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NHL 96 (Genesis)

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Title Screen

NHL 95

Also known as: Elitserien 96 (SWE)
Developers: High Score Productions, Neurostone (Elitserien conversion)
Publisher: EA Sports
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: Fall 1995
Released in EU: 1995

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
This was converted to an Elitserien game in Sweden, too. Document that.

NHL 96 is the fifth installment in the EA Sports NHL series.

Unused Arena Names

While the arena names go unused during gameplay; they are still listed among the team data.

Team Arena
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Arrowhead Pond Of Anaheim
Boston Bruins Boston Garden
Buffalo Sabres Memorial Auditorium
Calgary Flames Olympic Saddledome
Chicago Blackhawks United Center
Dallas Stars Reunion Arena
Detroit Red Wings Joe Louis Sports Arena
Edmonton Oilers Northlands Coliseum
Florida Panthers Miami Arena
Hartford Whalers Hartford Civic Center
Los Angeles Kings Great Western Forum
Montreal Canadiens Montreal Forum
New Jersey Devils Byrne Meadowlands Arena
New York Islanders Nassau Coliseum
New York Rangers Madison Square Garden
Ottawa Senators Ottawa Civic Center
Philadelphia Flyers Spectrum
Pittsburgh Penguins Civic Arena
Quebec Nordiques Colisee de Quebec
San Jose Sharks San Jose Arena
St. Louis Blues Kiel Center
Tampa Bay Lightning Thunderdome
Toronto Maple Leafs Maple Leaf Gardens
Vancouver Canucks General Motors Place
Washington Capitals US Air Arena
Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Arena

Unused and Early Developmental Text

Starting at offset 0x88824 there is unused text relating to a non-existing team match-up screen.

Welcome to a sold out ^.  Tonight's National Hockey League game features the + *% and _ =#.

Right afterwards is information about an earlier build of the game.

This is NHL96 Milestone 7.
Features first cut at season mode without awards and celebrations and missing some screens.

Directly after that is the rest of the old team match-up dialogue.

For { < is on a hot streak, but | is off his game. 
For } > is on a hot streak, but \ is off his game. 
The ^ crowd record is @ dB. 
Hit the start button to begin.  
Use the A and C buttons to cycle through matchups. 
Lately $ has been playing well. 
Lately $ has been playing extremely well.

Elitserien 96

Like with NHL 95, the game was converted into an Elitserien hockey league game for the Swedish market.

Title Screen

NHL 96 Elitserien 96
NHL96GensTitle.png Elitserien 96 title screen.png


NHL 96 Elitserien 96
NHL 96 scoreboard.png Elitserien 96 scoreboard.png

The advertisement at the bottom of the scoreboard was changed from The Hockey News to "Hockeynytt".


NHL 96 Elitserien 96
NHL 96 rink.png Elitserien 96 rink.png

In Elitserien, the rink was made bigger for Swedish standard hockey regulation, but the logotype for a home match in the ice is removed.


NHL 96 Elitserien 96
NHL 96 Playoffs.png Elitserien 96 Playoffs.png

In Elitserien, the Stanley Cup was replaced with the Le Mat Trophy, and the field consists of 8 teams instead of 16.