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Title Screen

NHL 98

Developer: Al Baker and Associates
Publisher: EA Sports
Platform: SNES
Released in US: December 1997

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Sound Engine Credits

Build information and credits for the game's sound engine are stored at x2D1B:

SMSG 3.07w Jason Andersen/John Schappert 7/2/1995


Team Banners

  • The Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, and Phoenix Coyotes banners use each team's city name rather than team name.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks banner is misspelled "Blawkhawks".

Season Mode Divisional Alignment

The divisional alignment in season mode has multiple inaccuracies:

  • The Carolina Hurricanes are in the Central Division instead of the Northeast, and in turn are also in the Western Conference instead of the Eastern Conference.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings are in the Pacific Division instead of the Central.
  • The Colorado Avalanche are in the Central Division instead of the Pacific.
  • The Edmonton Oilers are in the Atlantic Division instead of the Pacific, and in turn are also in the Eastern Conference instead of the Western Conference.
  • The Florida Panthers are in the Northeast Division instead of the Atlantic.