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Lumines: Puzzle Fusion (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

Lumines: Puzzle Fusion

Also known as: Lumines (JP/KR)
Developer: Q Entertainment
Publishers: Bandai (JP/KR), Ubisoft (US/EU)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: December 12, 2004
Released in US: March 22, 2005
Released in EU: September 1, 2005
Released in KR: June 11, 2005

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GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The original 2x2 square-making game. It was praised for its soundtrack, which includes MONDO GROSSO's Shinin' and Eri Nobuchika's Lights.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Main Menu


Two unused selections, relating to a "Music Player" mode (possibly a Sound Test menu) and a "Sound Replay" mode, can be found within some of the main menu files, present at USRDIR\menu.dat in the original Japanese release, and at USRDIR\lang\(en/jp)\menu.dat in the US release, along with other used images relating to the menu screens. These are blanked out in the European release, save for the English language.



...A stone. Found between the block tiles of the skin Mekong, at USRDIR\skin\skin105_1p.dat and USRDIR\skin\skin105_2p.dat.

Level Up Graphic


A somewhat bigger "level up" graphic comparing to the ones used in-game, including the variations in some skins. Found in every file present in USRDIR\skin, save for the ones with IDs 201 to 303. This slot is blanked out in the European release.

Unused Code

Several unused audio parameters are found in the .csv files between the many skins' audio files in this game, present in USRDIR\sound. They are labeled [SE_11] (fall5), [SE_12] (lvup), [SE_16] (dec_st) and [SE_18] (rap). Despite that [SE_12] is actually filled in the files of one skin, that being TALK 2 YOU (ID so_music01), the sound tagged in it, levelup.vag, never plays in-game, although it still exists (see below).

Unused Sounds


The aforementioned level up sound, which is coded but never actually plays in-game. Found in USRDIR\sound\so_music01.dat, along with other, used sounds and background tracks of the skin TALK 2 YOU.


An unused sound relating to the aforementioned "Sound Replay" mode. Found in USRDIR\sound\music_menu.dat, along with other, used sounds and background tracks of the main menu. This audio file is only present in the original Japanese release.

Regional Differences


In the original Japanese release, prior to displaying the game's title, Quest Beat (one of Bandai's game labels)'s logo is displayed. In the American and European localizations, however, the logos of Ubisoft, Bandai, and Q Entertainment, in that order, are shown. Additionally, the European localization also shows a screen regarding network connections.

Japan US Europe
Lumines-pretitle1JP.png Lumines-pretitle1INT.png Lumines-pretitle1INT.png
Lumines-pretitle2INT.png Lumines-pretitle2INT.png
Lumines-pretitle3INT.png Lumines-pretitle3INT.png

Game Logo/Title Screen

In the original Japanese release, Lumines: Puzzle Fusion was just known as Lumines. This change was reflected in the game's title screen and icon. On different notes, the font for "Press START Button" was more generic in the European release, and a trademark was added in the localizations.

Japan US Europe
Lumines-titleJP.png Lumines-title.png Lumines-titleEU.png
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-iconJP.PNG Lumines-iconINT.PNG

Menu Screens

  • The button layout was changed. In the original Japanese release, the Circle button is used to select, and the Cross button to return. In the American and European localizations, the Cross button is used to select, while the Triangle button is used to return.
  • Many wording changes, such as "Single Play Mode" being changed to "1P Mode", and "Button Assign" to "Button Configuration. These changes were reflected in the audio as well.
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-mainmenuJP.png Lumines-mainmenuINT.png
Lumines-optionsJP.png Lumines-optionsINT.png
"Single Play Mode"
"1P Mode"
"VS 2P Mode"
"2P VS Mode"
"Button Assign"
"Button Configuration"

Puzzle Mode

  • Some more wording changes, such as "Delete 20 Over Blocks" being corrected to "Delete Over 20 Blocks", and "Big O" slightly altered to "Large O".
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-puzzle2JP.png Lumines-puzzle2INT.png
  • The 19th puzzle, which is a fylfot in the original Japanese release, was changed to an UFO in the localizations, likely to avoid confusion with the Nazi swastika. This also applies to its X2 version.
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-puzzleJP.png Lumines-puzzleINT.png


  • Another wording change. In the original Japanese release, the "Single Color Bonuses" were known as "Unicolor Bonuses".
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-singleskinJP.png Lumines-singleskinINT.png


  • The font used in the text is slightly bolder in the localizations.
  • The credits music is slightly longer in the localizations, due to said screen crediting more people.
  • Much like in the screens prior to the title, Quest Beat's logo was removed in the localizations. Additionally, the copyright information was also updated.
Japan US/Europe
Lumines-creditsfinalJP.png Lumines-creditsfinalINT.png