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Welcome to my user page. Feel free to stick around and check out all the miscellaneous information I've compiled. Pages I'm working on:

Interesting Information

TomodachiLife Icon RegionalDifferences.png
Games with different English localizations
Because we can't be offending all English speakers at once. (No offense)
LNSS Image100.png
Games with unusual placeholders
When you put your favorite game's graphics in the game when developing it before ultimately replacing them.
LUNAR -ETERNAL BLUE- portrait-2.png
Games with hard-to-find content
Not unused per-se, but will almost never be seen by the player during normal gameplay.
KSS-wheelie rider victory.png
Kirby SSU: Changes from SNES Version
Used to be a subpage for the Kirby Super Star Ultra page, but has since been removed.

Games with unused moaning sounds

Surely I don't need to explain this...

Use my user talk page if you know of any other games fitting these criteria. Or communicate with me via Discord - I'm on the TCRF server.


Half-Life 3 Beta Builds
There are no beta builds of Half-Life 3 - you have been lied to.

These animations (except for the second, which I added back in) were in an older version of the Mega Man 3 (NES) page, but were replaced with sprite rips instead. I'm not faulting the replacement, but I think these still look cool.