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Proto:Driver (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Driver (PlayStation).

This article is a work in progress.
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Euro Demo 43

A rolling demo that was released as part of Euro Demo 43/Official UK PlayStation Magazine CD 43. This demo was built on Dec 16th, 1998.

Early Loading Screen:


This demo features two replays with the infamous yellow Buick GSX and different police cars inspired by Blues Brothers' Bluesmobile. While this demo is originally unplayable, SOAP at Driver Madness managed to make a standalone playable version of it.

Debug Pause Menu:


Euro Demo 44

To do:
There's 2 rolling demos that appear when you wait enough at the menu

The first playable demo that was released as part of Euro Demo 44/Official UK PlayStation Magazine CD 44. This demo was built on Feb 10th, 1999.


The Loading screen is more finalized and has a 'loading time to be optimised' text:

DRIVER-V210 Loading.png

HUD still reuses a font similar to the one used in Destruction Derby. The demo mission is a Miami Pursuit:

DRIVER-V210 InGame.png

The Pause Menu is now centered and has less options:

DRIVER-V210 PauseMenu.png

Demo Disc

To do:
PAL variant (SLED-01817) at least has an early version of one FMV, the second one seems to be complete.

A second playable demo that was released for both PAL and NTSC regions. While both are built on Mar 31st, 1999, the PAL version has Replay files modified on April 6th.


Loading screens have different logos different between both versions:

DRIVER-V411 Loading.png DRIVER-V331-NTSC Loading.png
Prototype Final
DRIVER-V331-PAL MissionLoading.png DRIVER-V331-NTSC MissionLoading.png

damage is white instead of in yellow and there's no felony bar. The demo mission is a Miami Getaway:

DRIVER-V331 InGame.png

Different Pause Menu:

DRIVER-V331 PauseMenu.png

The PAL version of this demo contains an unique music track not found in any other demo or final build:

V4.11 Beta

An early full game build dated April 11th, 1999.