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YK's Avatar

Birthdate: 1983

Located in: USA

YK is... someone.

Assorted Musings

So... my page. Not that anyone really reads these pages, but why not?

To start off... I'm no hacker. I'm open to (and interested in) learning, of course, and have base understanding of the inner workings of games from messing with assorted game maker programs; not that this is that similar, but hey. Nevertheless, I've messed with Game Genie and Gameshark for as long as I can remember, and unlike many such kiddie cheat device "hackers", I've always been more interested in using codes to find things that went unused than I am at out-and-out cheating.

My first experience with true dummied content was in Final Fantasy IV, and it fascinated me so much that I began to search for codes for other games I had, to see what other unused content I could find. Via assorted codes and a little good ol' brute-forcing, I've managed to discover quite a lot of assorted unused content in my experiences over the years. Limited hacking ability kinda makes me something of a "Christopher Columbus of Unused Content" at present, in which I kinda "discover" what's already technically been "discovered", but not everyone who finds this content is willing to catalog it... I am. So, I'll help out here in whatever ways I can.

Oh, and yes, I am the same "YK" from SNESMusic.org, the SPC archive, if anyone cares. (And as a result of that, I'm especially interested in soundtests and unused music from SNES games...)

Yo, peons.

And this nuisance is Ayjo. Get used to him, because I can't shake him no matter what I try.

Personal TODO List

Current Projects

"Whenever I Can" Projects

  • Xenogears - The page is started, but this is going to be a beast of a game to sort through. A massive debug room. Unused items. Unused cutscenes. Unused area names. Unused graphics. An unused song. And hints of an unused character. Fun stuff.
  • Wild ARMs - In search of a walk-through-walls code which would let me reach those inaccessible islands on the Elw Dimension map.
  • Final Fantasy 4 - Version differences, yo.
  • Final Fantasy 7 - The Tobal No. 1 demo differed greatly from the final game. Detail the differences.
  • Suikoden - Still need to check and see if Leknaat's Island actually appears on the world map. A walk-through-walls code is necessary here, too.

Potential Future Pages

Just a few other games I know of unused stuffs for, in no particular order.

  • Wild ARMs 2 - Lots of unused items. Gonna need to recruit a friend's help here.
  • Resident Evil 4 - A dummied key item that can be obtained via a glitch. How the hell I'm going to deal with a Gamecube game, I do not yet know.

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