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Kirby Squeak Squad

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Title Screen

Kirby Squeak Squad

Also known as: Kirby Mouse Attack (EU), Hoshi no Kirby Sanjo! Dorocche Dan (JP)
Developer: Flagship
Publishers: HAL Laboratory, Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: November 2, 2006
Released in US: December 4, 2006
Released in EU: June 22, 2007
Released in AU: March 1, 2007
Released in KR: September 13, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Kirby Squeak Squad is Kirby chasing oversized rodents not to get back the treasure they've been stealing (although that's nice too), but because they stole his strawberry shortcake.

Only with Kirby, people.

To do:
Debug material


KirbySS DebugT.png
Debug Rooms

Block Ability

To do:
Find a cheat code to stabilize Block.
Kirby Squeak Squad-BlockIcon.pngKirby Squeak Squad-BlockKirby.png

There is one unused ability in the game, named Block. It seems to be an alternate/earlier version of Triple Star.

The only difference between Block and Triple Star is that Kirby wears a recolor of Beam's hat, with very similar colors to Mirror in Kirby Super Star. It appears to have been manually disabled, and Kirby will lose the ability as soon as he gets it. Why it was disabled is unknown, and its very existence alongside Triple Star evokes questions.

It does not seem to have the same entries in the game's main code files(arm9.bin and overlays) as all other abilities. The stats, paramaters and sprite files for this ability are expected to be similar to those of Triple Star, but they are indeed very different and result in an entirely broken Triple Star if replaced. If the ability could be used at all, it was not with the final version of the code.

Placeholder Pause Screen

KirbySqSq 19 BlockPauseScreen.png

This pause screen is associated with the Block ability. The kanji 仮 translates to "temporary" or "tentative".

E3 Demo Leftovers

Kss-title logo edition e3.bin.png

The placeholder logo used for the E3 demo is still present in the final game, which lacks the "Squeak Squad" subtitle and uses the same color scheme as Nightmare in Dreamland and Amazing Mirror.

Kss-soon edition e3.bin.png

This screen is from the end of the demo, which resembles the one from the kiosk demo, but has different text and a different font for the top banner.

Debug/Other Rooms

There are about 300 unused rooms(many duplicates). Most of them are for testing enemies and have a similar tileset to that of Nightmare in Dreamland and Amazing Mirrors debug tileset. Those for testing environment typically have a normal tileset.

A few of those rooms are alternate/scrapped versions of regular rooms, and some are entirely seperate rooms that weren't used for whatever reason. These are usually found at the end of shorter stages(such as 2-4).

One of the many debug rooms A debug room, with the previously used tileset.

There's about 30 in total An array of doors leading to various testing rooms.

There's no way to get down there :I Alternate version of a room in level 3-4. The area in the lower left is completely new, also most items and enemies are different, and the background is changing colour.

Debug Text

Present in the ARM9 binary at 0x161C5C is this text.

Original Translated
タイトル 1
タイトル 2
タイトル 3
エクストラ コア
エクストラ クリア
ボスバトル コア
プレイデモ゙ 1
プレイデモ゙ 2
ボスバトル クリア
エクストラ リザルト
プレイデモ゙ 1カイシ
エクストラ ゴールゲーム
エクストラ GameOver
ロゴ + タイトル
プレイデモ゙ 2 カイシ
ボスバトル GameOver
プレイデモ゙ 1シュウリョウ
エクストラ ステージ
プレイデモ゙ 2 シュウリョウ
ボスバトル ステージ
Title 1
Title 2
Title 3
Sub Game
Extra Core
Goal Game
Main Game Core
Extra Clear
Game Over
Boss Battle Core
Play Demo 1
Play Demo 2
Boss Battle Clear
Extra Results
Boss Battle 
Single Mode
Play Demo 1 Start
Extra Goal Game
Extra GameOver
Company Names
Logo + Title
Main Game
Play Demo 2 Start
Boss Battle GameOver
Play Demo 1 End
Extra Stage
Main Game
Clear End
Play Demo 2 End
Boss Battle Stage

Unused Enemy

Kirby Squeak Squad-Red Squeak.png

Normally, there are 3 types of Squeakers, Yellow, Green, and Blue ones. However, a red one exists in game completely unseen, complete with it's own unique AI! The Squeaker's behaviour is similar to that of the green one, throwing small bombs, but moves over greater distances and can double jump. Via hacking, it can still be seen.

(Source: Kirby Wiki)

Unused Copy Palettes

Aside from the six copy palettes that can be obtained throughout the game, there exist four other copy palettes in the game's files featuring some of the game's bosses.

The palettes below can be accessed in the game by using the cheat code 22259D1E 0000000X in the European version. Replace the X by the palette ID, from 6 to 9 following the pictures order.

Kirby Mouse Attack Palette 6.png Kirby Mouse Attack Palette 7.png Kirby Mouse Attack Palette 8.png Kirby Mouse Attack Palette 9.png

Regional Differences


Wall-collision checks on the Japanese version were a bit buggy.

Slope Bug

When walking and repeatedly crouching across a thin slope, you might get ejected behind the slope, into the out of bounds area. The second room in Level 8-3, shown in the image, seems to be the only such place where this bug can occur. This has been fixed in the international releases.

Out Of Bounds

On the international versions, the out of bounds area (that is, anything you shouldn't be able to reach) in all levels seems to be completely solid whereas on the Japanese version it is possible to interact with it as if it were part of the level.


The debug room's tileset is only in the Japanese version.

Level Names

Some of the Level names were changed between the Japanese and the international versions. The reason for this is unknown.

Japan Nature Navel Creamy Cloud Voice Volcano Island Ice
International Nature Notch Cushy Cloud Vocal Volcano Ice Island