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Command & Conquer: Renegade

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Title Screen

Command & Conquer: Renegade

Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: February 26, 2002
Released in UK: March 1, 2002
Released in FR: March 8, 2002
Released in DE: January 22, 2003
Released in IT: March 2002
Released in ES: March 2002
Released in NL: March 2002
Released in BR: 2007

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Command & Conquer: Renegade is an FPS where you take the role of "real tough guy" Nick "Havoc" Parker, who's "gotta present" for the newly-revived Brotherhood of Nod - namely, carnage. On top of a somewhat rough single-player mode, it sports a very nice team-based multiplayer mode wherein the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood attempt to destroy each other's bases with heavy weaponry and vehicles. "Time to rock 'n roll!"


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Prerelease Info

Extra Units

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On multiplayer servers that allow it, the player can type in a code to allow access to some novelty units and vehicles by opening the console with F8 and typing "extras quantifigon" or "extras fnkqrrm" (or on some servers, simply "extras"). If successful, the game will display a message of "Extras enabled". The next time they use a Purchase Terminal, holding Alt while accessing Units or Vehicles will reveal some extra units, ranging from NPCs from the campaign to a drivable replica of the official Westwood Studios Battlebot.

Unused Vehicles

Flying Vehicles

Originally, the three flying vehicles - the GDI Orca, the Nod Apache, and the simply-named Transport Helicopter - weren't available to players outside of custom maps and content. As of v1.030, Westwood added modified "City" and "Walls" maps (named "City_Flying" and "Walls_Flying", respectively) that allowed players to purchase the flying vehicles officially.

  • The GDI Orca is a lightweight attack helicopter which uses turbines to achieve flight.
  • The Nod Apache is a more standard vehicle with rotors and machine guns.
  • The Transport Helicopter is a completely unarmed vehicle that can hold up to five players. It is affectionately called the "flying coffin" by regular players.

It seems likely that the vehicles weren't quite ready for public use, as the control scheme for flying seems to ignore whatever buttons the player may have changed. Other than that, they work just fine with a full 3D axes of control (vertical, horizontal, and depth).

NOD Recon Bike

A lightweight, fast vehicle that goes completely unused in both single-player and standard multiplayer.

Its key features are its insane speed and the dual rocket launchers on its sides which can take a while to reload. This was likely an unfinished vehicle, given its state, but is fully modeled and usable on some custom multiplayer maps and servers.

In /Data/always.dat, this vehicle has data related to the camera position while the player is inside it.

Line 1480767:


From line 1480908 to 1480914:


NOD SSM Launcher

CnCRenegade Nod SSM Launcher.jpg

The Nod surface-to-surface missile launcher appears in a campaign mission as a background object the player must destroy. However, there also exists a version that can be operated by the player.

The vehicle has light armor, making it extremely fragile, and is very slow. Attempting to fire a rocket usually causes the entire vehicle to explode, taking the player with it. However, some multiplayer maps "fix" this vehicle, allowing the rocket guide "chute" to move up and down, as well as actually fire missiles. Overall, it seems largely unfinished and may never have been intended to be operated by the player.

In /Data/always.dat, this vehicle has data related to the camera position while the player is inside it.

Line 1480775:


From line 1480973 to 1480979:


NOD Truck

Similar to the NOD SSM Launcher, NOD Truck is a vehicle which appears in a campaign mission as a background object. In different levels it's marked either as a neutral or a NOD vehicle, but internally is referred to as "NOD_Truck". It is not driveable in campaign or multiplayer without additional mods, though it does have some configuration data in /Data/always.dat:

Line 1480769:


From line 1480923 to 1480928:


NOD Harvester

Harvesters are AI-controlled vehicles that collect Tiberium. They are present in both the campaign mode as a destructable object and in multiplayer maps where they bring extra income to the team they belong to. Without mods, this vehicle is not accessible to the player. However, /Data/always.dat contains configuration data for the Nod Harvester, as if it was intended for this vehicle to be driveable in vanilla modes:

Line 1480765:


From line 1480892 to 1480898:


There is no data for GDI Harvester.

Unused Models


Renegade PowerUps.png

Various models for presumed powerups are found in the game files, they were shown in some trailers at E3 but were cut for some reason. Only the Ammo Crate and the Data disc made it to the final game. Sakura can be seen giving Havoc the Backpack when rescuing him from the prison and Hotwire actually wears it on her back.

(Source: lparchive.org)

Dino and Trike

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Two unused models of humanoid dinosaurs can be found in the game files, respectively named Dino and Trike

Unused Textures


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A leftover of the old Pistol model, which looked more like an MP7 than a pistol. Its model, while nowhere to be found in the files, can still be seen in the Help menu and the prerendered cutscenes as well as various trailers and screenshots.


Renegade SakuraNSFW.png

An old texture of Sakura with a see-through bra exposing her nipples and a more prominent cleavage. This textures seems to be of an old model that's not found anywhere in the files.

Inaccessible Weapons

Alternate Repair Gun

In the single player campaign, Nod Engineers and Technicians come equipped with a version of the Gizmo Repair Gun that's different from the multiplayer ones. The primary fire emits a blue beam which repairs buildings and generates unit health, but it also has an alternate mode, shooting a red beam that does light damage to anything it hits.

If hacked into a save file or added to a multiplayer map, the Repair Gun works as expected with the alt fire generating a red "dismantle beam". However, the red beam seems to have a slight cooldown, needed to "reload" after a second of continual use. This was likely added so the Nod Engineers didn't overwhelm the player in the campaign.

Ramjet Rifle

On Mission 11: "Tomorrow's Technology Today", there exists a single Black Hand Sniper which, for some reason, comes equipped with a Hawkeye ramjet rifle – a very high-powered sniper rifle not normally accessible in the Single Player campaign. It sits on top of a Nod Communication Center, taking pot shots at the player. Whether by design or by accident, there's no way on top of the building. However, by using a nearby GDI Humm-Vee and adjusting the suspension via the "edit_vehicle" console command, it's possible for the player to get up there, kill the sniper, and take his rifle. Unfortunately, though, it's impossible to obtain ammo for the weapon beyond this mission, so the ten shots it comes with should be used very sparingly.

(Source: Command & Conquer EVA Database Wiki)

Unused Coding

Vehicle Light Armor

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Normally, light vehicles (such as the GDI Humm-Vee or the Nod Buggy) use a similar armor class to the playable character classes, making it very easy for a player with a pistol or machine gun to take them out. However, present in the code is an unused armor type of "Renegade" which was likely meant for lightweight vehicles, which would have made them resistant to normal gunfire while maintaining a vulnerability to explosive and incendiary weaponry.