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World of Warcraft

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Title Screen

World of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: November 23, 2004
Released in EU: February 11, 2005
Released in AU: November 23, 2004
Released in BR: December 6, 2011
Released in CN: June 7, 2005

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World of Warcraft is the game that irrevocably changed the MMORPG genre... for better, or for worse.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
World of Warcraft-Ashbringer.png
Unused Items
So many it's slightly ridiculous.
World of Warcraft-TOTALLYRAD.png
Unused Models & Graphics
There's some Totally Rad stuff in here.
World of Warcraft-WarcraftHeroes.png
Unused Maps & Areas
Maps or notable out-of-bounds features.

Unused Titles

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion introduced the achievement system, and with it, Realm First Feats of Strength. These are special achievements granted only to the first player on the server who achieves requirements such as hitting the level cap. While on the beta they granted titles a player could display according to the achievement they obtained, the titles were removed after an outcry from players. However, they still remain in the game data, in "CharTitles.dbc".

The Level 80 Paladin title, Crusader <Name>, would later become recycled as a reward for the Argent Tournament achievement Exalted Argent Champion.

Realm First Level 80 Realm First Profession Realm First Reputation
Associated Achievement Title Associated Achievement Title Associated Achievement Title
Level 80 <Name> The Supreme Grand Master Alchemist Grand Master Alchemist <Name> Northern Vanguard <Name>, Hero of Northrend
Level 80 Death Knight <Name> of the Ebon Blade Grand Master Blacksmith Grand Master Blacksmith <Name>
Level 80 Druid <Name> of the Emerald Dream Grand Master Cook Iron Chef <Name>
Level 80 Hunter Stalker <Name> Grand Master Enchanter Grand Master Enchanter <Name>
Level 80 Mage Archmage <Name> Grand Master Engineer Grand Master Engineer <Name>
Level 80 Priest Prophet <Name> Grand Master Angler Grand Master Angler <Name>
Level 80 Rogue Assassin <Name> Grand Master Herbalist Grand Master Herbalist <Name>
Level 80 Shaman <Name> of the Ten Storms Grand Master Scribe Grand Master Scribe <Name>
Level 80 Warlock <Name> the Malefic Grand Master Jewelcrafter Grand Master Jewelcrafter <Name>
Level 80 Warrior Warbringer <Name> Grand Master Leatherworker Grand Master Leatherworker <Name>
Level 80 Blood Elf <Name> of Quel'Thalas Grand Master Miner Grand Master Miner <Name>
Level 80 Draenei <Name> of Argus Grand Master Skinner Grand Master Skinner <Name>
Level 80 Dwarf <Name> of Khaz Modan Grand Master Tailor Grand Master Tailor <Name>
Level 80 Gnome <Name> of Gnomeregan Grand Master Medic Doctor <Name>
Level 80 Human <Name> the Lion Hearted
Level 80 Night Elf <Name>, of Elune
Level 80 Orc <Name>, Hero of Orgrimmar
Level 80 Tauren Plainsrunner <Name>
Level 80 Troll <Name> of the Darkspear
Level 80 Forsaken <Name> the Forsaken
(Source: Reznik)

Unused Item Suffixes

Armor and weapons sometimes have suffixes that attach extra stats or modify existing stats; several of the suffixes go unused.

You can use a macro in Classic to see them on items.

Suffix Increase Notes
<Item> of Proficiency +# Weapon Skill Every weapon type has an entry up to a maximum of 7 weapon skill. Weapon skill was replaced with expertise in The Burning Crusade, which was ultimately later removed in Warlords of Draenor.
<Item> of Quality +# Damage Increases up to a maximum of 7 damage.
<Item> of Toughness +# Armor Increases armor up to a maximum of 56.
<Item> of Retaliation 10% On Get Hit: Shadow Bolt (# Damage) Increases the damage of the shadow bolt from 10 up to 70.
<Item> of Twain 10% On Get Hit: Shadow Bolt (20 Damage), +2 Beast Slaying, +1 Defense Has only a single suffix ID, hinting that it was used for testing. 'Twain' likely refers to programmer Twain Martin.
<Item> of the Test +# Intellect, +# Stamina, +# Armor, +# Agility, +# Spirit The amount of the stat increase depends on the level of the gear. Testing modifier.
<Item> of Paladin Testing +# Strength, +# Stamina, +#Intellect, +# Spell Power The amount of the stat increase depends on the level of the gear. Testing modifier.

Unused Factions

There's an extremely large amount of factions in the game the player can't gain reputation with or even see on the faction list. These exist for functionality reasons. For example, most murlocs are part of the Murloc faction, and most pale orcs are part of The Pale faction. However, some of them have unused faction descriptions... and then there are some factions that are truly unused.

Faction Faction Description Notes
Silvermoon Remnant N/A Removed in Patch 1.6.1.
DEPRECATED Wildhammer Clan, DEPRECATED Though not a part of the Alliance, the dwarves of Aerie Peak have opened their doors to it and hold the Horde as enemies. Removed in Patch 2.0.3. Prior to The Burning Crusade, the faction.dbc did not have faction descriptions. Why they would mark it as deprecated as well as include a faction description is anyone's guess.
Revantusk Trolls N/A Removed in Patch 1.11.0.
Ravasaur Trainers N/A Removed sometime prior to Patch 2.3.0.
Test Faction (not a real faction) This faction only exists to test the editing of faction names and descriptions...
Craig's Squirrels A test faction.
New test rep for Alex N/A
Orgrimmar (Alex Test) N/A
Sha The evil spirits of the land. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
Mogu The ancient progenitors of this land, the Mogu hate any and all pretenders, including the upstart Pandaren. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
Nomi 5.0 Cooking - This is a hidden faction used to level up Nomi. You can and do gain reputation with this faction, but you can neither see it on your list nor the faction's description.
Akama's Trust Akama is distrustful of Warlocks after witnessing Illidan's fall to his own corruption, followed by the invasion of the Black Temple by Warlocks after the Cataclysm. You can and do gain reputation with this faction, but you can neither see it on your list nor the faction's description.
Red Phantom You've been corrupted by the power of Ordos, and have turned against your friends and foes in mindless rage. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
Frostfire Ogres Frostfire ogres are not interesting, but they do like to argue. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
Adherents of Rukhmar Worshippers of the dread god Rukhmar, these vile filth seek to stain the world with the blood of their foes. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
The Iron Horde A tenuous alliance of many of the orc clans of Draenor under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
The Sargeri Twisted in the service of the Shadow Council, these draenei have sacrificed much in pursuit of power. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description.
Operation: Aardvark N/A
Highmaul Highmaul ogres like togas and gladiator fights. While you can't gain reputation with this faction, it has an unused faction description. There's another reputation-less faction with the same description named 'Highmaul Gladiators'.


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Voice files for Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall both still exist in the game's files, despite the fact that these two events were one-time deals. Similarly, voice files for the original Zul'Gurub raid still exist in the files, despite the original raid being removed and redone as a five-player dungeon. In fact, pretty much every removed NPC, event, or dungeon that at one time had voice files - Edwin Vancleef or Cairne, for instance - still has files for it left in the game.

Voice Files

Lorthemar & Rommath

Voice Transcript
Rommath! You stand accused of high treason to Silvermoon, and of being a member of the Twilight Council!
Ah, the long knives come out. Is there proof to these accusations?
This document. It's your handwriting. I'd recognize it anywhere.
...You leave me no choice then. It's a pity really; I had plans for our people.
You of all people should understand. Power is its own reward!
There is a war coming, and I've chosen to be on the winning side!
You disgust me, traitor!
You've forced my hand a little early perhaps. But I think you'll find I'm still playing from a position of strength!
Feel my wrath!

Unused voice clips for Lor'themar Theron and Grand Magister Rommath. These have been in the game since at least the Cataclysm closed beta, but the idea for Rommath to be the twilight traitor was ultimately dropped and never implemented, and the role was instead given to minor NPC Sauranok the Mystic.

Archbishop Benedictus

Voice Transcript
These are but petty accusations without proof.

Like Rommath, Archbishop Benedictus was planned to be the alliance twilight traitor during Cataclysm. Unlike Rommath, it was actually revealed during the expansion's final patch that Benedictus was a traitor; this voice file is likely a leftover from when they planned to reveal his betraying status earlier.


Voice Transcript
Open the gate!
I will not let a single human step past me into Mulgore! My people will not be harmed!
Sound the drums of war! For Taurajo!

"The gate" refers to the Great Gate, a fortification that separates the Northern Barrens and Mulgore. As Camp Taurajo was destroyed by escaped Alliance convicts in Cataclysm, this series of sound files indicate that Baine might have had a larger role in the story of Cataclysm, specifically in the Northern Barrens or Mulgore zones.

Prince Malchezaar

Voice Transcript
Who knows what secrets hide in the dark? Ah, yes... I do.

It's unknown where this would have fit in. Perhaps Malchezaar had more abilities planned?


Voice Transcript
My people should have taken this world long ago, during the First War! But they fell to corruption in their weakness. They asked the pitiful races of Azeroth to join the Horde. I will succeed where they have failed, and no power in this world can stop me!

This was meant to be said by Garrosh Hellscream in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid upon starting the encounter. It's unknown why it was never used.

Alpha Leftovers

The following are leftovers from the original World of Warcraft's Family & Friends Alpha testing. In fact, in the earliest leaked game version, 0.5.3, they are present along with various other old sound files that were removed over time.

Voice Transcript
Preps bow
Preps bow Don't move.
Taste this!
Take it!
Oh yeah...
Hurts, don't it?
Sit down!
Shut up!
What was that? Huh? Did you say something? Hm.
Yeah, yeah, over there. No, wait, right there. Sighs
What? Sighs
Oh, that hurt.
Oh, that stings.
That didn't hurt!
Okay, that hurt.


These are sound files that are not used anywhere in the game.

This is a placeholder sound as its name suggests.
This sound would possibly have been used as an early sound for inviting a player to a party.
This sound seems to be an early readycheck.

Early Vendor Voice

These voices are presumably early vendor sounds. Only Human Voices exist.

Male Female

Unused Text


MapDifficulty.dbc lists strings displayed when you're unable to enter an instance. It contains the following unused text:

  • Heroic Difficulty requires the Sunforged Key[PH].

The first message is meant for map 598 (Sunwell Fix Unused) and the second message is meant for map 1431 (The Coliseum).


ItemNameDescription.dbc lists item "grades" such as Thunderforged, Mythic, Cooking Ingredient, Season 11, Trading Post Part, and so on. It contains the following unused text:

  • Now with extra description
  • This Color Hurts My Eyes


Map.dbc lists not only the names of every map in the game, but also Battleground descriptions for the Horde and Alliance.

For Azshara Crater, an unused battleground:

  • Crush the Alliance!
  • Defend yourself from the onslaught of the Horde!

For MistsCTF3, a map which doesn't seem to have any files associated with it:

  • This new map has yet to be created. Horde guys, go beat up those Alliance jerks.
  • This new map has yet to be created. Alliance guys, go beat up those Horde jerks.

For an older version of Battle for Gilneas, which took place in the city:

  • Located in the heart of Gilnean peninsula, the capital city is of vital strategic importance to the Horde's operations the Eastern Kingdoms. Long seen by the Forsaken as a natural expansion to their dominion, Sylvanas Windrunner's armies are ready to defend their most recent conquest at all costs.
  • Driven from their homelands by the Forsaken, Gilneans continue to view this city as their nation's rightful capital. After regrouping in Alliance territories, the people of Gilneas have rallied around King Greymane's call to arms and are ready to retake Gilneas City with the support of their new allies.

The Coliseum, the PvP deathmatch scenario, has a battleground description as well... despite not being a battleground. It's possible that it might be set as a battleground purely for technical reasons. Its entry is the same thing for both races:



Several .dbc files contain leftover messages from expansions past. For example, ServerMessages.dbc contains strings such as:

  • Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Orgrimmar to begin your adventure!
  • Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Stormwind to begin your adventure!

...And WorldStateUi contains strings referencing removed events such as the Battle for Undercity and Elemental Unrest:

  • Varimathras and Grand Apothecary Putress have taken over the Undercity!
  • Place sandbags in designated locations to prevent flooding.



  • Before the game's release, Kalidar was the original name that Blizzard had used for the island in which the great tree Teldrassil was grown. This was later retconned by having the Night Elf call the island itself Teldrassil. However, filenames in the game still refer to Teldrassil as 'Kalidar'; for example, the fauna and trees of Teldrassil are not only located in the 'Kalidar' folder, but also have names such as 'KalidarNest0' or 'KalidarTreeStump0'. Interestingly, Kalidar was also the name of a Battlegrounds testing map from the original game's alpha.
  • Black Morass has an internal name of CavernsOfTime. From alpha build 0.9.0 to Burning Crusade, CavernsOfTime existed as a single unused map containing both Black Morass and a copy of Hillsbrad; this heavily implies that they had both Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass planned before the game's release. With the release of Burning Crusade, Old Hillsbrad was updated, snipped out of CavernsOfTime, and made into a separate map, while Black Morass stayed nearly the same.
  • During the storyline of Stonetalon Mountains, there is a separate phase for when The Bomb is dropped on Thal'darah Grove. This phase is referred to as 'DesolaceBomb' internally, which hints that the story might have been intended to spillover more into Desolace.
  • The Everbloom is referred to as 'Overgrown Outpost' in some of the game's files.
  • The Pit of Saron dungeon has the internal name 'Quarry of Tears' in the game's files.
  • The Well of Eternity dungeon is referred to in the game's files as 'War of the Ancients'.
  • The Assault on Zan'vess scenario is referred to as 'Tyrivess' in several of the game's files.
  • The main Pandaria map is amusingly referred to as 'HawaiiMainLand' in the game's files.


  • Eversong, Ghostlands, Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle are actually all on the same map as Outland... they're just separated from each other by miles of uncrossable empty space. This can be demonstrated in-game by being in Outland and joining a group with someone in a Burning Crusade starting zone. Zoom out enough on the map, and you will see their marker in the far upper right or left corner. The singular map that these areas are located on is named Expansion01 internally.
  • The Black Morass has empty ADT tiles with water in the far upper right corner, which can be seen here. These are leftovers from where Old Hillsbrad used to rest.

Regional Differences

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World of Warcraft was released worldwide to instant acclaim. However, around the time of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, some new anti-violence laws were being passed in China, some of which would affect the game. The9, the Chinese maintainers of the game, decided to modify some game assets in order to get the game to pass the new laws.

Worldwide client Chinese client
Put that tongue back in your mouth! What do you mean you can't? No bones about it, this is a much cleaner deadman!

One of the more noteworthy changes included sealing up or removing all the bony bits of the Forsaken (undead) player models, making them look far less decayed. This change also replaced the eye sockets with the usual eyes in all customizations without eyes, and replaced any broken or removed jaws with normal ones. These "mottled" Forsaken, as well as a "fresh" option with no decay, were added to all versions of the game as a character customization option as of Patch 9.2.0 of the Shadowlands expansion.

Some other changes to happen over time are:

  • Almost all instances of skeletons, skulls, and loose meat have been replaced by… grains or straw men.
  • Skeleton enemies have been replaced by generic Forsaken models and other zombies have been tidied up.
  • The Karazhan Crypts, despite being unused, also received censorship.
  • Several instances of large skulls had their textures modified to resemble shaped stones.
  • The skeletons that appear when a player resurrects was replaced by a filled grave and tombstone.
(Source: Vahdis via Reddit)

Amusingly, all these changes can be enabled in any region's game client by opening the game's Config.wtf file (typically found in "World of Warcraft/WTF/") in a text editor and adding the line SET overrideArchive "1" to the bottom, or by typing /console SET overrideArchive "1" during play and restarting the game client. Doing this enables all of the changes mentioned above for those who want a slightly less bloody, bony game. Reportedly, it also works on the Classic client despite the fact the original "vanilla" release of the game was uncensored in China.