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Super Bases Loaded

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Title Screen

Super Bases Loaded

Also known as: Super Professional Baseball (JP)
Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Jaleco
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: May 17, 1991
Released in US: September 1991

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Regional Differences

Staff Roll

Similar to Bases Loaded 4 (the Japanese version), the game designers all have comments left in the ROM. They differ between the Japanese and US versions.

Also, the Japanese version uses a different blue font for the staff roles and names, whereas the US version just uses a different white font.

Developer Name/Role US Japan Translation
Matsu Design HOW LONG HAS IT TAKEN YOU TO GET THIS FAR? きみは ここまで なんにちかけたろうか How many days has it taken so far
H.G Design HI! I DESIGNED THE ANIMATION FOR SOME OF THE PLAYERS. むらたのきゃらの おおきいのは ぼくのせい It's my fault that Murata's character is huge
EN. Design I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PLAYING THIS GAME. きみのどりょくは むくわれたか Has your hard work been rewarded
Tatsuya Music SINCE YOU GOT THIS FAR, YOU MUST BE A BETTER BALLPLAYER THAN I AM! おれは やきゅうがにがてだった I was never good at baseball
Program Take-A IF YOU LIKE THIS JALECO GAME, I HOPE YOU'LL TRY SOME OF OUR OTHER GAMES たのしんでもらえたかな これからもよろしく I hope you enjoyed it
Program K.K IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER, BUT IT'S JUST ABOUT OVER. まてばもときも きょじんいり If you wait, Motoki's also a giant (?)
Plan S.M. I LOVE BASEBALL SO MUCH THAT I NAMED MY NEWBORN SON AFTER MY FAVORITE PLAYER! むすこにはやきゅうせんしゅの なをつけたのだ I gave my son the name of a baseball player

Some of the developers of this game had previously worked on Bases Loaded 4, including Tatsuya (Tatsuya Nishimura), Take-A, and S.M. (Satoshi Matsushita). It is possible that "Hiro" from 4 is one of the aforementioned developers, as part of his comment in 4 reads "See ya on the Super Famicom!!"