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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

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Title Screen

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Also known as: Hoshi no Kirby: Kagami no Daimeikyuu (JP)
Developers: Flagship[1], Dimps[1], HAL Laboratory[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[2]
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: April 15, 2004[3]
Released in US: October 18, 2004[4]
Released in EU: July 2, 2004[2]
Released in AU: December 23, 2004

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror is Kirby's second and final GBA adventure, taking on a Metroidvania type of gameplay similar to Kirby Super Star‍ '​s "Great Cave Offensive" mode and featuring three Kirby partners who aren't very helpful. Oh, did we mention Kirby has to save Meta Knight this time around? Aw YEAH!

It was released for the 3DS Virtual Console in December 2011 as part of the 3DS Ambassador Program and Wii U Virtual Console in April 2014 with no differences aside from a lack of multiplayer functionality. However the game would release on the Nintendo Switch Online service in September 2023 with its multiplayer intact.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Shock.png
Unused Graphics
Who knew such a little game could hold so much?
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Palette.png
Unused Palettes
Seems like Kirby isn't the only one with differently-colored clones.
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Music.png
Unused Music and Sounds
I can still hear them echoing through my mind...
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Stoppy Sprite.png
Unused Objects
Why are there so many unused Golems in this game?
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Unused Chip behavior.gif
Unused Enemy Properties
These baddies sure know how to stand in place.
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Cutscenes.png
Unused Cutscenes
Lights, camera, glitches!
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Ouch JP.png
Regional Differences
"You are champion"

Unused Rooms

Debug Room

There was a room here.

Using the room ID 3C9, this room uses a similar tileset to Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land's debug rooms. This was probably used as a debug room earlier in development, but it's empty now. Use code 02020FE6:03C9 and you'll be transported there after you lose a life.

It's gone now.

Most of its data is located near the end of the internal room list, including object data, collision data, and more.

(Source: GoldS)

Unknown Room

Another unused room. Its header is missing.

The preset data for this room is completely missing from the final game, but all the other data (tile map, solidity map and objects) is still there. It doesn't have a traditional room ID, but it does have a numerical ID with the value 04, represented by the leftover object and collision data of it. The only way to access this room is by hacking the game to replace another room's presets.

Pretty nice to look at though.

The room appears to have been built with tileset 13, as assigning that tileset to the room's collision data fits perfectly. No other tileset works. The music and background data is also unknown. The room contains four Maxim Tomatoes and two 1UPs. Their presence suggest this was some kind of test room.

(Source: UraYukimitsu)

Unused Copy Abilities


Hi-Jump, an ability from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, was apparently set to appear in this game. Developer text from a removed Debug Menu lists its attacking sound from the previous game, called SE KBY_HI_JUMP internally. The sound itself also remains, and can be heard in the Collection Room's Sound Player as sound 68, grouped behind UFO's sound effects.

No other copy abilities from the previous game are listed, such as Ball, Light, and Freeze, which leads to the conclusion of Hi-Jump being considered for this game, before ultimately getting cut.

Unfortunately, the sound and its internal name are the only known remnants of this ability. Any graphics of Kirby or his hat are nowhere to be found, and it's unknown if there's code for it.

(Source: Vyroz)

Unused State

Hello Mr. Flosty.

Kirby has an unused state with the value 1B. It seems to be an unfinished version of the "WAIT" state from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Its effects in-game seem to replace Kirby's current icon with the "WAIT" icon from the previous game, change his pause screen to display nothing, and corrupt his graphics, causing him to adopt the sprites of various Mid-Bosses or other ability hats. The game is also prone to crashing when starting to float or entering a mirror door. It can be accessed by editing the value at 02020FE3 in memory to 1B or with the following Cheat Code.

Version Code
All Versions 02020FE3:1B

Alternatively, the following CodeBreaker code can also be used:

Version Code
All Versions 32020FE3 001B

Below is how the pause screen looks with this state active in all versions of the game.

Japan US Europe
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Unused Pause JP.png Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Unused Pause US.png Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Unused Pause EU.png
(Source: Vyroz)

Development Text

Strings relating to the development process.

Debug Text

A whole patch of devtext containing internal BGM and SFX names can be located at 00369A64 in the Japanese version, 0038F29C in the European version, and 003852F0 in the US version. The text was part of a Sound Test Debug Menu, which was removed from the final game, but can still be found on the game's Demo. The table below lists the text, the sound they were associated with, and a translation of the text if needed. Please note that the BGM and SFX are prefixed with "BGM" and "SE" respectively, according to the Debug Menu.

Some of the words might use the Nihon-Shiki romanization style instead of Hepburn romanization. Such cases will be explained and detailed.

Text Translation BGM
Non None Used when there's no music to play or when a name is not available for a track.
start_st Starting Stage Theme used in Central Circle.
ply_1 The theme "Forest/Nature Area" that plays in most of the rooms in Rainbow Route.
ply_2 The theme "Flame/Lava Area" that plays in most of the rooms in Mustard Mountain.
ply_5 The theme "Castle/Building Area" that plays in most of the rooms in Moonlight Mansion and Carrot Castle.
boss_mid Mid-Boss The theme that plays while fighting a Mid-Boss.
boss_kyotu "Kyotu" is an alternate spelling of "kyotsu". What "kyotsu" means is unclear, but it might come from "共通" (kyōtsū), which means "to have in common". Dark Meta Knight, the boss associated with this theme, does certainly have a lot in common with Meta Knight, the character he's impersonating. The theme that plays when fighting Dark Meta Knight in Radish Ruins and the Dimensional Mirror.
kbydead Kirby Dead Plays when Kirby is KOd.
Text Translation Sound
not sound No sound Used when there is no sound to play or when there is no name available for a sound.
kby_jump Kirby jump Sound that plays when Kirby jumps.
kby_suikomi Kirby inhale Kirby using his inhale attack.
kby_hoobari Kirby stuffed cheeks Previously used in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land when Kirby successfully inhaled an enemy. Goes unused here, but a similar sound is used by the Snooter enemy, and it can be heard in the Collection Room.
kby_starshot_1 Kirby star shot 1 Kirby exhaling a Star Bullet.
kby_starshot_2 Kirby star shot 2 Kirby exhaling a Blaster Bullet.
kby_tyakuti Kirby landing. "Tyakuti" is an alternate spelling of "chakuchi". "着地" (chakuchi) means "landing". Kirby landing on the ground.
kby_nouryoku Kirby ability Kirby gaining a Copy Ability.
kby_dmg_1 Kirby damage 1 Kirby yelling while taking damage.
kby_dmg_2 Kirby damage 2 Kirby grunting while taking damage.
kby_dmg_3 Kirby damage 3 Kirby taking damage with no vocalization.
kby_nomikomi Kirby swallow Kirby swallowing an enemy.
kby_airshot Kirby air shot Kirby exhaling an air bullet.
kby_habataki Kirby flapping wings Kirby floating upwards.
kby_rakka Kirby drop Kirby landing on his head after a long fall.
kby_dash Kirby dash Kirby initiating a dash.
kby_sliding Kirby sliding Kirby using his slide attack.
kby_brake Kirby brake Kirby turning around in the middle of a dash.
kby_oyogi_1 Kirby swimming 1 Kirby swimming.
kby_oyogi_2 Kirby swimming 2 Kirby swimming. Duplicate of oyogi_1.
kby_dmg_ice Kirby damage ice Kirby taking ice damage.
kby_dmg_fire_1 Kirby damage fire 1 Kirby taking fire damage with no vocalization.
kby_dmg_fire_2 Kirby damage fire 2 Kirby yelling while taking fire damage.
kby_dmg_fire_3 Kirby damage fire 3 Kirby grunting while taking fire damage.
kby_dmg_fire_4 Kirby damage fire 4 Duplicate of dmg_ice.
kby_nobori Kirby going up Kirby climbing a ladder.
kby_ori Kirby going down Kirby going down a ladder.
kby_hoshiware Kirby cracked star A star bullet exploding upon hittting a wall.
kby_mizuhaki Kirby water spout Kirby using his water gun attack.
kby_mizuoti Kirby water drop. "Mizuoti" is an alternate spelling of "mizuochi". "水落" (mizuochi) means "water drop" (as in something dropping onto a body of water). Kirby entering/getting out of a body of water.
kby_hosidasi Kirby extracted star. "Hosi" is an alternate spelling of "Hoshi". "星" (hoshi) means "star". "Dasi" is an alternate spelling of "dashi". "出し" (dashi) is the infinitive form of the verb "出す" (dasu), which means "to extract, take out". Kirby getting rid of a Copy Ability.
kby_starhane Kirby feather star An ability star bouncing on the ground.
kby_tyuu Kirby mwah. "Tyuu" is an alternate spelling of "chuu". "ちゅう" (chuu) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kiss. Kirby kissing one of his buddies.
kby_shinisou Kirby about to die Kirby in critical health.
kby_tobitati Kirby taking off. "Tobitati" is an alternate spelling of "tobitachi". "飛び立ち" (tobitachi) means "taking off". Kirby starting to float.
kby_korogari Kirby rolling Stone Kirby landing.
kby_humi_jump Kirby stepping jump. "Humi" is an alternate spelling of "fumi". "踏み" (fumi) is the infinitive form of the verb "踏む" (fumu), which means "to step on". Kirby using the "Step-'n-Jump".
kby_suikomi_loop Kirby inhale loop Kirby using his inhale attack.
kby_toridashi Kirby take out Kirby activating his cellphone.
kby_fire_loop Kirby fire loop Fire Kirby using his Fire Breath attack.
kby_ice_loop Kirby ice loop Ice Kirby using his Ice Breath attack.
kby_icecube_osi Kirby ice cube push. "Osi" is an alternate spelling of "oshi". "押し" (oshi) means "push". Kirby sending an ice cube away.
kby_burnin_loop Kirby burning loop Burning Kirby attacking.
kby_dokan Kirby boom Kirby crashing against a wall after using Burning or Wheel.
kby_wheel_loop Kirby wheel loop Wheel Kirby accelerating.
kby_wheelbrake Kirby wheel brake Wheel Kirby braking.
kby_parasol Kirby parasol Parasol Kirby using Parasol Swing.
kby_cutter Kirby cutter Cutter Kirby attacking.
kby_lazer Kirby laser Laser Kirby attacking.
kby_stone_1 Kirby stone 1 Stone Kirby landing.
kby_stone_2 Kirby stone 2 Stone Kirby transforming.
kby_korogari_2 Kirby rolling 2 Stone Kirby rolling.
kby_slowcatch Kirby throw catch. The word "throw" was erroneously translated as "slow" due to the katakana for of both words being the same (スロー, surо̄). Throw Kirby catching an enemy.
kby_slownage Kirby throw throwing Throw Kirby throwing an enemy.
kby_slowhit Kirby throw hit Thrown enemy hitting a surface.
kby_sleep1 Kirby sleep 1 Sleep Kirby sleeping.
kby_sleep2 Kirby sleep 2 Sleep Kirby waking up.
kby_lazer50 Kirby laser 50 Laser Kirby shooting a laser.
kby_lazerkabe20 Kirby laser wall 20 A laser bouncing on a slope.
kby_hi_jump Kirby hi-jump Unused sound effect for the unused Hi-Jump ability, which previously appeared in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. This is the only leftover of it.
kby_ufo_tame1 Kirby ufo charge 1 UFO Kirby starting to charge a weak blast.
kby_ufo_tame2 Kirby ufo charge 2 UFO Kirby charging a weak blast.
kby_ufo_tame3 Kirby ufo charge 3 UFO Kirby charging a medium blast.
kby_ufo_tame4 Kirby ufo charge 4 UFO Kirby charging a strong blast.
kby_ufo_lazer1 Kirby ufo laser 1 UFO Kirby using Chain Beam.
kby_ufo_lazer2 Kirby ufo laser 2 UFO Kirby using Smart Beam.
kby_ufo_lazer3 Kirby ufo laser 3 UFO Kirby using Heat Beam.
kby_ufo_lazer4 Kirby ufo laser 4 UFO Kirby using Piercing Heat Beam.
kby_ufo_hane Kirby ufo wing UFO Kirby's Smart Laser bouncing on a slope.
kby_ufo_nori Kirby ufo riding UFO Kirby idling.
kby_ufo_tamekiri Kirby ufo last minute charge (?). "Tame" means "to charge", "kiri" might be an alternate spelling of "giri", which might be short for "ギリギリ" (girigiri), which means "last minute/just in time". UFO Kirby maxing out a charge.
kby_spark_loop Kirby spark loop Spark Kirby using Spark Attack.
kby_tornado1 Kirby tornado 1 Tornado Kirby using Tornado Attack.
kby_tornado2 Kirby tornado 2 Tornado Kirby starting a Tornado Attack.
kby_hammerfuri1 Kirby hammer drawback 1 Hammer Kirby initiating a Hammer.
kby_hammerfuri2 Kirby hammer drawback 2 Hammer Kirby initiating a Giant Swing.
kby_hammerhit1 Kirby hammer hit 1 Hammer Kirby hitting an enemy.
kby_hammeratari Kirby hammer strike Hammer Kirby hitting the ground with Hammer.
kby_fire_oni1 Kirby fire oni 1 Hammer Kirby initiating a Hammer Flip.
kby_fire_oni2 Kirby fire oni 2 Hammer Kirby swinging his hammer during Hammer Flip.
kby_hammerhit2 Kirby hammer hit 2 Hammer Kirby hitting an enemy.
kby_tornado Kirby tornado Hammer Kirby using Hammer Swing.
kby_hammerhit3 Kirby hammer hit 3 Hammer Kirby hitting an enemy.
kby_sword40_1 Kirby sword 40 1 Sword Kirby using Overhead Slash.
kby_sword40_2 Kirby sword 40 2 Sword Kirby using Sword Spin.
kby_sword_mijin1 Kirby sword finely chopped 1. "Mijin" might be short for "みじん切り" (mijingiri), which means "finely chopped". Kirby using Rapid Sword Slash. Duplicate of sword40_1.
kby_sword_mijin2 Kirby sword finely chopped 2 Kirby using Final Stroke. Duplicate of sword40_1.
kby_sword_final Kirby final sword Sword Kirby using Final Sword.
kby_panch Kirby punch. The word "punch" was misspelled as "panch" because the Japanese transliteration of the word is spelled as "panchi" (パンチ). Fighter Kirby using Punch/Vulcan Jab.
kby_kick Kirby kick Fighter Kirby using Kick.
kby_spike_panch Kirby spike punch Fighter Kirby using Spike Punch.
kby_sky_kick Kirby sky kick Fighter Kirby using Sky Kick.
kby_pshot_tame1 Kirby power shot charge 1 Fighter Kirby charging a Force Blast.
kby_pshot_tame2 Kirby power shot charge 2 Fighter Kirby charging a Mega Force Blast.
kby_pshot_tame3 Kirby power shot charge 3 Fighter Kirby charging a Giga Force Blast.
kby_pshot1 Kirby power shot 1 Fighter Kirby launching a Force Blast.
kby_pshot2 Kirby power shot 2 Fighter Kirby launching a Mega Force Blast.
kby_mega_pshot Kirby mega power shot Kirby launching a Giga Force Blast.
kby_riging Kirby rising. The word "rising" was misspelled as such because the Japanese transliteration of the word is spelled as "raijingu" (ライジング). Fighter Kirby using Rising Break.
kby_spin_kick Kirby spin kick Fighter Kirby using Spin Kick.
kby_moon_kick Kirby moon kick Fighter Kirby using Moon Somersault Kick.
kby_crash60 Kirby crash 60 Crash Kirby attacking.
zakodead1 Dead enemy 1 An enemy exploding.
zakodead2 Dead enemy 2 An enemy exploding.
zakodead3 Dead enemy 3 An enemy exploding.
zakodead_s1 Dead enemy s1 An enemy gently exploding.
zakodamage1 Enemy damage 1 An enemy getting hit.
dmg_icehit Damage ice hit An enemy suffering from ice damage.
dmg_cutterhit Damage cutter hit An enemy getting hit by a cutter.
dmg_swordhit Damage sword hit An enemy getting hit by Sword Kirby.
hit_1 An enemy suffering from heavy damage.
hit_2 An enemy suffering from heavy damage.
zako_bomb Enemy bomb A Foley and Bang-Bang exploding.
zako_dead_ice Dead enemy ice A frozen enemy exploding.
zako_tobitachi Enemy taking off An enemy jumping.
zako_shot1 Enemy shot 1 An enemy shooting or throwing something.
zako_fire1 Enemy fire 1 Hot Head shooting fire.
zako_spark1 Enemy spark 1 Sparky attacking.
zako_jump1 Enemy jump 1 Droppy jumping.
zako_shot_zo Enemy shotzo Shotzo shooting a bullet.
bress__dosin_s Thud press small A regular Golem landing.
roal_start Roll start. The word "roll" was misspelled as such because... well, that's how it kinda sounds like. Wheelie accelerating.
roal_kabe Roll wall Wheelie colliding with a wall.
apper_apper Upper upper. The word "upper" was misspelled because the Japanese transliteration of the word is "appā" (アッパー). A fighter Golem doing an uppercut.
foaly_bombnage Foley bomb throw Foley detaching itself from its propeler.
syuty_shot Shooty shot. "Syuty" is an alternate spelling of "Shūti" (シューティ), Shooty's Japanese name. Shooty shooting a laser.
dittshi_jab Boxin jab Boxin punching.
ditshi_apper Boxin upper Boxin doing an uppercut.
heavyknight_sword Heavy Knight sword Heavy Knight swinging his sword.
gleat_tyakuti Great landing Giant Rocky doing a ground pound.
birug_nomikomi Snooter swallow Snooter swallowing Kirby or food.
birug_hakidashi Snooter spitting out Snooter spitting out Kirby.
m_boss_exp Mid-Boss explosion A Mid-Boss exploding.
m_boss_damage1 Mid-Boss damage 1 A Mid-Boss taking damage
m_boss_kizetu Mid-Boss fainting. "Kizetu" is an alternate spelling of "kizetsu". "気絶" (kizetsu) means "to faint". A Mid-Boss getting defeated.
m_boss_flash Mid-Boss flash A Mid-Boss about to explode.
cat_atk Cat attack Batafire attacking.
cat_fireboal Cat fireball Batafire launching fireballs.
b_boss_exp Big Boss exploding The crowd cheer after defeating a Boss.
b_boss_flash Big Boss flash The sound that plays when Kirby deals the last hit to a Boss.
king_tataki King bash King Golem slamming his hand on the ground.
king_goalem King golem King Golem releasing a Golem.
item Kirby picking up an item.
oneup Kirby picking up a One Up.
kaifuku Recovery Kirby healing.
kbydead_fgm Kirby dead foreground music Another player getting KOd in multiplayer.
pause Game pause.
select A player selecting an option in the main menu.
kettei Choice A player choosing an option in the main menu.
keitai_coal Phonecall Kirby's cellphone ringing.
keitai_tyak Incoming phonecall. "Tyak" is an alternate mispelling of "chaku", which is a shortened form of "chakushin chū". "着信中" (chakushin chū) means "incoming phonecall". Another playing receiving a call.
koware1 Broken 1 A Star Block breaking.
switch Kirby pressing a switch.
tobira_f1 Door f 1 Kirby entering a door.
tobira_f2 Door f 2 Kirby entering a door to Central Circle.
takara Treasure Kirby collecting an item inside a treasure chest.
(Source: Vyroz, heynow)

Nintendo SRAM

Located at 0xD60864:


Build Dates

Located at F87AF0 in the Japanese version, F32D94 in the US version, F4026C in the European version and A2BF78 in the prototype, included here for comparison. The Japan Revision 1 version, the Japan Virtual Console version and the USA Virtual Console version do not differ from their "parent" versions.

Prototype Europe USA Japan
Mon Dec 29 19:37:23  2003
Mon Apr 19 20:21:54  2004
Mon Apr 12 19:58:05  2004
Tue Mar  2 02:08:54  2004

Unused Compressed Spots

Various areas inside the ROM contain compressed properties, but they're strangely empty. The adresses below are from the European version of the game. While the Japanese and American versions of the game have more unused compressed areas, it's because most of these were placeholders for graphics that were to be used in the European build, and eventually became used.

Address Image Number Notes
001E21A8 164 Located between the Italian pause screen description for Master and the World Map graphic.
002E073C 755 Located between the graphics for the save data corruption message and the graphics that show up in the World Map when pressing a Big Switch.
00D888D4 1195 Located right next to the graphics of an English connection error for a Subgame.
00DAB364 1199 Located right next to the graphics of a German connection error for a Subgame.
00DCDFB4 1202 Located right next to the graphics of a French connection error for a Subgame.
00DF0C88 1205 Located right next to the graphics of a Spanish connection error for a Subgame.
00E13748 1208 Located right next to the graphics of an Italian connection error for a Subgame.
00E3938C 1215 Located right next to the graphics of an Italian connection error for a Subgame.
00E71A6C 1218 Located right next to the graphics of an English connection error for a Subgame.
00E9EA08 1222 Located right next to the graphics of a German connection error for a Subgame.
00ECB92C 1226 Located right next to the graphics of a French connection error for a Subgame.
00EF8888 1230 Located right next to the graphics of a Spanish connection error for a Subgame.
00F25718 1234 Located right next to the graphics of an Italian connection error for a Subgame.

Possibly Cut Graphics

Example of the glitch with Parasol.

When Kirby is transported to Dark Mind's last phase, any ability that he had on him will be removed immediately. Thanks to glitches, however, it's possible to keep the abilities of the other Kirbys. To do so, Kirby must call his friends when the screen is almost fully red after defeating Dark Mind's core. This will result in the Kirbys being able to move around the cutscene where Dark Mind escapes, and conserve the ability when the final fight begins. There's a side effect to all of this, as the ability hats (or parasol, in the case of Parasol Kirby) of the Kirbys will just stay floating beside the Warp Star. However, there is one ability who has a unique effect: Missile.

The glitch with Missile.

Missile is the only ability that has a unique sprite when riding the Warp Star. It's identical to one of his sprites when climbing a ladder, but it's located at a different spot in the ROM. While the ladder sprite is located at 005B5D18, this one is located at 005B9458. Missile, unlike other abilities, doesn't have separate sprites for his hat.

Other abilities who have their hats and base sprites as one, such as Cupid, Hammer, Fighter, and Throw, will crash the game if this glitch is attempted with them. This most likely means that the game is trying to load graphics that no longer exist for these abilities. As for abilities that have their hats separate, they could be loading their default hat sprite due to the game being unsuccessful at finding the correct graphic.

All of this indicates that, at one point, every ability was planned to have a special graphic/hat for the Warp Star ride at the final fight, but for unknown circumstances, they were cut.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Unused Missilie Sprite.png

(Discovery: Mugg1991)

Dark Mind Glitch and Unused Hit Counter Behavior

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Dark Mind Glitch.gif

An EXTREMELY rare Glitch can occur at the last Dark Mind fight that causes a softlock. It can happen randomly, and there are no clear requirements for it.

During the post-credits scene, Dark Mind has an absurdly low chance of simply not dying. The player can keep hitting him, but he will never explode. This unfortunate event can at least let us see some unused behavior from the hit counter. If the player is patient enough to surpass 999 hits to Dark Mind's core... ...the counter just resets to 000 hits. Cool.

(Source: Vyroz)

Revisional Differences

  • The Wii U Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online releases reduced the flashing lights that appears when defeating a boss, as part of Nintendo's newer policies in order to avoid causing epileptic seizures.
  • Similarly, getting hit by Dark Mind and hitting him in his final phase changes the flashing lights to have a darker palette.
  • The Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console releases have no way of initiating a multiplayer game, effectively removing it.


  • Despite what the lives counter would have us believe, the game actually caps lives at 255 instead of 99.