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Wonder Boy: Monster Land (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Wonder Boy: Monster Land

Developer: Westone
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega System 2)
Released in JP: August 1987

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The second game in Sega/Westone's Wonder Boy series, Wonder Boy: Monster Land departed from its predecessor's straightforward platforming in favor of becoming an action RPG. The series would get one more Arcade sequel before spawning the Monster World spinoff series on Sega's home consoles (which began with this game's very own Sega Mark III port, Super Wonder Boy: Monster World). This resulted in some chronologically confusing naming choices that led to two different games sharing the title of Wonder Boy III.

Notably, the original arcade version of Monster Land was only released in Japan (outside of a few translated bootlegs) before getting a worldwide digital release on all the major consoles in 2012. Until then, it was available in the West via its Master System port, as well as various licensed ports made for home computers in Europe (all called Super Wonder Boy).

Debug Mode

Turn on the dip-switch B-7 to activate a Test Mode when you start a new game. Your character will have legendary equipment and 99 Thunder spells, and the timer is frozen.

Furthermore, you can go to the next level, or the credits, by pressing Start.