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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

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Title Screen

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Publishers: Daedalic Entertainment, Nacon[1]
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Released internationally: May 25, 2023

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Emerging from four years of development hell, long after its original Fall 2021 launch window, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum feels like a relic of a bygone era in the worst possible ways, being much akin to the countless licensed cash-grab shovelware titles from the PlayStation 2 era. Fumbled over the finish line by a studio whose previous work was largely 2D point-and-click affairs, with €2 million (~$2.2 million USD) in government funding to make it happen, the game was lambasted for its dated visuals, wonky controls, some very drab-looking fonts, eyebrow-raising dialogue, and horrific performance, all topped with a $60 pricetag.

Its inevitable icy reception prompted an apology from the developer for the state that "The Lord of Ring: Gollum" arrived in, which was received about as well as the game itself. This was followed by them outright shutting down their development division, as well as laying off over a quarter of their staff, and beginning the transition to solely a publisher; all in just over a month.[2]

Gollum won the argument, and the ridicule of the internet.

(Source: Wikipedia)
To do:
  • ALL the unused/placeholder dialogue (200+ lines!).
  • Leftover test map assets.
  • At least one unused cutscene.


Gollum T UI Gollum Smeagol ArchievementFaces gollum cropped.png
Unused Dialogue
Gollum won the argument.
Chrisjericho wcw list.gif
Development Text
The lore compendium for the game's development.

Unused Text


The lines of dialogue associated with these speaker names are not subtitled, leaving them unused.

Unused Models

Early Gollum Model

Gollum SK Gollum Dummy 01.png

File Name: SK_Gollum_Dummy_01

Appears to be an earlier model of Gollum, sporting thinner hair and a dimmer eye color. It has a single animation, A_Gollum_Dummy_Idle_01:

Gollum sk gollum dummy idle 01.gif


More like Deadgol :^)

File Name: SM_PRP_DeagolDead_01

While this model is used in a flashback in Chapter 8, only the bottom of his legs are visible. He uses Gollum's model as a base.

Unused Audio

Test Audio

test_amb_mono_1ch_pink_noise, test_amb_stereo_2ch_pink_noise, test_amb_quad_4ch_pink_noise, and test_amb_surround_5ch_pink_noise are what they suggest: test pink noise for mono, stereo, quad-channel, and surround sound output, respectively.

Unused Textures

Test Maps

The area maps for three test maps are present:

Gollum AMT Dummy Combined.png

File Name: AMT_Dummy_01, AMT_Dummy_02





The area map for a test map for the sneak kill mechanic.

Main Menu Background

Gollum T UI MainMenuBackground.png

Likely a placeholder used until the final game's 3D main menu background was completed.

Test Texture

Gollum T UI Cross Test.png

A test texture featuring a simple black cross on a white background. Seems fairly innocuous, but in the game's files this simple texture is actually an uncompressed image taking up 139MB of space. The copy of it you're seeing now was easily compressed to less than 1% of the size.

Gollum german logo.png

While this logo can be seen in German promotional material for the game, the game itself only uses the English logo when set to German.

Chapter Selection

The Wraith

Gollum T UI Ch1 scaled blurred.png

File Name: T_UI_Ch1_scaled_blurred

The Wraith is always unlocked, leaving this blurred chapter icon unused.

Mell Companion Icon

Gollum mell companion icon.gif

Mell does not have a Companion Mode section, leaving her Companion icon unused.


Gollum trailer hearticon.png

Gollum T UI HumanHeart.png

Would have appeared beside the stamina bar, complementing the heartbeat sound effect when you run out of stamina.

Can be seen in a prerelease trailer.[3]


Textures used for the argument system, seen in the game's two infamous early screenshots, are still present. Not helped by the final game ditching these altogether in favor of a flatter, more lifeless aesthetic.

File Name Texture
T_UI_DialogueChoiceIcon_01 Gollum T UI DialogueChoiceIcon 01.png
T_UI_DialogueChoiceIcon_02 Gollum T UI DialogueChoiceIcon 02.png
T_UI_DialogueChoice_Normal Gollum T UI DialogueChoice Normal.png
T_UI_DialogueChoice_Hovered Gollum T UI DialogueChoice Hovered.png
T_UI_DialogueChoiceDeco Gollum T UI DialogueChoiceDeco.png


Loading Icon

Early Final
Gollum early loading mockup.gif Gollum final load icon recording.gif

Button Icons


Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L-hold-left-stickleft.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L hold L Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L-hold-left-stick-up.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L hold up Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L hold R Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L hold down Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R hold L Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R-hold-right-stick-up.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R hold up Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R-hold-right-stick-right.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R hold R Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R hold down Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadUp.png Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadUp Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadRight.png Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadRight Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadDown.png Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadDown Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadLeft.png Gollum T UI XboxOne DPadLeft Rework.png


Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonA.png Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonA Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonB.png Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonB Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonX.png Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonX Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonY.png Gollum T UI XboxOne ButtonY Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne LB.png Gollum T UI XboxOne LB Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne RB.png Gollum T UI XboxOne RB Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne LT.png Gollum T UI XboxOne LT Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne RT.png Gollum T UI XboxOne RT Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne View.png Gollum T UI XboxOne View Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Menu.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Menu Rework.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick LS.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick LS Rework.png
Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick RS.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick RS Rework.png


Early Final
Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonX early.png Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonX.png
Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonCircle early.png Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonCircle.png
Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonSquare early.png Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonSquare.png
Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonTriangle early.png Gollum T UI PS5 ButtonTriangle.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI PS5 L1 early.png Gollum T UI PS5 L1.png
Gollum T UI PS5 R1 early.png Gollum T UI PS5 R1.png
Gollum T UI PS5 L2 early.png Gollum T UI PS5 L2.png
Gollum T UI PS5 R2 early.png Gollum T UI PS5 R2.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI PS5 DPadLeft early.png Gollum T UI PS5 DPadLeft.png
Gollum T UI PS5 DPadUp early.png Gollum T UI PS5 DPadUp.png
Gollum T UI PS5 DPadRight early.png Gollum T UI PS5 DPadRight.png
Gollum T UI PS5 DPadDown early.png Gollum T UI PS5 DPadDown.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI PS4 TouchPad early.png Gollum T UI PS4 TouchPad.png
Gollum T UI PS4 ButtonOptions early.png Gollum T UI PS4 ButtonOptions.png
Gollum T UI PS4 ButtonShare early.png Gollum T UI PS4 ButtonShare.png
Early Final
Gollum T UI PS5 Stick L3.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick L3 Rework.png
Gollum T UI PS5 Stick R3.png Gollum T UI XboxOne Stick R3 Rework.png

Early DLC Banners

Description Early Final
Emotes Pack Gollum T UI DLC EmotesPackImage available 01 early.png Gollum T UI DLC EmotesPack unlocked final.png
Lore Compendium Gollum T UI DLC LoreCompendiumImage purchased early.png Gollum T UI DLC Lore unlocked final.png
Sindarin VO Gollum T UI DLC SindarinVoPackImage Available 01 early.png Gollum T UI DLC Sindarin unlocked final.png

The text on the early Sindarin VO banner reads "A palan-diro elenath! Uilaw lítho i·amar nan ech", meaning "Keep looking at the stars! Never forget the world around you."

Additionally, two DLC banners that aren't used in the game itself also have early versions:

Description Early Final
Original Soundtrack Gollum T UI DLC OriginalSoundtrackImage purchased early.png Gollum T UI DLC OriginalSoundtrack unlocked final.png
Art Exhibition Gollum T UI DLC Art ExhibitionImage purchased early.png Gollum T UI DLC Art Exhibition unlocked final.png

Blood Splatters

GollumT UI bloodSplash 01.png

File Name: T_UI_bloodSplash_01

GollumT UI Health 03.png GollumT UI Health 04.png

GollumT UI Health 02.png GollumT UI Health 01.png

File Names: T_UI_Health_0n (n = 1 to 4)

Unused Mechanics

Upper Hand

gains the upper hand.

As well as one half convincing the other, and winning the argument, there's also references to an unused sequence where one half "gains the upper hand". This would logically happen when either Smeagol or Gollum gains a majority of points on the bar at the bottom of the screen. There's even an unused video which references this cut mechanic. It was probably cut as this scenario could happen several times in one argument, resulting in several of these sequences in succession, making the process quite tedious.

Item Wheel

File Name Texture
T_UI_ItemWheel_Background Gollum T UI ItemWheel Background.png
T_UI_ItemWheel_Arrow Gollum T UI ItemWheel Arrow.png
File Name Texture
T_UI_ItemWheel_CategoryFood Gollum T UI ItemWheel CategoryFood.png
T_UI_ItemWheel_CategoryThrow Gollum T UI ItemWheel CategoryThrow.png

Textures for a scrapped item wheel mechanic. In the final game, Gollum can use either kind of item with a single button press. Was likely scrapped due to there being only two kinds of item, rendering an item wheel counterintuitive for quick inventory management when individual buttons suffice.

Difficulty Settings

The game features two inaccessible settings: Parkour and Stealth Difficulty. Stealth can be set to Story, Normal, or Challenge difficulty, while Parkour can be set to Normal or Challenge difficulty. Both settings are always set to Normal and cannot be configured by the user.

Unused text describes the difficulties for each setting:


Difficulty Description
Normal Visual guidance for climbing routes.
Challenge No guidance for climbing routes.


Difficulty Description
Story Enemies are less likely to detect Gollum and will be quick to give up their hunt.
Normal Enemies have an average ability to detect Gollum and desire to pursue him.
Challenge Enemies will detect Gollum more easily and will be relentless in their pursuit.

There is also an unused accompanying menu icon for these settings:

Gollum T UI Difficulty Icon.png

File Name: T_UI_Difficulty_Icon

Additionally, there is unused text that states:

Changing the difficulty while playing can prevent you from unlocking certain Achievements.

Nintendo Switch Leftovers

Gollum T UI NintendoJoyCons.png

File Name: T_UI_NintendoJoyCons

Various assets intended for the presumably scrapped Switch version (originally set to be published in Japan in December 2023[4], but delayed indefinitely), including a controller layout graphic and button icons.

Gollum T UI Switch A.png Gollum T UI Switch B.png Gollum T UI Switch X.png Gollum T UI Switch Y.png Gollum T UI Switch Minus.png Gollum T UI Switch Plus.png Gollum T UI Switch Home.png

Gollum T UI Switch Left.png Gollum T UI Switch Up.png Gollum T UI Switch Right.png Gollum T UI Switch Down.png

Gollum T UI Switch DPadLeft.png Gollum T UI Switch DPadUp.png Gollum T UI Switch DPadRight.png Gollum T UI Switch DPadDown.png

Gollum T UI Switch L.png Gollum T UI Switch R.png Gollum T UI Switch ZL.png Gollum T UI Switch ZR.png Gollum T UI Switch SL.png Gollum T UI Switch SR.png

Gollum T UI Switch Stick.png Gollum T UI Switch StickPress.png Gollum T UI Switch StickLeft.png Gollum T UI Switch StickPressLeft.png Gollum T UI Switch StickRight.png Gollum T UI Switch StickPressRight.png

HUD Layout Mockups

Gollum UI Layout Rework 16 9.png

Gollum UI Layout Rework 16 9 2.png

Unused Collectibles

Name Texture File Name
Acorn Branch Gollum collectible acorntwig.png T_UI_Collectables_AcornBranch_256x256_002
Food Bank Coin Gollum collectible foodbankcoin.png T_UI_Collectables_FoodBankCoin_256x256_018
Mirror Shard Gollum collectible mirrorshard.png T_UI_Collectables_MirrorShard_256x256_011
Orc Jaw Gollum collectible orcjaw.png T_UI_Collectables_OrcJaw_256x256_025

Menu graphics for four unimplemented collectibles can be found among the rest of the collectibles. Of note here is the Mirror Shard, which better fits the description of the Piece of a Mirror in the final game, which appears as a whole mirror, with a shard missing: not really something you'd call a "piece."

Unused Video


The codename for this game, referenced several times throughout the files, is ToM, which assumedly stands for Tales of Middle-Earth.


Collectibles Dialogue

The file names for many of the lines of dialogue upon obtaining a collectible suggest their respective collectibles were originally located in different chapters than in the final game.

Collectible Dialogue Name Named Chapter
Chapter 1 - The Wraith
Whetstone DColl_1010_whetstone 1
Chapter 2 - The Maggot
Boroc Hair DColl_2021_borochair 2
Bat Wing DColl_2022_batwing 2
Old Metal Spoon DColl_2035_metalspoon 2
Piece of Leather DColl_2023_leatherpiece 2
Piece of Metal DColl_2023_grondparts 2
Chapter 3 - The Breeder
Feather DColl_2044_feather 2
Chapter 5 - The Veteran
Picture of Baggins DColl_2047_picturebilbo 2
Eyes of a Spider DColl_3022_spidereyes 3
Piece of Boroc Tusk DColl_3030_boroctusk 3
Nail DColl_3030_nail 3
Piece of Metal DColl_3030_metalscraps 3
Dead Beetle DColl_3030_deadbeatle 3
Chapter 6 - The Spider
Orc Tooth DColl_4020_orctooth 4
Chapter 7 - Good as Fish
Fish Bones DColl_5014_fishbones 5
Shells DColl_5014_shells 5
Brooch DColl_5020_brooch 5
Rope DColl_5011_rope 5
Animal Figurine DColl_5011_woodenanimal 5
Piece of Marble DColl_5020_marblepiece 5
Splinter DColl_5050_woodsplinter 5
Shiny Button DColl_5050_shinybutton 5
Harp String DColl_5020_harpstring 5
Pearl DColl_5060_pearl 5
Badger Claw DColl_5060_badgerclaw 5
Twig and Flower DColl_5072_twig 5
Bird Bones DColl_5072_birdbones 5
Chapter 8 - Her Eyes
Elvish Figurine DColl_6020_figurine 6
Shard DColl_6040_pottery 6
Chapter 9 - Smeagol
Fork DColl_7030_Fork 7
Piece of Garland DColl_6040_garland 6
Chapter 10 - The Friend
Little Bell DColl_5014_littlebell 5
Nut DColl_8010_nut 8
Hook DColl_8020_hook 8
Piece of a Mirror DColl_8030_mirror 8

This may be reflective of a different chapter structure for the game as a whole, once being split into eight chapters, as opposed to ten in the final game. With regards to collectibles, this further splitting up of chapters from eight to ten appears to have been somewhat disorganized: Chapter 7 contains over a third of the game's total collectibles, while Chapter 4 is devoid of them entirely. This old distribution, while far from uniform, is still noticeably more even than that of the final game.


  • The PS5 version uses PS4 controller face button icons, despite the PS5 controller using different colors to its predecessor, ditching the classic color scheme for a monochrome one.
  • The poem read by Gollum at the beginning of the game is referred to internally as DeagolsPoem, despite having no connection to Deagol whatsoever.