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Street Combat

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Title Screen

Street Combat

Also known as: Ranma ½: Chounai Gekitou Hen (JP)
Developer: NCS
Publishers: Masaya (JP), Irem (US)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: March 27, 1992
Released in US: April 1993

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Street Combat is a fighting game from the era when developers assumed that American gamers would have a rage-fit upon seeing the animes. In Japan, it's a Ranma ½ game.

Debug Menu

Street Combat Debug.png

Highlight "2PLAYERS", then hold L + R and press Start. Surprisingly, this is the only way to select different characters since NCS didn't bother to make a normal character select screen.

Regional Differences


All of the characters were redrawn and renamed.

Ranma (male) Steven (armor)
Ranma Chounai RanmaM face.pngRanma Chounai RanmaM victory.pngRanma Chounai RanmaM sprite.pngRanma Chounai RanmaM sheet.png Street Combat StevenA face.pngStreet Combat StevenA victory.pngStreet Combat StevenA sprite.pngStreet Combat StevenA sheet.png
Ranma (female) Steven (clothes)
Ranma Chounai RanmaF face.pngRanma Chounai RanmaF victory.pngRanma Chounai RanmaF sprite.pngRanma Chounai RanmaF sheet.png Street Combat StevenB face.pngStreet Combat StevenB victory.pngStreet Combat StevenB sprite.pngStreet Combat StevenB sheet.png
Genma Tyrone
Ranma Chounai Genma face.pngRanma Chounai Genma sprite.pngRanma Chounai Genma sheet.png YO! I'm gonna kick your butt.You can't hang with me, bro!Street Combat Tyrone sheet.png
Kodachi Dozo
Ranma Chounai Kodachi face.pngRanma Chounai Kodachi sprite.pngRanma Chounai Kodachi sheet.png I'll show you some new tricks.Go back to the circus.Street Combat Dozo sheet.png
Kunou G.I. Jim
Ranma Chounai Kunoh face.pngRanma Chounai Kunoh sprite.pngRanma Chounai Kunoh sheet.png It's time to slice and dice.You've just been discharged.Street Combat G.I. Jim sheet.png
Kouchou / Principal Kunou Helmut
Ranma Chounai Kohchoh face.pngRanma Chounai Kohchoh sprite.pngRanma Chounai Kohchoh sheet.png Let's rumble in the jungle.You belong in a scrap pile, PAL!Street Combat Helmut sheet.png
Shampoo Lita
Ranma Chounai Shampoo face.pngRanma Chounai Shampoo sprite.pngRanma Chounai Shampoo sheet.png You're a great fighter... NOT!Hey, babe! I'm most excellent.Street Combat Lita sheet.png
Ryouga C.J.
Ranma Chounai Ryohga face.pngRanma Chounai Ryohga sprite.pngRanma Chounai Ryohga sheet.png Prepare for doom CHUMP!Street Combat C.J. sprite.pngStreet Combat C.J. sheet.png
Happosai Happy
Ranma Chounai Happy sprite.pngRanma Chounai Happy sheet.png Street Combat HappyA sprite.pngStreet Combat HappyA sheet.png
Cologne Happy
Ranma Chounai Colon sprite.pngRanma Chounai Colon sheet.png Street Combat HappyB sprite.pngStreet Combat HappyB sheet.png


Ranma ½ Street Combat
Ranma Chounai Intro.pngRanma Chounai Title2.png Street Combat Intro.pngStreet Combat Title2.png

Game Over

Ranma Steven
Ranma Chounai RanmaM gameover.pngRanma Chounai RanmaF gameover.png Street Combat StevenA GameOver.pngStreet Combat StevenB GameOver.png


Most of the stages were changed.

Ranma ½ Stage 1 Street Combat Stage 1
Ranma Chounai Stage1.png Street Combat Stage1.png
Ranma ½ Stage 2 Street Combat Stage 2
Ranma Chounai Stage2.png Street Combat Stage2.png
Ranma ½ Stage 3 Street Combat Stage 3
Ranma Chounai Stage3.png Street Combat Stage3.png
Ranma ½ Stage 4 Street Combat Stage 4
Ranma Chounai Stage4.png Street Combat Stage4.png
Ranma ½ Stage 5 Street Combat Stage 5
Ranma Chounai Stage5.png Street Combat Stage5.png
Ranma ½ Stage 6 Street Combat Stage 6
Ranma Chounai Stage6.png Street Combat Stage6.png
Ranma ½ Stage 7 Street Combat Stage 7
Ranma Chounai Stage7.png Street Combat Stage7.png
Ranma ½ Stage 8 Street Combat Stage 8
Ranma Chounai Stage8.png Street Combat Stage8.png


Music and Sounds

To do:
Compare and rip.

A lot of the music and sound effects were changed.