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Proto:Driver: Parallel Lines

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Driver: Parallel Lines.

PS2/Xbox demo


With a modified version of the game demo you can explore the inaccessible parts of the demo there is only small differences between the demo map and the final game map, and as it is only a demo many parts were deleted to gain more space in the demo, there is a video showing this here.

Deleted region of the map the Time Square in Driver: Parallel Lines demo

Jan 6, 2006 build

Earlier Characters and Vehicles

PS2 Review Code

While the game data is matching the final PAL version, the build itself is dated 3 days earlier and contains additional development menu, unlocked cheats and Era Change from the beginning, as well as full executable symbols that are not present in any final build.

DPL-PS2 Dev.png

Game options:

DPL-PS2 Dev Game.png

Renderer options:

DPL-PS2 Dev Renderer.png