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NHL Hockey 94 (Genesis)

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Title Screen

NHL Hockey 94

Also known as: NHL 94
Developer: High Score Productions
Publisher: EA Sports
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: March 1993
Released in EU: 1993

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

NHL 94 is the third installment in the EA Sports NHL series.

Exception Handler

Not as illegal as Marty McSorley's stick in the 1993 finals, though.

If the game ever crashes, it'll display an exception handler at the top of the screen.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Leftover NHLPA 93 Graphics

The Pro Set Trading Cards logo is partially stored within the pause menu graphics. Some of the tiles; however, were overwritten.

Revisional Changes

The game was later re-released as a bonus feature in the PlayStation 2 version of NHL 06. Due to legal issues, a few changes had to be made:

Developer Logos

Original NHL 06
NHL 94 Developer Logo.png N/A

The High Score Productions/Mark Lesser screen was removed.

Title Screen

Original NHL 06
NHLHockey94GensTitle.png NHL 94 NHL 06 Version Title.png

"Licensed by Sega Enterprises Ltd." was removed, and the text does not scroll down to reveal the credits.

Hartford Whalers

Original NHL 06
NHL 94 Hartford Whalers.png NHL 94 NHL 06 Hartford Canes.png

As the NHL didn't have the rights to use their name and logo at the time NHL 06 was released, the Hartford Whalers are instead called the Hartford Canes (a nod to their post-1997 relocation as the Carolina Hurricanes) with a fictional logo based on the Hurricanes' to match (they do keep the Whalers' colors, however).

Tonight's Matchup

Original NHL 06
NHL 94 Matchup.png NHL 94 NHL 06 Matchup.png
Original NHL 06
Hi, I'm Ron Barr for EA 

Welcome to a sold out
(arena). Tonight's
National Hockey League game features the (visiting team)
and (home team).
Welcome to (home team's city).

Tonight's National Hockey League game features the (visiting team)
and (home team).

Ron Barr was removed, the text box was moved up, and the text itself was changed.


Original NHL 06
NHL 94 Player Card.png NHL 94 NHL 06 Player Card.png

All players were replaced with generic ones, and all player pictures were replaced with silhouettes.

Unused Text

Arena Names

The data for each team includes the name of their arena. Because of the changes to the matchup screen text (as noted above), all arena names are never seen. Oddly, quite a few of them were changed despite this. Those are denoted in the table below:

Team Original NHL 06
Anaheim Mighty Ducks Pond Park
Buffalo Sabres Memorial Auditorium Buffalo Auditorium
Calgary Flames Olympic Saddledome Calgary Saddledome
Dallas Stars Reunion Arena Dallasn (sic) Arena
Detroit Red Wings Joe Louis Sports Arena Detroit's Sports Arena
Edmonton Oilers Northlands Coliseum Edmontonds (sic) Coliseum
Los Angeles Kings Great Western Forum Los Angeles.n (sic) Forum
New Jersey Devils Byrne Meadowlands Arena New Jerseyowlands (sic) Arena
New York Islanders Nassau Coliseum New Yorkoliseum (sic)
New York Rangers Madison Square Garden New YorkSquare Garden
Philadelphia Flyers Spectrum PF Arena
Pittsburgh Penguins Civic Arena Pittsburgha (sic)
Quebec Nordiques Colisee de Quebec Quebece (sic) de Quebec
Tampa Bay Lightning Fairgrounds Expo Hall Tampa Bay's Expo Hall
Toronto Maple Leafs Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto.af (sic) Gardens
Vancouver Canucks Pacific Coliseum Vancouver.liseum (sic)
Washington Capitals Capital Centre Washingtonntre (sic)
All Stars East Madison Square Garden New YorkSquare Garden
All Stars West Madison Square Garden New YorkSquare Garden

Player Names

While all of the players in the game were replaced with generic ones (as noted above), the names for up to 2 players from the original version remain in each team's data. These players are always the last one(s) listed and are always defensemen (the names of players marked with a * are partially cut off):

Team Player(s)
Anaheim Mighty Ducks Dennis Vial*
Boston Bruins Jim Wiemer
Buffalo Sabres Randy Moller, Keith Carney
Calgary Flames Alexander Godynyuk*, Greg Smyth
Chicago Blackhawks Cam Russell, Adam Bennett
Dallas Stars Enrico Ciccone*
Detroit Red Wings Steve Konroy*, Brad McCrimmon
Edmonton Oilers Brad Werenka*
Florida Panthers Stephane Richer
Hartford Whalers/Canes Randy Ladouceur*, Allen Pedersen
Los Angeles Kings Rene Chapdlaine
Montreal Canadiens Donald Dufresne
New Jersey Devils Tommy Albelin*, Myles O'Connor
New York Islanders Dennis Vaske*, Richard Pilon
New York Rangers Joe Cirella
Ottawa Senators Brad Marsh*
Philadelphia Flyers Gord Hynes*, Shawn Cronin
Pittsburgh Penguins Bryan Fogarty*
Quebec Nordiques Craig Wolanin
San Jose Sharks Rob Zettler
St. Louis Blues Murray Baron*
Tampa Bay Lightning Chris Lipuma, Matt Hervey
Toronto Maple Leafs Sylvain Lefebvre*, Bob McGill
Vancouver Canucks Robert Dirk*
Washington Capitals Jason Woolley*, Rod Langway
Winnipeg Jets Dean Kennedy*, Randy Carlyle
All Stars East Zarley Zalapski*, Glen Wesley
All Stars West Steve Smith, Steve Chiasson

Team Data Oddities

  • The data for the Dallas Stars is located in between the data for the Los Angeles Kings and the data for the Montreal Canadiens. This is a remnant of the Stars' 1993 relocation from Minnesota.
  • The data for the Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets are in reverse order (Winnipeg's is before Washington's).
  • The data for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Florida Panthers are located after the data for the Washington Capitals. This is likely because they were expansion teams that year, so their data was simply added to the end. Additionally, Florida's data comes before Anaheim's.