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Lunar: Silver Star Story (Windows)

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Title Screen

Lunar: Silver Star Story

Developers: Game Arts (JP), EJ (JP), Sonnori (KR)
Publishers: Digicube (JP), Amusement Korea (KR)
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: 1999
Released in KR: May 2000

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The only computer version of any of the Lunar games, Lunar: Silver Star Story for Windows features traced higher-resolution artwork and high-res FMVs.

Debug Mode

To do:
But what does it do? Research if the debug executable actually has any interesting features.

The Korean version features a separate debug executable, "lunarDebug.exe". Surprisingly, this is actually mentioned in the README and included in the Start menu folder. What features it has, if any, are undocumented. The accompanying README in both versions warn that the debug build is about 20% slower. The Japanese version does not install it or provide a shortcut; instead, it's hidden away in an "OMAKE" directory on the CD.

Regional Differences

The Korean release published by AK is dubbed in Korean - except for the songs. For some reason, these are presented using Working Designs's dub from the 1999 PlayStation release instead. Ironically, this means that the Korean version features higher-quality versions of these songs than any version released in English-speaking regions - though the intro is noticeably mistimed.