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Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64).

To do:
  • There are a lot more than this, use decomp to find them
  • Add the location/context of each texture.
  • Texture oddities such as early versions having remnants in an edited texture, such as Spindrift's mouth and hands.

These textures aren't seen anywhere in the actual game. The individual names were not known until the July 25, 2020 source code leak.

Unused Textures


Now you know where this wiki's Stub icon comes from!
(Translation: c_cactus)

A small round cactus, found in the Shifting Sand Land/Bob-omb MIO0 bank.

Debug Textures

SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug J.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug Q.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug V.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug X.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug Z.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug %.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug &.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug !.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug !!.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug ?.png SM64-UnusedTexture-Debug KEY.png

These textures are only found in the Japanese version, they were deleted from the US release, though "V" and "Z" were re-added to the European version. The "%", "&", "!", and "!!" icons are leftover from an early version of the game's font, which is why their art style is different from the rest of the characters.


(Translation: bowser_eye_txt)

An early texture for Bowser's eyes, it has them colored blue, rather than red. Blue-eyed Bowser can be seen in some B-Roll footage.

Unused Mario Eyes


Some unused textures for Mario's eyes.

Metal Wing Cap


Wearing the Metal and Wing Caps at the same time will cause the wings on Mario's cap to use this texture, but it's not possible to do that in the actual game. According to the iQue version's source code, Snowman's Land originally would have included the Metal and Wing Caps.


To do:
Put the face texture where the cloud is in the model, And screenshot what it looks like in-game.

Seems it wasn’t friendly enough.

This friendly face was meant to be seen on Lakitu's cloud, a standard of the Mario series, but for whatever reason, it's not used.


(Translation: f_wall_txt)

A rocky texture.


(Translation: chain01_txt)

A chain, found in Shifting Sand Land's level file.


(Translation: a corrugated sheet_0_TxT)

This texture appears to depict stairs or corrugated iron. Located in Lethal Lava Land's texture file.



A shadow of what seems to be the coin used in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo.



The arrow that was originally used for the scrapped Minimap feature, as seen in Shoshinkai '95 footage.



(Translation: cage_txt)

A texture meant for the Boo Cage. Despite it looking like invalid texture data, the iQue Version's source code has it labeled as an actual texture.



An unused texture for the chairs in Big Boo's Haunt. It was originally meant to be used for the front leg, based on how the fourth part reuses the second texture.



A water texture originally meant for the courtyard and Dire, Dire Docks, seen in Shoshinkai '95 footage. An older version of this texture is seen in B-Roll and early screenshots.



A purple sphere that was originally used for Chuckya's "hair" - the sphere on top of its head.



An unused blinking texture for Ukiki. It appears to be based on an older version of the face texture. Code exists for the blinking animation but it isn't referenced:

static void s_eye_anime(void)
	if ( ( frameCounter % 50 )  < 7 )	obj_animecounter = 1;
	else								obj_animecounter = 0;

Texture Oddities

Smoke Texture

In-game In-game (correct format)
SM64corruptsmoke.png SM64propersmoke.png

The smoke texture displayed in-game is the result of a corrupted texture. The smoke texture is supposed to use the IA16 texture format but instead uses the RGBA16 texture format. When viewed with color, this results in a glitchy-looking texture with random colors. Since the texture is displayed in-game without color, the texture does not look out of place. If the IA16 format is used, the texture looks much more like actual smoke. Whether the corrupted texture went unnoticed or was intentionally kept is unknown. In the source code, it is labeled as gas_b5, with a note saying that it's a newer version.

(Source: ProjectRevoTPP, Ukikipedia)