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Disney's Toontown Online

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Title Screen

Disney's Toontown Online

Developers: Disney Interactive, Schell Games, Frogchildren Studios
Publisher: Disney Online Studios
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in JP: March 18, 2004[1]
Released in US: June 2, 2003
Released in FR: May 1, 2005
Released in DE: November 15, 2004
Released in ES: November 24, 2005
Released in BR: 2005?

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See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.
This article is a work in progress.
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To do:
So much to do.

Disney's Toontown Online was an MMORPG where Toons waged war against robotic businessmen to stop their colorful neighborhoods from being taken over with all sorts of wacky Gags. It became filled with many content updates over time until its closure on September 19, 2013, where it still manages to have a following as numerous unofficial fan revivals exist, along with the developers being surprisingly open to talking about some scrapped concepts and unused content contained within its files.

Many, many releases and updates are lost to time and thus would be difficult to cover what was removed or changed outside of Release Notes. The initial 2003 release (sv1.0.6.4) to the final version of the game (sv1.0.47.38) before its closure will be covered. Beta 1-3 releases are covered in their respective Prototype sections.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.


TTO inventory cup cake.jpg
Unused Textures
Early leftovers from beyond the gray area.
Toontown Online-MalletGag.png
Unused Models
Scrapped and early thingamajigs.
TTO FactoryLayout Preview 1.jpg
Unused Areas
You don't know how to get to those locations!
TTO UnusedToonAnimation1.gif
Unused Animations
Before the Cogs eventually gave up smoking.
TTO tt t chr avt shirt toonTask2.jpg
Unused & Unobtainable Outfits
Fashions that just weren't Toony enough...or contest-approved.
Unused Text
"You did great! Now Improv!"
The tunnel without a light at the end.

Version Differences

TTO UnderConstructionSignGraphic.png
Revisional Differences
So many changes in so little time.
TT CBEuroLogoBB.jpg
Regional Differences
Different versions across the Tooniverse.

Original Storyline Video

The original Flash launcher displayed a video while the game was being downloaded. It involved Scrooge McDuck trying to repair the robot found in Gyro Gearloose's lab in order to make money, but after accidentally crossing the two wires, the robot turns evil and goes on to create the Cogs using another machine found in the laboratory. The video was later removed with newer versions of the launcher, but it still could be watched from the UK website for a while.

Sadly, a usable version of the Flash launcher as we know it is no longer on the internet, or so we thought. The 3 .swf files for this Flash launcher have been found but can't be displayed here due to compatibility issues.

Development Oversights

To do:
  • A misaligned street corner in The Brrrgh
  • Shop name errors on Streets
  • Field Office SOS Toons Emma Phatic and Bea Sharp using wrong gendered Bow Emotion due to wearing shorts.
  • Polar Place sign size oddity and building texture error on that Street.

Untextured Book

The book model, originally used as the Throw Book attack in earlier versions and then as the evidence during the Chief Justice battle has no texturing on the hardcover portion. The hardcover texture itself was removed in later revisions, causing this small oversight but we can see how it was originally intended to look.

Intended Texture Final Game Texture
TTO Evidence Book Intended Texture.png Evidence Book Texture.png

Translation Errors


Billboard Oddities

To do:
Get an image of the first one in normal view, both in English and Japanese versions.

Barnacle Boulevard has two odd billboards. The billboard for Tuft Guy Gym is translated (though it strangely has a 6 at the end of the first line), but cannot be seen due to being lowered behind the wall of Used Life Preservers.
TTO TGG Billboard JPN.png

Japanese Translated
Let's exercise!6
Maple Street
Daisy Garden

The billboard for Eye of the Storm Optics remains entirely untranslated, although its font was changed.
TTO EotSO Billboard JPN.png

Inconsistent Maple Street Spelling

On tunnel signs and billboards, Maple Street is spelled as メープルストリート (Mēpuru Sutorīto). However, Toontasks, loading screens and tunnel transitions spell it as メイプル・ストリート (Meipuru・Sutorīto).

TTO MapleStreetJPNInconsistency.png

Obscured Oak Street Sign

The sign on the tunnel to Oak Street has white text which reads この先、コグ本部につき危険! (From here on, heading to the Cog headquarters is dangerous!). However, Daisy's emblem covers 3 characters on the Oak Street sign, those being 本部に. Because of this, the white text appears to say この先、コグつき危険!(From here on, Cog dangerous!). It's also tilted to the wrong side.

TTO OakStreetTunnelJPN.png

Internal Data

Internal Zone IDs

In ToontownGlobals.py, there is a list of Zone IDs in order, with the locations highlighted in yellow being those that were added in later updates;

Zone ID Weapon Name
1000 Donald's Dock
2000 Toontown Central
3000 The Brrrgh
4000 Minnie's Melodyland
5000 Daisy Gardens
6000 Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres
7000 Funny Farm
8000 Goofy Speedway
9000 Donald's Dreamland

This list notably skips over from 6000 to 9000, out of the released base neighborhoods. Two of the slots would be occupied by Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway. Funny Farm is mentioned as a location as an ID of 7000, despite it never being fully realized.

Removed Minigames

On the Toontown Test Server, the assets for three new board games were added to the Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres neighborhood.

Originally, players could walk up to one of the picnic tables scattered around the area and play a minigame with another. Chinese Checkers was the only playable game on the test server. None of these games were ever fully implemented into the public build of the game, although the models and graphics can still be found in the phase_6 archive of the original game's files.

(Source: Removed/unreleased features - Playgrounds - Toontown Wiki)

Chinese Checkers

Toontown-MDL-checker game.png
Toontown-tutorial page1.jpg Toontown-tutorial page2.jpg Toontown-tutorial page3.jpg
Toontown-checker btn up.jpg Toontown-checker btn down.jpg Toontown-checker btn hilite.jpg
Toontown-golf palette 4amla 2-checker marble.jpg

Find Four

Toontown-MDL-findfour game.png
Toontown-findfour board btn up.jpg Toontown-findfour board btn down.jpg Toontown-findfour board btn hilite.jpg

Regular Checkers

Toontown-MDL-regular checker game.png
Toontown-MDL-regular checker pieceblack.pngToontown-MDL-regular checker piecewhite.png
Toontown-checkertutorial page1.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page2.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page3.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page4.jpg
Toontown-checker btn up.jpg Toontown-checker btn down.jpg Toontown-checker btn hilite.jpg
Toontown-golf palette 4amla 2-regularchecker tutorial.jpg

Unused Audio

Unused Sounds



A longer version of the Cry emotion sound effect. Final version uses avatar_emotion_very_sad_1.mp3.


Intended to for the scrapped Taunt Emotion.


To do:
Lawbot Field Office SFX.
Lawbot Field Offices


Alternate Doodle Speak Sounds

Found only in sv1.0.15.26-38 are alternate Doodle Speak sounds, labelled as speak_v2.mp3 and speak_v3.mp3.

Photo Fun Leftovers

To do:
Is the minigame's logic still in the source code?

Leftover sound effects from Photo Fun - a trolley minigame removed with the release of sv1.0.43.4 - located in phase_4.




Unused Music

To do:
  • Alternative summer fireworks song (tt_summer.mid)
  • Trolley Tracks music (MG_Travel)
  • Photo Fun Music


An unused jingle that exists in phase_9. This was likely intended to be used in the Cog Boss Battle.


To do:
Upload the song.

An alternative version of the fireworks music (tt_summer.mid). It was never used in-game.

Unused Sequence Data

Found in phase_3 is a seemingly blank MIDI file called MIDI_Events_16channels.mid that has no audio. However, Track 10 has the Drums instrument enabled for some reason while other channels have no instrument assigned. The file is likely a placeholder leftover.