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Driver (PlayStation)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Driver: You Are the Wheelman (US), Driver: Sennyuu! Car Chase Daisakusen (JP)
Developer: Reflections Interactive
Publishers: GT Interactive, Spike (JP)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: March 9, 2000
Released in US: June 30, 1999
Released in EU: June 25, 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

To do:
  • Differences between NTSC versions 1.0 and 1.1.
  • Convert Europe/UK version codes to the US version.
  • Any stuff in German, Italian, French and Spanish versions (SLES-01975~8)?
  • Cover the unused area in more detail - are there areas that go unseen during the credits?
  • Check how far RENDER17.str plays in US version, normally only 24 out of 30 seconds are used, and is it the same in the Windows version? In the European version it plays as intended.
  • There is a way to win the last mission by drowning. (One method of doing so is by going out of bounds.)
  • Japanese version oddly "translates" only the audio - text is mostly kept as-is, with some text changes (like Felony -> Criminal, for legibility purposes) and the loading screen was also changed.
  • Japanese versions of RENDER37 and RENDER64.
  • Prototype pages for the rolling demo featured on Euro Demo 43 (SCED-01153) and early playable demo featured on Euro Demo 44 (SCED-01818).

Driver is the PlayStation classic where you go across four cities while working undercover for some criminals using your car. That is, if you could pass the first "mission".


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Cutscenes

The cutscenes RENDER37.str and RENDER64.str are not used in the game. RENDER64.str was supposed to be used for the end of The Briefcase and RENDER37.str is an informational cutscene in The Mercy Mission which the game skips over. These are localized in the Japanese release.

Unused Audio

There is an audio file for receiving four messages on the answering machine, although the most you'll ever get is three.

There's unused engine sounds titled OUTCAR1 and OUTCAR2. These were early engine sounds for the player car. OUTCAR1.WAV was utilized as the engine sound for the player vehicle in early demos. Although it's not clear why these scenes were cut, it's possible that the way they sounded was less than what the devs desired. They originally wanted to use the sound of the Mustang from Bullitt (1968), which was where OUTCAR1 was originally recorded. While the "Bullitt" engine sound was later replaced with the final version's engine sound in-game, both OUTCAR1 and OUTCAR2 still exist in the game files, even surviving in the PC Port! Nothing is known about OUTCAR2, except that it sounds really weak.

There's also unused impact sounds as well, such as BIGCRASH and BOXES. BIGCRASH probably would've been used for a really huge crash, or even as a sound effect for the explosion that occurs in the mission "In The Pickup" when the explosive crate take too much damage and explodes. BOXES would've probably been used for hitting a group of boxes stacked in a pile.

Missing Mission and Cutscene

To do:
If one listens to the used cutscenes, it seems the first or second cutscene with information is skipped. It would be the second that's skipped, I'm not sure. The cutscene that comes before part three makes more sense before the lost fourth part.

"The Mercy Mission" is composed of three segments. But there's actually a fourth segment and cutscene that are missing. This is somewhat obvious if one looks at the cutscene after the third segment, where the location in the cutscene is noticeably different. The skipped cutscene and the fourth segment actually exist and can be played. This works best if you complete the third segment of said mission normally, as the game saves your position after the mission. Enabling the code in other missions can cause out-of-bounds glitches.

GameShark code 8009625C 003D can be used to access the lost part in the European English version.

Unplayable Map

The English city of "Newcastle upon Tyne" is featured in the credits sequence, but it was never meant to be playable unless you use a cheat. Note that actual modeling is not fully present, although what is modeled can be driven on. When driving on the track, the music is Miami Night. There isn't a map, and only the Damage bar is visible.

Use the GameShark code 8009625C 007F to access Newcastle in the European English version.

Regional Differences


  • In the end of the opening cutscene (RENDER0.str) the game name is displayed. The European version has DRIVER with yellow text. The US version instead says DRIVER: YOU ARE THE WHEELMAN with DRIVER in blue.
Europe US/Japan
Driver-Cutsc-Name-EU.png Driver-Cutsc-Name-US.png
  • In "RENDER39.str", a different animation is used during the part where you see through the scope. This causes the US/Japan versions to have a visible jump when the weapon is fired.
Europe US/Japan
  • In "RENDER6.str", some dialog was removed during the end of the scene on the US version.
Europe US
  • "RENDER14.str" is missing entirely from the US and Japanese versions. This cutscene is used before "The Maddox Hit", as the middle cutscene in the European version.
  • These are some unused cutscenes found in the US version. Out of which RENDER29.str, RENDER52.str, RENDER53.str, RENDER54.str, RENDER56.str and RENDER61.str are not present in the European version.

The Hyde Street Pick Up

To do:
Check the versions. Is "SHOULDN'T BE IN PAL VERSIONS" placeholder text or is that what the Japanese version actually says?

When reaching the initial destination and waiting for the tram to arrive, different versions behave differently.

  • The English European version shows you nothing on screen.
  • The US version shows "The trolley's on its way".
  • The Japanese version shows "SHOULDN'T BE IN PAL VERSIONS".


  • Cutscenes seem to be softer and more compressed on US version.
  • Swearing is bleeped in the US version.
  • Map screen says "Press Any Button To Return To The Pause Menu" in the US and Japanese versions. The European version says "Press Any Button To Exit".

Japanese Version

To do:
Some of those time limits seemingly give you more time here. Be more detailed. Add comparisons/images.
  • Additional FMV after a warning screen before developer and publisher logos.
  • While European and US versions check if you have a Memory Card in and notify you before the opening cutscene if your Memory Card is full, Japanese version does not do that.
  • Japanese version has different default sound settings, both Music and SFX are at 50, European and US versions have Music at 50 and SFX at 100 by default.
  • Controls screen is different (note: different how?).
  • Your damage bar fills slower as you take less damage from collisions.
  • This version allows you to move on even if you fail the training mission.
  • Motel room exit option is called "EXIT: Quit Undercover" instead of "Quit Back To Title Screen".
  • Game mode "Pursuit" is called "Chase The Target".
  • High scores menu has a few things: "View Tables" is called "View High Scores", "Load Hi-Scores" and "Save Hi-Scores" are called "Load High Scores" and "Save High Scores".
  • "Felony" is "Criminal".
  • After a successful mission the game says "Mission Clear" instead of "Mission Over". "Continue" is called "Next Mission".
  • Some instructional text during missions is different and any names written in all caps.
  • Mission "TAXI!" has a time limit of 1:05 instead of 1:00.
  • Mission Luther's Heap O' Junk starts with less damage on the car.
  • Any file that isn't a (Japanese) Driver save shows up as a black square.
  • When saving, the game gives automatically the last name of the save.
  • After saving or loading a file, you can press any button instead of only X.
  • "RENDER17.str" is missing.