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Wizardry Xth: Academy of Frontier

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Title Screen

Wizardry Xth: Academy of Frontier

Also known as: Wizardry Xth: Zensen no Gakufu
Developer: Michaelsoft
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: February 24, 2005

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
The translations on this page need to be proofread. If you are fluent enough in this language, please make any corrections necessary!
Notes: Some proofreading has been done already, but further proofreading will require knowledge of the game's mechanics.

Wizardry Xth: Academy of Frontier is a Japan-only Wizardry spin-off by what would become Team Muramasa, swapping the franchise's traditional gothic fantasy for a military academy setting.

Debug Menu

Wizardry Xth 1 Debug Menu.png

Use the code below and press R3 to open the debug menu.

// Enable debug mode
00270714 00000001

// Enable more debug menus
D028F6DC 0000FEFE
2027FA18 00000004
D028F6DC 0000FBFE
2027FA18 00000007
D028F6DC 0000FDFE
2027FA18 00000010
D028F6DC 0000F7FE
2027FA18 00000012
D028F6DC 0000EFFE
2027FA18 00000015
D028F6DC 00007FFE
2027FA18 00000017

D028F6DC 0000FFF6
2027FA18 0000000F

D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215710 00000000
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215714 00000001
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215718 00000002
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
2021571C 00000003
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215720 00000004
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215724 00000005
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
20215728 00000006
D028F6DC 0000FEFF
2021572C 00000007

D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215710 00000008
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215714 00000009
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215718 0000000A
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
2021571C 0000000B
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215720 0000000C
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215724 0000000D
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
20215728 0000000E
D028F6DC 0000FBFF
2021572C 0000000F

D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215710 00000010
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215714 00000011
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215718 00000012
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
2021571C 00000013
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215720 00000014
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215724 00000015
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
20215728 00000016
D028F6DC 0000FDFF
2021572C 00000017
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Wizardry Xth 1 Character Menu.png Wizardry Xth 1 Character Menu 2.png

This menu allows you to change each character's stats and current status. Press △ to display a character's item list.

Text Translation
本名 Real name
愛称 Nickname
PARTY: 学徒先発隊 PARTY: Students Party
所在地: アーレハイン Location: Alehein
RACE: ヒューマン RACE: Human
CLS: 戦士 CLS: Fighter
RACE: ヒューマン RACE: Human
DEGREE: 予科生 DEGREE: Student
SEX: 男性 SEX: Male
ALIGN: 中立 ALIGN: Neutral


Wizardry Xth 1 Item Menu.png

Item viewer. Press ○ to give an item to a character.


Wizardry Xth 1 Flag Menu.png

Scenario flag viewer.


Wizardry Xth 1 Progress.png

Text Translation Notes
時系列フラグ Progress flag
胎動周期 Interval of signs Enemy element type.
胎動周期歩数 Step count interval of signs Enemy change interval step count.
クリアフラグ Clear flag Sets whether the game has been beaten.
プレイ時間 Play time
開示フラグ Unlock flag Unlocks all library data.
開示時刻 Remaining time to unlock When this counter is 0:00:00 to display message.


Wizardry Xth 1 Board Flag.png

Quest viewer.

Text Translation Notes
クリア番号 Cleared ID It is indicate that is release at these IDs cleared.
番号 ID
タイトル Title
タイプ Type Quest types:
  • 課題 (Task)
  • 依頼 (Comission)
  • 任務 (Mission)
  • 特務 (Special mission)
Difficulty Display difficulty stars.
Grade Needs grade of party characters.
Time ​​Required progress flag at least.
ロード Road Dungeon name.
Ko Unknown
開始 Start Start place.
終了 End End place.


Wizardry Xth 1 Library.png

This menu allows you to change the kill scores and achievements.

Text Translation
討伐数 Kill count
称号 Achievements

Other Debug Menus

The "Enable more debug menus" code above will allow you to access additional debug menus with the button combination listed in each section below.

Alternatively, RAM address 0x27FA18 controls which debug menu is open. The debug menus below can be accessed by setting this RAM address to the debug menu value listed in each section. (RAM addresses 0x27FA19 and 0x27FA20 control which subpage of the current debug menu is open, so those addresses must be set to 0 before setting the debug menu value.)

3D Character Viewer

Press Select + L2 to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x04

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (1).png

This menu lets you choose a base model to view. (The various "test" menus do not work.)

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (2).png

Button Notes
Up/Down Select equipment.
Change left/right hand.
Left Stick Move model.
Right Stick Rotate model.
R1/R2 Zoom model.
L1/L2 Change elements of equipment.
Start Switch show/hide equipment list.

Memory Manager Menu

Debug menu value: 0x06

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (3).png

Displays memory manager information.

Sound Test

Press Select + L1 to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x07

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (4).png

Font Test

Debug menu value: 0x08

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (5).png

Party Menu

Debug menu value: 0x0A

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (6).png

This menu only displays the words "PARTY MENU."

Cheat Menu

Press Select + Start to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x0F

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (7).png

This menu allows you to enable and disable cheats, but some cheats are inaccessible without hacking. RAM address 0x215710 contains the table of menu items; by editing this table with the menu IDs below, you can change which cheats are shown. Alternatively, set RAM address 0x2707A4 to 0xFFFFFFFF to enable all cheats.

Menu ID Menu Text Japanese Text Translation Effect
0x00 Disp Cross Cursor flag 位置表示カーソルを表示します Display coord indicator cursor Use L-Stick to move cross cursor.
0x01 Disp Trans Bar Flag デバッグ表示をON/OFFします Enable/Disable debug display
0x02 Dungeon Move Free ダンジョンどこでも移動できます Players can move anywhere in dungeon Doesn't work.
0x03 Dungeon Camera Move ダンジョンでカメラの移動を行えます Camera can move anywhere in dungeon See below.
0x04 No Spell Dec 呪文を使用してもMPが減らなくなります MP will not decrease when spells are used
0x05 Dungeon Frame Mask Flag ダンジョンにて1枚の環境色描画の
Enable/Disable drawing an ambient color in dungeon Doesn't work.
0x06 Dungeon Frame Blur Flag ダンジョンにてブラー描画のON/OFFを行います Enable/Disable drawing blur in dungeon Doesn't work.
0x07 Model Light off テクスチャーライトの
Enable/Disable texture lights for equipment models Doesn't work.
0x08 Road Arrive 全ての中継点とロードを通行可能にします Set all areas and roads to passable
0x09 Mapic visible マピックでマップ情報を可視状態とします Use Mapic always to visible map information
0x0A Milwan 強制ミルワン Forced Milwan Doesn't work.
0x0B step encount 1歩ごとにエンカウントします Encounter every step Doesn't work.
0x0C No encount エンカウントしません Does not encounter Doesn't work.
0x0D Recipe Info visible 実験室 レシピ情報を可視にします Laboratory: Make recipe information visible
0x0E Enemy Info visible 図書室 敵情報を可視にします Library: Make enemy information visible
0x0F Item Info visible 図書室 アイテム情報を可視にします Library: Make item information visible
0x10 SCREEN CAPTURE ON R3ボタンにて画面のキャプチャーを
Press R3 to screen capture
0x11 EFFECT TESTMODE ON エフェクトテストモードの
Enable/Disable effect test mode Doesn't work.
0x12 Equip All なんでも装備します Equip everything.
0x13 DISP PAD INFO パッド入力情報を表示します Display pad information Doesn't work.
0x14 DFLAG_TEST20 Placeholder
0x15 DFLAG_TEST21 Placeholder
0x16 DFLAG_TEST22 Placeholder
0x17 Disp Process List 処理速度の分析リストを表示します Display process time analyze list Doesn't work.
0x03: Dungeon Camera Move
  • L-Stick: Move camera.
  • R-Stick: Rotate camera.
  • R1: Move camera up.
  • R2: Move camera down.

Event Flag Viewer(?)

Press Select + R2 to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x10

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (8).png

Domination Value / Lodging Party Level Viewer

Press Select + R1 to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x12

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (9).png

The upper part of the menu lets you change the road domination value. The lower part of the menu shows the lodging party level at different locations.

Text Translation Notes
コンメスまでの残り歩数 Steps remaining until communication message Changes step counter to send war information message from アーレハイン (Alehein).
ダンジョンの歩行数 Step count in the dungeon
対象中継点 Town Area
レベル合計 Total level

Road Maze Number Settings

Press Select + △ to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x15

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (10).png

Set maze number of each road.

Color Settings

Press Select + ◻ to open this menu.

Debug menu value: 0x17

Wizardry Xth 1 Another Debug (11).png

Text Translation
通常 Normal
老朽化 Ruined
氷侵食 Frozen
森侵食 Forested
熱侵食 Sweltering
中枢 Inner Sanctum

Unused Text

Attack Messages

Present in SLPM_658.40 at address 0x166740.

Text Translation
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%sは %sの
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 120
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 121
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 122
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 123
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 124
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 125
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 126
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 127
%s is %s's ...
Attack message 128

Special Attack Messages

Present in SLPM_658.40 at address 0x166ED0.

Text Translation
%sの 特殊攻撃メス70
%sの 特殊攻撃メス71
%sの 特殊攻撃メス72
%sの 特殊攻撃メス73
%sの 特殊攻撃メス74
%sの 特殊攻撃メス75
%sの 特殊攻撃メス76
%sの 特殊攻撃メス77
%sの 特殊攻撃メス78
%sの 特殊攻撃メス79
%sの 特殊攻撃メス80
%sの 特殊攻撃メス81
%sの 特殊攻撃メス82
%sの 特殊攻撃メス83
%sの 特殊攻撃メス84
%sの 特殊攻撃メス85
%sの 特殊攻撃メス86
%sの 特殊攻撃メス87
%sの 特殊攻撃メス88
%sの 特殊攻撃メス89
%sの 特殊攻撃メス90
%sの 特殊攻撃メス91
%sの 特殊攻撃メス92
%sの 特殊攻撃メス93
%sの 特殊攻撃メス94
%sの 特殊攻撃メス95
%sの 特殊攻撃メス96
%sの 特殊攻撃メス97
%sの 特殊攻撃メス98
%sの 特殊攻撃メス99
%sの 特殊攻撃メス100
%sの 特殊攻撃メス101
%sの 特殊攻撃メス102
%sの 特殊攻撃メス103
%sの 特殊攻撃メス104
%sの 特殊攻撃メス105
%sの 特殊攻撃メス106
%sの 特殊攻撃メス107
%sの 特殊攻撃メス108
%sの 特殊攻撃メス109
%sの 特殊攻撃メス110
%sの 特殊攻撃メス111
%sの 特殊攻撃メス112
%sの 特殊攻撃メス113
%sの 特殊攻撃メス114
%sの 特殊攻撃メス115
%sの 特殊攻撃メス116
%sの 特殊攻撃メス117
%sの 特殊攻撃メス118
%sの 特殊攻撃メス119
%sの 特殊攻撃メス120
%sの 特殊攻撃メス121
%sの 特殊攻撃メス122
%sの 特殊攻撃メス123
%sの 特殊攻撃メス124
%sの 特殊攻撃メス125
%sの 特殊攻撃メス126
%sの 特殊攻撃メス127
%sの 特殊攻撃メス128
%s's special attack message 70
%s's special attack message 71
%s's special attack message 72
%s's special attack message 73
%s's special attack message 74
%s's special attack message 75
%s's special attack message 76
%s's special attack message 77
%s's special attack message 78
%s's special attack message 79
%s's special attack message 80
%s's special attack message 81
%s's special attack message 82
%s's special attack message 83
%s's special attack message 84
%s's special attack message 85
%s's special attack message 86
%s's special attack message 87
%s's special attack message 88
%s's special attack message 89
%s's special attack message 90
%s's special attack message 91
%s's special attack message 92
%s's special attack message 93
%s's special attack message 94
%s's special attack message 95
%s's special attack message 96
%s's special attack message 97
%s's special attack message 98
%s's special attack message 99
%s's special attack message 100
%s's special attack message 101
%s's special attack message 102
%s's special attack message 103
%s's special attack message 104
%s's special attack message 105
%s's special attack message 106
%s's special attack message 107
%s's special attack message 108
%s's special attack message 109
%s's special attack message 110
%s's special attack message 111
%s's special attack message 112
%s's special attack message 113
%s's special attack message 114
%s's special attack message 115
%s's special attack message 116
%s's special attack message 117
%s's special attack message 118
%s's special attack message 119
%s's special attack message 120
%s's special attack message 121
%s's special attack message 122
%s's special attack message 123
%s's special attack message 124
%s's special attack message 125
%s's special attack message 126
%s's special attack message 127
%s's special attack message 128