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Dark Souls II

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Title Screen

Dark Souls II

Also known as: Dark Soul II (JP)
Developers: FromSoftware
Publishers: FromSoftware (JP), Bandai Namco (INT)
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Released in JP: March 13, 2014 (PS3, 360), April 24, 2014 (Windows)
Released in US: March 11, 2014 (PS3, 360), April 24, 2014 (Windows)
Released in EU: March 14, 2014 (PS3, 360), April 24, 2014 (Windows)

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DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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In Dark Souls II, the protagonist is charged with sucking the souls from local wildlife to avoid becoming a spooky skeleton.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Areas
New locations to die in!
Unused Items & Equipment
An arrow in the hand is worth two in the throat.
Unused Dialogue
You've activated my trap card.


Unused Gestures

Name Image Description
Proper Bow Gesture A method of communication used since ancient times. Teaches the "Proper bow" gesture.

Conversation need not be in words. Besides, words can be most hurtful, whether we wish to admit it or not.



Inside the game's compressed files, in the map directory, is a text file called worldmaplist.list, which seems to have been used by the developers to keep track of what each map's file name meant. The file lists every map that is present in the game, and some that are not present in the game. Additionally, some of the maps that are in the game are referred to with names that do not seem to match what the map ended up being, suggesting that this file is at least partially from earlier on in development.

Map file name prefix Japanese annotation English name in final game Translation Comment
m10_02_00_00 #m10B2 【化石の森】 Things Betwixt Forest of petrification/fossils There is a petrified enemy in this area in the Scholar of the First Sin re-release of Dark Souls II, or the word could refer to the prominent rock pillars.
m10_04_00_00 #m10B4 【マデューラ】 Majula Majula
m10_10_00_00 #m10B10【抵抗の砦】 Forest of Fallen Giants Fortress of resistance The map prominently features a fortress.
m10_14_00_00 #m10B14【蜘蛛の街】 Brightstone Cove Tseldora Spider town
m10_16_00_00 #m10B16【廃墟の城】 Lost Bastille Fortress ruins
m10_17_00_00 #m10B17【炭鉱の村】 Harvest Valley Coal mining town Explains what "harvest" refers to; coal.
m10_18_00_00 #m10B18【地下の港】 No Man's Wharf Underground harbour
m10_19_00_00 #m10B19【火山の製鉄所】 Iron Keep Volcano ironworks
m10_21_00_00 #m10B21【岩峰城】 Not in final game Mountaintop castle Uses the same name as the actually used m20_21_00_00, which is the final game's Drangleic Castle; heavily implied to be the present version of Drangleic Castle, with m10_21_00_00 being the past version, before the game dropped its time-travelling subplot.
m10_23_00_00 #m10B23【拷問場】 Huntsman's Copse Torture fields
m10_25_00_00 #m10B25【Dすけ村】 The Gutter, Black Gulch D-Suke's Village The Dark Souls II Design Works art book mentions that the Gutter got its name late in development after its main developer got sick of it being labelled with his name. Elsewhere in the game's files, the area is also referred to by various words referring to excrement.
m10_28_00_00 #m10B28【ラストダンジョン】 Not in final game Phonetically final dungeon Matches the map ID of Firelink Throne in the text file that is used by the final game to write out what area a save game is in; this is presumably one of the original final areas of the game.
m10_31_00_00 #m10B31【聖堂】 Heide's Tower of Flame Shrine or Church Heide's Tower of Flame has the Cathedral of the Blue, a relatively prominent church, as well as a big firehouse which could be considered a type of shrine.
m10_32_00_00 #m10B32【獣人の森】 Shaded Woods Beast-man's Woods
m10_34_00_00 #m10B34【下水路】 Grave of Saints Path to the sewers While early map content shown off by illusorywall on Youtube implies that Grave of Saints may have originally connected to the sewers of Drangleic Castle, the name arguably also describes the final area, since it leads to the Gutter.
m20_03_00_00 #m20B3 【龍の住処】 Not in final game Dragon's resting place Shares a name with m40_03_00_00, which is the final game's Dark Chasm of Old -- however, there are no dragons in this area.
m20_10_00_00 #m20B10【抵抗の砦】 Memory of Vammar/Orro/Jeigh Fortress of resistance Same as m10_10_00_00, of which this is a past version.
m20_11_00_00 #m20B11【妖精のほとり】 Shrine of Amana Fairy area (?)
m20_15_00_00 #m20B15【龍の研究所】 Not in final game Dragon's institute Same description as m10_15_00_00, which is the final game's Aldia's Keep.
m20_21_00_00 #m20B21【岩峰城】 Drangleic Castle Mountaintop castle
m20_24_00_00 #m20B24【水没城】 Undead Crypt Submerged castle There's no water in the Undead Crypt, which seems to correspond better to the map that is labelled as m10_24_00_00 in this list.
m20_27_00_00 #m20B27【龍の祠祭場】 Not in final game Dragon's temple grounds (?) Seems to correspond to the final game's Dragon Shrine and Dragon Aerie, but starts with m20, which generally denotes "past" maps as opposed to "present" maps.
m40_50_00_00 #m40B50【深淵1】 Not in final game Abyss 1 Seems similar to final Dark Chasm of Old in name, but map does not correspond to any final map.
m40_51_00_00 #m40B51【深淵2】 Not in final game Abyss 2 Seems similar to final Dark Chasm of Old in name, but map does not correspond to any final map.
m40_52_00_00 #m40B52【深淵3】 Not in final game Abyss 3 Seems similar to final Dark Chasm of Old in name, but map does not correspond to any final map.
m40_03_00_00 #m40B03【龍の住処】 Dark Chasm of Old Dragon's resting place Name does not seem to describe final map, but it has the same identifier.
m10_11_00_00 #m10B11【妖精のほとり】 Not in final game Fairy area (?) Same as final Shrine of Amana, but uses the 10 prefix that seems to generally denote present-day versions of maps as opposed to "past".
m10_24_00_00 #m10B24【霊廟】 Not in final game Mausoleum Seems to correspond to final Undead Crypt, but uses the 10 prefix; see m20_24_00_00.
m10_33_00_00 #m10B33【地下渓谷】 Doors of Pharros Underground canyon The final Doors of Pharros is technically an underground canyon.
m10_15_00_00 #m10B15【龍の研究所】 Aldia's Keep Dragon's institute
m10_27_00_00 #m10B27【龍の祠祭場】 Dragon Aerie and Dragon Shrine Dragon's temple grounds
m10_29_00_00 #m10B29【マデューラ虚ろな影の森接続】 Old Akelarre (connection from Majula to Shaded Woods) Majula-Shaded Woods connection The very specific name indicates this map was added later than the areas to which it connects, to connect areas that had not originally been intended to fit together.
m10_30_00_00 #m10B30【ハイデ大火塔隠れ港接続】 (Connection from Heide's Tower of Flame to No Man's Wharf) Heide's Tower of Flame to underground harbour connection The very specific name indicates this map was added later than the areas to which it connects, to connect areas that had not originally been intended to fit together.
m20_26_00_00 #m20B26【古龍の記憶】 Dragon Memories Ancient Dragon's memory
m50_35_00_00 #m50B35【地下マップ】 Crown of the Sunken King DLC Underground map
m50_36_00_00 #m50B36【灰マップ】 Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Ash map
m50_37_00_00 #m50B37【氷マップ】 Crown of the Ivory King DLC Ice map
m50_38_00_00 #m50B38【ヴァンクラッドの記憶】 Memory of the King Vankrad's memory King Vendrick is referred to by many pre-release names in the data; this is one of them.

Unused Bonfires

Selectable Bonfire Areas

Name Image Notes
Old Akelarre
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire12.png
While both the Location and its Bonfire exist in-game this Area was probably cut due to the fact there would be only one Bonfire to select, making it redundant, so it was moved to the Shaded Woods.
King's Passage
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire10.png
While this location also exists in-game there are no Bonfires there, leaving this unused.
Memory of Vamaar
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire11.png
Originally the Memory of Vamaar was supposed to have 2 Bonfires located in it, as both of them were cut the same happened to the Area.

Individual Bonfires

Name Image Notes
Lord's Private Chamber Corresponds with the Lord's Private Chamber area and listed after the Chapel Threshold Bonfire, possibly the name of the Primal Bonfire.
Sinner's Rise Listed amongst Sinners' Rise bonfires, possibly the name of the Primal Bonfire.
Eygil's Altar
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire1.png
Listed amongst Iron Keep bonfires (not to be confused with Eygil's Idol), possibly the name of the Primal Bonfire.
Sanctum of the Scorned
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire2.png
Listed amongst Gutter/ Black Gulch bonfires, possibly the name of the Primal Bonfire.
Alva's Resting Place An intriguing bonfire, while listed next to the Heide's Tower of Flame Bonfire's it is too far away from them (and any other bonfire) to be directly connected.
Bonfire A placeholder Bonfire listed between Rhoy's Resting Place and the Rise of the Dead Bonfires.
Bonfire A second placeholder Bonfire listed before the Gyrm's Respite Bonfire.
Last Rest of the Giants Listed between the Soldier's Rest and Crestfallen's Retreat Bonfires.
Unused Last Giant Bonfire
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire7.png
A cut bonfire located inside the Last Giant Boss arena.
Unused Shaded Woods Bonfire
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire9.png
A cut Bonfire that would have been in the Shaded Woods, located out the left exit of the Ruined Fork Road bonfire, down the path to the blocked stone archway and the Shrine of Winter.
Unused Memory of Vammar Bonfire
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire3.png
A cut Bonfire that would have been located in the Memory of Vammar, just before you enter the courtyard.
Another Unused Memory of Vammar Bonfire
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire8.png
A second cut Bonfire, this one located next to the dead Giant at the end of the level.
Unused Dragon Memories Bonfire
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire4.png
A cut Bonfire that would have been located right next to the Dragon's corpse.
Unknown Bonfire 1
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire6.png
An unidentified Bonfire.
Unknown Bonfire 2
DarkSouls2 UnusedBonfire5.png
Not a Bonfire at all, but a Lord Vessel, seeing as it was possible to warp to the Lord Vessel in the original Dark Souls it would most likely have served the same purpose as one.
(Source: Dark Souls II Wiki - Unused Content)
(Source: Pastebin - Bonfire.fmg)


Unused Music

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Unused Enemies

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Unused Icons

Icon Notes
DSII-Unused Icon 1.png
Unknown. Could have represented leaving a message for other players.
DSII-Unused Icon 2.png
Unknown. Could have represented viewing messages left by other players.
DSII-Unused Icon 3.png
Scale with an X over it.
DSII-Unused Icon 4.png
Represented Agility as a main character stat in the network test.
DSII-Unused Icon 5.png
Scroll with a question mark.
DSII-Unused Icon 6.png
Armor, same color as the used Agility and Poise stats.
DSII-Unused Icon 7.png
Third weapon slot with an X over it.
DSII-Unused Icon 8.png
Same icon as Dark defense stat but in gold like other character stats.
DSII-Unused Icon 9.png
Unknown. While far-fetched due to how small the texture is, it could have signified the effect of a Seed of a Tree of Giants, as it vaguely resembles some sort of seed.
DSII-Unused Icon 10.png
Icon has same format as Status Ailments but is unused. Could have been used to signify that your weapon was broken.
(Source: Dark Souls II Wiki - Unused Content)

Unused Spells

The following spell graphics are also present in the Network Test version of Dark Souls II.


Unused Backgrounds

The following menu backgrounds are present in the files of both the Network Test and the final game, but are unused in both.

Image Notes

DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Blacksmith.png

An cut menu background called 'Blacksmith' (presumably the Blacksmithing purchase/reinforce interface was originally meant to have its own special background).
DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Covenant.png A cut menu called 'Covenant' (Presumably related to the in-game covenant system and/or Sweet Shalquoir).
DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Spell.png A cut menu background called 'Spells' (See Blacksmith description).
DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Phantom.png A cut menu background called 'Phantom'.
DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Priestess.png A cut menu background called 'Priestess' (See Blacksmith description, file named may be related to Licia of Lindelt).
DarkSouls2 UnusedBackground Shop.png A cut menu background called 'Shop' (See Blacksmith Description).
(Source: Dark Souls II Wiki - Unused Content)


To do:
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Unused Game Text


  • Items you were unable to carry were left behind
  • You do not have enough of the required item: %s
  • You do not have enough of the required item
  • Lock removed
  • Already dead
  • You are undeserving
  • Bonfire dormant while foes lurk nearby
  • Cannot use bonfire while phantom is present
  • The area around this bonfire was severed from other worlds
  • The creatures near this bonfire live again, with renewed vigor.
  • Invasion near this bonfire restricted
  • The bonfire resonates, invigorating nearby foes
  • You handed over %s
  • The remnants of ancient souls return
  • If only we had the strength of the Giants…
  • The ashen mist coalesces…
  • The ashen mist has served its purpose…
  • Is the dragon forever lost?
  • Giants crossed the seas, perhaps in homecoming
  • A harsher journey awaits you
  • Do not lament; there will be another day
  • Spar with others possessing Tokens of Fidelity. The victors demonstrate devotion to their covenants
  • Duel other holders of Tokens of Spite. The victors demonstrate devotion to their covenants
  • Holders of the Bell Keeper's Seal are obliged to expunge invaders from other worlds. Success demonstrates deep devotion to covenant
  • Subjects of the Rat King must exterminate invaders. Success demonstrates deep devotion to covenant.
  • ButtonPrompt:Enter the mist
  • ButtonPrompt:Traverse the mist from behind
  • ButtonPrompt:Exit through mist
  • ButtonPrompt:Continue pulling
  • ButtonPrompt:Break barrier
  • ButtonPrompt:Release trap
  • ButtonPrompt:Assist
(Source: Dark Souls II Wiki - Unused Content)
  • A Golem rests nearby, thirsting for souls…
  • If only you had a shield…
  • If only you had a torch…
  • Danger lurks ahead
  • Don't make a sound
  • Retreat!
  • Run!
  • Proceed with caution
  • The road ahead is perilous
  • Your true struggle begins now
(Source: Dark Souls II Wiki - Unused Content)