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슈퍼 마리오 64 (닌텐도 64)/사용하지 않은 텍스처

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This page is a translated version of the page Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)/Unused Textures and the translation is 5% complete.
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This is a sub-page of Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)/Unused Textures.

To do:
Add the location/context of each texture.

Several textures are in the ROM, but aren't seen anywhere. The individual texture names were not known until the July 25, 2020 source code leak.


Now you know where this wiki's Stub icon comes from!
(Translation: c_cactus)

A small round cactus, found in the Shifting Sand Land/Bob-omb MIO0 bank. Hey, this looks familiar...

Debug Textures

These textures only exist in the Japanese version of the game. They were deleted from the American release, though V and Z were re-added to the European version. %, &, !, and !! are left over from an early version of the game's font.

SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug J.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug Q.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug V.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug X.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug Z.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug %.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug &.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug !.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug !!.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug ?.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug KEY.png


(Translation: bowser_eye_txt)

An early texture for Bowser's eyes that has them blue, rather than red. Blue-eyed Bowser can be seen in prerelease footage.

Early Mario Eyes

Some unused textures for Mario's eyes.


Metal Wing Cap


Wearing the Metal and Wing Caps at the same time will cause the wings on Mario's cap to use this texture. Sadly, there are no levels in the final game that allow Mario to wear both Caps simultaneously.



This friendly face was meant to be seen on Lakitu's cloud, a standard of the Mario series, but for some reason does not in the final game.


(Translation: f_wall_txt)

A rocky texture.


(Translation: chain01_txt) A chain, located in the Shifting Sand Land's level file. Perhaps the pyramid was originally chained down?


(Translation: a_corrugated sheet_0_TxT)

This texture appears to depict stairs or corrugated iron. Located in Lethal Lava Land's texture file.



A shadow of what seems to be the coin used in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo. Perhaps it was intended to be used when the player has no coins, or when all of the coins have been collected in a stage.