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MSI Entertainment Plug & Plays

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MSI Entertainment Plug & Plays

Publisher: MSI Entertainment
Platforms: Unlicensed NES, VT09, Plug & Play

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The MSI Entertainment Plug & Plays are...something. These somehow-licensed Famiclones only have one game per console, all originating from the NES/Famicom, and are priced at a rather high $20 each. They're not the worst of these kinds of consoles out there, but certainly the most barebones, and are trumped by their older Y2K counterparts.

As each one is effectively based on the same code, all of the consoles will be documented on this page instead of separate pages for each game. Consoles analyzed include:

To do:
Mega Man II's controls are inversed when played in an emulator. Is this how the machine actually behaves, or is it an emulation glitch?

Controller and Checksum Test


A basic controller test with some Nice Code music, accessed by holding A + B while turning a console on. This doesn't seem to work on Space Invaders, despite it still being in the system's code.

Unused Graphics

Namco/Midway Classics Menu Graphics


Stored with the menu data of the 3-in-1 systems are giant sprites of Psy, of Gangnam Style fame. They are presumably left over from a bootleg plug & play.


In the same area is a flock of birds; quite angry ones. The odd inclusion of shoes implies they are based on the NES Angry Birds 2 bootleg, a hack of Kiwi Kraze.

Unknown VT-Based Graphics


CHR for an unknown game; its PRG does not seem to be present. It is overwritten in Double Dragon and Mega Man II.

When run as VT09 When run as VT03
Msi-entertainment-pnp-taito-1.png Msi-entertainment-pnp-taito-2.png

The Taito logo at the beginning of Space Invaders is in VT03 format despite the console itself being in VT09 format, causing its colors to display incorrectly. By running it as VT03, the correct colors will be shown.

Frogger Source Code

A chunk of source code can be found in Frogger at address 116000 (and duplicated several times throughout):

 CA1D A900      	Lda #$00
 CA1F 8D9507    	Sta Frogkt7XSpeedH
 CA22 8D9607    	Sta Frogkt7XSpeedL
 CA25 A9FF      	Lda #$FF
 CA27 8D9707    	Sta Frogkt7YSpeedH
 CA2A A980      	Lda #$80
 CA2C 8D9807    	Sta Frogkt7YSpeedL
 CA2F A930      	Lda #Frog7WriteScrOFF%$100
 CA31 8502      	STA REG_DL
 CA33 8504      	STA REG_BL
 CA35 A904      	Lda #Frog7WriteScrOFF/$100
 CA37 8503      	STA REG_DH
 CA39 8505      	STA REG_BH
 CA3B A902      	Lda #$02
 CA3D 8506      	STA REG_CL
 CA3F 8507      	STA REG_CH
 CA41 20A3DD    	JSR CopySCRFun
 CA44 EE9907    	Inc WhoKtAction
 CA47           OccurKtUEnd:
 CA47 60        	Rts
                ;--------------------------------	--------------------------------	--------------------------------	
 CA48           MoveKtFun:
 CA48 2087CB    	Jsr ChangeKtFun
 CA4B AD5707    	Lda Frogkt1No
 CA4E C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CA50 F026      	Beq MoveKtFun1
 CA52 AD5407    	Lda Frogkt1XL
 CA55 18        	Clc 
 CA56 6D5A07    	Adc Frogkt1XSpeedL
 CA59 8D5407    	Sta Frogkt1XL
 CA5C AD5307    	Lda Frogkt1XH
 CA5F 6D5907    	Adc Frogkt1XSpeedH
 CA62 8D5307    	Sta Frogkt1XH
 CA65 AD5607    	Lda Frogkt1YL
 CA68 18        	Clc 
 CA69 6D5C07    	Adc Frogkt1YSpeedL
 CA6C 8D5607    	Sta Frogkt1YL
 CA6F AD5507    	Lda Frogkt1YH
 CA72 6D5B07    	Adc Frogkt1YSpeedH
 CA75 8D5507    	Sta Frogkt1YH
 CA78           MoveKtFun1:
 CA78 AD6107    	Lda Frogkt2No
 CA7B C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CA7D F026      	Beq MoveKtFun2
 CA7F AD5E07    	Lda Frogkt2XL
 CA82 18        	Clc 
 CA83 6D6407    	Adc Frogkt2XSpeedL
 CA86 8D5E07    	Sta Frogkt2XL
 CA89 AD5D07    	Lda Frogkt2XH
 CA8C 6D6307    	Adc Frogkt2XSpeedH
 CA8F 8D5D07    	Sta Frogkt2XH
 CA92 AD6007    	Lda Frogkt2YL
 CA95 18        	Clc 
 CA96 6D6607    	Adc Frogkt2YSpeedL
 CA99 8D6007    	Sta Frogkt2YL
 CA9C AD5F07    	Lda Frogkt2YH
 CA9F 6D6507    	Adc Frogkt2YSpeedH
 CAA2 8D5F07    	Sta Frogkt2YH
 CAA5           MoveKtFun2:
 CAA5 AD6B07    	Lda Frogkt3No
 CAA8 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CAAA F026      	Beq MoveKtFun3
 CAAC AD6807    	Lda Frogkt3XL
 CAAF 18        	Clc 
 CAB0 6D6E07    	Adc Frogkt3XSpeedL
 CAB3 8D6807    	Sta Frogkt3XL
 CAB6 AD6707    	Lda Frogkt3XH
 CAB9 6D6D07    	Adc Frogkt3XSpeedH
 CABC 8D6707    	Sta FrogkT3XH
 CABF AD6A07    	Lda Frogkt3YL
 CAC2 18        	Clc 
 CAC3 6D7007    	Adc Frogkt3YSpeedL
 CAC6 8D6A07    	Sta Frogkt3YL
 CAC9 AD6907    	Lda Frogkt3YH
 CACC 6D6F07    	Adc Frogkt3YSpeedH
 CACF 8D6907    	Sta Frogkt3YH
 CAD2           MoveKtFun3:
 CAD2 AD7507    	Lda Frogkt4No
 CAD5 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CAD7 F026      	Beq MoveKtFun4
 CAD9 AD7207    	Lda Frogkt4XL
 CADC 18        	Clc 
 CADD 6D7807    	Adc Frogkt4XSpeedL
 CAE0 8D7207    	Sta Frogkt4XL
 CAE3 AD7107    	Lda Frogkt4XH
 CAE6 6D7707    	Adc Frogkt4XSpeedH
 CAE9 8D7107    	Sta Frogkt4XH
 CAEC AD7407    	Lda Frogkt4YL
 CAEF 18        	Clc 
 CAF0 6D7A07    	Adc Frogkt4YSpeedL
 CAF3 8D7407    	Sta Frogkt4YL
 CAF6 AD7307    	Lda Frogkt4YH
 CAF9 6D7907    	Adc Frogkt4YSpeedH
 CAFC 8D7307    	Sta Frogkt4YH
 CAFF           MoveKtFun4:
 CAFF AD7F07    	Lda Frogkt5No
 CB02 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CB04 F026      	Beq MoveKtFun5
 CB06 AD7C07    	Lda Frogkt5XL
 CB09 18        	Clc 
 CB0A 6D8207    	Adc Frogkt5XSpeedL
 CB0D 8D7C07    	Sta Frogkt5XL
 CB10 AD7B07    	Lda Frogkt5XH
 CB13 6D8107    	Adc Frogkt5XSpeedH
 CB16 8D7B07    	Sta Frogkt5XH
 CB19 AD7E07    	Lda Frogkt5YL
 CB1C 18        	Clc 
 CB1D 6D8407    	Adc Frogkt5YSpeedL
 CB20 8D7E07    	Sta Frogkt5YL
 CB23 AD7D07    	Lda Frogkt5YH
 CB26 6D8307    	Adc Frogkt5YSpeedH
 CB29 8D7D07    	Sta Frogkt5YH
 CB2C           MoveKtFun5:
 CB2C AD8907    	Lda Frogkt6No
 CB2F C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CB31 F026      	Beq MoveKtFun6
 CB33 AD8607    	Lda Frogkt6XL
 CB36 18        	Clc 
 CB37 6D8C07    	Adc Frogkt6XSpeedL
 CB3A 8D8607    	Sta Frogkt6XL
 CB3D AD8507    	Lda Frogkt6XH
 CB40 6D8B07    	Adc Frogkt6XSpeedH
 CB43 8D8507    	Sta Frogkt6XH
 CB46 AD8807    	Lda Frogkt6YL
 CB49 18        	Clc 
 CB4A 6D8E07    	Adc Frogkt6YSpeedL
 CB4D 8D8807    	Sta Frogkt6YL
 CB50 AD8707    	Lda Frogkt6YH
 CB53 6D8D07    	Adc Frogkt6YSpeedH
 CB56 8D8707    	Sta Frogkt6YH
 CB59           MoveKtFun6:
 CB59 AD9307    	Lda Frogkt7No
 CB5C C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CB5E F026      	Beq MoveKtEND 
 CB60 AD9007    	Lda Frogkt7XL
 CB63 18        	Clc 
 CB64 6D9607    	Adc Frogkt7XSpeedL
 CB67 8D9007    	Sta Frogkt7XL
 CB6A AD8F07    	Lda Frogkt7XH
 CB6D 6D9507    	Adc Frogkt7XSpeedH
 CB70 8D8F07    	Sta Frogkt7XH
 CB73 AD9207    	Lda Frogkt7YL
 CB76 18        	Clc 
 CB77 6D9807    	Adc Frogkt7YSpeedL
 CB7A 8D9207    	Sta Frogkt7YL
 CB7D AD9107    	Lda Frogkt7YH
 CB80 6D9707    	Adc Frogkt7YSpeedH
 CB83 8D9107    	Sta Frogkt7YH
 CB86           MoveKtEND:
 CB86 60        	Rts
                ;--------------------------------	--------------------------------	--------------------------------	
 CB87           ChangeKtFun:
 CB87 AD5707    	Lda Frogkt1No
 CB8A C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CB8C F027      	Beq ChangeKtFun1
 CB8E EE5807    	Inc Frogkt1ChangeYs
 CB91 AD5807    	Lda Frogkt1ChangeYs
 CB94 C90A      	Cmp #ChangeYsOFF
 CB96 901D      	Bcc ChangeKtFun1
 CB98 A900      	Lda #$00
 CB9A 8D5807    	Sta Frogkt1ChangeYs
 CB9D AD5707    	Lda Frogkt1No
 CBA0 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CBA2 E600      	Inc Reg_Al
 CBA4 A500      	Lda Reg_Al
 CBA6 2907      	And #$07
 CBA8 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CBAA AD5707    	Lda Frogkt1No
 CBAD 29F8      	And #$F8
 CBAF 0500      	Ora Reg_Al
 CBB1 8D5707    	Sta Frogkt1No
 CBB4 60        	Rts
 CBB5           ChangeKtFun1:
 CBB5 AD6107    	Lda Frogkt2No
 CBB8 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CBBA F027      	Beq ChangeKtFun2
 CBBC EE6207    	Inc Frogkt2ChangeYs
 CBBF AD6207    	Lda Frogkt2ChangeYs
 CBC2 C90A      	Cmp #ChangeYsOFF
 CBC4 901D      	Bcc ChangeKtFun2
 CBC6 A900      	Lda #$00
 CBC8 8D6207    	Sta Frogkt2ChangeYs
 CBCB AD6107    	Lda Frogkt2No
 CBCE 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CBD0 E600      	Inc Reg_Al
 CBD2 A500      	Lda Reg_Al
 CBD4 2907      	And #$07
 CBD6 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CBD8 AD6107    	Lda Frogkt2No
 CBDB 29F8      	And #$F8
 CBDD 0500      	Ora Reg_Al
 CBDF 8D6107    	Sta Frogkt2No
 CBE2 60        	Rts
 CBE3           ChangeKtFun2:
 CBE3 AD6B07    	Lda Frogkt3No
 CBE6 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CBE8 F027      	Beq ChangeKtFun3
 CBEA EE6C07    	Inc Frogkt3ChangeYs
 CBED AD6C07    	Lda Frogkt3ChangeYs
 CBF0 C90A      	Cmp #ChangeYsOFF
 CBF2 901D      	Bcc ChangeKtFun3
 CBF4 A900      	Lda #$00
 CBF6 8D6C07    	Sta Frogkt3ChangeYs
 CBF9 AD6B07    	Lda Frogkt3No
 CBFC 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CBFE E600      	Inc Reg_Al
 CC00 A500      	Lda Reg_Al
 CC02 2907      	And #$07
 CC04 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CC06 AD6B07    	Lda Frogkt3No
 CC09 29F8      	And #$F8
 CC0B 0500      	Ora Reg_Al
 CC0D 8D6B07    	Sta Frogkt3No
 CC10 60        	Rts
 CC11           ChangeKtFun3:
 CC11 AD7507    	Lda Frogkt4No
 CC14 C9FF      	Cmp #$FF
 CC16 F027      	Beq ChangeKtFun4
 CC18 EE7607    	Inc Frogkt4ChangeYs
 CC1B AD7607    	Lda Frogkt4ChangeYs
 CC1E C90A      	Cmp #ChangeYsOFF
 CC20 901D      	Bcc ChangeKtFun4
 CC22 A900      	Lda #$00
 CC24 8D7607    	Sta Frogkt4ChangeYs
 CC27 AD7507    	Lda Frogkt4No
 CC2A 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CC2C E600      	Inc Reg_Al
 CC2E A500      	Lda Reg_Al
 CC30 2907      	And #$07
 CC32 8500      	Sta Reg_Al
 CC34 AD7507    	Lda Frogkt4No
 CC37 29F8      	And #$F8
 CC39 0500      	Ora Reg_Al
 CC3B 8D7507    	Sta Frogkt4No
 CC3E 60        	Rts
 CC3F           ChangeKtFun4:
 CC3F AD7F07    	Lda Fro

WWE Steel Cage Challenge

There were two releases of the unit, with production dates on the packaging of 082018 and 092018.

  • The 082018 release is more polished, with new arrangements of Ultimate Warrior and Razor Ramon's entry music to go with their use as replacement characters. This carries a copyright date of 2018, and doesn't contain the Ms. Pac-Man code listed below as it has a 1MB Flash ROM.
  • The 092018 release is more common, but has a 2017 copyright and does not feature the entry themes for the new characters, just the original themes dummied out. This has a 2MB ROM, containing the unused Ms. Pac-Man code.

Reused Content and Other Oddities

  • Space Invaders has the two-player mode intact by pressing Select (a button not present on the system itself), though it causes the graphics to glitch slightly.
  • The WWF system has the entirety of the Ms. Pac-Man system as the first half of its coding.
  • Ms. Pac-Man (and as such WWF) have leftover Taito copyrights from Space Invaders.
  • Midway Classics Vol. 1 and Namco Classics Vol. 1 seem to share the same coding, as all six games are intact. The menu system also seems to have every game incorporated. There is likely some way on the circuit board to change between the menus/game lists.