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Doom 64 dev Randy Estrella: "Artist creates textures. We create levels. Level no have texture, level tells us so. Basically, one of us missed texturing that spot. Who was it? Probably me." This user is easily amused.

Hi, I'm currently putting off working on the Gitaroo Man page while I do various janitorial busy work across the wiki. You can also find me on the TCRF Discord, Jul, and Twitter, or you can contact me via email. (If you need to get my attention, Discord is your best bet.)

Pages I've worked on

Please ask me if you have any questions about these games or pages.

Extensive work:

Some work:

No page work yet, but I have experience in datamining these:

Common things I always forget


More obscure:

  • {{#babel}} to show your language skills on your userpage (and choosing the right skill level)
  • {{YTVideoGone}} for pages with dead youtube videos
  • {{data}} for Game data pages describing file formats (yes, these exist!)
  • {{screencap}} are images captured from a real console's video output signal. These suck, emulator/hardware screenshots are vastly preferred.
  • {{main}} says Main article: (other game), e.g. Pokémon Yellow has the same leftovers as Red/Blue
  • {{TOC limit}} changes the table of contents

Hey Squell

Squell, if you're reading this, check your PMs on Jul.