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Daikatana (Windows)/Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Daikatana (Windows).


Daikatanawa sflar.png
Man, they did a poor job cleaning out obsolete weapon textures.
Not even the best time traveler can encounter these enemy graphics.
Lots of old armor textures and item models!

"p" skins

For some reason, most enemies and weapons in the game have an alternate unused skin that has the letter "p" at the end of its filename. These skins have a noticeable orange tint on them compared to the used skin. Several of the "p" textures have additional differences, e.g. in details, suggesting that they were made before the skins were finalized.

Unused "p" skin Used skin
Daikatanam griffon p.png Daikatanam griffon.png


HUD mockup

A HUD mockup can be found in the "pics" folder. The status bar matches the one seen in the Daikatana DM Demo prototype and pre-release screenshots taken in 1999.

HUD mockup Final
Daikatanasbar interface.png Daihudfinal.png
HUD mockup DM Demo HUD
Daikatanasbar interface.png Daidmhud.png

Zombie status bar

Daikatanabottom 2 0f.png

A status bar face that looks like a Buboid can be found for each character. Based on a string found in the Daikatana DM Demo prototype, it seems the developers intended for the player to become a zombie at one point. However, being killed by enemies that caused the Buboids/zombies to exist in the first place, along with Buboids themselves, do not make this HUD image appear.

Old sidekick command menu

A version of the sidekick command menu using the HUD style seen in 1999.

Unused Used
Daikatanaoldcommand superfly.png Daikatanacommand superfly.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaoldcommand mikiko.png Daikatanacommand mikiko.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaoldcommand window.png Daikatanacommand window.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaoldcommand select.png Daikatanacommand select.png

Larger sidekick command menu

Speaking of the command menu, a version of the old sidekick command menu with more boxes for commands can be found in the "pics" folder.

Larger Final size
Daikatanaoldcommand window old.png Daikatanaoldcommand window.png

Sidekick status

Sidekick status boxes using the 1999 HUD style can be found as well.

Unused Used
Daikatanaoldsuperflya.png Daikatanasuperflybox.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaoldmikikobox.png Daikatanamikikobox.png

Old pause icon

An older version of the pause icon can be found in the "pics" folder. This one keeps the final's basic shape, but has a green and non-transparent center, a different font, and a style somewhat similar to the one used in the 1999 HUD.

Unused Used
Daikatanaoldpause.png Daikatanapause.png


Unused Menu Option graphic style 1

Textures from an earlier version of the main menu's buttons can be found in the “skins” folder. Instead of looking like a lit-up screen, these have a metal background and a red font meant to look like it was carved into the metal. These textures also appear in the Daikatana DM Demo prototype and are unused there, suggesting they were made and discarded before the DM Demo was made.

Unused Menu Texture In-Game Menu Texture
Daidmoldloadgame.PNG Daikatanaib loadgame.png

Unused menu button graphic style 2

Another type of unused menu button can be found in the game's files as well. These use a different metal background and a plain white font. Only a handful of textures using this second style exist, compared to the first unused style which has a graphic for every menu option.

Unused Menu Texture In-Game Menu Texture
Daikatanabankeyboard.png Daikatanaib loadgame.png

Player models

Chrome skin copies

Mikiko and Superfly have a copy of their "chrome" skin called "(charactername)_bod_e1chr". The "e1" in each texture's filename hints that they were supposed to use their Chrome skins in Episode 1.

Unused Mikiko and Superfly skins

Both Mikiko and Superfly have an unused skin called (charactername)_bod_e1chr2". These skins are similar to the Chrome skins each player has, but the "e1chr2" skins have additional objects, like skulls, on them. Like with the unused Chrome skin copies, the "e1" in the filename of these skins suggests that they were meant to be used in Episode 1 at one point.

Character skins for each episode

Each character has a skin called "(charactername)_bod_e1" and "(charactername)_head_e1" that are the same as their default skins. It suggests that each character might have had a new skin for each episode at one point.

Note that the head skins are used as their default head skin throughout the game.


Skinny worker

Two unused skins for the Skinny Worker NPC can be found. Both of them give the worker a different face, but the first one dresses him up in bright clothes while the second one gives the worker darker and dirtier looking skin and clothes.


The texture is called “m_skinnylab”, meaning he would probably be located in a lab type environment, like E1M6.

Unused Used
Daikatanaskinnylab.png Daikatanaskinny.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaskinnylabback.png Daikatanaskinnyback.png


This skin is called “m_skinnyz”.

Unused Used
Daikatanaskinnygoggles.png Daikatanaskinny.png
Unused Used
Daikatanaskinnygogglesback.png Daikatanaskinnyback.png

Superfly's unused prison outfit

Daikatanasfly pris e1.png

A unique version of the Episode 1 Prisoner skin can be found with the name "sfly_pris_e1". Based on the name, it appears that Superfly was supposed to wear a prisoner outfit in Episode 1 at one point. It makes more sense than him starting out with his armor.

Unused prop graphics

Several unused graphics for props can be found in the game's files.

Limbs on hooks

In the Episode 2 model folder, there are models that feature a head, an arm and a leg each on a meat hook. The skin on the head and arm looks dried out, while the leg uses a skin that is similar to the one used by the generic gibs. Models that put objects on a sort of hook do appear in E1M3, but they look completely different from the three models here.



The Episode 2 model folder has an unused file called "d2_carycol". Inside it is a model of a column with a grey Caryatid Column embedded into the model. The model does not have any missing faces, suggesting it was probably used as a pillar that could be walked around. It was probably cut because people could confuse it with a real Caryatid Column.

Stone Harpy


A separate model of the Harpy with a stone-like texture and only a standing animation is in the E2 model folder. Medusa, the final boss of Episode 2, has several enemies from E2 that have been turned to stone in her lair, but the Harpy is not one of them. It seems the developers planned on her being one of the enemy types in Medusa's lair at one point, but didn't remove her stone model when they took the Harpy out of the arena.

Static Episode 2 enemy models

Static models of the Cerberus and Gryphon can be found in the Episode 2 model folder. The name of the textures their models use, "d2_(insertname), are the same as the texture name used by the stone enemies in Medusa's lair. The developers likely created stone variants of every enemy in case they needed to use them. However, unlike with the Harpy, the textures of the stone Cerberus and Gryphon are not in the game's files.

Strangly, there is a model for Medusa using the same scheme as the unused static Cerverus and Gryphon models, but it has her in the final frame of her death animation, unlike the others, which have an animation that leaves them just standing around.

Stone Snake Model


An unused model showing a large stone snake is present in Episode 2's files. While it would fit perfectly in the Medusa's Lair portion of the episode, it does not appear there. However, a snake mouth made out of brushes is used several times in Medusa's Lair, suggesting that this model might have been an earlier version of that snake mouth.

Unused arm textures

Three unused arm textures can be found in the game's files; "hand_back", "hand_palm", and "w_palm". "w_palm" is an upside-down version of "hand_palm". "hand_back" and "hand_palm" show the back and the front of an arm, respectively. Some pre-release screenshots made in 1998 show the player character's arm that looks exactly like the arm pictured by these textures.

These textures are used by the unused Disruptor model, which explains how they managed to stay in the final game's files.

A smaller version of "hand_back" can be found on another unused texture called "shotcycler".

Hand_palm texture 1998 pre-release screenshot
Daikatanahand palm.png DaikatanaAg ss07.jpg

Incomplete UV maps

Some texture sheets have UV map outlines, depicted by polygon shapes, without a correct texture to go with them.



The upper and lower corners on the right-hand side have UV map outlines.

Rachette Casseti

Daikatanac casseti e4m1.png

A small block between his arm and hand has a UV map outline.


Daikatanad1 coffin2.png

d1_coffin2 has UV map outlines on the right and bottom of the texture.


Daikatanaa wraithorb.png

A UV map outline is near the upper left-hand corner.

Texture sheet messages

Some of the texture sheets have hidden messages in them.



“Amoeba!” to the left of his hand.


“Martin?” above his butt. The same text also appears on the skin used by the Thieves turned to stone.



Daikatanaw novabeam.png

“I am NOT Posh Spice, thank you.” near the lower right corner.


Daikatanam griffon.png

"Prophet is an alien" with a tiny picture of a grey alien underneath it.


Daikatanam ngibsf2.png

A red "ouch" is near the middle of m_ngibsf2.skn.




A bright purple square with the word “Hi” on it can be found in the “global” model folder. The prefix "m" of its filename "m_hi" can also be found at the start of other enemies' filenames, suggesting that the model was used to test enemies or aspects related to enemies.

The Daikatana Trio's Pictures

Two enormous models showing a picture of the Daikatana trio are present in Episode 1's model files. There doesn't seem to be a point for them. Maybe they were supposed to be used in an early version of the intro or the credits or something? Who knows.

What's interesting about the pictures is that they use the old, later 1998/1999-era versions of the team, which is most noticeable with Mikiko. It suggests they were made somewhere around 1998-99.

A model that has the Daikatana logo on it can be found in both the Episode 1 and "global" files. It appears the developers intended for it to be a flag, as it has an animation of it flapping around in the wind. The only place this really could've fit is the credits level, but it doesn't appear there.

Rat texture


It looks nothing like the rats seen in the final game, but it does look somewhat similar to the newer Plague Rat texture seen in the pre-alpha.

Mesh_base and Mesh_back

There are two textures that show a WIP old Lycanthir skin. The first one, Mesh_base, just shows the texture's UV map, while the second one, Mesh_back, shows the old Lycanthir back texture with the UV map overlaid on it.

Unused Greek statue texture

Daikatanad2 nuskin4.png

d2_nuskin4 contains an unused texture for a Greek statue, likely of Athena. The texture is lighter and uses a skin style that differs from the rest of the Greek statue textures, suggesting that it is a leftover from a much earlier development phase.

The number in the filename suggests that other d2_nuskin textures were made, but none of them remain in the files.

Woman's face

Daikatanadv floater.png

A picture of a woman can be found in the game's textures. What this was supposed to be used for is unknown.



Gasskin1.skn contains a texture that consists entirely of a UV map. It's unknown exactly what it was supposed to be, but based on the name it might've been meant for the Ultimate Gas Hands.

Messed up Windows NT Loading screen


For some reason, there is a messed up snapshot of Windows NT's loading screen near the end of the skins folder. Padding? Mistake? Who knows.

dv blue

Daikatanadv blue.png

dv_blue.skn has a red smiley face on a grey background.



A texture for testing...something.

Test Models

Daikatana has quite a few models with "test" in their names, all of which are either skinned or unskinned versions of models already in the game. It is unclear what the models were supposed to test.