found floating below the dojo in "Flame Fu!"

Sly1 ADaringRescue OOB Coin.PNG

This coin is stored below the lava in "A Daring Rescue".

Sly1 SinkingPeril OOB Coins.PNG

3 coins are stored directly below the tower in "Sinking Peril".


Sly1 KingOfTheHill OOB Alarm.png

This alarm is hidden inside the pagoda at the end of "The King of the Hill".

Sly1 AStrangeReunion OOB Alarm.png

In "A Strange Reunion", during phase three of the Clockwerk fight, the alarm that controls the laser beams is hidden below the leva.

Map Cubes

Behind each of the five world maps in "The Hideout" is a group of small cubes arranged in a 3x3 grid. The number of cubes behind each map corresponds to the number of levels in that world. World 5 is the only world with fewer than 9 levels, and the position of the missing cubes on its grid is consistent with the map IDs not used by that world (i.e. World 5 does not have levels with map IDs of 3 or 5, so the third and fifth cubes are absent).

Unused Bentley Dialogue

Bentley has several voice lines that aren't used in the final game. Most of them have text subtitles, but they were not localized into any other languages.


Short Range Teleport

Audio Subtitle
Sly! It's another page from the Thievius Raccoonus! Fantastic! You've uncovered Caroline Cooper's SHORT-RANGE TELEPORT POWER! Press &2T&. to set a tele-raccoon point, then hit &2T&. again to return to it. Looks like you need to have your feet on the ground to use this power. Switch between your power-ups using &2l&. and &2r&.

This powerup would have allowed you to set a waypoint anywhere in a level and teleport to it at will. The filename is vapup2teleportbnt.vag, suggesting it may have been the second powerup unlocked. For some reason, the audio is repeated twice.

Spatial Relocator

Audio Subtitle
Fantastic! It's Hokyo Coo-poh's BIZARRE SPATIAL RELOCATOR! This move allows you to teleport between a level's checkpoints. Press &2T&. to return to your last checkpoint, and keep teleporting near checkpoints to move forward and backward through their order. You can move throughout a level in no time with this skill. It's incredibly useful for hunting down those few missing clues.

This powerup would have allowed you to teleport between the checkpoints in a level. The filename is vapup9checkbnt.vag.

Clue Collection

Audio Subtitle
Excellent! A special CLUE COLLECTION TECHNIQUE developed by Darrell de la Coopeur! From now on, you'll automatically collect any clues you come near. Which is nice.

This master thief technique behaves like coin magnet, but for clue bottles. While it is active, bottles will break when you get near them without actually touching them. The filename is vapup12cluebnt.vag. This powerup is not unlockable in-game, but it can be enabled through memory editing. In the NTSC version, change bit 0 at address 2027DC12 to 1.

Prowling the Grounds

Audio Subtitle
So that is what the storm machine is all about. By destroying ships at his front door, it's only a short hop to steal the cargo.

This unused dialogue answers Bentley's earlier question as to why Raleigh would want a storm machine. The line may have been scrapped due to the answer being obvious, or to leave it up to the player's interpretation.

Treasure in the Depths

Audio Transcript
"This time you need to collect 40 chests."

This audio file is called ripi09.vag, which is a reference to uw_rip_off, the internal name for the level "Treasure in the Depths". This line is unused in the final game because the number of chests you need to collect never changes. However, this line is used in the May 2002 Prototype version of the level.


Audio Transcript
“I can't believe I pieced this one together. Try 3-2-0.”

An unused vault combination. Some background noise can be heard on the recording, and its filename is vcom320.vag. In the May 2002 Prototype, this line and combination are used... for four separate vaults!

Audio Transcript
“There's no point in trying this now, you still need a lot more clues.”
“We're almost there, just one more clue!”

These two lines feature Bentley telling Sly he needs to collect more clues before he can open a vault. They are called vgmt.vag and vgol.vag, respectively.

Unused Music

This seems to be an “alert” version of the Paris background music, but it's never used. It was remastered for the PS3 version despite still being unused there.

(Source: Luminar Light)

Debug Codes

The game contains several debug codes that went undiscovered for nearly 18 years.[4] There are 9 codes in total, and the developers have confirmed that they are debug features that were meant to be removed before the game's official release.[5]

Name Code Description
Unlock All Levels Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Triangle Instantly unlocks all worlds, all levels in map view, and sets each hub to its final state (all locks unlocked). If you are in "The Hideout", it will also reload.
Unlock All Thief Moves Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Down

Instantly unlocks all thief moves. You can still open vaults, but they will be empty and will not get marked as completed on the save file.

Collect Clue Bottles Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Up Instantly collects all clue bottles in the current level.
Infinite Lucky Charms Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Circle Makes the game behave as if Sly always has a lucky charm, granting infinite recovery from damage.
Low Friction Objects Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Right Lowers the friction of certain game objects. The only known effects are that clue bottles will slide down slopes, and certain objects such as barrels will slide on slopes or when pushed.
Reload + Low Gravity Guards Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Left Reloads the level and raises the gravity value for guards from -1500 to -900, making them slightly lighter. The effect is subtle, but you can see it in action if you get a guard to follow you close to a ledge and then run off; they should slip and fall off the ledge with you.
Reload + Disable Cheats Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle START Reload the level and disables the effects of the Infinite Lucky Charms, Low Friction Objects, and Low Gravity Guards codes.
Reload Current Level Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle SELECT Reloads the current level with no other effects.
Chetkido Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Square Square Square Displays a secret message on-screen if certain conditions are met (see below).

Chetkido Password

The message that appears once all the conditions are met and the chetkido code is entered

Down L2 R2 X Down L2 R2 X Left Circle Square Square Square

Entering this code under specific conditions will show a pop-up message that reads, "The password isː chetkido". The conditions are:

  1. Be in the level "A Perilous Ascent"
  2. Have 100% on your save file
  3. Have 99 coins
  4. Have 0 lives left

It is unknown what this password was ever intended to be used for. When asked what it means, one of the developers said it was merely an inside joke among the dev team that was left in by mistake.[6]

The word "chetkido" is actually encrypted in memory. It is stored as "@KFWHJGL", and when the code is entered, it decrypts the text using a XOR cipher with 0x23 as the key.

(Source: TheOnlyZac & NiV)


There is a debug flag in the game's memory that, when set, make Sly fully invulnerable. While enabled, Sly will ignore all damage, he will never be knocked back by guards or level hazards, and he will always have Water Safety and Fall Safety. To enable it in the NTSC version, use a memory editor to change bit 0 at offset 0x262C64 to 1.

While external tools are required to activate it in the final version, the E3 2002 Demo has a debug code to enable it.

(Source: TheOnlyZac)

Debug Trigger

The level “Dread Swamp Path” has a debug trigger out of bounds. The trigger is suspended in the void behind the gate at the end of the level. Entering this trigger restarts the level from the beginning.

Hidden Developer Commentary

Most levels have developer commentary that is unlocked by completing the Master Thief Sprint (aka time trial) for that level. The developers actually recorded commentary for all of the levels in the game except for the prologue, hubs, and boss battles, but because the following levels lack Master Thief Sprints, their commentary cannot be unlocked in-game:

Level Audio Developers
Treasure in the Depths
Brian Fleming, Chris Bentzel
Murray's Big Gamble
Brian Fleming, Chris Bentzel
At the Dog Track
Chris Zimmerman, Matt Olsen, Bruce Oberg
Piranha Lake
Chris Bentzel, Kelle DeForrest
Down Home Cooking
Bruce Oberg, Gary Burd, Chris Bentzel
A Ghastly Voyage
Nate Fox, Matthew Morgaine, Chris Heidorn
The King of the Hill
Chris Bentzel, Ian Stout, Kelle DeForrest
A Desperate Race
Matthew Morgaine, Chris Zimmerman
Rapid Fire Assault
Chris Bentzel, Rob McDaniel
Burning Rubber
Nate Fox, Chris Zimmerman
A Daring Rescue
Nate Fox, Matthew Morgaine
Bentley Comes Through
Matthew Morgaine, Matt Olsen, Chris Bentzel
A Temporary Truce
Suzanne Kaufmann, Chris Bentzel
Sinking Peril
Rob McDaniel, Dev Madan, Travis Kotzesbue

(Source: Visor)

Regional Differences

The Japanese version has a demo reel of the game that plays after being inactive on the title screen.

A unique theme song called "BLACK JACK" by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra can also be heard in the Japanese version, which plays both during the demo reel and the credits.


The game uses a checksum to determine if the player is using a modified copy of the game. If it does, the following anti-piracy measures take effect.


Pressing the Circle button while jumping to grab a rope or hook does nothing, making climbing impossible. This happens in two stages:

  • After 30 seconds of in-game time, the effect happens intermittently.
  • After 2 minutes, climbing is disabled altogether.


After an FMV has been played for three seconds, the following restrictions are placed on the game's vehicles. Since the game starts with an FMV of the Sucker Punch logo, these are triggered when the game is booted.

  • The van's acceleration is capped at a very low value, making races impossible.
  • The hover blaster's cannon is disabled, making the shooter levels impossible.


The key counter will not increase when collecting a treasure key. Since you need a certain number of keys to reach the next area, this effectively stops you from progressing.

Also, after 2 minutes and 55 seconds of in-game time, the following measures affect clue bottles:

  • After dying or loading a level, each clue bottle you previously collected will have a 20% chance to be un-collected.
  • Each clue bottle in the level will have a 20% chance to turn invisible, making it practically impossible to open vaults.

Into the Machine

In the level "Into the Machine", if the player spends 1 minute and 27 seconds in the final section of the map, an invisible wall of fire will appear which makes the level impossible to complete. If you save the game while this measure is active, it will become permanent, rendering the save file corrupted.

(Source: Meos)

Build Text

The following strings can be found within the game executable. They are the build user, build date, and build ID, respectively.

08/24/02 22:06
11/21/02 21:05


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