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Syndicate Wars (DOS)

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Title Screen

Syndicate Wars

Developer: Bullfrog Productions
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: DOS
Released in US: October 31, 1996
Released in EU: October 31, 1996

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Syndicate Wars is a game about "corporate persuasion through urban violence". It's the sequel to Syndicate, if you couldn't tell already.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics

The final game contains the following cut interface graphics in its files. These can be seen in early pre-release screenshots of the game.

Public Access Network icon

SynWars-PANUn.png SynWars-PANUnAnim.gif

SynWars-PANSel.png SynWars-PANSelAnim.gif

Icons for something called the "Public Access Network" that was cut from the finished game. Would go at the bottom of the screen in the menus, between the System and Map icons. Above are unselected and selected versions. As with other icons in the game, it would animate when moused over. In the PlayStation version's Symbols file there are leftovers for a command called "next_panet_item". Presumably the Public Access Network would be some kind of in-game internet/BBS system for progressing plot elements at some point. There is also a cut in-game objective to use the PAN, as outlined in the cut Objectives section below. There's also a pair of unused fields in the ALL000.MIS file mission definitions called PANStart and PANEnd that it seems would open/close items in the PAN once a level was completed.

Map Screen Cursor


It's not 100% clear what this is, but based on a pre-release screenshot and the placement of the image in the files, it seems this was originally what the mouse cursor would turn into on the map screen.

Unknown Icon

SynWars-UIcon1.png SynWars-UIcon3.png SynWars-UIcon2.png

These are seen in pre-release screenshots. They combine to form a kind of S shape, and are positioned to the middle right of the screen of all menus. It's unknown what they would do or lead to.

Objective Icons

SynWars-Obj2.png SynWars-Obj3.png SynWars-Obj4.png SynWars-Obj5.png SynWars-Obj6.png SynWars-Obj7.pngSynWars-Obj8.png SynWars-Obj1.png

It's not known what these were for, but they can be found with the icons used for the main menu UI. They seem to represent various mission objectives (eliminate, persuade, collect bullion, etc), so possibly they were intended for mission briefings, or even some kind of editor icons.

Unused Sounds

The following unused speech samples can be found next to the samples used for in-game interface messages (like the "selected" message for choosing a weapon). Oddly these ones seem to use a different voice actor to the rest. It's not clear what they were for:

Sample Message
"Got Control"

Cut Weapons

The main executable contains unseen text that lists all of the weapons, including early/development names for the final game weapons, and also lists otherwise cut weapons. Their order seems to match that of how the weapons are stored in the final game. As such they can be compared to the final game weapons list as below:

Weapon Slot Development Weapon/Name Final Game Weapon/Name
0 Uzi Uzi
1 Minigun Minigun
2 Laser Pulse Laser
3 Electric Laser Electron Mace
4 RAP Launcher
5 Nuclear Grenade Nuclear Grenade
6 Persuadertron Persuadertron
7 Flamer Flamer
8 Hand2Hand Taser Disrupter
9 Crazy Gas Psycho Gas
10 Knockout Gas Knockout Gas
11 Electric Mine Ion Mine
12 Explosive Mine High Explosive
13 Napalm Mine Nothing
14 Long Range LR Rifle
15 Air Strike Satellite Rain
16 Beam Plasma Lance
17 Razor Wire Razor Wire
18 Sonic Blast Nothing
19 Q DEVASTATOR Graviton Gun
20 PERSUADERTRON2 Persuadertron II
21 Stasis Field Stasis Field
22 Energy Shield Nothing
23 Soul Gun Chromotap
24 Time Gun Displacertron
25 Cerebus IFF Cerberus IFF
26 medi 1 Medikit
27 medi 2 Automedikit
28 EXPLODE Wire Trigger Wire
29 Clone Shield Clone Shield
30 Nothing/Uzi
31 Nothing/Minigun
  • The Taser is interesting as it is mentioned in the prerelease press release so was clearly considered a significant weapon at some point. It's also said to be a "shield-piercing" weapon there, and from the list above a "hand2hand" weapon, so presumably would have short range like the Persuadertron. Going by the list above it seems the Taser became the Disruptor (which has a very taser-esque look to it), but which has a very different effect as it's not really a weapon, it only de-persuades civilians.
  • It's unknown what the Sonic Blast would be. If hacked into the game via editing level file loadouts, it appears with the Launcher icon, but does not zoom the screen out like the Launcher does. It cannot be fired. Equipping it causes the game to play the menu exit sound.
  • According to a pre-release article in C+VG magazine, the Graviton gun was originally called the "Quantum Devastator", hence "Q DEVASTATOR" above.
  • The Napalm Mine is also mentioned in the press release, so again it must have been considered a significant weapon at some point. If hacked into the game via editing level file loadouts, it appears with the Ion Mine icon. No actual munitions are loaded, so it cannot be used. Equipping it causes the game to play the normal "explosive" sample.
  • Satellite Rain was originally called "Air Strike", as per the weapon introduced in the original Syndicate: American Revolt expansion.
  • According to the above text the Energy Shield from the original Syndicate seemingly was planned as an item. Likely scrapped in favour of the permanent shield system invoked by clicking on the weapon energy bar.

It's not possible to research the cut items if hacked into a saved game, they simply appear as empty spaces in the research screen that cannot be clicked on. If they are hacked to be have research completed they simply do not appear at all on the purchase screen. The exception to this are items 30 and 31, see below:

Unknown Weapon

There are remnants of an unknown weapon in the game's files, it's likely this was the Sonic Blast gun.

In the game's .FLI video files used for the equipment screen, there are still unused videos for this item in Eurocorp and Zealot UI styles:



It's also possible to hack in two cut weapons that use the above videos by editing a saved game to include weapon numbers 30 and 31. When viewed in the equip screen these appear as another entry for the Uzi and Minigun respectively (although both oddly show the item text for the Uzi only). They can be bought, but no weapon icon appears on-screen, making the slot appear still empty. However, in-game they appear with a generic cannister icon. If selected, they cannot be used, and a piece of corrupted weapon status bar appears over the weapon icon.

The various PANELX-X.DAT/TAB files contain what are clearly the cut weapon menu graphics for this gun. What is interesting as well is that in these early files they occupy the space used by the generic capsule item in the final game. This is likely why the hacked weapons appear using this graphic - at one point it would contain the icon as below. The panel files only contain high res art for the oldest UI design, the other designs exist only as low res versions:

SynWars-SBlasth1.png SynWars-SBlasth2.png SynWars-SBlastl1.png SynWars-SBlastl2.png SynWars-SBlastl3.pngSynWars-SBlastl4.png

The .FLI videos for cut weapons are just duplicates of the video for the next weapon actually included in the game. So e.g. WEP-13.FLI is just another identical copy of the LR Rifle video WEP-14.FLI.

Cut Mech Vehicle

The final Moon level for both factions features a large purple Mech vehicle. While clearly visible in the level and exhibiting the usual arrow on mouse over to show it can be boarded, it is positioned in an inaccessible area and cannot be used. However, using the game's built in cheat to teleport a single character into the area it can be boarded, and by abusing glitches with its collision detection, can be used to escape the area and play the rest of the level with. Using the vehicle demonstrates it is clearly in an unfinished state. While mostly working correctly, it has the ability to move through some walls that should block it, and more revealingly, has a red debug line drawn in front of it when moving illustrating the game's pathing choices.

The mech is unique in that it has two weapons when all other vehicles only have one. Firstly its default weapon is a surprisingly weak rocket launcher that seems to do less damage than the game's normal Launcher weapon. Pressing the right mouse button or holding it down fires rockets. There is however, a secondary much more powerful weapon. By double clicking the mouse at a certain slow tempo and holding on the second click it is possible to trigger a second attack where the mech draws its arms up shaking as it charges, and then flings its arms down to release four homing lasers from its back. These do massively more damage than the rockets and seem to be the same as the lasers released by the Graviton Gun. The mech seems to have similar health/survivability as the tank vehicle. It seems it was intended for the player to liberate the vehicle as the first point of call on the level and use it to finish the game, but it's clearly unfinished so was left deliberately inaccessible.

The video to the right demonstrates how to get the vehicle onto the playfield as well as the secondary weapon firing.


Closed Open
SynWars-DomeClosed.png SynWars-DomeOpen.png

Throughout the game large metallic domes can be seen, seemingly as just another part of the scenery. However, in the pre-alpha demo these can be observed constantly opening and closing. In the final game they do nothing - apart from, it turns out - on the Duplicity trilogy of levels (missions 8, 13, and 75). On these missions (all based on the same template), there are a pair of policemen with commands to constantly open and close the domes here. This has no meaningful effect at all, but at least shows what would be inside them - a kind of podium. In the making of column for the game in the magazine GamesMaster, lead programmer Mike Diskette describes a scenario of opening one of these domes to get access to a concealed tank[1]. Therefore it seems the domes were to actually hide objects such as vehicles for the player to collect. In the final game it seems only NPCs can open these, but they are never used for anything. Furthermore, attempting to go inside an open dome shows that its collision model does not change even when open, making anything inside inaccessible. It seems this idea was either unfinished or simply abandoned.

Cut Objectives

The demo executables contains debug strings that reveal the purpose of large chunks of code and also data structures. This reveals the internal names of all mission objective types, include some that are not used by any mission in the final game:

Number Name Function
4 GAME_OBJ_P_NEAR Check if Person X is near Y
5 GAME_OBJ_MEM_G_NEAR Check if member of Group X is near Y
15 GAME_OBJ_FUNDS Collect money suitcases?
18 GAME_OBJ_PKILL G Person X Kill Group Y (this objective was used by a mission in the .BEN file but removed for final game files)
20 GAME_OBJ_USE_PANET Use Public Access Network
21 [Blank] Unknown
24 GAME_OBJ_ALL_G_USE_V All player characters get in vehicle X

The most interesting cut objective is "GAME_OBJ_USE_PANET" - clearly at some point it was possible to access the cut Public Access Network system in-game, whether that was via the main menus, or possibly merely moving to some kind of computer terminal.

Unused Text

The file PEOPLE.BAK is a slightly earlier version of PEOPLE.TXT, which contains the messages shown during the credits when the game is completed. There are some minor differences in the messages shown, mainly they were expanded in the version used by the game.

Unused Levels

Unguided Campaign
Remaining levels of the unfinished and cut Unguided campaign

The game has 109 missions defined in ALL000.MIS as shipped (see the Notes page for how this file works), with over half of these never actually accessible to the player, unless commandline arguments are used to load them. However, there are in fact 215 levels total shipped with the game! Many of these are extremely rough test levels, multiple early versions of final levels and broken messes, but there are also many fully working cut levels included. The full game also includes both levels from the pre-release demo, and a second unreleased zealot demo level.

The unguided campaign is partially finished, with at least 10 working levels present in the game's files. As it's incomplete, it is not accessed in-game and there are no briefing texts. These unfinished levels were removed from the PlayStation version of the game. See the sub-page above for a complete guide of the Unguided campaign.

The table below includes all 110 missions (there only seem to be 109, but the file itself logs 110) defined in ALL000.MIS. The file also has a text record for every level added near its top, and these were used by Bullfrog to store rough information on what a level was intended for (e.g. what campaign and mission number), but also some have early development names in this area. For this reason every mission is listed below, including levels actually playable normally in the game as there are so many with alternate names or are needed to make sense of duplicate cut levels. Levels with a Eurocorp or Church of the New Epoch campaign mission number are final game levels.

The ALL000.MIS file also includes the order for many Unguided levels, (which are referred to with the codes "pu" for Punk or Ung for "Unguided"). Final game missions are listed below as the number shown when received in the briefing screen in the actual game.

The levels below may be accessed through the command line, using the /m command line parameter (for example, /m40 - there must be no space between the m and the map number) and the corresponding number from the mission index.

It's also notable some levels seem to have been saved with the wrong objective type set in the .MIS file. These can be fixed using a hex editor and the information from the Notes page.

Some levels use a pre-alpha level file format. This format changed after March 1996 for the Alpha build of the game, making these levels unplayable in the final game, they either crash the game or show gibberish. A fan-made tool can convert these to the final game's level format, making them playable once more.

Map File Level File Mission Index City Name EC Campaign level Church Campaign Level Unguided Campaign Level Level name Early Names Notes
MAP030.MAD c030l001.d1 1 London 0 1.Executive Alert First Base
MAP025.MAD c025l001.d1 2 Tripoli 1 2.Missionary Unguided
MAP032.MAD c032l001.d1 3 Beijing 2 3.Friendly Persuasion Fragmentation (also "Fusion")
MAP021.MAD c021l001.d2 4 Geneva 3 4.Where Is Wisdom? Knowledge
MAP028.MAD c028l001.d3 5 Rome 6 5.Sack of Rome
MAP028.MAD c028l001.d2 6 Rome 7 6.Sack Of Rome
MAP079.MAD c079l001.d2 7 Reykjavik 12 7.Dark Angels In The Architecture Out of This World
MAP030.MAD c030l001.d3 8 London 13 8.Duplicity
MAP022.MAD c022l001.d1 9 Johannesburg 16 9.The Special Agent
MAP021.MAD c021l001.d3 10 Geneva 5 10.A Meeting Of Minds Learning
MAP022.MAD c022l002.dat 11 Johannesburg 8 11.Serpent's Egg Spies Like Us
MAP025.MAD c025l001.d3 12 Tripoli 8 12.A Mote In God's Eye Spies Like Us
MAP030.MAD c030l002.dat 13 London 12 13.Audacity
MAP020.MAD c020l001.d1 14 Riyadh 14 14.The Levellers Severe Blow
MAP032.MAD c032l002.dat 15 Beijing 16 15.Rain Of Terror Splatterpunks
MAP027.MAD c027l001.dat 16 New Delhi 17 16.Armour Of The Gods Splatterpunks
MAP022.MAD c022l003.dat 17 Johannesburg 4 17.Foundations Donation (early file it's called "Money")
MAP079.MAD c079l002.dat 18 Reykjavik 20 18.Deconstruction Free Passage
MAP022.MAD c022l004.dat 19 Johannesburg 22 19.Day Of The Damned Vissick Hunt
MAP027.MAD c027l002.dat 20 New Delhi 18 20.Exodus Anarchic Subcontinent
MAP010.MAD c010l001.dat 21 Phoenix 5 21.Phoenix In Flames
MAP001.MAD c001l001.dat 22 Hong-Kong 2 22.Fusion
MAP003.MAD c003l001.dat 23 Bangkok 14 23.Bring Him Back Alive
MAP005.MAD c005l001.dat 24 Sevastopol 18 24.Edge Of Darkness
MAP006.MAD c006l001.dat 25 Adelaide 10 25.Walkabout
MAP007.MAD c007l001.dat 26 Santiago 10 26.Forbidden Knowledge
MAP007.MAD c007l003.dat 27 Santiago 3 27.Test Of Faith Catastrophic Convertor
MAP008.MAD c008l001.dat 28 Nuuk 12 28.The Hive
MAP002.MAD c002l001.dat 29 Matochkin Shar 3 29.Lost Minds
MAP002.MAD C002L003.Dat 30 Matochkin Shar Pre-alpha level, does not work in final game
MAP001.MAD c001l003.dat 31 Hong-Kong 6 31.Heretics
MAP008.MAD c008l003.dat 32 Nuuk Originally Church mission 15, has a briefing set that indicates this. Clearly the Church counterpart to 28
MAP007.MAD c007l005.dat 33 Santiago 8 33.Not One Of Us
MAP009.MAD c009l001.dat 34 Singapore 4 34.Open Re-Bullion
MAP004.MAD c004l001.dat 35 New York 9 35.Taken To Taks Taken to Mars (this might just be a typo in the file, as the name makes no sense without the pun)
MAP047.MAD c047l001.dat 36 Tokyo 14 36.Deep Mind Bring Him Back
MAP050.MAD c050l001.dat 37 Vancouver 3 37.Guru Friendly Persuasion
MAP044.MAD c044l001.dat 38 Cape Town 10 38.EuroLore Science Major
MAP050.MAD c050l002.d3 39 Vancouver 5 39.Soul Crusader The Learning
MAP041.MAD c041l001.dat 40 Bahrain Audacity An early/alternate version of 13, once again you are Lucy De Saxo. Apparently originally Church mission 12
MAP040.MAD c040l001.d3 41 Honolulu Re-Alignment This seems to be an early/alternative version of 74. Instead of Zealots overtaking a Eurocorp base that you have to clear out, it's Unguided.
MAP046.MAD c046l001.dat 42 Columbo Spiders… Looks like this was intended as early version of level 84
MAP041.MAD c041l002.d3 43 Bahrain 10 40.Deadly Harvest There is a mistake with the names here, the text file says 40 is Deadly Harvest, but it actually should be for mission 43, as confirmed by the Official Strategy Guide. All versions of the game have this bug.
MAP045.MAD c045l001.dat 44 Cairo 9 44.Powermonger
MAP044.MAD c044l002.dat 45 Cape Town 21 45.Retribution Friendly Fire
c046l015.d3 46 Columbo Elevator Test Pre-alpha level, does not work in final game. Even then something is screwed up here, it's supposed to be for map 46 (Columbo), but it doesn't load that map. If loaded with the demo executable can be played as a Simulated level and reveals it is an early version of 84, but with Shady Guys used as stand-ins for the elite zealots/Nine.
MAP046.MAD c046l014.dat 47 Columbo Elevator Test Pre-alpha level, does not work in final game. Converting reveals it's an early/test version of 100, only here Eurocorp control the Space Elevator, not the zealots.
MAP035.MAD c035l002.dat 48 Detroit 0 48.Harbinger Attack Base
MAP035.MAD c035l001.dat 49 Detroit 1 49.Detroit Drop-Outs The Unguided
MAP026.MAD c026l001.dat 50 Buenos Aires 10 50.Secrets Trail of Prophet
MAP026.MAD c026l002.dat 51 Buenos Aires 2 51.Conversions The Knowledge
MAP026.MAD c026l003.dat 52 Buenos Aires 8 52.Watcher Spies Like Us
MAP036.MAD c036l002.dat 53 Christ Church 19 53.Establish The Link Free Passage
MAP036.MAD c036l003.dat 54 Christ Church Free Passage Early/Alternate version of 53. Instead of reaching the station, you begin there.
MAP001.MAD c001l015.dat 55 Hong-Kong 7 55.Body Matters Head Hunt
MAP010.MAD c010l015.dat 56 Phoenix 7 56.Interloper Head Hunt
MAP028.MAD c028l015.dat 57 Rome 8 57.Head Hunt Head Hunt
MAP032.MAD c032l015.dat 58 Beijing 7 58.Semi-Automatic Head Hunt
MAP036.MAD c036l001.dat 59 Christ Church 11 59.Missing Link Word of God
MAP020.MAD c020l002.dat 60 Riyadh 3 Guns Guns Guns See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP052.MAD C052L001.DAT 61 Anchorage (Version 1) 4 Communications See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP028.MAD c028l002.dat 62 Rome 8 Rescue See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP027.MAD c027l003.dat 63 New Delhi 10 all000 Says this is unguided, but it's Eurocorp. An early version of 20 only you have to destroy buildings. Possibly this is the wrong level defined?
MAP003.MAD c003l007.dat 64 Bangkok 3 See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP040.MAD c040l015.dat 65 Honolulu 14 Massive Assault "Ung14a"
MAP044.MAD c044l015.d1 66 Cape Town 6 See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP026.MAD c026l004.dat 67 Buenos Aires 16 Talks Ambush Crashes
MAP035.MAD c035l004.dat 68 Detroit 2 Zealot Attack See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP036.MAD c036l004.dat 69 Christ Church 19 Trash Church See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP001.MAD c001l007.dat 70 Hong-Kong 5 See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP006.MAD c006l003.dat 71 Adelaide 23 71.Recapture
MAP004.MAD c004l003.dat 72 New York 13 72.Divine Light Atomic Wait
MAP009.MAD c009l003.dat 73 Singapore 11 73.Donation
MAP040.MAD c040l001.dat 74 Honolulu 15 74.Re-Alignment
MAP030.MAD C030L008.D1 75 London 15 Ferocity See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP047.MAD c047l001.dat 76 Tokyo "The Special…" says it's on Map45 This is actually 36 (loads the exact same level) but with no objective set
MAP020.MAD c020l007.dat 77 Riyadh 3 Guns Guns Guns See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP052.MAD C052L007.DAT 78 Anchorage (Version 1) 4 Communications See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP044.MAD c044l007.dat 79 Cape Town 6 In fact not an unguided level at all, but one of several attempts at an aborted Zealot mission, featuring a bizarrely invincible (and angry) Lucy De Saxo
MAP035.MAD c035l007.dat 80 Detroit 2 Clean Up See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP009.MAD c009l007.dat 81 Singapore 7 Godfather See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP002.MAD C002L007.Dat 82 Matochkin Shar 9 Dumped See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP045.MAD c045l002.dat 83 Cairo 17 83.Slowdive
MAP046.MAD c046l015.dat 84 Columbo 20 84.Confrontation Columbo Confrontation
MAP003.MAD c003l002.dat 85 Bangkok 18 85.The Dead Zone Splatterpunks
MAP004.MAD c004l015.dat 86 New York Severe Blow An early/alternative version of 72. Says church 13
MAP044.MAD c044l003.dat 87 Cape Town 15 87.Fallen Among Thieves
MAP011.MAD c011l001.dat 88 Orbital Station 20 88.High Sierra Shuttle Diplomacy
MAP012.MAD c012l001.dat 89 Orbital Station Test Orbital Test An early version of the Orbital map. There is a single female Unguided, walking close to her makes a strange whoosh sound. The map also doesn't render properly, with all the domes invisible.
MAP020.MAD c020l015.dat 90 Riyadh 14 Massive Assault ung14c - Level file Does not exist so game crashes.
MAP035.MAD c035l005.dat 91 Detroit 14 Massive Assault UNG14b - However,this is a multiplayer level in actuality
MAP041.MAD c041l003.dat 92 Bahrain 19 92.Arab Agenda
MAP040.MAD c040l015.dat 93 Honolulu 14 Massive Assault UNG14A - Identical to 65
MAP020.MAD c020l015.dat 94 Riyadh 14 Massive Assault ung14c - Level file Does not exist so game crashes. Duplicate of 90
MAP035.MAD c035l005.dat 95 Detroit 14 Massive Assault UNG14b - same as 91
MAP047.MAD c047l001.d2 96 Tokyo Turning Japanese This is actually an early version of 36. It has a go to point mission objective and a target in a massively populated Zealot base that must be brought there
MAP047.MAD c047l015.dat 97 Tokyo Turning Japanese Same as above. This version has a persuade mission, but the target marker points to a corner off screen and clearly is not tagged against an actual character
MAP050.MAD c050l002.dat 98 Vancouver The learning What seems like a much harder early version of 39. Text says it's another version of 10
? 99 Friendly Fire This is supposed to be church level 17 in Cape Town (i.e. mission 45), but this is actually a blank entry that crashes the game
MAP046.MAD c046l002.dat 100 Columbo 24 100.Revelations Deliver the Nine (also as "Ninth" in one file)
MAP065.MAD c065l002.dat 101 The Moon 20 101.Church Of The Poisoned Mind
MAP065.MAD c065l003.dat 102 The Moon 24 102.Cataclysm The End…
MAP060.MAD C060L015.DAT 103 Anchorage (Version 2) ? A Tale of Two Cities See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP070.MAD C070L011.dat 104 Tokyo (Demo) 104.Tokyo Fuseki Eurocorp demo mission
MAP047.MAD c047l011.dat 105 Tokyo Eurocorp demo mission - seems exactly the same as 104 but runs on the final game Toyko map
MAP036.MAD c036l005.dat 106 Christ Church "Multi16" - This is a multiplayer level
MAP005.MAD c005l005.dat 107 Sevastopol AD's Level Seems to be a test level. Quite fun, between your agents you have every weapon in the game and start next to a tank and APC. You're told to "sterilise sector" and have to kill every civilian on the map.
MAP003.MAD c003l010.dat 108 Bangkok 108.The Shining Overrun Church demo mission - listed as "demo 2"
MAP035.MAD c035l015.d3 109 Detroit Test1 Absolutely insane. A massive all against all brawl of huge numbers of Agents, Zealots and Unguided demolishing an entire city. Most of the NPCs seem to have invulnerability on so the battle just keeps on raging
MAP010.MAD C010L001.D1 Phoenix Eurocorp. Appears to be later version of c010l001.d3, but is ultimately an early version of 21. Same basic layout of zealots around church and various police, only now the zealots head to the player start position and get into combat with the police. Also more civilian traffic. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP003.MAD C003L001.D1 Bangkok Eurocorp. Rough test level. Four punks stand next to four stationary bikes, and a procession of zealots move across the map to attack the player. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L001.D1 Adelaide Eurocorp. Rough test level. Groups of zealots attack the player and a few cars drive around. Most interesting is a briefcase civilian being followed by zealot bodyguards, a motif that runs through several of these early test levels. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L001.D2 Adelaide Eurocorp: Seems to be an early version of 25, fewer vehicles and quite unfinished. Also has no characters set to player group, so crashes final game. Works with the demo executable. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP047.MAD C047L001.D1 Tokyo Eurocorp. Another Obvious Test level. Possibly a precursor to the demo level with similar start positions. Zealots walk across town getting into a fight with stationary punks, before once again following around a civilian with a briefcase. Another area has a small set of civilians wandering around. There's also a random tank just sitting near the start, so they must have been implemented quite early on. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP00.MAD C000L001.D3 N/A Seems to be some kind of basic template file. Empty except for a single agent. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP010.MAD C010L001.D3 Phoenix Eurocorp. Crude early test level that is clearly derived from C010L001.D1. Zealots patroling in a simple manner and a policeman who randomly drives around and disembarks. It's still recognisably the first iteration of 21. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L001.D2 Cape Town Eurocorp. One of several early versions of mission 38. Here a number of zealots simply rush the player. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L001.D1 Cape Town A more refined version of C044L001.D2. There are now more neutral NPCs and punks around, and the congregation of the church now stand observing a civilian instead of attempting to blindly rush the player. There are also more complex ambushes setup around the map. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L001.D3 Cape Town Yet another version of 38. This seems identical to the final. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP010.MAD C010L001.D2 Phoenix Eurocorp: Another early version of 21. This is quite well developed but is from before the level took a radical revamp towards being a primarily unguided level. The zealot temple here still has a Chromotap hidden in it, a surprising reward as this seems to be an early level based on weapons carried. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP032.MAD C032L002.D1 Beijing Church of the New Epoch. An early version of 15. Starts with a brutal cold opening and a very different mixture of forces (more zealots, Eurocorp and soldiers, also some scientists) compared to the mostly unguided final mission. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP050.MAD C050L001.D1 Vancouver Eurocorp. Very simplistic and empty test map. A few scattered agents patrolling, and lots of immobile unguided. Based on the next level, this is likely a very early distant version of 37. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP050.MAD C050L001.D2 Vancouver Eurocorp. A more developed version of the above. The unguided now have commands and will walk across the city, and engage a spiderbot and police guarding a scientist, which indicates this is actually an early version of mission 37. Oddly some of the unguided are unarmed, and if they survive the trek, they will harmlessly rub up against the player's agents. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP050.MAD C050L001.D3 Vancouver Eurocorp: Yet another crude very early version of 37. In this one the unguided still don't move yet. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP001.MAD C001L001.D3 Hong-Kong Church of the New Epoch. What seems like a very early version of 22. Sparsely populated level with just two zealots armed with disrupters. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP001.MAD C001L001.D1 Hong-Kong Church of the New Epoch. A more fleshed out version of 22. The city is now pretty populated and the zealot base is present. The initial scripted sequence is missing, however. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP050.MAD C050L002.D1 Vancouver Early version of 39. Missing the intro car drop-off and many other changes, and De Saxo is in her early tank mode here. Also notable as one of the first (may the first) level to feature the Kaneda-from-Akira looking civilian NPC. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP041.MAD C041L001.D2 Bahrain De saxo persuade mission. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP002.MAD C002L001.D1 Matochkin Shar Eurocorp. Very rough mostly empty level with a few stationary unguided. It seems this is the start of development of mission 29. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP002.MAD C002L001.D2 Matochkin Shar Eurocorp. As C002L001.D1, but now there are crowds of unguided pacing around. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP002.MAD C002L001.D3 Matochkin Shar Eurocorp. Much more populated version of C002L001.D2, closer to final mission 29 design. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP007.MAD C007L003.D2 Santiago Zealots. Neat test level for various civilian behaviors. A procession of briefcase civilians is guarded by an agent. More impressively, there is a taxi muster point where civilians queue to get in a flying taxi to cross the destroyed bridge. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP007.MAD C007L003.D3 Santiago Almost identical to above, only with a few agents added. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP046.MAD C046L001.D1 Columbo Eurocorp. Seemingly a very early attempt at 84. Lots of stationary zealots. What is most interesting is there is a band of shady guys attacking them from one corner - and group names suggest these are supposed to be the Nine!? Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP046.MAD C046L001.D2 Columbo Another very similar version of above. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP002.MAD C002L003.D1 Matochkin Shar De saxo level to get grenades. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP041.MAD C041L002.D1 Bahrain Zealot: Early version of 42. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP041.MAD C041L002.D2 Bahrain Zealot: Another early version of 42. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP008.MAD C008L003.D1 Nuuk Zealot: Early version of 32. Amusing bug where only 1 of 4 starting Zealots is in the player group, so the other 3 will kill him. An odd mixture of zealots and unguided as enemies. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP046.MAD C046L001.D3 Columbo Eurocorp: Yet another early version of 84. Nine are still shady guys, one of them now starts in the shuttle. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L002.D1 Cape Town Eurocorp: Seems to be distant cousin of 38, but likely a unique level. Lots of unguided vs Police battles and big zealot church congregation with De Saxo present. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP046.MAD C046L015.D1 Columbo Eurocorp: Another early version of 84. Very close to the final now with the player's characters split across the level. The Nine attacking with rifles are now gone, but oddly the shuttle carrying them is still hostile. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP009.MAD C009L001.D1 Singapore Eurocorp: Very early version of 34. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP009.MAD C009L001.D2 Singapore Eurocorp: Slightly more fleshed out early version of 34. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP005.MAD C005L001.D1 Sevastopol Eurocorp: Intriguing early stages of a totally cut level. Unguided have taken the town and Eurocorp need to fight back in. Only a quarter of the level is populated, however. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP047.MAD C047L001.D3 Tokyo Eurocorp: A later version of C047L001.D1. Many traits of the demo level now visible, and some interesting strands like loads of money briefcases stashed in the bank. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP005.MAD C005L001.D2 Sevastopol Eurocorp: More developed version of C005L001.D1. Many more enemies on the map and lots of unguided ambushes. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP040.MAD C040L001.D1 Honolulu Eurocorp: An earlier version of the cut mission 41. This actually seems to work slightly better scripting wise, but with fewer unguided. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP007.MAD C007L001.D1 Santiago Eurocorp: Early version of 26. The level is already well developed, but the scientist is in a different place in this version, and revealingly he is a civilian. It's likely the scientist sprites did not exist yet at this point. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP007.MAD C007L001.D2 Santiago Eurocorp: Again, another early version of 26. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP001.MAD C001L003.D2 Hong-Kong Zealot: Seems to be earlier version of 31. Much fewer enemies. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP007.MAD C007L003.D1 Santiago Zealots: another version of C007L003.D2. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP040.MAD C040L015.D1 Honolulu Unguided: Early version of 65. Quite close, but fewer civilians in this version and a bug; four agents attack each other on level start as two are wrongly in the unguided group. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP002.MAD C002L007.D1 Matochkin Shar Unguided: Odd level, possibly a precursor to 82. Four unguided start next to two bikes. Exploring the level shows lots of other unguided, however, they are all hostile. There are also lots of zealots by the temple and a roaming van full of zealots that attack. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP040.MAD C040L015.D2 Honolulu Unguided: Another early version of 65. The four hostile agents are fixed, and there are now uzis stashed in the eurocorp base. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L015.DAT Cape Town Unguided?: An early version of 66. However, there seems to be no player characters set, so this only works with the demo executable (with the player appearing as agents). Otherwise very similar, but the agents that take off to attack do not land, they just fly across the city instead. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP004.MAD C004L007.D1 New York See Unguided Campaign Page. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP004.MAD C004L007.DAT New York See Unguided Campaign Page. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L015.D3 Adelaide Eurocorp: Empty level except for player units who start off next to a single zealot with a plasma lance. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP001.MAD C001L003.D1 Hong-Kong Zealots: seemingly another early version of 32. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP008.MAD C008L003.D2 Nuuk Eurocorp: early version of 28. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L007.DAT Adelaide Eurocorp: early version of 25. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L003.D1 Adelaide Zealots: Early version of 71, although seems close to final. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP006.MAD C006L003.D2 Adelaide Zealots: Early version of 71 again, a lot more unguided now. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP003.MAD C003L007.D2 Bangkok See Unguided Campaign Page. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP045.MAD C045L015.D3 Cairo Eurocorp: Seems to be an early version of a totally scrapped level. Not much to it save lots of dead civilians, a wave of zealots and police protecting a house. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP047.MAD C047L015.D1 Tokyo See Unguided Campaign Page. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP041.MAD C041L001.D3 Bahrain De Saxo: Later version of C041L001.D2. There is now a scientist to persuade as well, and the player starts with no weapons at all. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP041.MAD C041L001.D1 Bahrain De Saxo: yet another attempt at this mission. This seems to actually be before the above. Here De Saxo starts only with a persuadertron. Pre-alpha level, must be converted to play.
MAP044.MAD C044L002.D2 Cape Town Zealots: C044L002.D1 but with Zealots. Very strange. Maybe a precursor to 87.
MAP030.MAD C030L008.D2 London De Saxo: Early version of 12. De Saxo is now very vunerable, and oddly starts with no weapons. Fairly close to final
MAP007.MAD C007L007.D1 Santiago See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP003.MAD C003L007.D1 Bangkok See Unguided Campaign Page
MAP00.MAD C000L001.DAT N/A Seems to be dummy data
MAP036.MAD C036L001.D3 Christ Church Eurocorp: Mostly empty map with only a few agents pacing about
MAP046.MAD C046L008.DAT Columbo Eurocorp: Yet another early version of 84
MAP003.MAD C003L015.DAT Bangkok Zealots: Early version of 85. Seems harder, with more Unguided and fewer civilians.
MAP046.MAD C046L009.DAT Columbo Eurocorp: Yes, yet another version of 84. The Nine now use the Elite zealot graphics. Weirdly there are still some placeholder shady guys still present, however. The Nine arrive in the shuttle in the actual gameplay, not as a cutscene yet. Also the fourth agent starts stuck in a missile silo, which suggests the map may have been different at this point.
MAP046.MAD C046L010.DAT Columbo Eurocorp: 84 again. Very similar to above version, but the welcome committee of zealots waiting for the shuttle has been tweaked.
MAP002.MAD C002L015.DAT Matochkin Shar Weird unfinished level that is just the Kaneda civilian and a lone car on the map
MAP041.MAD C041L002.DAT Bahrain Zealot mission. An earlier and much harder version of 43. In that mission Eurocorp occupy the far side of the river only; in this one they have almost the entire city, including a nearby tank! Also misc skirmishes between Unguided and Eurocorp occur
MAP044.MAD C044L007.D1 Cape Town Zealots: Another version of 79. Here the player starts off next to the car without the cut scene, and the furious invulnerable De Saxo is not present yet.
MAP036.MAD C036L003.D2 Christ Church Zealots: Another version of 54
MAP025.MAD C025L015.D3 Tripoli Zealots: Totally empty map save for player characters
MAP065.MAD C065L001.DAT The Moon Empty level
MAP049.MAD C049L009.DAT Unknown There is no map 49, so doesn't work. Level contains a handful of agents
MAP027.MAD C027L015.D3 New Delhi Eurocorp: Unfinished mission. A woman is stranded on the corner island with its transport tubes destroyed. A Shady Guy gets in a car and flies over to her and stays off screen. Then a civilian and his soldier bodyguard get in to a Police car and flies next to her, waits a while, then flies off map.
MAP050.MAD C050L002.D2 Vancouver De Saxo: Another early version of 39. The Doctor drops an Electronmace when killed, however
MAP035.MAD C035L001.D1 Detroit Eurocorp: Early/alternate version of 49. Not clear what is different aside from lone unmoving Unguided near the top
MAP079.MAD C079L015.D3 Reykjavik Eurocorp: Mostly empty map, small group of Zealots and flying APC in base. Possibly early version of 7?
MAP030.MAD C030L001.D2 London Eurocorp: Early version of 1. The player start position is different
MAP002.MAD C002L002.DAT Matochkin Shar Multiplayer Level
MAP070.MAD C070L011.D1 Tokyo (Demo) Eurocorp: ReLevelno for 104 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
MAP040.MAD C040L005.DAT Honolulu Multiplayer Level
MAP065.MAD C065L005.DAT The Moon Multiplayer Level
MAP041.MAD C041L005.DAT Bahrain Multiplayer Level
MAP004.MAD C004L013.DAT New York Eurocorp: Early version of 35
MAP022.MAD C022L013.DAT Johannesburg Zealots: an earlier but close to final version of 17 with no intro yet
MAP040.MAD C040L013.DAT Honolulu Eurocorp: Yet another slightly earlier version of 74, the secret epidermis in the main base is not there yet in this version
MAP022.MAD C022L001.D2 Johannesburg Zealots: Earlier version of 17 with no intro
MAP004.MAD C004L001.D2 New York Eurocorp: ReLevelno for 35 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
MAP046.MAD C046L015.D2 Columbo Eurocorp: ReLevelno for 84 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
MAP046.MAD C046L002.D2 Columbo Zealots: ReLevelno for 100 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
MAP022.MAD C022L003.D2 Johannesburg Zealots: ReLevelno for 17 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
MAP001.MAD C001L002.DAT Hong-Kong Multiplayer Level
MAP001.MAD C001L010.DAT Hong-Kong Eurocorp: Empty level except for player agents
MAP001.MAD C001L005.DAT Hong-Kong Multiplayer Level
MAP002.MAD C002L005.DAT Matochkin Shar Multiplayer Level
MAP003.MAD C003L003.DAT Bangkok Multiplayer Level
MAP004.MAD C004L004.DAT New York Multiplayer Level
MAP005.MAD C005L015.DAT Sevastopol Multiplayer Level
MAP050.MAD C050L003.DAT Vancouver Multiplayer Level
MAP047.MAD C047L002.DAT Tokyo Multiplayer Level
MAP032.MAD C032L005.DAT Beijing Multiplayer Level
MAP006.MAD C006L005.DAT Adelaide Multiplayer Level
MAP008.MAD C008L005.DAT Nuuk Multiplayer Level
MAP060.MAD C060L005.DAT Anchorage (Version 2) Multiplayer Level
MAP044.MAD C044L005.DAT Cape Town Multiplayer Level
MAP046.MAD C046L005.DAT Columbo Multiplayer Level
MAP044.MAD C044L003.D1 Cape Town Zealots: An early/alternate version of 45, close to final. This version seems a little harder, and the secret epidermis is located near the entrance of the church on the map
MAP040.MAD C040L001.D2 Honolulu Eurocorp: ReLevelno for 74 - same level but with no intro, used if the player retries the level
(Source: Syndicate series unofficial fan site, Original TCRF research)

The above list is based on the ALLTEXT.WAD file from the second released demo, as that has a newer file with 108 levels named rather than only 104 as per the final game.

ALL000.MIS File

This file contains the definitions of all missions in the game, providing the game with the data needed to combine level files with maps and mission objectives to have a playable game mission. See the notes section for how this works.

There are also three other unused older versions of the .MIS file included with the game that have slightly different sets of missions and also show older names for levels (that have also been included in the list above). ALL000.BEN, ALL000.OLD, and ALL099.MIS. All000.BEN (seemingly named after programmer Ben Dean) appears to be the oldest both by timestamps but also as it has the fewest entries. .OLD is closer to the final game, and ALL099.MIS is very close to the final ALL000.MIS, but has many slight changes to mission objective data throughout. If these files are renamed and used to overwrite ALL000.MIS they can be used to play older sets of objectives for some missions, which in some cases cause otherwise broken cut levels to work better.

The file ALL001.MIS defines all the multiplayer levels, there is also an older unused multiplayer file called ALL098.MIS (see below). The map comments in these files show that originally map 002 was intended to be Salzburg, not Matochkin Shar as in the final game. More excitingly, it also shows the otherwise unknown map 60 is in fact the city of Anchorage.

Unused Multiplayer Levels

The game uses the file ALL001.MIS to define the 15 levels available in multiplayer mode. However, there is a second file with multiplayer levels defined in it called ALL098.MIS. If all players in a multiplayer game replace the 001 file with the 098 file (renaming it to ALL001.MIS), a different set of levels can be played. 10 of these are the same as the original file, but there are 5 new levels not previously playable.

SynWars-mp001.png SynWars-mp098.png

Unused Maps

The game has 37 maps in total, numbered from 1 - 79. Naturally a lot of those numbers are missing, some of which may have been cut maps that were not included with the game. The following maps are included with the game, but are not used for any level accessible in normal play:



A giant Bullfrog logo. This is not used by any levels, although it's actually used during the end sequence

(Source: Mefistotelis])



A finished map of the city of Anchorage. Split in half by a canal, the top of the level consists of a large road bridge that has collapsed into a river. There is a cut level that uses this map. Timestamps show this was the original version of the map. Based on the two cut levels that use this map number, this likely is not the original map that used this slot. Both levels expect a totally different map layout unlike any of the maps shipped with the game.



A later version of Map 52. According to ALLMISS.001 this is actually the map for Anchorage. This is almost identical to map52 but has some minor changes to the pedestrian crossing markings on the roads, some building texture changes, and a pair of billboards to the South that have been removed in this version. Strictly speaking this not actually cut as it is used by a single multiplayer level in the final game. However, all the single player missions on it were cut. Timestamps show it is a later revision of the map.



An almost empty map with only a single building in the middle of it. There are no levels using this map.



This is just a clone of map 11, the Orbital Station from the final game. It seems identical, but there is a cut level that uses this version of the map. File sizes show this version is smaller than the final one.

There are also cut levels for Maps 0 and 49, which are not present in the game files.

Simulated Levels

If the game is asked to load a level that does not exist (for example, a number beyond that of the defined missions in ALL000.MIS - like 999), or a mission that does exist but on a map that does not, it creates a "Simulated Level". This is a strange level that takes place in a black void where random enemies are placed and walk about, presumably for testing purposes. In the final game these levels are always raining. The simulated levels are extremely unstable and usually cause the game to crash after a short period of time, and will always crash if the game is switched into high resolution mode (F8 key). If a level exists but the corresponding map file assigned does not, the actual level file is overlaid onto the void map, allowing it to still be played.

What is interesting is to compare the behaviour of the final game to that of the demo executables with debug code included. If the criteria for a simulated level is invoked here, then a message actually saying "CREATING SIMULATED LEVEL" appears. If this is skipped by pressing the escape key, then the level will start as in the final game. The true purpose of these levels is then revealed, as they essentially create random skirmish levels for testing. Random weapons and selections of enemies are spread across the level for the player to interact with. The radar displays properly and it's not raining in the demo executable simulated levels. There is also more functionality possible - if the game has difficulty loading a map file but can still load the level file, it will still allow the level to be played on the void map, rather than just crashing. Based on other changes from the demo to final, it seems likely this whole system was deliberately crippled to stop players accessing it.

Command Line Arguments

The game's executable is loaded via a batch file that always passes the arguments /w and /g to the program. Reverse engineering of the game reveals that in fact /w is a switch to reduce memory usage by reducing the size of some static arrays of game data, and /g oddly is needed to put the game into campaign mode. Without this switch set, the game will replace the player's equipment loadout with a level's default debug loadout whenever a level is restarted by pressing the R key. There are several values that can be set for this mode and it's not yet understood what they were intended for. Possibly they are also a hangover from a time when the unguided campaign was still part of the game, as all evidence leads to that campaign only using level default loadouts with no player access to the equip and R&D screens.

(Source: Reverse engineering by Mefistotelis)

Regional Differences

The German version made several changes:

  • Except for the disintegration effect used with certain weapons, death animations have been removed. Killed opponents fizzle away instead, leaving no corpses behind.
  • The sounds made by killed opponents are much quieter. Civilians who are killed make no noise at all.
(Source: Schnittberitche)


  1. Mike Diskett, Syndicate Wars Diary Part 2. GamesMaster. No. 41. Bath: Future plc. April 1996. p. 31. ISSN 0967-9850.