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Title Screen


Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Released internationally: May 9, 2016 (Windows/Mac/Linux), February 26, 2019 (PS4/XB1), March 15, 2021 (Xbox Series X)

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Stellaris is a 4X Grand Strategy game that features you, the player, building your own star empire of space amoebas to conquer the entire galaxy! Or maybe save it from rogue AI, interdimensional ghosts, invasive cockroaches, or even the same set of space amoebas as you! (We're not sure.)

On topic of space amoebas, there's quite a lot of unused content lurking inside of it, ranging from simple graphics to unused bonuses that would grant your empire significant buffs or even unlock certain abilities.

Unused Traditions

The game has a system of traditions - when the playable empire has enough unity, the player will be able to select a certain tradition perk tree, which in turn would allow the player to unlock various bonuses, boost the statistics or enchance the gameplay in any other way, via selecting special perks. The game has a total of 7 Traditions trees, being Expansion, Domination, Prosperity, Harmony, Supremacy, Diplomacy and Discovery (there are also 2 extra trees that replace the old ones, depending on your empire type). Each tree has 5 perks that require a certain amount of unity to unlock, totalling in around 35 perks. The game files beg to disagree, as there is a special folder titled "unused" which, surprise-surprise, contains additional 13 graphics that aren't used in the game. 11 of these perk graphics are unused completely, and only a handful has names and descriptions assigned to them via the localisation.yml files (namely, traditions_l_english.yml).

Tradition Perks

Icon Internal Name Name Description Effect Tradition Tree
STELLARIS tradition diplomacy alien tourism.png tr_diplomacy_alien_tourism Alien Tourism "It is easy to take our rich culture for granted. We should make it easier for visitors from other civilizations to share in its beauty." §HUnlocks Building:§! $building_visitor_center$\n§EThis is a building that produces Energy and Unity, while also increasing Xeno Migration Attraction and Habitability.§!
(Unlocks the visitor center building, which produces energy credits and unity, alongside improving migration attraction and planet habitability)
STELLARIS tradition domination star lords.png tr_domination_star_lords Star Lords

Benevolence Emulation

Soporific Pheromones
"It is our destiny to lord over those who are weaker. Obedient nations that swear fealty to our great empire may be permitted to exist... at our discretion."

"Programming our diplomatic AI to emulate the emotional mannerisms of other species increases their susceptibility to suggestion, even if they are aware it is a simulation."

"Generations of experimentation have revealed that certain combinations of gaseous emissions and pheromones greatly reduce the pugnacity and will to resist of the others. Some die, but they perish in bliss, having ever so briefly touched the beautiful purity of our mind."
Subject £opinion£ §YOpinion§! increased by §G+20§! and §YTrust Cap§! increased by §G+50§!.
(Increases subject opinion by 20 and trust cap by 50)
STELLARIS tradition prosperity hive warrior forms.png tradition_prosperity_hive_warrior_forms Unknown Unknown Unknown Prosperity
STELLARIS tradition purity symbol purity.png tr_purity_symbol_purity Symbol of Purity $tech_purity_campaigns_desc$ §HUnlocks Building:§! $building_symbol_purity$\n§EThis is a building that produces Unity while also increasing Government Ethics Attraction.§!
(Unlocks the Symbol of Purity building that produces unity while increasing ethic attraction)
STELLARIS tradition purity waste processing.png tr_purity_waste_processing Waste Processing "Optimized processing methods will increase yields when population units are harvested. Nothing must go to waste." §Y$MOD_POP_PROCESSING_OUTPUT$§! increased by §G+50%§!.
(Output of certain pop work group is increased by 50%)
STELLARIS tradition supremacy right of conquest.png tr_supremacy_right_of_conquest Right of Conquest

Selective Devastation

Submit or be Eaten
"The ancient right of conquest is a universal truth that is no less relevant now than it was when our civilization established dominion over our homeworld. Woe to the vanquished!"

"By seeding the atmosphere of newly-conquered worlds with a selection of gases, harmless to us but lethal to our enemies, their willingness to cede territory without further resource expenditure is enhanced."

"The others have strange minds. They react more strongly to a single drone being publicly dissolved in the digestion vats than to thousands killed by orbital bombardment. This kind of selective terrorization is effective at cowing their resistance."
(Claiming star systems of other empires will require 20% less influence)
STELLARIS tradition synchronicity cyber comms.png tradition_synchronicity_cyber_comms Unknown Unknown Unknown Synchronicity
STELLARIS tradition synchronicity drone network.png tradition_synchronicity_drone_network Unknown Unknown Unknown Synchronicity
STELLARIS tradition synchronicity hive mind synapse.png tradition_synchronicity_hive_mind_synapse Unknown Unknown Unknown Synchronicity
STELLARIS tradition synchronicity machine center.png tradition_synchronicity_machine_center Unknown Unknown Unknown Synchronicity
STELLARIS tradition synchronicity organic paradise.png tradition_synchronicity_organic_paradise Unknown Unknown Unknown Synchronicity

As we can see, the table is quite incomplete, as the last few tradition perks weren't fully implemented - only their respecitve icons and filenames remain, nothing else is known. Interestingly, but in the final game while playing as a Gestalt Conciousness, only one tradition perk is replaced to accomodate for the type of the empire, the rest remains intact. Perhaps, the developer team had different plans for the tree?

For example, implementing the aforementioned Purity tree. In the final game there is no such thing as Purity, and every line related to it in the scripts is commented out:


 #tradition_purity:0 "Purity"
 #tradition_purity_desc:0 "Purity of mind and purpose is the only way to guard our species from the dangers of a hostile galaxy."
 #tr_purity_adopt:0 "Purity Traditions"
 #tr_purity_adopt_desc:0 "$tradition_purity_desc$\n\n$tr_purity_adopt_effect$\n\n$tr_purity_finish_effect$"
 #tr_purity_adopt_effect:2 "§E$TRADITIONS_ADOPT$:§!\n£blocker£ §Y$MOD_PLANET_CLEAR_BLOCKER_COST_MULT$§! reduced by §G25%§!."
 #tr_purity_never_surrender:0 "Never Surrender"
 #tr_purity_never_surrender_desc:1 "§Y$shipclass_starbase_hull_mult$§! increased by §G+10%§! and §Y$MOD_ARMY_DEFENSE_HEALTH_MULT$§! increased by §G+50%§!."
 #tr_purity_never_surrender_delayed:1 "We will never bow to those who are inferior. Let them hurl themselves against our unbreakable defenses! A thousand years from now, they will be just another footnote in the history of our ascension."
 #tr_purity_symbol_purity:0 "Symbol of Purity"
 #tr_purity_symbol_purity_desc:1 "§HUnlocks Building:§! $building_symbol_purity$\n§EThis is a building that produces Unity while also increasing Government Ethics Attraction.§!"
 #tr_purity_symbol_purity_delayed:0 "$tech_purity_campaigns_desc$"
 #tr_purity_natural_order:0 "Natural Order"
 #tr_purity_natural_order_desc:1 "Eating alien Pops provides £unity£ Unity. Does not apply to robots."
 #tr_purity_natural_order_delayed:0 "All beings have their assigned station in the universe. Those who belong to a lesser species should take comfort in their servitude to their betters."
 #tr_purity_age_machines:1 "Age of Machines"
 #tr_purity_age_machines_desc:2 "Buildable Pops' resource production increased by §G+5%§!"
 #tr_purity_age_machines_delayed:1 "The chaotic era where organic empires dictated the course of galactic history is over. The Age of Machines has finally come."
 #tr_purity_the_chosen:0 "The Chosen"
 #tr_purity_the_chosen_desc:4 "£pop£ §Y$pop_citizen_happiness$§! increased by §G+5%§! and §Y$MOD_COUNTRY_STARBASE_INFLUENCE_COST_MULT$§! cost is reduced by §G5%§!"
 #tr_purity_the_chosen_delayed:0 "Whether chosen by a higher power or simple genetic chance, our exceptional species is without compare. We are clearly destined for great things."
 #tr_purity_waste_processing:0 "Waste Processing"
 #tr_purity_waste_processing_desc:0 "§Y$MOD_POP_PROCESSING_OUTPUT$§! increased by §G+50%§!."
 #tr_purity_waste_processing_delayed:1 "Optimized processing methods will increase yields when population units are harvested. Nothing must go to waste."
 #tr_purity_appropriation:0 "Appropriation"
 #tr_purity_appropriation_desc:1 "§Y$MOD_POP_RESETTLEMENT_COST_MULT$§! reduced by §G50%§!."
 #tr_purity_appropriation_delayed:1 "Land that is not being worked contributes nothing to our empire. Workers must be relocated in an efficient manner to those planets where they are needed most."
 #tr_purity_finish:0 "Purity Traditions Finished"
 #tr_purity_finish_effect:1 "§E$TRADITIONS_FINISH$:§!\nAdopting all $tr_purity_adopt$ will increase £unity£ §Y$country_base_unity_produces_mult$§! by §G+10%§!."

Judging by this, the Purity tree was supposed to replace one of the currently existing trees, similarly to how Versatility replaces Diplomacy for Machine Empires in the final game. It's also worth noting that inside this block of code, a perk that already exists in the game called "Appropriation" can be found. It has a greater buff than it's used duplicate "Adaptability Appropriation", which is better by 17%.

Old Versions of Used Icons

The list doesn't end here though! There are a few older versions of the used icons, albeit there's only two:

These two icons depict the Great Game perk from the Supremacy Tradition Tree, which gives defensive and offensive bonuses to your fleet:

Unused Used
STELLARIS tradition supremacy great game OLD.png STELLARIS tradition supremacy great game NEW.png

This set of icons depicts the Adaptability Appropriation perk from the Adaptability Tradition Tree, which reduces the resettlement cost of pops by 33%

Unused Used
STELLARIS tradition adaptability appropriation OLD.png STELLARIS tradition adaptability appropriation NEW.png

Unused Resources

The game features a ton of resources which provide the player a way to expand their stellar empire. The final game has 3 basic, 2 advanced, 5 abstract and 7 strategic resources, in couple with Trade Value, the total number of resources ingame is 18. However, just like the Tradition Tree, there is a dedicated folder in the game files titled "old_unused" that features unused resources, and there are quite a lot! Some of these resources were either combined together, replaced by something else, or deleted completely. There is also a couple of older icons for ingame resources that are used.


With the release of the Nemesis DLC, a couple of new features were added, such as becoming the Crisis and espionage. These two functionalities have their own dedicated resources, being Menace, intel encryption and intel decryption respectively. A couple of older icons exists in the game files, albeit they look rather unfinished, especially the Menace icon.

These are the icons used for Intel Encryption resource.

Unused Used
STELLARIS intel encryption OLD.png STELLARIS intel encryption NEW.png

These are the icons used for Intel Decryption resource.

Unused Used
STELLARIS intel decryption OLD.png STELLARIS intel decryption NEW.png

As we can see, the unused icons are majorly unfinished and are drastically different that their final counterparts, which begs the question why did the developers leave them in the game files?

These are the icons used for the Menace resource.

Unused, Active Used, Active
STELLARIS menace OLD.png STELLARIS menace NEW.png
Unused, Greyed Out Used, Greyed Out
STELLARIS menace grey OLD.png STELLARIS menace grey NEW.png

The same can be said about this resource as well, since the icon for Menace is just a placeholder letter "M" on a pink background


The final game features a unique strategic resource dubbed Rare Crystals, which is used for laser weapons, advanced hulls and that sort of stuff. However, judging by the game files there was supposed to be much more crystal-like resources. Perhaps the developers thought that the game becomes way too cluttered, so they combined all of the crystals into one singular category? We may never know.

The resource dubbed "aldar" in the file name. It looks like a purple recolour of the standart Rare Crystals icon. Nothing else is known about it

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr aldar.png STELLARIS sr aldar grey.png

Some kind of a nanocrystal it seems. The filename reads out "distar_nanocrystal", the "distar" part potentially means "distant stars". Distant Stars is a 3rd Stellaris Story Pack, which added a cluster of stars outside of the main galaxy, which you had to access through a chain of events. Perhaps this material was exclusive to those distant stars? Other than that, the nanocrystal appears to use both graphics for active and greyed out variants, either because it is unfinished, or the crystal itself is black. Nothing else is known.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr distar nanocrystal.png STELLARIS sr distar nanocrystal grey.png

A crystal named "Muutagan Crystal". Unlike the previous two, it actually has entries for it's name and description in l_english.yml! The description reads: "The $leviathans.104.name$ are the only group that possess the knowledge of crafting these crystals. If struck, these "singing" crystals start to vibrate while emitting a unique humming sound. They are often used as musical instruments, and have a calming effect on most beings.".
Judging by this, the crystal might have been used as a resource for buildings such as Holo-Theatres, that produce amenities for pops.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr muutagan.png STELLARIS sr muutagan grey.png

"Teldar Crystals", as dubbed by the l_english.yml file. The description states the following: "Extremely durable crystals that enhance the armor-piercing capabilities and destructive potential of projectile weapons.".
So, perhaps the crystals were used as a component in spaceship weaponry. It's worth noting that the final game does use Rare Crystals in certain weapons the player can put on a ship, and the Crystals themselve use a similar looking orange graphic.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr teldar.png STELLARIS sr teldar grey.png

A blue sprite of crystals named "Yurantic Crystals". The description reads: "These crystals have rare reflective properties that enhance the power output of energy weapons.".
Simiralry to Teldar Crystals, the Yurantic ones were apparently going to be used by weapons on a spaceship, primarily energy weapons. The final game has Rare Crystals used only by the energy weapons category, proving that all of the crystals at some point were fused into one.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr yurantic.png STELLARIS sr yurantic grey.png


Alongside the Crystals there are a couple of more resources, such as Alloys. Alloys are used to build spacecraft, various planetary buildings and station upgrades. The game files, however, has 6 sprites which look suspiciously similar to regular Alloys, which could mean that again, developers had bigger plans for resources but just ended combining all of the alloys together.

Just like the crystals, there is a material dubbed "distar_nanoscale". Potentailly, it could've been accessible through the L-Cluster, like the nanocrystals. Other than that and the fact that it uses similar graphics for both sprites, nothing else is known.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr distar nanoscale.png STELLARIS sr distar nanoscale grey.png

This alloy is dubbed by the game files as "Garathium Ore", and is not even an alloy, but appears to use similar graphics, whatever. It's description reads: "This ore can be refined into a metal that is both very malleable and durable. It is an excellent material used for the construction of ships.".
Truly, the alloys are primary materials that are used when building your fleet, but alloys are also used for all sorts of things. Perhaps, Paradox intended to have separate metals for separate purposes?

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr garanthium.png STELLARIS sr garanthium grey.png

Yet another ore titled "Mirium Ore". It's descirption notes: "This rare ore is too brittle to be used in an alloy, but if properly made mirium projectiles have unmatched armor piercing potential.".
It is hard to say if this still remains in the game as an alloy, since alloys are always required to build ship components

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr mirium.png STELLARIS sr mirium grey.png

"Neutronium Ore", while it is technically used by the Neutronium armour, it is never present as a separate resource in the game. It's description reads: "Neutronium is a super-dense substance composed of neutrons that can be forged into extremely resistant hulls."

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr neutronium.png STELLARIS sr neutronium grey.png

Yet another ore called "Orillium Ore". It has the following description: "Orillium is a very unstable element that can be used to efficiently randomize high-frequency shield modulations, improving potential defensive capabilities.".
While shields do use alloys ingame, the cost is drastically reduced.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr orillium.png STELLARIS sr orillium grey.png


Yet another major resource on the list is Exotic Gases. The gases are used for various buildings, plasma weapons and advanced shields. Like the previous two resources, it is possible that initially it was split into several smaller ones.

A resource dubbed "Engos Vapor". It's description reads the following: "A naturally occurring stimulant that helps all forms of life perform at maximum capacity.".
Judging by this, the vapor might have been used when constructing the Cyto-Revitalization Center. It's also worth noting that the sprite graphic used by Engos Vapor is similar to that of Exotic Gases resource itself.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr engos.png STELLARIS sr engos grey.png

Hey look, an actual real life gas here! "Helium-3", as named in the game files, has this description: "This isotope of helium is used as a fuel in a wide variety of reactors and other energy production facilities.".
The closest use to this description might be the Energy Nexus building, which requires a couple units of Exotic Gases to construct.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr helium.png STELLARIS sr helium grey.png

"Lythuric Gas", described as: "Small concentrations of this gas mixed with fuel have been shown to significantly increase thrust.".
Perhaps, it was used to build thruster components for ships, which is weird as none of the thrusters require Exotic Gases in the final game.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr lythuric.png STELLARIS sr lythuric grey.png

"Satramene Gas", as noted by the game files: "This gas is a naturally occurring stimulant found on some worlds. It has a calming effect on most beings, and stimulates consensus-seeking behaviors in groups. Its addictive nature is a well-documented side-effect.".
This description fits the Hyper-Entertainment Forums building, which provides amenities for pops.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr satramene.png STELLARIS sr satramene grey.png

"Terraforming Gases", has the following description: "Mined from Gas Giants, Terraforming Gases represents an assortment of gases such as Hydrogen, Helium and Methane. Access to Terraforming Gases will make it easier for us to terraform planets.".
In the game itself you are never required to get Terraforming Gases from gas giants, the terraforming proccess occurs automatically, and it can be enhanced by progressing through the research trees and applying edicts.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr terraform gases.png STELLARIS sr terraform gases grey.png


This final category features more unused resources that didn't quite fit previous categories.

Judging by the filename, "sr_alien_test_subjects", we can deduce that this sprite is reserved for a Test Subjects resource. Nothing else is known, as you never get an opportunity to capture an alien as a test subject. If you capture a sentient alien, it will automatically be assigned as a slave, if you capture animals through scripted events, nothing will happen.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr alien test subjects.png STELLARIS sr alien test subjects grey.png

Once again, nothing is known about this sprite with the exception of it's filename, "sr_distar_nanoactuator", referencing it to be a somekind of a nanoactuator from the L-Cluster. In the final game, there is a unique resource available in the L-Cluster, which is simply called nanites, and it uses a completely different sprite entirely. Nanites' description does mention nanoactuators, so, it might have just been an older name for nanites.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr distar nanoactuator.png STELLARIS sr distar nanoactuator grey.png

Yet another mysterious resource from the Distant Starts! This time it's called nanodust ("sr_distar_nanodust"), anything else is unknown.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr distar nanodust.png STELLARIS sr distar nanodust grey.png

The "Pitharan Dust", with the following description: "This fine, energy-dense dust serves as an excellent fertilizer.".
Perhaps it may have been intended for use in buildings, such as Food Processing Centers, albeit the final game uses Volatile Motes to construct it.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr pitharan.png STELLARIS sr pitharan grey.png

This is where it gets interesting. Once again judging by the filename, "sr_precious_metals", the sprite is supposed to represent Precious Metals, and while they do get mentioned in the game, there is no actual resource called Precious Metals. There is also no greyed out version for the sprite, which suggests the resource was cut pretty early on.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr precious metals.png None

The "Riggan Spice", with the following in it's description: "The secret methods of extracting and mixing this spice is something that is not known outside the $leviathans.103.name$. The spice has a unique flavor and is a popular food ingredient.".
Once again, it might have been used in a building that gives pops amenities.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr riggan.png STELLARIS sr riggan grey.png

Similarly to Terraforming Gases, "Terraforming Liquids" exist! The description states: "Mined from Frozen planets, Terraforming Fluids represents different types of fluids such as dihydrogen monoxide. Access to Terraforming Fluids will make it easier for us to terraform planets.".
Once again, the player is never required to get additional resources to terraform planets, and can upgrade the process a bit through edicts and technology research.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr terraform liquids.png STELLARIS sr terraform liquids grey.png

Internally called "XuraGel", it's descriptions reads: "Produced by $leviathans.100.name$, this gel claims various positive medicinal effects for creatures living in inhospitable environments.".
It might have been used in amenity-producing buildings with a medical theme.

Active Greyed Out
STELLARIS sr xuran.png STELLARIS sr xuran grey.png

And last but not least, the Trade Value icon used to look slightly different than it's modern counterpart.

Unused, Active Used, Active
STELLARIS trade value OLD.png STELLARIS trade value NEW.png
Unused, Greyed Out Used, Greyed Out
STELLARUS trade value grey OLD.png STELLARIS trade value grey NEW.png

Unused Origins

The game features a system of origins. When creating your empire you are presented with a variety of 19 origins, which represent how did your species discover FTL travel in the first place. Once again, there is a subfolder called "unused", which contains sprites for 15 more unused origins! Only one of them, however, is mentioned in the game's text files (federations_l_english.yml), but a couple of more were mentioned by the developers in their Q&A developer diary dedicated to origins[1].

Icon Filename Name Notes
STELLARIS origins birthed by calamity.png origins_birthed_by_calamity.dds Birthed By Calamity Not to be confused with an already existing origin "Calamitous Birth". The origin itself might be an earlier version of it, or something else entirely, since it feautured Space Amoebas and the developers noted it was just proposed "for fans of Bubbles".
STELLARIS origins covert action.png origins_covert_action Covert Action Judging by the filename and the graphic itself, the origin might have had something to do with another empire infiltrating your own one since there is a special option titled Covert Infiltation available when observing over primitive civilizations. Nothing else is known.
STELLARIS origins eldest sibling.png origins_eldest_sibling Eldest Sibling This is the only origin in the game with a dedicated description, a couple of effects and even it's own starting screen!
The description reads: "This society has an old legend about splinter groups of the population who left the planet in search for other planets to colonize in the solar system.".
The effect adds two primitive non-FTL civilizations to your home system:"Start with a §Ytwo other primitive civilizations§! in your home system.".
The start screen states the following: "We know that our species cultivated rich and advanced civilizations before ours, but the story of what happened to them is mostly myth and speculation.\n\nOne legend that has survived is the one of the §YStar Reachers§! - pioneers that somehow managed to leave the homeworld, and supposedly settled on nearby planets. A thrilling legend, no doubt. One which breathtaking scope and adventurous spirit is matched only by its glaring lack of evidence.\n\nWe are now in a time of interstellar flight. Technology allows us to leave the atmosphere of our homeworld to - perhaps once again - explore space. Let's see how well the old legend holds up.".
STELLARIS origins escaped slaves.png origins_escaped_slaves Escaped Slaves In the Dev. Diary, the developers mention that this origin was supposed to represent how slaves rebelled against the captain of the ship, got it crashed on a planet and settled there. The gimmick of this origin is that your empire starts with a mix between the races from across the galaxy.
STELLARIS origins fratricide.png origins_fratricide Fratricide "Fratricide" means brother killing, so, judging by this the origin was supposed to play out similarly to Eldest Sibling, albeit with a twist that your own empire not only advanced technologically, but either purged or subjugated it's younger 'siblings'. As confirmed by the developers in their dev. diaries, you would start with an extra tomb world in your home system, indicating that some Fratricide did take place. Additionaly, your empire would have to become Xenophobe and not Pacifist to take this origin.
STELLARIS origins messiah cult.png origins_messiah_cult Messiah Cult Potentially, this origin was intended for spiritualists, building a cult around a Messiah, who in turn could as well be the ruler of the empire. Nothing else is known.
STELLARIS origins narrow escape.png origins_narrow_escape Narrow Escape It is quite unclear what this origin is supposed to represent. Potentially, it could either be a planet-killing Colossus, a Fallen Empire armada or even a simple meteor, threatening your own empire's life. The rest is unknown.
STELLARIS origins observed devolution.png origins_observed_devolution Observed Devolution Nothing else beside speculations is known about this origin.
STELLARIS origins overtuned.png origins_overtuned Overtuned This origin might depict either a biological enhancement (similarly to The Flesh is Weak ascension perk), or a trouble with robotics on the planet. The rest is uncertain.
STELLARIS origins purged but unbroken.png origins_purged_but_unbroken Purged But Unbroken This is where it gets interesting. This origin is potentially a copycat of Escaped Slaves, but instead of enslaving your population, someone tried to purge it and ultimately failed, resulting in surviving members building an empire back from scratch. The rest is unknown.
STELLARIS origins shroud touched.png origins_shroud_touched Shroud Touched Most likely, the origin was supposed to be available to spiritualists once again, and depicted how the Shroud reached to the population of the Empire, thus allowing early access to it ingame. Probably, your homeworld would even become a shrouded world upon selecting this origin. No more information available.
STELLARIS origins subterranean.png origins_subterranean Subterranean Judging by the name and the sprite, your empire would have started it's path under the ground of their homeworld, eventually emerging to infinity and beyound. This origin might have been intended for Lithoids. The rest is a mystery.
STELLARIS origins third time charm.png origins_third_time_charm Third Time's a Charm The developers explained this origin in their dev. diary, stating that it's gimmick is that your empire already tried colonizing other planets twice, quite unsuccesfully. The player would start with a low intel on guranteed planets in their home system, and those planets will have some buildings and districts build on them, indicating the failure to colonize.
STELLARIS origins unwashed masses.png origins_unwashed_masses Unwashed Masses Nothing is known about this origin except for speculations.
STELLARIS origins wrested from the weak.png origins_wrested_from_the_weak Wrested From the Weak This origin is quite peculiar. It's name might be a play on "The Flesh is Weak", an ascension perk in the game involving modifying your species into cyborgs. Similarly to Overtuned, this might suggest that the player would start with that ascension perk already unlocked. Nothing else is known.

Unused Text

There is a number of lines commented out from the localisation files by adding a singular hashtag to the beginning of the line. This indicates that the line is never read by the game, and thus becomes unused

Unused Diplomacy-related Messages

The following blocks of text were found inside "dip_messages_l_english.yml" file, which is responsible for handling all the phrases and responses occuring during diplomacy.

#15_HOSTILE_GREETING:1 "Our entire nation stands united in the contempt we feel towards you, [From.GetSpeciesName]. My [Root.GetSpeciesOrganName] churns at the mere sight of you."
#16_HOSTILE_GREETING:1 "How lonely and selfish your citizens must be, [From.GetSpeciesName]. In your mad quest for individual rights, your government has failed utterly to give them purpose."
#15_FRIENDLY_GREETING:0 "We are of one mind regarding your people, [From.GetSpeciesName]. You are friends of the [Root.GetName]."

Found under the "Generic Messages" section. These are the messages that are supposed to appear when the player opens up the diplomacy screen with a specific empire. Based on the relationship between the selected and player empires, the generic greeting will change, ranging from hostile to friendly to some unique ones. These 6 greetings go unused.

#01_FALLEN_EMPIRE_DISMISSIVE_DOW_SELECT:0 "We have no time for this!"
#01_FALLEN_EMPIRE_PATRONIZING_DOW_SELECT:0 "You are not yet ready for this. Perhaps in a century or two."
#01_FALLEN_EMPIRE_ANGRY_DOW_SELECT:0 "Imagine, if you will, a galaxy devoid of [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]."
#01_DOW_SELECT:0 "Is it time, then? You wish to face the [Root.GetName] in battle?"
#02_DOW_SELECT:0 "Let us get this over with, [From.GetSpeciesName]."
#03_DOW_SELECT:0 "Our forces will retaliate, [From.GetSpeciesName]. You know this."
#04_DOW_SELECT:0 "Consider your actions carefully, [From.GetSpeciesName]. Billions of lives are hanging in the balance."
#05_DOW_SELECT:0 "You are about to make a horrible mistake."
#06_DOW_SELECT:0 "It does not have to come to this, [From.GetSpeciesName]..."
#07_DOW_SELECT:0 "This is a joke, yes? An example of [From.GetSpeciesName] humor? Haha!"
#08_DOW_SELECT:0 "Perhaps you pressed the wrong button on your console, [From.GetSpeciesName] friend? Surely you are not serious."
#09_DOW_SELECT:0 "What treachery is this!"
#10_DOW_SELECT:0 "Be reasonable! We should settle our differences through diplomacy, not war!"
#11_DOW_SELECT:0 "Please, there is no need for this! The [Root.GetName] is a peaceful nation!"
#12_DOW_SELECT:0 "What did you wish to discuss, friend? Are you going to dismantle your military and embrace true pacifism?"
#HM_DOW_SELECT:0 "Taking up arms against the [Root.GetName] is not done lightly, [From.GetSpeciesName]."
#DS_DOW_SELECT:0 "You wish to hasten your own end, [From.GetSpeciesName]?"
#E_DOW_SELECT_01:0 "Careful now, [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]..."

#FP_DOW_SELECT:0 "Do you want us to start your annihilation immediately?"

"DOW" stands for "Declaration Of War", so this unused block of text suggests that originally when declaring war on other star empires there was a confirmation screen before you could declare the war proper, and the AI empire would react with one of those messages. In the final game the player goes to the wargoals menu to instantly declare war without any extra AI responses.

#01_DOW_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Dear ally, the time has come to teach the §Y[Root.GetName]§! a lesson. Don't you agree?"
#HM_DOW_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Our decision is unanimous: The §Y[Root.GetName]§! must be destroyed. Are our allies as united in this cause as we are?"
#MECH_DOW_VOTE_PROPOSE: "[From.GetSpeciesName] military forces insufficient for impending incursion. Requesting [Root.GetSpeciesName] support."
#S_DOW_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Sadly the §Y[Root.GetName]§! can no longer be trusted to run their own empire."

When the playable empire is in a federation that has war declaration set to either a majority vote or unanimous vote, before the actual war starts all members of the federation would have to vote on it. Judging by this unused line, a popup screen with the AI allied empire, who wants to declare war, would appear letting the player know if it's time to decide the destiny of star slimes (again) or not. In the final game, only a notification appears that lets the player know if the vote has begun or not.

#01_PEACE_SELECT:0 "Have you had enough, [From.GetSpeciesName]?"
#02_PEACE_SELECT:0 "We are only getting started, [From.GetSpeciesName]!"
#03_PEACE_SELECT:0 "There are many battles yet to be fought in this war!"
#04_PEACE_SELECT:0 "The [Root.GetName] always strives for peace... if the terms are right."
#HM_PEACE_SELECT:0 "All facets of [Root.GetAdj] society are currently focused on your destruction. Do you wish to end this?"
#MECH_PEACE_SELECT:0 "Cessation of warmode protocols possible. Please input parameters."
#E_PEACE_SELECT:0 "The [Root.GetSpeciesName] begs for mercy?"
#S_PEACE_SELECT:0 "Did the sight of our fleet deter you, [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]?"
#A_PEACE_SELECT:0 "State your intentions, [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]."
#ORG_TO_MECH_PEACE_SELECT_01:0 "Have you finally had your wires uncrossed?"
#FP_PEACE_SELECT:0 "True peace, you will come to know only in death."

Similarly to war declaration, signing a peace treaty is done automatically upon selecting the corresponding option in the wargoals menu, without any extra confirmation screens.

#01_ITOA_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Dear ally, we feel that the §Y[Root.GetName]§! would make a valuable addition to our alliance. Shall we ask them?"
#HM_ITOA_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "We have assessed the suitability of §Y[Root.GetName]§! as a potential ally and come to a decision to support their inclusion."
#MECH_ITOA_VOTE_PROPOSE: "Consulting all member units. Would the §Y[Root.GetName]§ make a valuable addition to the [From.GetAllianceName]?"
#S_ITOA_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Our analysis shows that the §Y[Root.GetName]§! would be a worthy addition to our federation. How do you wish to proceed?"
#ORG_TO_MECH_ITOA_VOTE_PROPOSE: "If we intend to grow our federation's sphere of influence we need to grow in numbers. We believe the §Y[Root.GetName]§! could make a powerful ally."

Once again, similarly to the declaration of war vote, the AI never pops up to invite someone else to the federation, everything is done quetly through the notifications.

#01_FORM_FED_SELECT:0 "Form a federation you say? An intriguing proposition..."
#01_FORM_FED_ACCEPT:0 "We will gladly take our alliance one step further. May this new Federation prosper!"
#01_FORM_FED_PROPOSE:0 "Our alliance is working out so well that we would like to form a full federation. What do you think?"

#01_ITOF_SELECT:0 "So, you wish us to join the §Y[From.GetAllianceName]§!?"
#01_ITOF_ACCEPT:0 "We have considered your offer carefully and decided to join the §Y[From.GetAllianceName]§!."
#01_ITOF_REFUSE:0 "We have discussed your Federation proposal and decided that it is not for us."
#01_ITOF_PROPOSE:0 "The galaxy is dark and full of terrors, [Root.GetAdj]. Join our Federation for mutual protection?"
#01_ITOF_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "Dear ally, we feel that the §Y[Root.GetName]§! would make a valuable addition to our Federation. Shall we ask them?"

#01_ASK_JOIN_F_SELECT:0 "So, [From.GetSpeciesName], you wish to join the great §Y[Root.GetAllianceName]§!?"
#01_ASK_JOIN_F_ACCEPT:0 "Very well, our new [From.GetAdj] friend, you may join our great Federation!"
#01_ASK_JOIN_F_REFUSE:0 "No, you may not join our Federation We do not trust you."
#01_ASK_JOIN_F_PROPOSE:0 "We would like to join the great §Y[Root.GetAllianceName]§!, if you would have us."

#01_LEAVE_F_SELECT:0 "Are you planning to leave the §Y[From.GetAllianceName]§!? An ill-considered move..."
#01_LEAVE_F_PROPOSE:0 "We have decided to leave this Federation. It is only holding us back."
#01_LEAVE_F_ACCEPT:0 "We are sad and disappointed to see you go, [From.GetAdj]."
#HM_FORM_FED_SELECT:0 "Do you seek a closer connection to [Root.GetName], we who know the closest connection of all?"
#HM_FORM_FED_PROPOSE:0 "The [Form.GetName] has prospered through its search of more perfect forms of communion. A federation would be such a step for our cooperation."
#HM_FORM_FED_ACCEPT:0 "The more we can synchronize and synergize, the greater things we can achieve. Our new Federation shall be the foundation of this great project."
#HM_ITOF_PROPOSE:0 "The [Root.GetName] is an exclusive network, but we are not averse to including others in broader agreements. To demonstrate, let us unite in a Federation."
#HM_ITOF_REFUSE:0 "We have decided not you join our consciousness into your Federation arrangement."
#HM_ITOF_VOTE_PROPOSE:0 "We have assessed the suitability of §Y[Root.GetName]§! as a potential Federation member and come to a decision to support their inclusion."
#HM_ASK_JOIN_F_PROPOSE:0 "We have found your Federation an elegant community. We would like to bring the [Root.GetName] into it."
#HM_ASK_JOIN_F_ACCEPT:0 "We will do what is in our power to welcome you into our Federation."
#HM_ASK_JOIN_F_REFUSE:0 "The [Root.GetName] has spoken. You cannot be part of our Federation."
#HM_LEAVE_F_SELECT:0 "The [Root.GetName] offers an Federation uncomparable in its consensus. Do you wish to discard this so lightly?"
#HM_LEAVE_F_PROPOSE:0 "We have made the decision to remove ourselves from the Federation. We simply cannot find the understanding we need between separate minds."

This is where it gets interesting. Judging by this, yet another ton of confirmation screens with AI responses was supposed to appear when the player: tried to form a federation with an AI empire; invited someone else to an already existing federation; ask an already existing federation if they can join; or leave the federation entirely. In the final game there are no such screens, and the process is done automatically, with the result being displayed through the notifications. Also, several hive mind phrases here aren't assigned to anything and just have a placeholder mess as their text.

#01_REQUEST_WAR_PROPOSE:0 "We would like our federation to start a war against the [From.From.GetName]."
#HM_REQUEST_WAR_PROPOSE:0 "The [Root.GetName] is unanimous. Conflict between the [From.From.GetName] and our federation is unavoidable."
#HM_REQUEST_WAR_ACCEPT:0 "Your war proposal has been reviewed and accepted. All [Root.GetAdj] units support initiating conflict."
#HM_REQUEST_WAR_REFUSE:0 "The [Root.GetName] does not see the merits of initiating this conflict."

These ones were potentially used similarly to DOW_VOTE_PROPOSE, albeit this time from the player's perspective.

#01_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:1 "Regrettably, the [From.GetName] feels that the trade agreement between our nations is no longer in its best interests."
#02_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "[From.GetRulerTitle] [From.GetRulerName] has decided to terminate the trade agreement between our nations. We regret any inconvenience this may cause."
#03_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "Thank you for trading with us, but all good things must come to an end. We have decided to unilaterally withdraw from our trade agreement."
#04_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "The trade agreement we reached has served its purpose. The time has come to end it."
#01_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "Very well. We accept your decision, even if we do not understand it."
#02_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "While we think you are making a mistake, the [From.GetName] accepts your decision."
#03_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "This was certainly... unexpected. Are you certain? Then so be it."
#04_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "As you wish. I will personally inform [From.GetRulerTitle] [From.GetRulerName] that our trade agreement with your nation has come to an end."
#HM_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "After a reevaluation, the [From.GetName] has concluded that this agreement is no longer desirable."
#HM_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "Even harnessing a considerable portion of the [From.GetAdj] processing power, your decision is a mystery to us. Nevertheless, our agreement has come to a close."
#MECH_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE: "Warning: New datasets have invalidated previous trade agreement. If you desire further bilateral exchange, please re-negotiate."
#MECH_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT: "Understood. Terminating bilateral trade agreement."
#S_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "Sadly unforeseen events prevent us from honoring our trade agreement. We hope this will not be an inconvenience for you."
#S_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "We have processed your request and have no need to extend the deal further if it goes against your wishes. Your satisfaction is our priority."
#A_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE:0 "We no longer require your services."
#A_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT:0 "We have no need to uphold our trade agreement further."
#ORG_TO_MECH_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_PROPOSE_01: "Times change, [From.GetSpeciesNamePlural]. Unfortunately we can no longer uphold our trade agreement with you."
#ORG_TO_MECH_CANCEL_TRADE_DEAL_ACCEPT: "This time we will let it slide, but you would do well to remember that the [Root.GetName] honors its agreements, and we expect our trade partners to do the same."

In the final game you can not end a trade deal prematurely, thus making this chunk of text unused. It's worth noting that the phrases for Determined Exterminator machine empires aren't even written down.

#HM_PROPOSE_INVITE_SELECT:0 "You seek to initiate others into our imperfect but valued communion?"
#HM_PROPOSE_INVITE_PROPOSE:0 "The [From.GetName] is always expanding, and our Federation should do the same. We suggest a new member."
#HM_PROPOSE_INVITE_ACCEPT:0 "A meeting of minds is always welcome. We support your invite proposal."
#HM_PROPOSE_INVITE_REFUSE:0 "We cannot support your invite proposal. Our circle cannot welcome anyone."

These are the lines for inviting a hive mind empire into a federation. Interestingly, but the confirmation screen does not appear unlike the non-Gestalt empires and the proposition gets processed automatically, with the result being displayed through the notifications. The 'regular' version of this text block is used, as it is not marked by hashtags.

#HM_NOT_ACTIVE_IN_WAR_WARNING:0 "Did you believe your lack of dedication would escape us? We know what every [Root.GetAdj] soldier knows. Your contribution to our war effort is woefully lacking."
#HM_NOT_ACTIVE_IN_WAR:0 "The [Root.GetName] fights as one, but you fight as none. Your failure to participate will be stored in our shared memory."

These lines are supposed to appear in a popup screen when you're not fighting alongside your allies in their war. Similarly to the previous messages, the non-Gestalt version is not commented out.

Miscellaneous Findings

Any unused content that did not fall under any of the previous categories goes here.

Unused Graphics

fleet_contribution_none fleet_contribution_low fleet_contribution_medium fleet_contribution_high
STELLARIS fleet contribution none.png STELLARIS fleet contribution low.png STELLARIS fleet contribution medium.png STELLARIS fleet contribution high.png

This set of icons is quite weird to say the least. Normally, fleet contribution is controlled through a vote in a Federation, if you or any other member decides to change it. These icons, however, suggest that originally fleet contribuiton was a part of the Federation's level advancement, meaning that the higher level your Federation has - the more it's members will contribute their fleet to you. This was potentially changed so the player could control the process themselves.

Carrion Processor Ditto, upgraded
STELLARIS building carrion processor 1.png STELLARIS building carrion processor 2.png

An unknown building called Carrior Processor. It was supposed to have an upgrade as well. The purpose of this structure is unknown.

STELLARIS building monolith.png

Yet unknown building simply titled "Monolith". It's purpose, similarly to Carrion Processor, is unknown.

STELLARIS tech religious monument unused.png

A sprite for a technology to research a building called Religious Monument. Once again it's uses are unknown.

STELLARIS ethic fanatic hive mind.png

A sprite for the Fanatic Hive Mind ethic. This one is rather weird, since you have to select a special empire type to play as a Hive Mind, besides, the only ethic you'll have this way is Gestalt Consiousness, which locks out the other ethics. It's also worth noting that there is no sprite for a regular version of the ethic, just the Fanatic one which is typically considered more extreme.

STELLARIS menace icon crisiscasusbelli 72.png

Two sprites for an unlockable perk while playing as a Crisis empire. The icon's name (crisiscasusbelli_72) suggests that it was supposed to represent the casus beli's that are granted to the player upon becoming a crisis (Existensial Expulsion and Imposed Inclusion respectively). What is weird is that this icon is never used by the game, yet the player has its respective casus belis available.