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Hot Wheels: Crash!

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Title Screen

Hot Wheels: Crash!

Developer: Prolific Publishing
Publisher: Mattel Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: September 1999
Released in EU: 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Hot Wheels: Crash! is a game about launching your cars and destroying everything.

Unused Graphics

Early Intro

Just about everything in the UI/Racer folder is unused. It contains still images from an early version of the intro.


Hotwheelscrash C city off.png

C_city_off.bmp is an image for a missing city level.

Missing Picture

Hotwheelscrash Nothing.png

Nothing.bmp is, well, nothing.

Volume Slider

Hotwheelscrash configsoundanimated.gif

The volume option has unused frames for getting louder. Audio is only toggled on and off, so only the first and last frames are used.

Early Options Menu

A_config_bkg.bmp and C_hand_off.png are early versions of the options menu.



Hwlamb was found in the game's files in the textures, as the name suggests, the car is a Lamborghini, not much can be told about. Could possibly have connection to the lost downloadable levels


vanvol was a unused texture for the Dairy Delivery/Van. It's use was unknown, possibly something with the downloadable levels.

Unused Models

Models\All has several unused models, though most are duplicates with multiple colors.

Unused Sounds


Buzzerold.wav is an early version of the buzzer sound, and not even a buzzer at all, but is actually a sound from 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

Partially-Unheard Audio

While these sounds are used, they get cut-off halfway through and you never hear the rest.

drop.wav is the tire screech in the intro, and only half is heard.

laugh.wav is the sound for selecting the circus level. The developers seemed to have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Bug Message

At 0x1F95C0 in the executable is a message from the developers about a bug.

Due to an as yet unresolved bug, pressing the Enter key
after renaming a tool item causes the tool windows to
disappear. The tool will fix this problem in the background
but to avoid possible anomalous system behavior
click the mouse button after renaming a tool item instead
of using the Enter key. And don't say I didn't warn you.
This message will not repeat.
-The Management