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Nice work on the Gran Turismo 2 and the Unused Car pages, thanks for getting those images! --Pacifist 09:55, 11 March 2013 (EDT)

GT2 proto

Most of the cars in the removed section are either changed in final and are not removed. FMecha 15:38, 6 April 2013 (EDT)

All the cars in that list have codes (see the roster) that don't exist in the final. The Alfa's in that list were removed (their codes start aa-, the ones in final (also in the demo) start with ia-), likewise the Peugeot 306 (its code is ap36n, in final its fp36n (which is also in the demo too)).
The unnamed models also have codes, models and textures not in the final (I did diff the model and texture files to make sure). If they changed to a different code, and suffered texture and modeel changes, then that requires both a) visual inspection of the games cars and b) a judgement call (how much of a change do you allow before considering it a completely different car bearing in mind this is four months before the final game?).
You can't give Honda Life's or the TRD2000 racing mods in the game (so those are definitely are removed).
The Peugeot Rally can be moved to differences since that was an oversight (it too changed codes, fp3wr to fp3rr). The Nissan R390's are a tricky beast. In the final they are seperate cars with no relation to their respective race cars. In both the PH and OPM demos, they're normal cars which would have been upgraded with a racing mod to the race cars. Between demo and final their game names, codes, and textures changed, so they haven't simply being moved. They do look alike, so if you want to move them to the differences section, go ahead.
Also, you've got the demos confused in your edits. The GT bonus disc is identical to the Pizza Hut demo, not the OPM demo (which the page is currently about). Thefanman 16:45, 6 April 2013 (EDT)

GT2 regional differences... again

I have NTSC-U 1.0 GT2 and it has BOTH the Valvoline logos on the Focus WRC as well as the Mark Martin livery on the [R] Ford Taurus. FMecha 00:16, 16 May 2013 (EDT)

"UnpacTheSmack" Assistance

Hey there, I've seen your work on both the WWF Smackdown 1 & Gran Turismo 2 pages, which is really incredible! I just have a quick query regarding how to use the "UnpacTheSmack" tool you supplied on the former's discussion page: I open the application up, and it boots me to a black screen which just immediately shuts down and doesn't allow me to do anything with it. I tried opening it up in Command Prompt and copying files/directories into CP, but it still didn't end up working, saying either the file directory couldn't found, stating an incorrect syntax, or just outright denying me access. I hate to bother you, but what exactly am I doing wrong? Just wanted to extract the "C" file and search through it's contents. Crashandcortex (talk) 03:50, 31 March 2015 (EDT)

Sorry for the delay, I tend to not login for long periods. The tool only works on the first game reliably (for me anyway), they extended the format or something for the second game so it doesn't work or spits out wrong/corrupted files.
I don't have any Smackdown ISO on my computer at the minute so I can't test it directly, but yeah, looking at the code the way its meant to be used is from a command prompt. I'm sure you know how to do most of the following but I figured I'd spell it out for anybody else who might stumble on it in future:
  • open cmd
  • type 'cd /d ' then either type or paste in the path to where unpacthesmack.exe is
  • then run unpackthesmack followed by the full path of one of the pac files in quotes, and where you want the files, also in quotes
  • Example: unpacthesmack "D:\my isos\smackdown1\c.dpac" "c:\unpacked\c.dpac\files"
  • Now you hopefully have a large directory tree containing folders like AR00.PAC and VAB2.PAC. To decompress the BPE files within these folders you'll need to download QuickBMS and the Yuke's BMS script that's on the same page (search for Yuke).

Thankfully I still have my script for decompressing them all automatically (there's about 2,300 so you can imagine doing it by hand).
  • After you've unpacked the pac and downloaded the BMS stuff and unzipped it, create a file called unbpe.cmd in the same directory you unpacked to. This'd be "c:\unpacked\c.dpac\files\unbpe.cmd" using the example above.
  • Copy and paste this into it
@echo off
for /R %%a in (*.bpe) do call :UnBPE "%%a"
goto :eof

set fileDir=%~dp1
set file=%~nx1
set fileDir="%fileDir%"
pushd %fileDir%
echo Processing %file%
"G:\quickbms\quickbms.exe" "G:\quickbms\yuke.bms" %file% .\
  • Change the 'G:\quickbms\quickbms.exe' to where you unzipped quickbms.exe
  • Likewise the 'g:\quickbms\yuke.bms' for where yukes.bms is
  • save it, then click on 'unbpe.cmd' in Explorer
You should get another command prompt window that should say Processing <filename>.BPE an endless number of times. When it disappears you can finally go spelunking in the .bpe.unpacked files with PSicture or TimView or whatever.
Sorry for the wall of text but without the decompression you don't get much out of it

WWF Attitude (PlayStation)

It's been a long time but WWF Attitude (PlayStation) had its game over line mistakenly go unused and then deleted for being unused. It's requested now but there doesn't seem to be a backup, do you still have a copy you could reupload? File:WWFAttitude-GameOver.ogg --Hawk (talk)