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boyoyon~ hello. welcome to my userpage
i'm a he. i love games and recently started loving the process of documenting them too
FISH! i also mess with gamedev in my spare time



La-Mulana (2006), Development:La-Mulana (2006): Made the pages
Proto, Prerelease and Bugs:La-Mulana (2006): Created and made most of the subpages
La-Mulana (2012): Added some links and the Differences sections
Prerelease:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis): Put a comma on the right place in the Scrapped Zones section
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/Unused_Audio: Fixed a link
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse: "fixed grammar in the lesser demon section"
Super Donkey Kong '99: Added revisional differences
Bejeweled 2 (Adobe Flash): Adjusted the wording
Bugs:Luigi's Mansion 3: Added the YT video down tag
Avelantis: Made the page


Help:Contents/Video: Added mention of {{videocapture}} tag
The Cutting Room Floor:Content to expand/Prerelease Pages: Made the link to the Twilight Princess page actually work
MediaWiki:Questycaptcha-createaccount/pt-br: Made the wording more accurate


This file is busted. Dundudun!

Prerelease:La-Mulana (2006): Add more images
Bugs:La-Mulana (2006): Add the physics bug

Work In Progress

This is probably not gonna be used but the track is really sick so I'm putting it here.
Prerelease:La-Mulana (Windows, 2012)
The game ruins are full of happiness that no one still knows!


Twitter: @gmestanley
YouTube: Vミノ
Discord: Veemon#2968