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Demon's Souls (2009)

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Title Screen

Demon's Souls

Developer: FromSoftware
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment (JP), Atlus (US), Bandai Namco (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: February 5, 2009
Released in US: October 3, 2009
Released in EU: June 25, 2010

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Demon's Souls is the spiritual predecessor to the Dark Souls series.

A PlayStation 5 remake was released for the system's launch in 2020.

To do:
Quite a few things.

DemonSouls UnusedBearWarrior-removebg-preview.png
Unused Enemies
Beware of demons ahead.
Unused Areas
Quite a handfull of them.
Unused Audio
Looks like there's unused audio laying around.


There are icons for three unidentified weapons that can be found in the weapons & armor texture sheets:

Image Name
DemonSouls Dagger HandAxe Spear.png Unknown Dagger
Unknown Hand Axe
Unknown Spear

A demonstration of their models can been seen here.

  • Timestamps: (0:06:30, 0:13:50, 0:17:10)

Upgrade Materials

Several unused upgrade materials can be found. Some of them are clearly for testing purposes while others include "large" versions of existing ores that do not have that size normally. They also have corresponding text for item descriptions but they aren't much more descriptive than the item names:

Item Name Item Description
Large Clearstone Shard Large shard of Clearstone
Large Greystone Shard Large shard of Greystone
Large Bladestone Shard Large shard of Bladestone
Shard of Bronze_test1 Weapon Material_test
Shard of Steel_test2 Weapon Material_test
Material_test3 Material_test3
Material_test4 Material_test4
Material_test5 Material_test5

There are also icons for unused upgrade materials, but they can't be easily paired to the above titles since there are more images. The Large x Shards do not fit well with their own upgrade paths in that they appear larger than Chunks. However, it is clear that they share the same design of those ore-types.

Image Name Game Description Notes
UnknownUpgradeMaterials1.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 1 Presumably an item used to upgrade your equipment.
UnknownUpgradeMaterials2.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 2 Presumably an item used to upgrade your equipment.
UnknownUpgradeMaterials3.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 3 Presumably an item used to upgrade your equipment.
LargeClearstoneShard.GreystoneShard.BladestoneShard.png Large Clearstone Shard
Large Greystone Shard
Large Bladestone Shard
Large shard of Clearstone
Large shard of Greystone
Large shard of Bladestone
Large shard variations of Clearstone, Greystone and Bladestone.

(Source: Demon's Souls Wiki - Unused Content)

Unknown Spell


This icon isn't associated with any particular spell.

Change into Black Ghost (Ghosts N/A)

While the icon above may not be directly tied to this text, the texts for the spells has this unused string in it and it's possible the icon was used for this cut spell at some point. Its name does not survive in the final game.

Unused NPCs

Unknown Woman

# Model Translation
c4040 Filthy One Model name translates to "wandering daemon (unclean)"

An unidentified character called "Filthy One" who is set to load in the first and second areas of the Broken Archstone map. She wears a red dress, wields a serpent staff and has insects crawling on her. She is the most "complete" of the unused NPCs in the game in terms of programming with many of her animations intact.

DemonSouls UnknownWoman.PNG

Video demonstration of model and animations here. (at 2:03:53)

Unknown Man

# Model
c7090 Unknown NPC with Monocle

An unidentified character, who is set to load in the second area of the Broken Archstone map. He has a sophisticated look to his appearance, and wears a monocle. He also has only 1 animation.

DemonSouls UnknownMan.PNG

Video demonstration of model and animations here. (at 3:01:20)

Unknown Child

# Model
c7120 Child

An unused model of a child, who is speculated to be the son of the Filthy Woman vendor from World 5 (Valley Of Defilement). It is unknown why he was cut from the game. He doesn't have any animations.

DemonSouls UnknownChild.PNG

Video demonstration of model here. (at 3:06:00)

True Death Mode

According to a text dump and some unused dialogue from the Crestfallen Warrior in the Nexus, there was a planned "true death" mode for the game. It is unclear if it is just an optional mode akin to "hardcore mode" in other games or if it was previously planned to be a part of the regular game.

Essentially, dying in soul form would cause something like a perma-death, but instead of deleting your character and starting the game over entirely, the character would automatically re-spawn with all or certain progress lost. Due to how it is worded, it is not clear if everything would have been lost, or if obtained gear would remain but simply got de-leveled. The player would also be bound to a "Stone Monolith" after true death, but nothing more referring to the Monolith could be found in the files.

One key difference however is that upon collecting their bloodstains, the player not only would recover their lost souls but also their body.

This mode was likely cut due to being too unforgiving, if the intention of it was to be a part of the regular gameplay.