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Pachi Com (NES)

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Title Screen

Pachi Com

Developers: Bear's, Shouei System
Publisher: Toshiba EMI
Platforms: NES, Famicom Disk System
Released in JP: November 21, 1985 (Famicom), October 4, 1988 (FDS)

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Pachi Com is an early pachinko game for the Famicom. It was later re-released for the Famicom Disk System. See also the MSX version.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Hidden Text


There are some hidden credits and copyright information in both versions of the ROM. They appear at address 0020 in the Famicom version and 015C in the FDS version.

Copyright 25/Sep
/85 by Bear's   
Programmed by   
Bear's   Ver1.0 
Pictured by     

Y.S.' Rant

Right after those credits, at 00E0, begins a pretty angry rant from one of the game's programmers, which was removed from the FDS version of the game. You can read the original, undivided version on the Notes page.

This hidden message can be found with any hex editor. Almost 5% of the entire ROM (2.05 kilobytes of the 41-kilobyte ROM image) is taken up by this otherwise inaccessible message. The message is recorded in romaji and reads like this:

Original Translated
Kikakuno JPM no Mr.GOUHARA wa
nan nimo shinai kuseni iro iro
Mr. GOUHARA from JPM planning does absolutely nothing but gives me all sorts of crap anyway. SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT!
TEMEI RA wa mae ni itta kototo
chigau koto bakkari iuna AHO
TEMEI raga itta kara TETSUYA
shite tsukutta noni "maeno hou
ga yokatta" nante iunjanei!
KONNA tsumaranai bonus stage &
tamazumari wo darega yaru to
omotte irunda ! SELECT de JOY wo
migi ni sureba futsuu wa +1
sarerunda baaka! OTO no kaisha no
kuseni henna oto bakari wo
ireyou to shite pachinko no oto
wo mushi suruna! TAMA no oto ga
kikoenai noga sonnani iinoka !
MAENO oto mo nokoshite aru
node kikitai nara naoshitene
HEX address no ?? wo data ?? ni
?? wo data ?? ni sureba mashina
oto ni narimasu. (Tiger_V & Kugi)
"T" sha no aho to GOU no Baka !
yoi oto wa dare demo wakarundai!
DEG/NANA/KOYA from company "T" [presumably Toshiba EMI]

You FOOLS say one thing, then something else later all the time. I worked ALL NIGHT working on what you told me to; don't say to me "it was better before"! Who the hell do you think is going to play this, with its boring bonus stage and the balls that get stuck? If you use SELECT to put the JOY right, that'll make it +1, you idiot! You're a sound company; quit ignoring pachinko sounds and trying to put these weird sounds in instead! Do you WANT it to be this hard to hear the balls?! I've left the PREVIOUS sounds, so edit this if you want to hear it. Set hex address AFFC to 1FAF and AFC4 to E0EE to get decent sounds. (Tiger_V & Kugi) Company "T", you idiots! GOU, you fool! Anyone can tell you what good sound is!

"N"sha san wa "I"sha no PROS80
de kaihatsu shite irunokana?
YOKU anna henna machine(3"FD) de
tsukuru yona ! OEKAKI mo ana wo
nazotte kakuno kana ?
ANA wo nazoru noga iyana kata.
Bear's no OEKAKI machine(ROM) &
debugger wo 500 man YEN de uri
masuyo.... Tel 03-864-6880
KIREI na E no tame nara yasui
monda !!!
Does company "N" [presumably Nintendo] develop with company "I"'s [presumably Iwasaki Electronics] PROS80?
I'm AMAZED they can make stuff on that weird (3″ floppy disk) machine! Do they trace the holes when drawing art, too? [i.e. Do they program graphic data directly without the use of any artist tools?]
If you're sick of tracing holes, I'll sell Bear's art machine (ROM) and debugger for 5 million YEN... Tel 03-864-6880
That's cheap if you want pretty art!!!
NANDE 6502 no decimal mode wo
nuitano ? decimal computer
nanoni ..... Mask no kiri
machigai ja nai?
Why did they take out the 6502's decimal mode [from the NES architecture]? It's a decimal computer... Did they mess up the mask cutting or something?
MOSHIMO korewo mita hitowa "H"!
arimasu ..... "H" na hitowa
katte mitene ! Tadashi RYUUKYUU
hougen desuyo ! MITANOWA NAISHO
by Y.S
Anyone who happens across this is a pervert!
There's another message in the MSX Pachi Com... If you're a pervert, buy it and see! It's in Okinawan dialect, though! DON'T TELL ANYBODY YOU SAW THIS!!!

by Y.S

Audio Fix

Interestingly, writing the bytes the programmer mentioned, after converting from NES memory mapping to the iNES file offsets (AFFC300C, AFC42FD4) lowers the pitch of one of the (quite frankly) annoying beeping sounds which constantly play during the game, indeed letting you actually hear the balls and game sounds. Why this annoying change was forced upon the game is anybody's guess, but it's a fairly clear case of executive meddling.

Original Fixed

(Translation: Magweasel)