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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Title Screen

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment (US), Sierra Entertainment (EU)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released in JP: 2003
Released in US: July 3, 2002, July 1, 2003 (The Frozen Throne)
Released in EU: July 5, 2002, July 2003 (The Frozen Throne)

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The first 3D game in the Warcraft franchise, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos went through huge development changes since work began in 1999 before finally settling for an RTS game. Both it and World of Warcraft were being developed around the same time, the latter itself a rescripted modification of Warcraft III.


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
The Frozen Throne
Unused stuff found in its expansion pack.


Human Mission One

Unused voicelines.

File Name Speaker Audio Transcript
H01Grunt17.mp3 Grunt
He's escaping! Kill him!
H01VillagerF39.mp3 Female villager
*feminine laughter*
H01VillagerF40.mp3 Ditto
H01VillagerF41.mp3 Ditto

Human Mission Two

One unused voiceline, informing the player of the peasants' ability to take arms.

File Name Speaker Audio Transcript
H02Footman38.mp3 Footman
If our town comes under attack, a militia can be summoned by ringing the bell on the town hall. The peasants will run to the town center and arm themselves for battle.

Human Interlude One

The meeting between The Prophet and Antonidas originally took place at a bridge. When the mission map is opened in the world editor, the bridge itself, unused cameras and triggers can still be found. The map also features villagers, kids and Gryphon riders that are all unused, hitting that the map was more active and lively at one point.
The file names for the voicelines start from 30 and and end at 37, unlike the other missions whose voicelines start from 01. This hints the mission had more dialogue.

Human Mission Four

Jaina was planned to die at the hand of ghouls in this mission and later turn into a banshee. It was scrapped as Arthas had more than enough reasons to go after Mal'Ganis. The banshee idea was later given to Sylvanas. The Official Strategy Guide wasn't changed to reflect the new storyline.
All of these are said by Arthas.

File Name Audio Transcript Notes
No... Jaina!
Jaina I swear by The Light, you shall be avenged!
What the hell are you saying!? Who are you anyway!?
Jaina, you're alive.
I'll tell you all about it later.
This looks like some kind of Gateway. I bet Jaina would know how to activate it. No Gateways appear in this mission in the final game.
No simple cult could've built this. Perhaps referring to the Gateway.

Human Mission Six

Several unused voicelines of villagers panicking and begging for Mercy were removed from the mission due to the disturbing delivery of these lines.

File Name Speaker Audio Transcript Notes
H06Arthas30.mp3 Arthas
Father, forgive me for what I must do. Appears in Reforged
H06Necromancer20.mp3 Necromancer
Go sniff somewhere else, pup. You best draw back to your senile father and await the end of your reign. Appears in Reforged
H06VillagerF24.mp3 Female Villager
The roof is collapsing! Run!
H06VillagerF57.mp3 Female Villager
What did we ever do to you?
H06VillagerF58.mp3 Female Villager
You're supposed to be our prince!
H06VillagerF59.mp3 Female Villager
You're supposed to be the defender of Lordaeron!
H06VillagerF61.mp3 Female Villager
H06VillagerM23.mp3 Male Villager
The King's own men are attacking! Run for your lives!
H06VillagerM25.mp3 Male Villager
The walls are falling in! Get out!
H06VillagerM26.mp3 Male Villager
What have you done? What's going on?
H06VillagerM27.mp3 Male Villager
Mercy, milord! Used in Trudging through the Ashes
H06VillagerM28.mp3 Male Villager
What have we done?

Human Mission Seven

One unused voiceline of Arthas.

File Name Audio Transcript
It's me old friend, it's been a long time.

Human Mission Nine

One unused voiceline of Arthas.

File Name Audio Transcript
I'm so tired.

Unused Spells

Finger of Death

Finger of Death uses the icon of another spell named Corpse Explode which was one of the original necromancer spells. It can been seen in a Beta screenshot.
It's interesting to note that Finger of Death in the final game is only available to Editor-only units, namely Tichondrius and Archimonde.

Dark Summoning

This was originally the Dreadlord's ultimate ability which let him summon friendly units from afar. It's still in the final game, Tichondrius uses it in an interlude of Undead campaign to summon both Mephistroth and Anetheron.
It also appears in the expansion pack as an item with unlimited uses.

Unused Graphics

This graphic would have been used to denote channel ops, but they have an orange rectangle border instead.

This would have been used to denote unknown players.

A variety of unused icons for players.

(Source: PIESofNORTH)

Unused Icons

The game's files contain a couple of icons for both units and abilities that are remnants of the Alpha and Beta.

Unused Models

The game's files contain a couple of models that are not used by any unit in the game.