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Prerelease:Kirby Super Star

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This page details one or more prerelease versions of Kirby Super Star.
To do:
Prototype developed for Famicom. Sprites for yoyo/fighter/cutter abilities shown. (Source Gaming)

Scrapped Copy Abilities


Concept art for several scrapped abilities was featured in the booklet packaged with the Japanese version of Kirby's Dream Collection:

  • Card: Let Kirby throw cards. This is similar to the revamp of the Magic ability seen in Kirby Squeak Squad. Hat: A top hat.
  • Flower: Would have planted flowers on enemy's heads, which apparently would have poisoned them. Hat: A large ribbon, apparently a reference to Panel de Pon (the main character, Lip, wears a similar bow).
  • Mantle: Gave Kirby a cape to attack with. Hat: None.

An early design for Wing Kirby is also seen, which lacks the feathered headdress and bears more resemblance to Cupid Kirby from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Also, the Fighter ability was originally known as "Rush".