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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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Title Screen

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Developer: EA Los Angeles
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 28, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is the red headed step-child of the series that replaced the campy cutscenes of the second with sexually softcore ones, but in return gave us fully automated luxury gay space communism.

Mammoth Tank

The mammoth tank was initially an April Fools joke by EALA in 2009[1]. It would later be added in an update but remain unused, allowing modders to access its resources.

Unused unit quotes

To do:
If there are more, find them.

Some units have unused unit quotes, which can't be triggered in game legally, but do exist. Some of them got unused because of impossible to do actions or because of removed triggers. Despite being unused, they still were translated and revoiced in other languages.


Nanocore has 3 soundbanks, which makes it unique. In each of these soundbanks there are quotes for all existing Imperial buildings. However only like 1/3 of "creating" and "select" from each soundbank is used in game. It seems that Electronic Arts planned to add a mechanic which would make Nanocores picking one of three voicebanks.

Set I

File's name Quote File
IUNano1_VoiCreb Generator core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiCrec Mecha bay core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiCred Docks core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiCree Refinery core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiCreg Tower core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiCreh Nanoswarm core, ready!
IUNano1_VoiSelb Generator core!
IUNano1_VoiSelc Mecha bay core!
IUNano1_VoiSeld Docks core!
IUNano1_VoiSele Refinery core!
IUNano1_VoiSelg Tower core!
IUNano1_VoiSelh Nanoswarm core!

Set II

File's name Quote File
IUNano2_VoiCrea Dojo core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCreb Generator core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCred Docks core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCref Defender core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCreh Nanoswarm core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCrei Decimator core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiCrej Mainframe core, ready!
IUNano2_VoiSela Dojo core!
IUNano2_VoiSelb Generator core!
IUNano2_VoiSeld Docks core!
IUNano2_VoiSelf Defender core!
IUNano2_VoiSelh Nanoswarm core!
IUNano2_VoiSeli Decimator core!
IUNano2_VoiSelj Mainframe core!


File's name Quote File
IUNano3_VoiCrea Dojo core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCrec Mecha bay core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCree Refinery core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCref Defender core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCreg Tower core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCrei Decimator core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiCrej Mainframe core, ready!
IUNano3_VoiSela Dojo core!
IUNano3_VoiSelc Mecha bay core!
IUNano3_VoiSele Refinery core!
IUNano3_VoiSelf Defender core!
IUNano3_VoiSelg Tower core!
IUNano3_VoiSeli Decimator core!
IUNano3_VoiSelj Mainframe core!

Here's the information about which Nanocores use which set:

Dojo core - Set I

Generator core - Set III

Mecha bay core - Set II

Docks core - Set III

Refinery core - Set II

Defender core - Set I

Tower core - Set II

Nanoswarm core - Set III

Decimator core - Set I

Mainframe core - Set I

Unedited Yari mini-sub's quotes

In Russian Localisation these 2 unedited voicelines were found. They're still used in game, but because no one hasn't publish unedited voice quotes anywhere (not counting these 2) - these files were uploaded here.

File's name Type File
IUYariM VoiAttSpecef Original
IUYariM VoiAttSpecef Unedited
IUYariM VoiAttSpecg Original
IUYariM VoiAttSpecg Unedited

Semi-unused unit quotes

These quotes are rarely triggered because of conditions that you need for them. Usually it's having two or more unit types in a squad and select the unit which can't do a specific a specific order due to some reasons.

Tesla Trooper

Tesla Trooper's soundbank contains quotes, which would play if you try to move during Electro-Magnetic Disruptors being active. Normally they can't be triggered because the order to move can't be ordered if only tesla troopers are selected. For that you need to have other unit types that can move, select Tesla Troopers as primal units, and while they have Electro-Magnetic Disruptors being active - give an order to move.

File's name Quote File
SUTesla_VoiMovSpca Sorry if I'm a turnoff!
SUTesla_VoiMovSpcb I'm conserving!
SUTesla_VoiMovSpcc Blackout, anyone?
SUTesla_VoiMovSpcd Let's play in the field!
SUTesla_VoiMovSpce Lights out!

Athena Cannon

Athena Cannon's soundbank contains quotes, which would play if you try to move during using Aegis Shield ability. Similar to Tesla Trooper's case - these quotes can't be triggered on their own and for that you need 2 or more unit types and using similar steps above - you can hear them.

File's name Quote File
AUAthen_VoiMovSpeca Shields are still engaged sir!
AUAthen_VoiMovSpecb Can't move while the shield's are up sir!
AUAthen_VoiMovSpecc Negative sir, not while the shield is up!


Tankbuster's soundbank contains quotes, which would play if you attack enemy while being burrowed (as it was seen in their unit demonstration). Since this ability was removed in beta patch 1.3 - these files can't be triggered on their own. For this instead you need to have 2 or more unit types in the same squad, select Tankbusters as primal units, and while they're burrowed - order the squad to attack/force attack anything.

File's name Quote File
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpca Now!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpcb Aha!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpcc Suckers!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpcd Gotcha!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpce Ha!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpcf Attack!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpcg Arida!
IUTankb_VoiAtkSpch Haha!