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Disney's Toontown Online

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Title Screen

Disney's Toontown Online

Developers: Disney Interactive Media Group, Schell Games, Frogchildren Studios
Publisher: The Walt Disney Company
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: June 2, 2003

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Disney's Toontown Online was an MMORPG developed by Disney Interactive and Schnell games. It was targeted towards kids and families, which focused on taking the role of a Toon that fought evil business robots with the use of silly gags. Even though the servers were shut down on September 19, 2013, it still manages to have a following as the developers are surprisingly open to talking about some scrapped concepts and unused content contained within its files.


TTO CupcakeHouse.png
Unused Models
Stuff that wasn't seen outside of the vault.
TTO UnusedToonAnimation1.gif
Unused Animations
Smoking is bad, even for robotic businessmen.
FactoryLayout Preview 1.jpg
Unused Areas
Sellbot Headquarters sure looked a lot more complicated.
Unused or Removed Textures
Ever thought something was at your estate? Think again.

Original Storyline Video

The original flash launcher displayed a video while the game was being downloaded. It involved Scrooge McDuck trying to repair the robot found in Gyro Gearloose's lab in order to make money, but after accidentally crossing the two wires, the robot turns evil and goes on to create the Cogs using another machine found in the laboratory. The video was later removed with newer versions of the launcher, but it still could be watched from the UK website for a while.

Sadly, a usable version of the flash launcher as we know it is no longer on the internet, or so we thought. The 3 .swf files for this flash launcher have been found but can't be displayed here due to compatibility issues.

Removed Minigames

On the Toontown Test Server, the assets for three new board games were added to the Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres neighborhood.

Originally, players could walk up to one of the picnic tables scattered around the area and play a minigame with another. Chinese Checkers was the only playable game on the test server. None of these games were ever fully implemented into the public build of the game, although the models and graphics can still be found in the phase_6 archive of the original game's files.

(Source: Removed/unreleased features - Playgrounds - Toontown Wiki)

Chinese Checkers

Toontown-MDL-checker game.png
Toontown-tutorial page1.jpg Toontown-tutorial page2.jpg Toontown-tutorial page3.jpg
Toontown-checker btn up.jpg Toontown-checker btn down.jpg Toontown-checker btn hilite.jpg
Toontown-golf palette 4amla 2-checker marble.jpg

Find Four

Toontown-MDL-findfour game.png
Toontown-findfour board btn up.jpg Toontown-findfour board btn down.jpg Toontown-findfour board btn hilite.jpg

Regular Checkers

Toontown-MDL-regular checker game.png
Toontown-MDL-regular checker pieceblack.pngToontown-MDL-regular checker piecewhite.png
Toontown-checkertutorial page1.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page2.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page3.jpg Toontown-checkertutorial page4.jpg
Toontown-checker btn up.jpg Toontown-checker btn down.jpg Toontown-checker btn hilite.jpg
Toontown-golf palette 4amla 2-regularchecker tutorial.jpg

Unused Sounds


Different Cry Sound

A longer version of the Cry emotion sound effect.


Intended to be used for the scrapped Taunt emotion.

Photo Fun Leftovers

To do:
Is the minigame's logic still in the source code?

Leftover sound effects from Photo Fun - a trolley minigame removed with the release of sv1.0.43.4 - located in phase_4.

Camera Zoom

Camera Shutter

Camera Instamatic

Unused Music

To do:
Move some of the Toon Party-exclusive songs to the Oddities page and give context to where it was supposed to be used.

Trolley Song

This was originally intended for the Trolley, but ended up being unused.

The Big Boss

Internally named encntr_head_suit_theme.mid and located in phase_9, this never appeared in the game proper; it was able to be played on the jukebox at Parties, however.

Cog Boss Victory

Originally used after beating a boss. It was replaced with the newer Victory Music (Hall of Fame) when Bossbot HQ came out on March 6, 2008.


An unused jingle that exists in phase_9.

Alternative Summer Fireworks Song

To do:
Upload the song.

An alternative version of the fireworks music. It was never used in-game.

Unused Text


for now this is a text file used to help find the directory of the news content
it could in the future be used for indexing

This text is found in the phase_3.5/models/news/ directory and doesn't have any real in-game purpose. Supposedly, it was to help the developers to find the news folder.

Missing Key Sanity Check

MissingKeySanityCheck = 'Ignore me'

According to comments in the file this is located in, TTLocalizerEnglish.py, this string of text is to ensure that some sort of language checker works.

Cog Invasion Updates

SuitInvasionUpdate1 = lToonHQ+": The Cog Invasion is now at %s Cogs!!!"
SuitInvasionUpdate2 = lToonHQ+": We must defeat those %s!!!"

Two lines of text to be used when a Cog Invasion reached a certain point.


SuitFaceOffDefaultTaunts = ['Boo!']

A placeholder starting battle phrase for the Cogs; as every Cog has its own defined set of taunts, this goes unused.

Pie Toss Game

PieTossGameTitle = "Pie Toss Game"
PieTossGameInstructions = "Toss pies at the targets."

Text for an unused Pie Toss minigame. Based off the description, it would've involved throwing pies at targets, as per Toontown tradition.

Unused Location Names

Each of these were intended to be used for location-related phrases, such as the "Places" set of SpeedChat phrases. Preceding the names are various prepositions.

20000 : ("to",     "on",     "Tutorial Terrace"),

The street where the Toontorial takes place. Further evidenced by NPC Tutorial Tom being under the zone ID of 20000.

FunnyFarm         = ("to the", "in the", "Funny Farm")

A reference to the scrapped Funny Farm playground.


'ReOrg': ["You don't like the way I reorganized things!",
              "Perhaps a little reorganization is in order.",
              "You're not that bad, you just need to be reorganized.",
              "Do you like my organizational skills.",
              "I just thought I'd give things a new look.",
              "You need to get organized!",
              "You're looking a little disorganized.",
              "Hold on while I reorganize your thoughts.",
              "I'll just wait for you to get a little organized.",
              "You don't mind if I just reorganize a bit?",

Battle phrases for Re-Org, an unused Cog attack.


MintElevatorRejectMessage = "You cannot enter the Mints until you have completed your %s Cog Suit."

Mints had denied entry to Toons without complete Cashbot Cog Suits at one point in development.

Regional Differences

To do:
  • The French version has a mostly-retextured Cashbot Headquarters location, with almost all instances of Dollar signs being replaced with Euros.
    • On a similar subject there were plans to release Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres on the Open Server before it got scrapped.
  • The Japanese version actually has voice-acted lines for almost all NPC characters.
  • The Spanish and German versions are probably going to be extremely difficult to search for.
  • Minor gameplay differences between versions.

Japanese version

Japanese Voices

The Japanese version had voice acting for the NPCs in the tutorial. All Disney characters in the playground also have voice lines, but only when the player isn't mentioned.

Japan International

Gameplay Changes

To do:
Find more general gameplay changes.
  • The Castilian, French, Japanese and Portugese versions bumped up the round time in battles from 20 to 50 seconds.

Revisional Changes

To do:
Pretty much everything. Even enough content to make this a subpage.
  • Earlier gag icons of the Elephant Trunk, Foghorn, Bugle etc.
  • Difficulty changes in the Sellbot HQ Factory.
  • Changed playground layouts like the merry-go-round in Minnie's Melodyland.
  • Changed-around appearances for NPCs (ex. Tutorial Tom having a bigger muzzle)
  • Impossible-to-complete ToonTask where it involved a toon delivering a Bugle if they didn't choose the Sound Gag Track.
  • Removed Doodle names (Machete, Goldilocks, etc)
  • Removed lowercase Toon names

Toontown Online has went through many changes throughout the years, whether it be minor aesthetic changes or differences in gameplay.

Loading Screen

sv1.0.6.16 and Prior sv1.0.7.12
File:TTO LoadingScreen Before.png File:TTO LoadingScreen After.png

On August 26, 2003, Toon Tips were introduced on the loading screen. Before that, it was just artwork of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Daisy riding the Trolley.

Members Only Graphic

sv1.0.3?.?? and Prior sv1.0.3?.??
TTO MembersOnly.jpg

This texture appeared on blocked character slots until the new Pick-a-Toon look came in.

Donald's Dock Toon Headquarters

sv1.0.36.9 and Prior sv1.0.36.10
File:TTO DDockToonHQ Before.png File:TTO DDockToonHQ After.png

The mast of the Donald's Dock Toon Headquarters was changed from an unfitting gold to a more suitable wooded-green color.

Changed Sounds

Cog Question Sound Effect

Before 2010, the Cogs used a different sound effect when asking a question. It should be noted that while the Cogs shared sound effects with the Skelecogs and bosses, the sound wasn't changed accordingly for the latter two groups.

sv1.0.40.11 and Prior? sv1.0.40.12?


To do:
There's a ton more.
  • Graphics showing earlier or cut content such as candy playground window view and wallpaper.
  • Earlier version of Bossbot HQ Country Clubhouse tower found via a glitch.
  • Misaligned street corner in Sleet Street, The Brrrgh, near Toon Headquarters.
  • Hidden back head details inside rescued street buildings.
  • Polar Place sign size oddity and untextured building in said street.

Obscured Neighborhood Map

To do:
Upload the other two graphics.

In earlier versions of the game, the map of the neighborhood was considerably different without the clouds covering up the then-unrevealed locations. The blurred-out locations had remained to be a mystery in the fandom for years until YouTuber LoopyGoopyG managed to get a full and unblurred graphic in 2017, revealing the locations.

Oddly enough, the green field where the Construction Zone was located was changed back to a blurred orange field after the beta graphic.

Beta 3 - sv1.0.00.02 graphic Concept art sv1.0.00.02 - sv1.0.24.02 graphic Final graphic
TTO BetaMap.jpg TTO OriginalBetaMap.jpg

Manholes in Cog HQs

After Bossbot HQ was released, manholes could be spotted in all of the Cog Headquarters. No official information has been released about the manholes or why they were added.

Unseen 16th Gag Track Frame

The final Gag track training film frame for any given track is never viewable, as the training film frames are automatically cleared upon obtaining a new track.

Unused Tunnel in Acorn Acres

To do:
  • Find the Toontown Brazil article, translate it, and save it on archive.org.
  • Find the source of the Jesse Schell quote and reference it.
  • Retake the image.
We may never know what lies beyond there...

This infamous tunnel in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres was always under construction, and was never opened at all during the game's span. At a Q&A during the fan-organized 2016 ToonFest Event, Jesse Schell, Toontown Online's director, Stated that the tunnel had no purpose, and was there if the development team wanted to create a new area they hadn't thought of yet.

Some time after the tunnel was released, an article was published to Toontown Brazil's website stating that behind the tunnel "were no Cogs".

Hidden Moon Under Estates

Ever since Estates were released on the Test Server, an upside-down moon could be seen if a Toon swam inside and clipped into the river tunnel. It was assumed that a day-night feature for the Estate was considered, as the sun seen at the top is a separate texture.

Switched Music

The music for the Toon Slingshot and Treasure Dive trolley games were switched at one point, as evidenced by Treasure Dive's music internally referred to as MG_Target and Toon Slingshot's music referred to as MG_Diving in phase_4.

Storm Cloud Reclassification

The sound effects for the Storm Cloud gag classify it as Throw-type. In actuality, it is a Squirt-type gag.

Undefined Cog Attack Phrases

The Cog attacks Fill With Lead and Double Talk do not have any battle phrases defined, and instead use the default phrase of "Take a memo on this!"